PRESENT.     Cllr Andrew Blayney Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Trevor Goodman Cllr Pat Gibby

Cllr Gwen Head Cllr Vanessa Thomas

APOLOGIES: County Councillor David Neal Cllr Marina Grififths

Cllr Mary Squirrell Cllr John Brock

Welcome by the Chairman to new Community Councillor Lionel White. Cllr White duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance and had already been given a copy of the Code of Conduct.

Letter of apology for non-attendance from Cllr Squirrell with thanks for flowers during her recent illness.

Minutes of the last meeting were duly signed as a true record subject to one minor amendment.

Matters Arising: - Overgrowth of Old Village Moor - To ask County Councillor Neal to include it in the parish maintenance list with the Area Maintenance Team (South).

Milton Marsh Nature Walk -  County Councillor Neal liaising with Solicitors to progress the Lease.

Carew Football Club - Response awaited.

Proposed passing bays at Carew Cheriton- Scheme has been submitted to Forward Planning Pool. Highways maintenance section may be able to carry out limited work at shorter notice.


From PCNPA - Brookeville, Lawrenny Road - Conservatory. (Cllr Vanessa Thomas declared an interest in this item and took no further part in the deliberations.) Following discussion there are no adverse comments and no objections to this.

From PCC"   - 19 Hop Gardens , Two storey and first floor extensions - Following discussion there were no adverse comments and no objections to this

From PCC - Refusal of planning permission - Erection of one dwelling at Bartletts Well Lodge, Sageston.

From PCC - Granting of permission - Erection of 8 dwellings at land between Runway Lodge and by-pass Sageston.

From PCNPA - Tree preservation order at Chestnut Cottage, Carew Newton. CORRESPONDENCE:

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum - Next meeting Saturday 28th March 2009 at Merlin Theatre, Pembrokeshire College . Subject - Renewable Energy.

PCNPA - 5 Rivers Community Panel Workshop Participation Feedback - In reading file.

Surgery timetable from Nick Ainger AM - Display Hall Noticeboard.

Planed New Skills Courses - Clerk to photocopy for all Councillors.

PAYS bulletin - Latest news and volunteering opportunities - In reading File.

Code of Conduct - Letter from Monitoring Officer with notes of the meeting of the Town and Community Council Liaison Group . Clerk had photocopied these notes and distributed to Councillors with their minutes and agenda. Following discussion on this any requests etc from Organisations that Councillors are members of then the Secretary of that Organisation to write in to the Clerk.

Adjudication Panel for Wales Annual report 2007 - 2008 .   Extracts from the Summary of Case Tribunals were readout.    Again, the need for vigilance with regard to interests under the Code of Conduct was highlighted.

EXTERNAL AUDITORS REPORT -  This report from EDO Stoy Hayward for the financial year ended 31st March 2008.     For the third year running there are no matters that required attention of the auditors.   Clerk congratulated. It was proposed by Councillor Gibby and seconded by Cllr Goodman that the Internal Audit fee of £30 be paid to Mr Rowly Edwards

It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Head that the External Auditors fee of £141 be paid.   - All present agreed to these two payments.

BT ADOPT A KIOSK SCHEME - Chairman and Vice Chairman signed the Agreement to purchase the kiosk at West Williamston.    Cllr Goodman informed that the telephone service has already been removed.

RIGHTS OF WAY AND COMMON LAND - Postponed until next meeting as County Councillor Neal not present.

HALL FEES - Postponed until new rates/fees available.


Goal posts for Redberth and Milton Play Areas -   Two quotes received, one further awaited then available for discussion at February meeting.

Cllr Bosley is able to acquire plants planting of the roundabouts at Milton and Sageston.    Following discussion it was agreed to contact Trunk Roads Agency and Welsh Assembly regarding this. Suggestions were the use of big rocks to form landscaping in the centre.   Police involvement needed   regarding safety. Cllr Bosley agreed to draw some sketches.

Litter picking through Carew village on Saturday 17 January. It was agreed that at

each subsequent Community Council meeting a date would be set for the next venue for litter removal. The purchase of weedkiller for use on these clean-up days will be considered subject to all necessary safety requirements.   Christmas tree lights and tree have been taken down.

The meeting was declared closed.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING :    Thursday 12* February 2009.

Out of meeting payment Hall fees -   up to 8th January 2009 for Council meetings

and 9th December 2008 for Luncheon Club =£360


Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 12 February 2009 at 7 pm in Carew Memorial Hall


Cllr John Brock MBE Cllr Lionel White

Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Pat Gibby

Cllr Trevor Goodman

Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr GwenHead

County Councillor David Neale

Cllr Mary Squirrel

APOLOGIES: Cllr Andrew Blayney Cllr Vanessa Thomas


In the absence of the Chairman, Cllr Blayney, and following discussion Cllr John Brock MBE took the chair for the duration of the meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting have been read and all present agreed they were a true record and signed by Cllr Brock on behalf of the Community Councillors ,subject to amendment of inclusion of Cllr White in the list of Councillors present.


Sports Club -   The Chairman asked Mr Lloyd for update on this matter. Mr Lloyd reported that the Club wished to look at what could be done jointly with the Community Council for the community.       The Club had no hard and fast plans but lost of ideas and one of the ideas being a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) would entail a lot of money and funding opportunities would need to be investigated thoroughly.      Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths, seconded by Cllr Bosley and all present agreed that the Sports Club and Community Council meet for discussions at 6.30 on Thursday 12th March just prior to the Community Council meeting.   A time slot of 1 hour is allocated.

West Williamston Kiosk - Letter from Community Council to Hall Committee asking it the electricity for lighting the kiosk can be added to the Hall electricity supply. Discussion ensued as to a time switch or door activated switch to reduce the use of electricity.   BT had quoted initially that the cost of lighting the kiosk would be around £16-£17 per year. This to be investigated further.

Goal posts for Redberth and Milton Play Areas - Following discussion it was agreed that a quotation be obtained from Bartletts Engineering for two sets of goal posts and also Mr Derek Lloyd agreed to email the Clerk with details of suppliers.

Roundabout Enhancement at Milton and Sageston - Cllr Bosley had researched that sponsorship had been raised with regard to roundabouts in England.   He had also established that the Control Tower would like to be involved with designs for the Sageston roundabout and the Castle could be featured in Milton Roundabout. To this effect Cllr Bosley to produce some sketches of the same. Clerk to continue coordinate with Trunk Roads Agency and Welsh Assembly.

Welsh Language Scheme.   Letter received from the Welsh Language Board in response to the Community Council's previously submitted draft Welsh Language Policy.    Most of the draft scheme's content is acceptable to the Board but the presence of some clauses means the Welsh Language Board are unable to approve the scheme in it's current form. These three clauses relate to responsibility for errors in translation, national flag icons on Website, and the period of time the Community Council has asked to identify, fund and contract appropriate translation services.

The Clerk had asked for advice from PALC and the WLB and PALC reply was discussed. Following discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Squirrell and Seconded by Cllr Goodman that the icons be withdrawn from the Website (when available) and to ask the WLB to reconsider the other two clauses.


Change of use of Post office/Shop to residential - Post Office, Riverlea, Paskeston Lane, Milton - No adverse comments or objections. Proposed by Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr Head.

Residential Development and Access Road at Sageston Fields, Sageston -Following discussion it became apparent that the map/plan of the area may be incorrect. Clerk to obtain a new map/plan. Proposed by Cllr Squirrell and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that PCC be asked to approve this.

Proposed siting of secure storage containers for storage of non-ferrous metal -Enviroventure Ltd, Carew Airfield - Letter from PCC informing that this application has been withdrawn.

Brookville, Lawrenny Road - Letter from PCNPA informing the application for conservatory has been withdrawn . Certificate of lawfulness of dwelling submitted. -Following discussion there were no adverse comments or objections. Proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Gibby that PCC be informed of no objections from the Community Council.


Results of Playground Inspections for 2008/9 at Milton and Carew. received from PCC with recommendations of action to be taken. It was agreed to thank PCC for the report and to ask for an inspection report at Redberth.

South East Area Liaison meeting - Wednesday 18th March at East Williamston Hall. Agenda item as reminder for next meeting.

Anonymous letter received from "a resident in Milton." This was read out. Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr White that upon receipt of name and address from the recipient, the matters related to would be looked at

Supplementary Planning Guidance on Planning Obligations -   Meeting at 10 am on Wednesday 1 ltn March in County Hall.    Clerk expressed interest to attend on behalf of the Community Council and all present agreed to this.

