Minutes of Carew Community Council meeting  held on Thursday 14tn January 2010 at 7.30 in the Committee Room of Carew Memorial Hall.


Cllr Vanessa Thomas    Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr Andrew Blayney    Cllr Mike Bosley

County Councillor David Neale  Cllr Gwenllian Head

Cllr John Brock MBE    Cllr Trevor Goodman

Cllr Pat Gibby     Cllr Lionel White

APOLOGIES: Cllr Mary Squirrell

The Chairman welcomed everyone back to the first meeting of 2010 and wished all Councillors well for 2010.

Minutes of the meeting held in November 200S were passed by all present as a true record and duly signed.


War Time DVD update - New data has been received for inclusion and a new date for launch is awaited.

LDP Candidate Sites- Confirmation from PCC that they have received the Community council's comments.

Letter from Mr John Russell, Agent for Carew Castle Estates was read out. After 55 years of service he is standing down as Agent. Edward Perkins Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers and Valuers now taking over though Mr Russell will carry on in a consultative capacity. It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk send him best wishes on his retirement. Following discussion it was agreed that pursuance of consolidation of the leases be recommenced, allowing for a settling in period for the new Agents. It was also agreed to invite the new Agents to a future meeting.

Sports Club - It was noted that the new Secretary is now Mr K Waters and communication has been received to the Clerk confirming his contact details. It was agreed to let the Sports Club know of the retirement of Mr Russell and to inform them that we are proceeding with pursuing negotiations for consolidation of the leases. We will leave a period of transition to the New Agents and review discussion shortly.

Cllr Brock confirmed that he had spoken to Mr Russell regarding the Pigs Cott Wall and was awaiting a reply.

Dual Purpose Path - County Councillor Neale confirmed that discussions are ongoing with PCC, PCNPA and Carew Castle Estate regarding the dual purpose path.

Unofficial Community Website - Cllr White gave a full breakdown of the "hits" and "visitors" to the website since April 2009. There have been American "visitors" to the site also and some of the Search Criteria indicated are, Redberth Parish Council, Community Council minutes. Carew Cheriton Church and Pisgah. Cllr White's review of nearby/adjacent Community Council and related websites show that few submit minutes of meetings to the websites. Community Councillors as always were full of praise for Cllr White's work with the website and appreciate all the information he provides. Cllr Brock proposed and Clir Griffiths seconded that Cllr Wnite be reimbursed for the cost of registering the domain site and related Expenses including flyers and updates. Cllr White asked to present invoice for payment.


The following were read out having been granted by PCC:

Erection of storage shed, Pincheston Farm, Sageston . Cllr Griffiths asked that it be checked that all related matters regarding this and previous applications for this site had been attended to.

Erection of single storey extension and porch at 6 Steps Road, Sageston. Clerk informed that all references in the plans to 7 Steps Road had been amended by PCC.

The following application has been withdrawn - Erection of a 1 1/4 storey house at Bartlets Well Lodge Birds Lane. Sageston.

The following was read out having been granted by PCNPA:

Addition of dormer window to replace proposed velux at 1 Pisgah Cottages, Cresselly.

The following planning application was received, purused and scrutinised: PCNPA - Oak framed open double garage at The Saltings, West Williamston. There were no adverse comments or objections.


The Clerk distributed copies of the Income and Expenditure for last year. In addition to the items for discussion outlined in the last minutes. Flemish Chimney and Environment Group were added.

Account balances as at 9th December - Current £1595.86

Deposit £1691.99 = £3287.85

Detailed and prolonged discussion ensued on, in particular, the provision of goal posts for Milton and Redberth. It was agreed that a site visit to Milton recreation park be made to see if adaptations could be made to provide goal posts. It was felt that the area in RedDerth would be unsuitable for football as it slopes and is not big enough. Cllr Grififths and Cllr Blayney to join Cllr Brock on this visit. If suitable a sum of £100 would be allocated.

Flemish Chimney - It was agreed that the Parish Environment Group visit this area. It was also noted that the old Flemish Stores had now been sold and a new key needs to be cut for the gate. The laying of the hedge near the chimney would not be carried out by the Environment Group as this belongs to Carew Castle Estates.

Re-Guilding of the War Memorial - Clerk to obtain quotations for this work.