Tenby Town Council Joint meeting with Hywel Dda NHS Trust at new Tenby Cottage Hospital on 26th February at 7 pm. Cllr Squirrell expressed interest to attend and all present agreed.

Tree Warden Scheme - Volunteer Tree Wardens -   Letter from PCNP A on this national initiative supported by the Tree Council. There are 134 such schemes in Britain with 7,500 voluntary tree wardens involved and this scheme has been running for approximately 5 years in Pembrokeshire.    The volunteers will gather information about trees as well as getting involved in local tree matters and becoming the "eyes and ears" of the community   in this regard;   encouraging practical community based tree projects and ensuring local trees receive the best possible care. The wardens receive ongoing support and advice from the Tree officer at PCNPA and the Woodland Officer as well as the Area Rangers with training days combining community based projects.     Following discussion, Cllr Bosley expressed an interest to become a Tree Warden and his name will be passed to PCNPA.   If any members of the Parish wish to become involved they should contact the Clerk who will put names forward.

Shelter Cymru Information Project - Leaflet and information pack on housing, debt, welfare benefits and uniquely rural well being. It features sample letters, flow charts, hints and tips. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Website -    Cllr White handed out some sample templates for a Community Council website. It was felt this would be the best way to address the community. Councillors were impressed with the presentation and work done to date and Cllr White answered questions relating to security, updates etc. It was stressed that this is an unofficial Community Council website in the first instance.     The Chairman thanked Cllr White for his hard work and   it was proposed by Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that this matter be taken a stage further and included on the agenda for the March meeting.


Mobile home at Pincheston

Speeding through Redberth - Obtain an update from PCC

County Councillor's Report -

Six refuse bins have been acquired for Carew Parish (Sageston School, Carew Cheriton, Redberth, Milton, Carew village and Bartletts Well road) and more anti-dog fouling stickers and dog mess bags are to be sought via contact with the Dog Warden in relation to the  Mill walk.

Carew Newton Cemetery - Agenda for next meeting. Report by County Councillor Neale.

Litter picking to take place 9 am Saturday 21st February.

Date and Time of next meeting - 6.30pm 13th March for talks with Sports Club in the first instance.

Minutes of the Community Council meeting held on Thursday 12th March 2009.

PRESENT:         Cllr A Blayney Cllr L White

Cllr M Griffiths Cllr J Brock MBE

Cllr P Gibby Cllr V Thomas

Cllr T Goodman Cllr Gwenllian Head
County Councillor D J Neale

APOLOGIES: Cllr M Squirrell Cllr M Bosley

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION - Carew Football and Cricket Club representatives -W Cole, R Lloyd, D Lloyd.

Chairman welcomed members of the Football and Cricket club who had been asked along to discuss long term provision of sport in the Community.   Mr Lloyd & Mr Cole informed the meeting that due to the Olympics opportunities for Sports Associations to obtain grants linked to sports opportunities has been put off until at least 2012. This severely limits the ability to raise money for, e.g., a multi-user games areas (MUGA).   Discussed Aggregate sustainability levy which is not matched funding and need to see if this grant source is continuing. Facilities could then be developed around the MUGA in the future.   Stumbling block for the Club is that there needs to be at least a 30 year lease remaining before some funding organisations will look at an application.

It came to light that the three leases that exist - Playing Field, Pavilion to garage  and further strip of land to the rear of the field - have different lease times. Plan: Consider renegotiation with Carew Castle Estates to extend the lease of the further for as long as they will permit and to apply to the same to extend the other two leases for the same period of time.

The Club has had a Users Licence since 1999 which matches the life of the current lease. Legal situation has been tentatively checked and there is theoretical methodology to do this.

Following discussion on ways forward it was agreed that upon the representatives discussion with the Sports club committee, a letter to the above effect would be sent to the Community Council.

Mr Cole, Mr Lloyd and Mrs Lloyd then left the meeting.

Matters relating to Community Council business then continued.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Brock MBE for chairing the last meeting at short notice due to his unavoidable absence.   Condolences were extended to Cllr Vanessa Thomas and Mr Thomas on their sad loss.

Minutes of the meeting held in February were passed as a true record and duly signed


Mike Higgins from PCNPA has confirmed that our new Community Tree Warden will be Cllr Mike Bosley and further information will be communicated to him by PCNPA.

Inspection Report for Redberth play area has been received. Cllr Griffiths agreed to look at the report and visit the play area.

Roundabouts at Milton and Sageston - Cllr Bosley had been in communication with the Trunk Roads Agency. Clerk to contact TRA to see if this can be progressed vigorously.

Goal Posts - Awaiting suppliers details from Sports club. Due to Health and Safety implications these could not be made locally.

Planning -

Development at Sageston Fields . Communication received from Senior Development Control Officer at PCC stating that he was aware of the land dispute but he had not received an amended plan.   Following further perusal of the application by Community Councillors it was unanimously agreed that, subject to the land dispute being settled, and necessary Section 106 provisions being incorporated, there were no adverse comments or objections to the road and site layout application for this development.   It was also agreed that PCC be asked to keep the Community Council fully informed of all detailed planning applications and variations/amendments in regard to this.

Appeal - Land at Pincheston Farm, Sageston, Tenby. Notice received from PCC that the inquiry will start at 10 am on Tuesday 7th April at County Hall. Clerk to ensure that a further copy of the Community Council's objection is sent.

Tything Barn - PCNPA .    Notice of a Public Enquiry with regard to an appeal against Enforcement Notice by PCNPA following unauthorised operational development of alterations to the former oyster preparation building including changes to fenestration, a new conservatory and installation of solar panels to forma unit of living accommodation, and alteration of an existing lean-to to provide toilets and offices for the adjacent caravan site.     Community Councillors discussed this in detail.   The results of which are that the Community Councillors are against building without proper authorisation. However, they were unaware of any building renovation works and have not visited the site to review the impact on surroundings.

Two Storey and first floor extension 19 Hop Gardens, Sageston - Refused by PCC. CORRESPONDENCE

LDP and PCNPA Preferred strategy Pre-Deposit Stage were viewed by Councillors. It was agreed that each Councillor would read these and give observations to next meeting in time for forwarding to relevant bodies during the Public consultation phase -25* March - 6th May.

Invoices for payment - The following invoices were received for payment - Acorn Garden services £60 and PALC subscription of £79 . It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Councillor Gibby that these be paid.

It was noted that the half year rent due to Carew Castle Estates is due prior to the next meeting and it was agreed that the Clerk pay this immediately out of meeting on receipt of the invoice from the Agent.

Letter from Tirn Jones, PCNPA Ranger regarding the Jubilee Tree at Carew Cheriton. County Councillor Neale also provided background to the problem. The tree was originally planted over a drain site and the roots have completely blocked the drainage pipe that takes flood water from the ditch. Also heavy vehicles crossing the ford to access Tythe Barn are avoiding the raised roots of the tree and this cutting of the corner is raising the blocks that form the approach to the ford. The Jubilee Tree therefore needs to be removed and re-sited but it has a TPO attached to it.    Mr Jones informed also that owner is making the application and funding both the proposed changes to the ford and the replacement tree.    Along with this problem path improvements need to be carried out up to the Paddock Walk.    Following discussion it was agreed that this tree needs to be taken down and roots removed from the drain. A mature replacement tree will need to be re-sited at a different site. It was agreed to write to Tim Jones and Mr & Mrs Noble informing them of the Community Council's support in the remediation work needed to rectify this problem.    Cllr Neale also suggested a site for the replacement tree and this would be looked into.      TPO officer would also be contacted to further outline the problem and suggested solutions.

Milton Nature trail - Cllr Neale talking to solicitors for Welsh Water .

Promoting Pembrokeshire Wednesday 25th March at Bluestone - Clerk to find out if places still available - Chairman, Clerk, Cllr Brock and Cllr Neale expressed willingness to attend.

Court Open Day Wednesday 25th March 10-4 at Haverfordwest

Community Health Council/WAG NHS Consultation on 7th April at Nantyffin Motel.

Local Eyes Initiative -   This is a comprehensive IT platform for canvassing, communication and community building at a local level.   This has been successfully piloted in the Havens Community and pilot trials   are being undertaken in England with funding from the Ministry of Justice. This initiative enables individuals to have their say and also to publicise events, activities and surveying public opinion etc. Clerk to reply on the Expression of Interest form.

Digital Switchover information passed to Cllr Neale for the Luncheon Club.

WAG - Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre at Bridgend.   Posters for display and Magazine.

Letter from PCNPA via Cllr Brock informing that the Site Supervisor of Carew Castle will be away on leave for six months and giving the name of the contact person in her stead. Also attached events programme for 2009 and clerk to copy this for Councillors.


Cllr Neale has obtained a new design plan for the cemetery   and following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Head that Cllr Neale obtain engineering specifications in order to be able to submit a Planning Application.    It is anticipated that the cost of this application will be around £74.

Rights of Way and Common Land to be put on   April agenda.

South East Area Liaison meeting on 18th March at East Williamston - Cllr Neale and Cllr Blayney to attend.

Litter picking - Carew Newton Saturday 21st March at 9 am.   Cllr Neale to collect the litter equipment.


Cllr White gave a demonstration of his progress to date on the unofficial Community Council website and it was proposed by Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr Thomas that Cllr White continues to develop this site.    The Chairman and all present thanked and congratulated Cllr White on the impressive work to date. The website address is carewparish.com.


Still some rubbish and rubble near the skips and recycling bins at car park near playing field which require removal.

Cllr Neale informed that the six litter bins have now been sited around the parish and that re-tarmacing work is near completion on Villa Hill.   Chairman informed Cllr Neale that Birds Lane desperately needs tarmacing and Cllr Neale to investigate this further.   Also the gullies drains to be cleared out through Birds Lane. Cllr Neale to also see work on the parking bays at Carew Cheriton Cemetery can be moved forward.

Date and time of next meeting -   Thursday 9th April at 7 pm in Carew Memorial Hall.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 9th April 2009 at 7 pm.

PRESENT.    Cllr A Blayney Cllr L White

- Cllr M Griffiths Cllr P Gibby

Cllr J Brock Cllr G Head

Cllr M Squirrell County Councillor D Neale

APOLOGIES: Cllr M Bosley Cllr T Goodman

Cllr V Thomas

Minutes of the last meeting were passed as a true record and all present agreed they be duly signed.

Matters Arising:

Letter from the Sports Club Secretary was read out.   Following discussion it was agreed to draft a response correcting the erroneous content. No lease transfer was suggested though a full and frank discussion of possible options took place and a lease transfer was muted.     The considerable amount of ground maintenance expense is to the advantage of the club and the requirement for inclusion in the cricket and football Pembrokeshire league.   Clerk to contact PCC regarding lease issues and MUGA and whether other organisations can apply. This proposed by Cllr brock and seconded by Cllr Griffiths. Clerk also to check User Agreement.

Goal Posts - Clerk to await the next Park Furniture brochure and look at this.

Jubilee Tree at Carew Cheriton has been removed.

Councillor Blayney attended the Open Court Day on 25* March which was well organised and highly informative.

South East Area Liaison meeting - Cllr Blayney and County Councillor Neale attended at East Williamston.    Candidate sites was one of the topics for discussion. There are quite a lot of applications and PCC will look at these in greater detail and the amount will be reduced.    Discussion at that meeting also on infill sites on outskirts to main populated areas, Hub towns and Wales Spacial Plan, Budget issues and waste recycling.

Inspection report of Redberth Play Area - Councillor Griffiths identified gaps in the flooring that were highlighted in the report and as yet this has not been rectified. Clerk to pursue.

Local Development Plan - Cllr White provided those present with copies of the Environmental Network of Pembrokeshire discussion notes on  the LDP.    Following discussion it was agreed to respond to PCNPA and PCC expressing desire to see a commitment by both organisations to allocation of land for allotments, affordable and appropriate housing and self build schemes. Responses - PCNPA at 22 04 09 and PCC 6 05 09.


PCNPA - Conservatory at Brookeville, Lawrenny Road -

Porch at Chestnut Cottage, Butts Lane, Carew Newton

No adverse comments or objections to above planning applications.

Certificate of Lawful Use or Development - Brookeville, Lawrenny Road, - Received and noted.

PCC -       Erection of 4 dwellings 19-22 Sageston Fields

Extension to dwelling 19 Hop Gardens Road, Sageston (amended) No Adverse comments or objections to above planning applications

Residential Development and Access Road, Sageston Fields, Sageston Advice from PCC that the above planning application has been withdrawn.

New date for Pincheston Farm Appeal is 22nd and 23rd April.


  1. County Councillor Neale has requested information on Common Land from PCC
    and will be in receipt of this information by 15th April. ( Agenda Item for next
  2. Carew Newton Cemetery - Further meetings with Planning department at PCNPA.
    Cllr Blayney and CC Neale to pursue the engineering details to finalise the plan.
  3. Milton Marsh Lease - Clerk to provide further information on the Village green at
    Milton from the Planet/SPARC file. Also further information is in the Common Land
  4. Stream is being cleared in Carew Cheriton and along through to Milton.

Invoices for payment -

Councillors noted the out of meeting payment of £575 for half year rent on playing

fields at Carew.

All present agreed to pay Acorn Garden Services invoice for £60.

Nick Ainger MP Surgery Timetable - for display in Hall, Milton and Redberth.

Unofficial Community Council Website - Cllr White updated councillors on the progress to date including the visits to the site.   Phase 2 involved asking local organisations to provide details for inclusion and this is underway.

Parish Matters

All present agreed to send a letter to Assembly Member and MP and letter of support to Greenhill School on the proposal to cut budget for the Orchestra.

Highways to be contacted regarding the excellent work on the Villa Hill and asking for a date for tarmacing Birds Lane. County Councillor Neale will then follow this up. He will also chase up the Footpath from Milton Roundabout to Carew and the Laybys at Carew Cheriton Cemetery.

Fly tipping at Control Tower and on detrunked road in Sageston - All Councillors to be vigilant and members of the public to be  aware that if they see any evidence of this to report to the County Council Hotline immediately.

Keep Wales Tidy Grant - This can be applied for to help with the litter picking and environmental initiatives for the Parish.     Following discussion all present agreed to proceed with this.

Clerk to purchase further headed paper.

AGM 14th May 2008 at 7 pm - Notice in the local Press.

Litter pick in Sageston 9 am on 18th April. — Start at Ashleigh House.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 14th May 2009 at 7 pm in Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:                 Cllr Andrew Blayney                 Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Cllr Mike Bosley                       Cllr Trevor Goodman

Cllr John Brock MBE               Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr Gwenllian Head                  Cllr Lionel White

County Councillor David Neale

APOLOGIES:             Cllr Pat Gibby                          Cllr Mary Squirrell

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: Mrs Rowena Lloyd            Mr Derek Lloyd

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting for 2009. He informed the meeting that he would not be standing again as Chairman. In his 2nd year of office he has joined the Governors of the school and had started the Litter Picking initiative. The Chairman thanked all for their good companionship and conduct.

On behalf of all Councillors Cllr Brock thanked the outgoing chairman for his good chairmanship and congratulated him on the way he conducted himself and with an easy manner.

The Clerk then thanked the Chairman, Vice Chairman and all Councillors for the support and help and the excellent way they communicated and conducted themselves throughout the year.

Election of officers - The election procedure went as follows:

The Vice Chair, Cllr Vanessa Thomas was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Marina Griffiths. There were no amendments. Cllr Thomas accepted the nomination and declared the new Chair for 2009/2010.

Cllr Marina Griffiths was nominated by County Councillor Neale and this was seconded by Cllr Bosley. There were no amendments. Cllr Griffiths accepted the nomination and declared the new Vice Chair for 2009/10.

Cllr Thomas took the Chair and thanked all for their no nomination. It was unanimously agreed to a time change for future meetings of 7.30 pm rather than 7 pm.

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record and it was proposed by Cllr Blayney and seconded by Cllr Brock that these be signed accordingly.

Matters Arising.

Sports Club- Letter read out from the Honorary Secretary of the Club relating to the previous discussions on the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and leases. Mr & Mrs Lloyd were invited to participate in the discussion on the ways forward and the opportunities for funding for a MUGA. Following these discussions it was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Head that Cllr Brock and Cllr Blayney contact the Agent to Carew Castle Estates. It was also agreed that County Cllr Rob Lewis be contacted for further advice and/or discussion with the Community Council.

With regard to the existence of a Users Agreement it was further agreed that Mr & Mrs Lloyd ask Wesley Cole if he has further information on this.

Laybys Carew Cheriton - E.mail from PCC informing that although they appreciated the need for a parking facility at Carew Cheriton Cemetery, PCC's priorities are for maintenance and renewal of existing infrastructure and that this application is unlikely to be given funding in anything other than medium to long term. County Councillor Neale to pursue this further.

Goal posts - Cllr Squirrell had written to ask if the provision of goal posts for Redberth and Milton could be expedited. Following discussion on the cost implications and the previous costings, Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that the cost of provision of these two sets of goal posts (around £850 in total) be added to next year's Precept.