In the light of the current economic climate and having studied the Income and Expenditure relating to the last financial year and anticipated expenditure for this year, the following was concluded: It was Proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Brock that there be no increase in the Precept for the year 2010/11. The Precept should remain at £6,000 Items requiring urgent attention would be looked at individually and budgeted for accordingly


Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that the following invoices be processed for payment:

Acorn Garden Services - £120

Clerks Salary for December 2009 and January 2010 - £261.

REPORT ON THE SOUTH EAST AREA LIAISON MEETING ON 16™ DECEMBER 2009 - Cllr Neale attended and provided a brief report on the content of this meeting.

DYFED POWYS POLICE COMMUNITY CONSULTATIVE MEETING ON 19th NOVEMBER - Cllrs Goodman. Blayney. and Neale attended. Councillors reiterated the Community Council's wish for more high visibility policing in the Parish.

CAREW CASTLE AND TIDAL MILL STAKEHOLDER GROUP MEETING - Cllr Brock and Cllr Neale attended this meeting. Plans for the new Castle Visitor Centre have been withdrawn due to the budget oeing reduced Scaled down plans will be drawn up and presented prior to submission. Carew Castle Estates had asked for the Mill Wheel to be put back to working order. Safety of pedestrians again discussed and the introduction of a dual purpose footpath also reiterated.


The Clerk had circulated with the Agenda and Minutes copy of the Guidance on Appointments to External Bodes from the Monitoring Officer at PCC. Having had an opportunity to read this prior to the meeting. Councillors found the notes helpful. The Public Services Ombudsman had also sent Draft Guidance on the Code of Conduct. Prior to the meeting the Clerk had ascertained from the Monitoring Officer that the Draft Guidance from the Ombudsman is designed to help explain how the Code would impact on Councillors . It does repeat information in parts but is. nevertheless, useful

It was agreed to ask PALC for their comments on the Ombudsman's Draft Code.

It was also agreed to keep both the guidance notes and the draft guidance in file for future meetings.

Letter from Shelter Cymru with invitation to an informative event on 5th February 2010 at Wolfscastle County Hotel.

Letter from PCC on Draft Welsh Education Scheme - Councillors wished for PCC to be informed that bilingual matters are of little use in an area where the Welsh language is not dominant. Welsh is taught in schools in the area but there is little opportunity to use it in parts of Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Local Development Plan Updates and Amendments received. No areas in the Parish. Contents of this noted nevertheless.

Electricity Alliance - Letter informing that refurbishment of the electricity lines between Pembroke and Swansea has commenced and residents in the affected areas have been updated. There is also a helpline for members of the public if they require any information or have concerns about the work. This number is 0800 073 1047.

Surgery Timetables for Angela Burns AM and Nick Ainger MP received and passed to noticeboards.

SECTION 137 EXPENDITURE . Cllr Blayney kindly provided a summary of this information sent by Welsh Assembly Government. Section 137 expenditure relates to the amount of money Community Councils can spend on charitable expenses . This is £6.15 per electoral head which equals around £600. This amount has not changed since last year. Following discussion and for future reference it was agreed to ask County Councillor Neale to find out the population of the Parish of Carew and how many properties.

CAPITAL FINANCE FRAMEWORK - This relates to those Town and Community Councils with investments, property etc.

VALIDATION OF PLANNING APPLICATIONS - A brochure on this was supplied by PCNPA. Very useful information that can be used when considering planning applications. It was agreed to ask PCC if they have similar and to obtain a further 11 copies from PCNPA of their publication.

PARISH ENVIRONMENT GROUP - 2 sacks of daffodil bulbs yet to be planted. It was agreed that Clir Brock have one sack to plant with the Youth Club and Sageston School and that the Environment Group meet on Saturday 23rd January at 9 am at West Williamston to plant around West Williamston and Carew Newton.


Post box Milton This has not yet been re-sited and during the time of the severe weather, there was considerable difficulty getting down the hill to the box by residents. Also, the times when the Outreach Van visits are not known. Clerk to find this out and to forward this information to the Website.

Cllr Squirrell informed (via letter in her absence) of further traffic problems in Redberth. Clerk to inform Head of Highways of this.

Problems with regard to the recent harsh, icy weather and road difficulties were discussed fully. Areas identified where it would be imperative for de- icing, and/or Iting to take piace in the event of further cold weather. Crossroads at Rosemary Lane (Teague s Cross), Milton Brewery to Milton Meadows. Birds Lane junction at the Carew Inn. Councillors agreed that should there be further icy weather then a Community Council led Adverse Weather Emergency Committee be convened.