Planning - County Councillor Neale withdrew from discussions on all the following planning applications.

From PCNPA Brookeville, Lawrenny Road - The Chairman declared an interest and withdrew from discussion . Planning application for Conservatory - Following a recent site visit by officers of PCNPA, the conservatory has already been constructed on the site and the agent has now requested that the planning application be changed to a retrospective application. No adverse comments or evident reasons for objection from Councillors.

From PCC - Change of Use of Post Office to Residential. It was with dismay that Councillors learned that the initial application had been refused due to PCC suggesting that the proposed change of use is considered to represent an unacceptable loss of a community facility when the Post Office itself closed the branch. However, a further application outlining these facts has been submitted and following discussion there were no adverse comments or evidence for refusal noted by Councillors.

From PCC - Approval of reserved matters for demolition of existing outbuildings and redevelopment for 4 dwellings at land adj to Cromwell Drive, Redberth - Following perusal of the plans and discussion there were no adverse comments from Councillors.

From PCC - Erection of new garage at 22 Kesteven Court, Carew - No adverse comments or objections from Councillors.

From PCC - Councillors noted that Erection of 4 dwellings at 19-22 Sageston Fields application has been withdrawn.

Appeals - Two appeals outstanding - PCNPA Tything Barn and PCC - Land at Pincheston . Decisions awaited. Pincheston decision should be available after 15th May.


Carew Castle Holdings Project - Following discussion on the Project to provide enhancement and updated and upgraded facilities at Carew Castle it was agreed that Phil Bennett, Theresa Hogsflesh and Phil Roach be asked to next meeting to discuss the options further and for the Clerk to distribute copies to Councillors before the next meeting. County Councillor Neale involved in this project.

Invoices for payment:

Clerks Salary December 2008 to May 2009 - £758.70 New PALC guidelines rate (increase of 27p per hour) Backdated to April 2008 - £48.60 total -- £807.30

Acorn Garden Services - £120

Tenby Observer - ( Notice of AGM) - £57.50

Allianz Insurance - £1,137.50

Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that these invoices be paid. It was noted that precept of £2000 had been received at the bank on 24th April.

Letter from "Really Welsh" relating to purchase of Welsh daffodils. Following discussion it was agreed to purchase 500 bulbs (25kg sack) at a cost of £20 with a second for free .

Memorial Grounds Practical Advice from WAG - It was agreed to obtain a paper copy and bring back to next meeting.

County Councillors Report -

Milton Marsh Walk - Matters are now coming closer to fruition and should be finalised


Carew Newton Cemetery - Work needed on the plans relating to the entrance and this is

ongoing. He has contacted local residential to update them of future plans and to keep them

in the picture. Further information in the article to Tenby Observer.

More money has been allocated for litter bins and these will be located throughout the parish. Keep Wales Tidy - Cllr Blayney nominated to continue with this project for litter picking and environmental tools.

Parish Matters

Postbox at Milton has been removed and needs to be resited at Summers Villas near to where the Outreach Van stops and this being more in the centre of the village

Website launched April 14th with 2,235 hits and 49 made 55 visits. Not-for-profit Directory has been launched and it being added to. Registration forms for Clubs and Societies available for completion and submission from the Unofficial Website. It was suggested that forthcoming events could be added to this. Cllr White asked for all Councillors to be present at the next meeting for photographs to be taken for the website.

Bank falling away at the bottom of the steps at Kesteven Court due to land slipping away with mud and sludge. Clerk to contact PCC and copy to County Councillor Neale.

Post office letter box at Sageston is heavily corroded - Clerk to ask Post Office to repair or replace.

Gullies need cleaning out and pavement washing along Birds lane and the detrunked road in Sageston.

Freestone Meadow - To ask Enforcement Officer to investigate as there now appears to be a second storey to this property.

Dog fouling along the paths to school. - New litter bins to be sited there.

Clerk to investigate the naming of Dill road/Deer Park in Stephens Green, Milton.

Pot holes in Carew Memorial Hall Car Park. Clerk to contact quarry for advice on what to fill them in with.

Litter picking Saturday 6th June Meet at 9 am Ashleigh House.

Date and Time of next meeting - Thursday 11th June at 7.30 pm . (Apologies from Cllr Brock for next meeting).


PRESENT: Cllr Vanessa Thomas Cllr Pat Gibby

Cllr Andrew Blayney       Cllr Lionel White

Cllr Mary Squirrell           Cllr Mike Bosley
Cllr Gwenllian Head

APOLOGIES: County Councillor David Neale    Cllr John Brock MBE

Cllr Marina Griffiths

The Chairman welcomed Councillors and Phil Roach Project Officer, PCNPA and Theresa Hogsflesh Site Manager Carew Castle to the June meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting were passed as a true record and duly signed - proposed by Cllr Blayney and seconded by Cllr Squirrell.

Mr Roach and Ms Hogsflesh had been invited along to discuss the recently received Carew Castle Holdings Capital Projects Proposals Report. Mr Roach informed the meeting that this report has recently been submitted for an Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Opinion due to the procedures required for the project prior to development on this very sensitive site.    Mr Roach then went through the Proposal which in itself is in great detail.    Some options/proposals have been removed There is a considerable amount of work with negotiations yet to be carried out and Mr Roach gave information on this.

Of note is that the continuation of the dual purpose cycle path from Milton to Carew is included in the Project as this impacts on the facilities/improvements proposed. All present agreed that this is a very exciting project but agreed that this will take some considerable amount of time to be fully achieved and that they would ensure that the Community Council were kept fully up to date on developments at every stage.   The Chairman thanked Mr Roach for his work with the Castle Site Management in the improvements to the Castle facility to date and assured them of the Community Council's continued support.   Mr Roach and Ms Hogflesh then left the meeting.

Matters Arising

Cllr Blayney informed the meeting that he and Cllr Brock have not yet met with the Carew Castle Estates Manager but will keep the meeting informed of progress.

With regards to the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) it was agreed to ask County Councillor Rob Lewis what he thinks an appropriate size for this facility in the Parish would be.

Following communication with Area Maintenance team it was reported that the drains/gullies at Birds Lane have all been cleaned out

Awaiting reply from the Post Office/Royal Mail regarding the repair/replacement of Sageston post box.

Post Office/Royal Mail erected a post box at Milton near the phone box the day after last meeting.

Burial Ground Memorials at Carew Newton.   Following circulation with the minutes and agenda of the WAG document - Managing the Safety of Burial Ground Memorials - Practical advice for dealing with unstable memorials , it was unanimously agreed to keep an Inspection and Record Log and Cllr Blayney agreed to provide Risk Assessment Forms.    It was also agreed to provide a notice at the Cemetery informing of point of contact and that the Cemetery is owned by the Carew Community Council.   Cllr Gibby kindly agreed to be the point of contact for this and all thanked her for this undertaking.

Consultation on proposed changes to the Account and Audi (Wales) Regulations 2005. Welsh Assembly document received seeking views on developments to specific areas of the Accounts/Audit regulations.     It was agreed that the Chairman, Clerk and Internal Auditor would look at this document to see what relates to this Community Council and how best to formulate a reply.


Alterations and Extensions to existing dwelling - Picton Villa, Sageston   (From PCC).    Following discussion it was agreed to inform PCC that this area is not subject to a 40mph speed restriction and that the directions on the plans do not line up. There is another property adjoining Picton Villa which is not clear on the plans.

The following Planning Applications have been granted by PCC -

—Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 4 dwellings at Land adjacent to Cromwell Drive, Redberth;

—Extensions to dwelling - 19 Hop Gardens Road, Sageston;

—Erection of new garage (Demolition of sub standard structures inc garage), 22 Kesteven Court, Carew

The following Planning Applications decisions received from PCNPA were noted -

—Porch at Chestnut Cottage, Butts Lane, Carew Newton - Granted by PCNPA — Capria, Rosemary Lane, Cresselly - Use as a tent site   - The applicant has now withdrawn this application.

The Clerk has been informed by the Enforcement Officer that the Appeal date for Tything Barn is to be 22nd September.

Correspondence/Reading File was passed to Councillors for circulation.


A list of 13 organisations was put before the meeting - all of whom had written in asking for assistance.   Following scrutiny and discussion it was agreed to donate £50 to the Bobby Van Scheme and £50 to Wales Air Ambulance . All present agreed to this.

Cllr White updated the meeting on the progress of the Unofficial Community Council website.   There have been a total of 1143 hits on the website since it was launched, this is an average visit of one a day which is very encouraging. List of registered not-for-profit organisations/societies is progressing.   Adverts of functions in the Parish has started.    Photographs of Councillors will be appearing on the website shortly. The Chairman thanked Cllr White for the time he gives to inputting information and building this website.    All present agreed.


Cllr White informed the meeting of an incident at the Public Conveniences when he noticed an electrical fault which was notified to PCC. This has since been rectified. He wished to thank County Councillor Neale for facilitating the speedy correction of this problem.

Cllr Gibby thanked all for recent get well wishes following her hospitalisation and Cllr Squirrell thanked all for gift on her recent marriage.

Reports received of motor cyclists speeding along the bypass in the early evenings and they have also been noted to speed through Birds Lane.    Dyfed Powys Police to be contacted.

Request received for a traffic calming onto Carew Park Estate and for a "Drive Carefully, Children Playing" sign also to be erected.    PCC to be contacted.

Cllr Blayney reported on the latest litter picking in Sageston which was attended by 4 councillors.

Date of next litter pick -    Saturday 27th June at 9 am - All meet at Milton Water Works.

Date and time of next meeting - Thursday 9th July 2009 at 7.30 pm. The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on 9th July 2009

PRESENT: Cllr Vanessa Thomas                        Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr Lionel White                          Cllr Pat Gibby

County Councillor David Neale     Cllr Andrew Blayney

Cllr Gwenllian Head                       Cllr John Brock MBE

Apologies:    Cllr Mary Squirrel) Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Trevor Goodman

Public Attendance:     Mr J Hughes, Mrs Pauline Pugh, Mr Glyn Hughes

Minutes of the last meeting held in June were passed and duly signed as a

true record.

Proposed by Cllr Blayney and seconded by Cllr Gibby.

It was agreed by all to send a letter wishing Cllr Squirrell a continued speedy recovery.

Matters Arising:

Deer Park /Dill Road -   Clarification map circulated. Deer Park, off Stephen's Green then joins Dill Road,

Carew Newton Cemetery - Quote from Signspeed for supply only £40 + VAT. It was unanimously agreed to proceed with obtaining and erecting this sign.

Further discussion ensued on the intended enhancements/alterations to the Cemetery. Members of the public asked to be included in the process. It became apparent that local residents were concerned that the enhancements/improvements be kept to a minimum in keeping with surroundings. It was explained that it is hoped that widening an access to the cemetery would be the first item to do.   Both Mr Hughes's and Mrs Pugh were concerned that a substantial stock proof gate needs to be erected if this is proceeded with. They also informed that it is their custom to cease farm work along the Cemetery road when there is a funeral.   The Chairman assured them of the Community Council's intention to involve residents and neighbours to the fullest extent with the proposed suggestions for plans for the Cemetery and that nothing had been finalised,    The Chairman also thanked Mr J Hughes for his kind offer of parking space at his property for funerals if needed and also thanked Mr J Hughes and Mr G Hughes for their past and continued cutting of the hedgerows around the Cemetery.        The need for remarking of white lines in Carew Newton was also brought to the attention of the Community Council and this will be brought to the attention of both PCC and PCNPA

Speeding at Milton and Sageston Roundabouts - PC Stephen Lewis from Tenby Police Station had contacted the Clerk about this and this concern has been forwarded to the Road Policing Traffic Cars Department and also to the joint Police and Environmental Services meeting with PCC in view of the potential noise disturbance.    Stephen Lewis encourages anyone to dial the 101 to report any further incidents. 101 is a 24-hour number provided by police and local council to deal with community safety issues, including certain non-emergency crime, policing and anti-social behaviour.

Roundabouts Milton & Sageston -   Chairman and Clerk informed that Cllr Bosley had heard back from Trunk roads Agency regarding further developments.   This item to be placed on the agenda for next meeting in view of Cllr Bosley's absence.

Sign at Carew Park Estate.   The provision of a "Drive Carefully, Children Playing" sign has been communicated to PCC. Further discussion ensued on the need for speed cushions at the entrance to the estate in view of the speeding and also the need of blind alleys having staggered gates. It was agreed in the first instance to write to Highways on the speeding problem and for local residents to be involved in the consultation on speed cushions and staggered gates.

Phil Roach and Theresa Hogsflesh had written thanking for the Community Council's interest in the Castle Project and will be kept informed of developments.    PCNPA had also written asking for comments on the same.

Post box at Milton was put up day of last meeting. However, following discussion it was felt that this was not an ideal site as it is at the end of the village. It is not safe to walk up and down this road due to the narrowness and incline. Clerk to ask for resiting of the box where the   Post Office Outreach van attends at Summers Villas which is closer to the centre of the village. Concern that Community Council were not consulted by Royal Mail/Post Office on the most convenient situation for the new box on the closure of the Milton Post Office.

Sageston Post Box has been re-painted.

Insurance - Following review of current insurance and discussion it was agreed to take off the Flemish Chimney from the Policy. It was also agreed to do a risk assessment for the Milton Nature Walk, bearing in mind that voluntary groups kindly assist with the maintenance work at Milton Nature Walk.    Mr J Thomas to be consulted and involved with the Risk Assessment for Milton. Risk Assessments also needed for "Parish Environment Group" and inspection of headstones at Carew Newton Cemetery.

MUG A -      Cllr Brock and Cllr Blayney had been unable to contact Estates Manager due to his ill health. It was agreed to write to him outlining the reason for the meeting and offering to visit him at his home address. To inform the Sports Club of the delay.

Presentation of Internally Audited Accounts.   Following scrutiny of the above is was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Head (all present agreed) that the Accounts be dispatched to BDO Stoy Hayward, the external auditors.


-   County Councillor David Neale declared an interest and withdrew from the meeting.

From PCNPA - Single storey extension to side and lean-to extension to rear at Crossmead, Lawrenny Road, Cresselly.    Following deliberation of the plans and application there were no adverse comments or objections to this application.

From PCC - Erection of sun room at St Nicholas, Birds Lane, Sageston, Tenby.   Following deliberation of the plans and application there were no adverse comments or objections to this application.

The following permissions have been granted by PCC -  Alterations and extensions to Picton Villa, Sageston.

Change of Use of Post Office to Residential - Riverlea, Paskeston Lane, Milton, Tenby.

PCNPA letter informing of the Appeal by Planning Inspectorate for Tything Barn will be by means of Pubic Inquiry which will commence on 22nd September at 10 am in Carew Memorial Hall was noted.


Invoices for payment - Acorn Garden Services £60. Proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Blayney

Letter from St Mary's Church requesting a donation towards the cost of upkeep of the two burial grounds at Carew Cheriton . Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Brock that £250 be donated.

Letter from Mr and Mrs M Lewis informing that their daughter, Hannah, has been selected for the Welsh Under 16's hockey squad travelling to Scotland on 20th July. The letter asked for a contribution from Community Council towards the cost of her travel, kit and accommodation. Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Blayney and seconded by Cllr Brock that £50 be given.

Bank balances as at 10th June Current account £2,162.63

Deposit account £ 1,691.57

Poster for display - Carew Wartime DVD open evening on Thursday 23rd July at Carew control Tower 7 - 9 pm.    This information is already on the Unofficial Website. Letter from PCC with invitation to attend a Key Stakeholder Forum at Liberty Stadium Landore, Swansea. This Forum will inform the development of the second generation Shoreline Management Plan along the coast of South Wales between Lavenock Point in the Vale of Glamorgan and St Ann's Head in Pembrokeshire.    Due to previous commitments by Community Councillors there were no expressions of interest to attend.

Annual Services Ombudsman - In reading file.

Milton Nature Walk -    Final copy of the Lease received from Darwin Bowie solicitors.    Following discussion there are two queries that need to be raised with the solicitor - one relating to the references for rent.     Another letter enclosing a Declaration from Dwr Cymru's solicitors which would give the Community Council the benefit of protection under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.     An account in respect of the costs and disbursements (kindly limited to the estimate sum quoted at the outset) of £689.48 also enclosed.

County Councillor Neale give further update on the work involved in bringing this matter to conclusion. The hold ups mainly centred around the joint approval by solicitors on the plans used. The Chairman and Councillors thanked Cllr Neale for all the hard work he had put in to bringing this matter to conclusion.

Following discussion it was agreed that providing satisfactory clarifications to the queries were given by the solicitors, Cllr Blayney proposed and Cllr Head seconded that the account should be paid out of meeting.

County Councillors Report -

Carew Newton Cemetery -   Further to previously discussed, he informed that he would consult neighbouring residents to the Cemetery before submitting suggestions to the Community Council for low impact enhancements to the Cemetery.