County Councillor Neale Report - Cllr Neale and Clerk to meet to order the litter picking equipment. Cllr Neaie meeting with the PCSO Jim Moffatt. It is hoped that a 2 hour "surgery" could be arranged around the time of the Luncheon Club in the Meetings Room of Carew Hall for anyone to discuss issues they have. Cllr Neale to liaise with the Hall Committee/Caretaker regarding this. It is aiso hoped to invited PCSO Moffatt to a future meeting of the Community Council.

Cllr Neale informed of traffic calming/line painting around the entrance to Sageston School and discussions regarding 20 mph speed iimit and/or speed cushions. Further information on this is awaited.

Milton Marsh Walk - It is believed that all matters are finalised now. By next meeting, Clerk and Cllr Neale to draw up list of peopie/representatives to invite to official hand over and opening of Milton Marsh Walk.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING - Thursday 11th February 2010 at 7.30 in the meetings room of Carew Memorial Hall

The Chairman declared the meeting closed

Minutes of Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 11th February 2010 at 7.30 in the Committee Room of Carew Memorial Hall

APOLOGIES: Cllr M Bosley

Public Attendance : Mr K Narbett


Cllr Vanessa Thomas   Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr John Brock MBE   Cllr Pat Gibby

Cllr Lionel White    Cllr Andrew Blayney

Cllr Mary Squirrell    Cllr Trevor Goodman

 Cllr Gwenllian Head   County Councillor David Neale


The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and extended a warm welcome back to Cllr Squirrell following her recent illness.

Minutes of the meeting held in January were declared a true record and it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Blayney that, subject to the change of names from Cllr Lloyd to Cllr White in the website section, they be passed as a true record. The Clerk apologised for this oversight.

The Chairman then welcomed Janet and Vian Roberts from the Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group who then gave a presentation on the background to their group which has been set up by Planed. One of the aims of this group is to inform South East Pembrokeshire Community Councils of the surveys being carried out with regard to renewable energy. Dylas Consultants have carried out surveys and the most feasible technology- is wind. The WAG target for domestic renewable energy is 10% from renewable sources and using convergence funding to encourage community groups to set up local projects for this energy source is being widely broadcast. A great deal of money is needed to set up a wind turbine though some funding is available from a variety of sources as outlined by Mr Roberts. Dylas Consultants have identified 12 potential sites in South East Pembrokeshire Group and thus Mr and Mrs Roberts were contacting the local Community Councils to inform them. It is anticipated that the Dylas report will be ready in first draft form in April/May this year. Mr and Mrs Roberts agreed to provide the Community Council with the breakdown of costs of such a turbine. Discussion ensued as to the noise of a large turbine. Mr Roberts informed that the new generation turbine that is now used is the quietest there has ever been. The Chairman thanked Mr and Mrs Roberts for coming along and informing the Community Council of the above and they then left the meeting.

Matters Arising:

Acknowledgement received from PCC of the request for £6k Precept for 2010/11.

Acknowledgement received from PCC of the Community Council s comments on the Draft Welsh Education Scheme. These will be reported to the Welsh Language Board at the end of the consultation period.

Mid and West Wales Fire Authority Press Release. Information regarding free home fire safety checks. Cllr White confirmed that this information is on the Parish Website.

Correspondence from the new Secretary of Carew Sports Club. Pigs Cott Wall and overhanging trees in car park - Cllr Brock informed that the wall is estate owned and on the boundary of the recreation field. Acorn Garden Services have been contacted regarding the trees in the car park. Ownership of the hedge adjacent to 2 Kesteven Court to be established from the owner of the house/Sports club and. based on this, whether the trees are lopped or trimmed back. Clerk to contact the Agent for Carew Estates regarding repair of the wall.

Information received from PCC regarding population of Carew as follows:

The latest estimate of population as at 2007 is 1.525. Residential properties = 655. 28 properties indicated as commercial/business properties.

These figures are due to be updated by Office of National Statistics in the next few months.

Milton Mobile Post Office Opening Times : Monday 10.45 - 12.45

Tuesday 13.45 - 15.15

Wednesday 0900-10.30

Thursday 10.30-12 noon

Friday 10.15 to 11.45.

This information to be made available on the website. Royal Mail have informed that the re-siting of Milton Postbox is in the pipeline but running behind schedule. However, correspondence has been received by Royal Mail from residents in the area who do not want the box moved again, they believe that the box is far more convenient in it s new position.