The litter picking group have registered with Keep Wales Tidy campaign in order to obtain funding for tools etc. in order to proceed with this and following discussion it was agreed that a name for the group is needed.   This will be Carew Parish Environment Group.

The Litter picking planned for Milton on 4th July was abandoned due to lack of necessary equipment. Instead, following a letter received from resident at Kesteven Court with a number of items for attention,   the overhanging shrubbery in Birds Lane which could potentially cause scratches to cars were cut back.   Other items included the Paddock walk, emptying of litter bins and pavement parking at Kesteven Court.       It was agreed to write to Pat Watts informing of the work done so far and the monitoring of further items in her letter.   The Chairman also informed of the recent inspection of headstones at the Cemetery and the action needed.   The remedial work required will be coordinated with the Environment Group when the Risk Assessments had been done.

Unofficial Website - Councillor White updated the meeting that the number of hits to the site had now gone up to 4,696. More local organisations had signed up to advertise their events.    The photo board of the Councillors had nearly been finalised and would appear shortly.    On behalf of the Community Council, the Chairman thanked Cllr White for the tremendous work he had put in to the development of this Unofficial Website. In the months since its inception the interest from different organisations and the potential for further development will benefit Parish residents immensely.     A reminder of the website address - carewparish.com.

Hedgerows need trimming at Whitehill and Carew Newton. White lines need to be renewed urgently at Carew Newton

Disabled car parking bays need to be used only by disabled badge holders in Carew Memorial Car Park.     Cllr Griffiths (Hall Committee Secretary) kindly agreed to write a letter for all users for circulation.

Date of next litter pick.    Following discussion it was agreed to leave until September when funding may have been forthcoming for the Environment Group.     Date is   Saturday 5th September at 9 am at Water Works, Milton County Councillor Neale to obtain litter picking implements for this.

Date and time of next meeting.    Due to the Clerk being on holiday for the first three Thursdays in September it was agreed that the next meeting would be Thursday 27th August at 7.30 in Carew Memorial Hall

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 27th August 2009 at 7.30 pm in Carew Memorial Hall.

Present Cllr Vanessa Thomas(chair)                  Cllr Marina Griffiths

            Cllr Andrew Blayney                            Cllr Lionel White

            Cllr Pat Gibby                                      Cllr Gwenllian Head

            Cllr John Brock MBE                           Cllr Trevor Goodman

APOLOGIES: Cllr Mary Squirrell                     Cllr Mike Bosley

                       County Councillor David Neale

The Chairman welcomed all to the August meeting, held this year in place of the September meeting as the Clerk will be away.

It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Brock that the minutes of the meeting in July be passed as a true record and duly signed.

Matters Arising -

Leases -   Following a meeting between the Agent for Carew Estates and Cllr Brock, the Agent had written asking for further details for the Landlord as to why the community Council require an extension as the present lease still has 26 years to run.     Following considerable discussion and debate, and perusal of the Leases held, it was agreed to write to the Sports Club enclosing a copy of Mr Russell's letter asking the Club for further details of the Clubs plans for the future.   It was also agreed to inform Mr Russell of the above.

Milton Post Box   - Cllr Brock kindly met Mike Jones from Royal Mail on 21st August   and discussed with Mr Jones the rationale for the current siting of the Post box.   The new proposed site at the entrance to Summers Villas was visited and following further discussion it has been agreed that the Royal Mai! will send a letter to the Occupier of the home nearest the proposed site and posters will be put on telephone poles regarding the change to see if there are any objections. There is likely to be 12 weeks delay before movement can be made. The Chairman and Councillors thanked Cllr Brock for attending this meeting.

Carew Newton Cemetery -  The new information sign for the Cemetery was displayed and the Parish Environment Group will be erecting this sign shortly. The sign is £46 including VAT and the Clerk had paid for the sign on collection.   All present agreed this is in order.

Roundabouts - As   Cllr Bosley and County Councillor Neale were unable to attend the meeting, there were no updates on this though it is understood there have been new developments. It was agreed to put this item on the agenda for the next meeting and for Clerk to contact TRA in the interim.

Carew Newton - White lines have not yet been painted though the hedges have been trimmed. Clerk to chase up the roadmarking.

Carew Castle parking - The Clerk updated the Council on the events regarding the restricted parking at Carew Castle and the arrangements put in place for additional parking, being rotated between the car parks of Carew Memorial Hall, Carew Inn and Chapel car park. The problem had arisen due to the lower car park at the Castle being waterlogged and unsuitable for cars. This short fall in parking had led to visitors parking on the road and at the bus stop and causing a traffic hazard.

Memorial Hall Car Park - It was agreed to contact Carew Quarries regarding the resurfacing of the car park as a matter of urgency.

Milton Marsh Walk - The solicitors has responded to the queries raised by the Community Council and it was agreed that, as all was now in order, the counterpart lease be signed and returned.    The Community Council expressed their thanks to County Councillor Neale for his attention and help in liaising between the solicitors and Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru) to enable this lease to be finalised.

External Auditors Report- BDO Stoy Hayward have returned the Auditors Report and there are no items that need attention.   Councillors expressed their thanks to the Clerk for this who in turn thanked Mr Rowly Edwards the Internal Auditor for his help.  It was proposed by Cllr Brock MBE and seconded by Cllr Blayney that, firstly the External Auditor fee be paid (138 inc VAT) and a letter of thanks be sent to Mr R Edwards along with his fee of £40.

Hall Fees - Invoice received for Hall fees, detailed as follows:

14 x £12 Luncheon Club and 7 x £12 Community Council meetings from

January to August 2009 inclusive = total 252.

Clerk's Salary plus expenses   for June, July and August = £404.80.

It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Head that the above two

invoices be paid.


The Clerk had circulated copies of the potential development sites for consideration as allocations within the LDP.   Discussion ensued on each area, i.e. Carew, Sageston, Redberth and Milton and the merits and disadvantages of each site discussed.    Communication and information had also been received from PALC on formulating responses though further information is anticipated. Following discussion and deliberation it was agreed to await PALCs further response before formulating a response.


The following application has been granted by PCC and the Community

Council noted this :

Erection of Sun room, ST Nicholas, Birds Lane, Sageston.

8 car .parking spaces, Pisgah Chapel from PCNPA.    Cllr Thomas declared and interest and withdrew from discussion.    Following deliberation and

scrutinisation of the plans, there were no objections and all present agreed this should be approved.

SENIOR CITIZENS CHRISTMAS DINNER COMMM1TTEE - The Clerk informed that the next meeting would be on Thursday 24th September in Carew Memorial Hall.    The date of the Christmas Dinner is Saturday 28th November


Letter from Head of Highways, PCC - Carbon Reduction Commitment: Partial Extinguishment of Street Lighting.    In line with the Authority's reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions it is proposed that street lighting between the hours of 00.00 (midnight) and 05.30 (5.30 am) will be extinguished. Areas will need to be identified, in the community where lighting will be kept on all night. Following, discussion Community Councillors were broadly in agreement. One suggestion was for every other street light to be extinguished in Carew Park and residential areas. Community Councillors were however, of the opinion that fights in Birds Lane should remain on. It was agreed to put this item on the Agenda for the next meeting for further discussion.

WAG - Consultation on Proposed Legislative Competence Order relating to community councils and councillor recruitment,, retention and allowances. Cllr Blayney informed that It is understood that this order is to allow WAG to transfer specific powers from Parliament to the Assembly in order to make changes to the law in these areas as at present neither the Assembly nor Welsh Ministers have power to legislate for significant changes in the law covering community councils (constitution, structure, procedures and responsibilities), relations between tiers of local government, County Councillor allowances etc.   However, it was agreed to seek further clarification from PALC on this matter.

PCNPA - (Draft) Affordable Housing Delivery statement - Noted.

Nick Ainger MP Surgery timetable for September to December. 2009-09-29

Tidy Wales Week 21-27th September.

Circular on changes to agreement with Barclays Bank relating to transactions abroad.


Cllr White had had two disturbing issues relating to the Give Way sign on the Carew Bridge. The priority side is wrongly positioned and, once again, the blind spot at the far side of the bridge is causing continuing problems. There ire safety issues at Butts Lane also as there is no where for pedestrians to seek refuge along this lane. At the Villa hill the traffic priority sign need to be extended higher up and it is at present not facing where the traffic is coming from. The tree at the far side of the bridge causes visual obstruction in

identifying traffic coming down the hill when in full leaf.    Clerk to contact Highways regarding this.

Website is going from strength to strength. It now includes places of worship and community organisations are able to give information on forthcoming events.   Cllr White was congratulated on the sterling efforts and hard work in helping to facilitate this website for all the community.

Enforcement Officer to be contacted regarding restoring the land as before at Paskeston, land levelled and entrance blocked up.

Car parking along Birds Lane discussed and the problem identified.

The footpath from Anson Way to Kesteven Court along Birds lane is uneven and the soil from the hedgerow encroaches on it. Also the road surface in this area of Birds Lane is in a deplorable state.   Pedestrians who chose not to walk on the footpath due to the unevenness are also hampered from using the road and both need urgent attention.    Great need for street lighting in this area.   Clerk to contact Highways and copy the letter to our Community Councillor.

There is a fallen tree at the Picnic area in Birds Lane.

Cllr Brock asked for a letter of congratulation to Carew Sports Club on the very professional way they presented the Parish at the recent television broadcast. This reflected the Parish in a good light as well as the Club.

S4C Television broadcast from Control Tower on 3rd September.

Litter pick on Saturday 5th September at Milton Water Works 9 am    Clerk to contact Cllr D Neale.

Next meeting   - No meeting in September. Thursday 8th October 2009 at 7.30 in Carew Memorial Hall.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed,

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 8th October 2009 at 7.30 pm in Carew Memorial Hall.

Present: Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)               Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr John Brock MBE       Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Pat Gibby                Cllr Andrew Blayney

Cllr Gwenllian Head      County Councillor David Neale

Apologies:                         Cllr Mary Squirrel          Cllr Lionel White

Cllr Trevor Goodman

It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that the minutes of the meeting held on 27th August be passed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

Milton and Sageston Roundabouts.   E.mail received from Roger Williams of the South Wales Trunk Roads Agency informing that SWTRA have commissioned Pembrokeshire County Council to prepare some draft landscape schemes for both roundabouts. There will then be consultation with the Community Council and Local member together with Welsh Assembly. Once there is approval for a design SWTRA will then source the funding. SWTRA now have the responsibility for the maintenance of the bypass on behalf of WAG.     County Councillor Neale informed that there is no further information on this matter but he will keep the Community Council informed.

White Lines at Carew Newton junction have now been painted.

Street Lighting - Following further discussion on this matter, it was agreed to write to Head of Highways and Construction at PCC informing that there are no objections to the extinuishing of street lighting from midnight to 5.30 am commencing April 2010.

Birds Lane Pavement and Road - County Councillor Neale infomred that trees will be trimmed back along Birds lane shortly.   PCC feel that the condition of the road surface along Birds Lane is directly due to sap from trees .   Hopefully, then the top dressing of the road surface and footpath along Birds Lane will take place next year as it has been included in next years budget.

Carew Bridge Highway Matters  - Email from Head of Highways was read out.   Head of Highways to be informed that the Community Council still feel the "blind spof caused by the natural dip in the road needs to be addressed and raised to alleviate the problem.    Upon further discussion it became apparent that all seven of the Community Councillors present had experienced the same problem numerous times at the bridge.


The following Planning Applications have been approved by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority:

Single Storey extension to side and lean-to extension to rear ot urossmeaa,

Lawrenny Road, Cresselly,

Creation of 8 parking spaces on land north of Pisgah Baptist Chapel.

Application for tree works (TPO 12) at Carew Newton House,, Carew Newton received from PCNPA   The work relates to Health and Safety Management for 2 Holm Oak trees and one ash tree. There were no adverse comments.

Addition of dormer window to replace proposed velux at 1 Pisgah Cottages, Cresselly - There were no adverse comments or objections.

Tything Bam Appeal - Councillor Lionel White attended the Appeal on 22nd September and provided a report to the Community Council in his absence at this meeting.    It became apparent that PCNPA had not received the Community Council's comments on this prior to the Appeal. The Clerk apologised for not checking that the information had been properly received by PCNPA and it was agreed that in future, particularly with matters of this nature, a the information should be sent via Recorded Delivery.


Letter from Carew Senior Citizens Committee informing that the Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner will be on Saturday 28th November. The letter also asked for a contribution towards the cost of putting on this event. It was proposed by Cllr Blayney and seconded by Clir Neale that £250 be donated. All present agreed.

Letter from Carew Castle Estates requesting half years rent due in respect of Carew Recreation Grounds £575 and Milton Play Area £25. The Sports Club has been sent an invoice also by the Clerk and it was agreed by all present to pay the £600.

Letter from Phil Bennett Head of Archaeological heritage at PCNPA stating that, in the current financial climate, PCNPS are unable to match the potential funding opportunities presented by Welsh European Funding Office and because of this review of the development proposals at Carew Castle and Tidal Mill will take place and report the considerations to the next Carew Stakeholders Group meeting in November.

Notice received of the PALC AGM on 17th October. Clerk informed that this is also the date of a Planning Briefing Seminar organised by PCC.

Letter received on the second Key Stakeholder Forum on Shoreline Management Plan Review at National Botanical Garden of Wales, Llanarthne on 3rd November.

Cruse Bereavement Carew Golden Jubilee at St Davids Cathedral on 1st

Invoices for payment - Acorn Garden Services £60 for grass cutting at Carew Newton and Carew Hall. It was agreed to ask for dates of cutting as this would be a requirement for audit purposes.

CHRISTMAS EVENTS -   Following considerable discussion it was agreed to purchase a Christmas tree and to turn on the lights at the Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch on Saturday 28th November.

Community Councillors Christmas Dinner on Thursday 10th December at Carew Inn.

PAYPHONES -    Letters from both PCC and PCNPA regarding the new round of BT removal programme involves two telephone kiosks in the Parish. One is at Whitehill and the other at Redberth.    Following discussion it was agreed that the representative Councillors discuss with residents in these areas and report back in order for the Clerk can submit observations to PCC and then BT.   The general concensus of the meeting was that if there were no grounds for objection i.e. mobile phone coverage (this is good in both areas) then the Community Council should proceed to adopt a kiosk as before.

The Clerk outlined the reasons why the West Williamston kiosk has now been retained. Last year, BT concluded a consultation with PCC whereby they (PCC) objected to the removal of the kiosk that the Community Council had tried to adopt. Under Ofcom regulations, BT cannot remove an existing public payphone facility without approval from the local authority.   Following the Community Council's application to adopt, BT wrote to PCC to ask if they would be willing to withdraw their objection and allow BT to remove the telephone facility so that the kiosk could be retained at it's current location as an adopted kiosk. PCC declined to withdraw if s objection and therefore the Community Council were unable to proceed with the adoption scheme.


Letter from Cllr Mary Squirrell with Parish Matters read out in her absence. Firstly, Speeding through Redberth remains a concern, Secondly, second mobile home/residential caravan at Piton Villa still in situ after 2 years. County Councillor Neale informed that he has been informed that this is being monitored closely. Picton Villa is being rebuilt Proper procedures have been gone through with regard to the 2nd Caravan.

Suggest to PCC that rumble strips are laid on the approach to the roundabouts, particularly from Kilgetty to Sageston Roundabout. There have been a number of traffic incidents involving vehicles over-shooting the junction onto the roundabout and knocking down the bollard.   This problem, particularly on this stretch, has happened since the roundabout has been in place.

Report from Cllr Lionel White on progress with the website read out in his absence.    Following considerable discussion and debate it was proposed by Cllr Blayney and seconded by Cllr Bosley that the item on Tything Barn appeal should remain. Cllr Neale seconded this.   Cllr Griffiths proposed the amendment to remove the Tything Barn appeal from the website. This was seconded by Cllr Gwenllian Head. A vote was taken and the amendment carried by 4 votes to 3.

Copy of LDP sites to Cllr Griffiths and County Councillor Neale.

Staggered gates at alleys in Carew Park.    Chase up the" Caution -Children

Playing" Sign at the entrance to Carew Park. *

Cllr Blayney informed that the Cabinet of PCC had adopted Section 106 with (

any more than 3 dwellings built at the same time  the levy on each house would be around £8,500.

Ball Games at the top of Perrots Road causing a nuisance.   Police have been informed.   "Strictly no Ball Games" sign to be requested for the top of Perrots Road.

Moss on the footpath at Sageston, overhanging verge and moss on Birds Lane and overhanging tree at Sageston to be reported to Area Maintenance South.

Milton Marsh Walk - awaiting full Lease.

Letter to Dr Steven Jones and Peter Howe of the re-Gen Unit to thank him for help with the acquisition of the 25 year lease for Milton Marsh Walk.

DVD on Carew Airfield Wartime Memories Launch, on Wednesday 11th November at 2.30 in the Hall for retired/senior citizens with a wartime tea, followed by 7 pm in Sageston School - everyone welcome.

Remembrance Sunday 8th November 2009. All meet at Cenotaph.   Cllr Gibby agreed to ask British Legion for a Poppy Wreath.

Date of next litter pick - Saturday 17th October 2009 at 9 am. County Councillor Neale to acquire the litter pickers, hoops and bags. Meet at Oaklands.

Date and time of next meeting   - Thursday 12th November 2009 at 7.30 in Carew Memorial HalL

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.


Note from Clerk - Amendments since the meeting to the above minutes. DVD launch on Wartime memories of Airfield postponed until the New Year.

Minutes of Carew Community Council Meeting held on Thursday 12th November 2009 in Carew Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm.

PRESENT: Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)         Cllr Marina Griffiths (Vice Chair)

Cllr Andrew Blayney                          Cllr Gwenllian Head

Cllr Pat Gibby                                     Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr John Brock MBE                        Cllr Lionel White

Cllr Trevor Goodman

APOLOGIES: County Councillor David Neale Cllr Mary Squirrell

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the November meeting and read out a letter from Cllr Squirrell who was unable to be at the meeting and sent apologies due to flooding in her home in the recent bad weather.

Cllr Blayney proposed and Cllr Brock seconded that the minutes of the meeting held in October be passed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

Sports club communication read out. Clerk to clarify whether the letter to the Agent of Carew Castle Estates had been sent from the Sports Club and to ask the Sports club, as per the Agents request, for further details on development plans.

Sports Club communication also asked for the trees in the Memorial Hall Car Park to be trimmed back. Community Councillors had already identified that this needed to be done and Clerk to ask Acorn Garden Services if the top and sides of the trees in the car park could be trimmed back. To also check with occupants of adjacent property prior to this work being carried out.

Sports Club also reported that the Pigs Cott Wall in a dangerous state and in need of repair. Cllr Brock agreed to survey this work. Discussion ensued as to whether this is a protected wall either under CADW or listing.

Sageston Roundabout - E.mail from Trunk Roads Agency regarding rumble strips at the approach to the roundabouts. The Trunk Roads Agency is aware of the number of accidents that have occurred on the westbound approach to Sageston roundabout but due to the nearness of the residents of Sageston the provision of rumble strips (jiggle bars) would be a noise nuisance. However, representatives from Trunk Roads Agency are visiting this location with the Assembly's Route Manager and will discuss the situation and report back to the Community Council.

Stakeholder Group - Carew Castle and Mill - Agenda item for January meeting.

E.mail from Highways Department regarding results of traffic survey at Redberth. This area has not met the criteria as an exceptional site for provision of speed cameras.

Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner 28th November - List of names who require a list given to Community Councillors. Sports Club to be informed of the Dinner regarding car parking.

DVD Project is on hold until the New Year as more material now available for inclusion.

Street lighting carbon reduction programme - Acknowledgement received on the Community Council's comments.

Copies of letters sent to Regeneration department and Director of Development in thanks for their help with securing the Lease on Milton Marsh Walk noted.

LDP Candidate sites - No acknowledgement to our comments received as yet and Clerk to chase this up.


Tything Barn-Appeal dismissed, Enforcement notice upheld.

Carew Newton TPO - PCNPA granted permission for tree work to be carried out but between March and August special care to be taken not to disturb wild bird nests.

Erection of single storey extension and erection of porch - 6 Steps Road, Sageston (09/0591/PA). Following perusal of the plans there is reference to 6 and 7 Steps Road on different aspects of the plans. PCC be asked to clarify and amend as necessary.

Erection of storage shed , Pincheston, Sageston. Following perusal of the plans and discussion, there is a structure on this site and clarification to be sought whether these plans submitted are for retrospective planning. Clerk to ask Enforcement Officer whether the entrance/access had been put back as agreed following refusal of appeal for mobile home.

Erection of 11/2 storey dwelling Bartletts Well Lodge. Following perusal and scrutiny of plans and accompanying documents, it was felt that this area is prone to flooding and at considerable risk of this. The design on the plans is not in keeping with neighbouring properties. From the plans it is noted that the centre point of the dwelling is higher than a 1Vi storey dwelling Bartletts Well in close proximity and is listed under Cadw .


Letter from West Wales ECO centre on a Project connected the Pembroke Power station which supports and assists communities within the National Park to develop a community owned renewable energy scheme. Following discussion, it was agreed to give this matter further consideration and put on agenda for January meeting

Letter from PCC on Joint Supplementary Planning Guidance on Planning Obligations and the Pembrokeshire Affordable Housing delivery statement. This gives new planning rules for proposed housing developments of more than three properties. At present all planning applications for residential developments inside and outside the National Park of more than three houses are normally required to provide a contribution to transportation improvement to a maximum of £2,500 per dwelling. From 1st April 2010 further contributions per dwelling will be requested, namely, £6,697 towards education, £187 towards libraries/community uses, £948.56 towards open space and £90 towards waste and recycling. Councillor Blayney provided update on the background for this and that these Section 106 provisions are likely to change in 2012.

Dyfed Powys Police Community Consultative meeting 19th November in the Murray Suite, Town Hall, Milford Haven - Cllr Blayney and Cllr Goodman to attend on behalf of the Community Council.

Dyfed Powys Policing Plan 2010/13. Following discussion Community Councillors agreed that the priorities for policing should be Anti-social behavior, Vehicle crime and visibility of police.

Variation Order 2010 - Off-Street Parking Places. Letter from Head of Legal and Committee Services- List provided on proposal to parking charges in various car parks in Pembrokeshire. Of particular interest to Carew residents are introduction of charges in Gordon Street,Pembroke Dock and increase in parking charges in Multi Storey Tenby. It was unanimously felt that the previously free car parking in Pembroke Dock should continue.

South East Area Liaison Meeting - Next meeting will be Wednesday 16th December at 7 pm in Penally Village Hall. Items for discussion LDP and Community Plan.

Letter received from Ms Pat Watts on the problem with gravel and chippings on the footpath to the School and Cllr Goodman also reported pooling of water on the footpaths and in the gutter. Clerk to ask County Councillor Neale to look into this problem to see how both issues could be remedied.

Clerk's Salary for September, October and November 2009 plus 18.08 expenses = £409.43

Current account balance as at 7th October = £1,902.85.

Details of local surgery dates for Angela Burns AM up to Christmas received and will be displayed on Memorial Hall notice board.

Letter received from Electricity Alliance on refurbishment of Pembroke to Swansea overhead electricity line and pylons. Work to start in January 2010 and completion due Spring 2011. Preparation works will take place shortly and there will be an increase in vehicle movements to and from pylon sites during this period. Residents affected by this work will be nformed of the work and the impact it could have on the area. Electricity supplies in the area will not be affected during the work.

Letter from PCNPA regarding Delegation of Planning Applications to Officers. In future any comment which simply says 'no objection' or 'support' or 'refuse' will not, if contrary to the offers view mean that the application will be considered by committee. For example, if a few is supported by a planning reason (and this needs to be stated clearly) and officers cannot agree then the application will be referred to members to enable them to make a judgement. The right to address the committee on occasions where the view is so deeply held is encouraged, subject to complying with the protocol. Also Officers are available to meet with members of the Community Council on site if considered appropriate to discuss/explain particularly contentious or difficult proposals. This will have the advantage of assisting Community Councillors in framing their comments on particular applications.

Community Councillors received details of the Air Ambulance Pound Appeal and contributed towards this.


Following discussion, a number of projects for consideration and inclusion in the Precept are : Goalposts in Milton and Redberth Play Area

Gilding of lettering on the War Memorial and curbing around the outside Milton Marsh Walk Notice Boards in the Parish Flemish Chimney.

It was agreed to give the above consideration and further discussion in January meeting.

Carew Newton Cemetery - Acorn Garden Services to be asked to remove the planks used for transporting grass cutting equipment to a discreet location. Weed removal preparation on the steps of the Cemetery or strimming of steps every 2nd or 3rd cut.

Unofficial Parish Website is going from strength to strength. Noticeboard feature will be available to informX of activities and events. Reminder of Parish Website - carewparish.com.

Leaves falling off chestnut tree in Inn car park adjacent to Chapel is making the pavement slippery. When weather permits Parish Environment Group to visit this area.

Date and time of next litter pick and bulb planning - To be left until New Year. Agenda item for January meeting.

Date and time of next meeting - Christmas Dinner, Carew Inn, 7 pm Thursday 10th December

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