Carew Newton Cemetery -

Discussion ensued on what the hold up appears to be regarding the further plans/landscaping for Carew Newton Cemetery. It was agreed that the Presbytarian Church in Cardiff be contacted for confirmation that the Community Council now own the site. Identification of the burial plots in the Cemetery and to ask if anyone has relatives at rest in the Cemetery to contact the Clerk via the website (carewparish.com) so that a full list can be drawn up.

Milton Marsh Walk.

Letter received from Darwin Bowie Solicitors with £123.98 refund being overpayments in search fee. Clerk to obtain a copy of the Lease. Official opening - Saturday 17th April in the morning. Clerk and County Councillor to organise press release for Tenby Observer.

Enforcement Officer - Clerk informed that the Enforcement Officer is happy that all necessary work to reinstate entrance has been carried out at Pincheston.


The following has been granted by PCNPA:

Oak framed open double garage, The Saltings. West Williamston

The following plans were perused and deliberated upon:

PCC - Diversion and upgrading of access road at land at former Carew Airfield. Carew There were no adverse comments or objections

PCC - Change of use from shop to residential additional accommodation to Flemish House. Carew. There were no adverse comments or objections.

PCNPA - Application for tree works - TP012 - Milton Bridge Caravan Park There were no objections to these works.


Invoices for payment:

Parish Environment Group - Pro Forma invoice for the equipment/kit needed for the Group totals £334.30.

Memorial Hall payments from September to February 2010. i.e. S x £12 luncheon club and 4 x £12 Community Council meetings = £156

Invoice from Cllr White for renewal of website domain for 2 years, leaflet holders and paper for flyers total £27.53.

It was proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Blayney that the above invoices be paid.

Balance in Current Account as at 13th January 2010 = £3,193.86.

Letter from Traffic Manager at PCC regarding proposed 20 mph limit outside Sageston School which, based on the current school warning signs would cover around 192 metres of road. The proposed 20 mph zone would incorporate speed cushions at about 50 metre centres to force speeds down to around 20 mph. These cushions would be 75 mm high, 1.64 metres wide and 2 metres in length with sloping sides to allow vehicular overrun. Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr White, seconded by Cllr Gibby and all present were in agreement that there was no objection to this proposed reduction in speed limit.

A reminder received from Chief Executive of Dyfed Powys Police Authority that the new telephone number for non-emergency calls is 101. The next meeting in Pembrokeshire of the Community Consultative Meeting will be on 23rd February 2010

LDP - Delivery Agreement revised timetable. The Deposit plan will be considered by the authority's Cabinet in March and April 2010 and subsequently by Full Council in May 2010. Subject to agreement at these stages, the Deposit Local Development Plan will then be published for public consultation purposes during the summer of this year for a statutory period of 6 weeks. The indicative adoption date for the LDP is September 2012. Website address – www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/planning for further information.

Letter received from Ms Patricia Watts regarding drains at the bottom of Kesteven Court, horse riders cutting up the band at the bottom of Kesteven Court and the dumping of batteries on the bank above the footpath. Clerk to respond.


Website - leaflets/flyers have been distributed throughout the Parish. Cllr White currently putting together a history/background to Carew Memorial Hall. Cllr Brock happy to add his knowledge and memories of this.

Goal posts - Cllr Squirrell was disappointed to hear that goal posts would not be erected in Redberth. Cllr Squirrell asked if Mr K Narbett to speak on her behalf. Mr K Narbett indicated that a sloping pitch was not a bar to a designated football area as many fields have slopes. Mr Narbett had walked the pitch and though not full size there was enough area for play to take place. Following discussion on the previous deliberations and cost implications, it was agreed to hold two site meetings - one at Milton and one at Redberth on Saturday 27th February to view the areas and discuss further what work needs to be done

Parish Environment Group meeting on 13th February.

County Councillors Report - The PCSO John Moffatt to be invited to the March meeting.

Birds Lane resurfacing - work on the overhanging trees to take place shortly. Green moss on the footpath makes it slippery underfoot and pedestrians are walking on the uneven road to avoid this. Resurfacing work is a priority now and Cierk to contact head of Highways regarding when this work to begin.

Wartime DVD update - Final Version is in it's last stages of production. Provisional date of 8th May for the Launch. Cllr Brock update on further progress.

Due to a car fire on Carew Bridge recently, traffic was diverted around Llandigwynnet. There are very substantial and large pot holes on the Minnis Pitts to Llandigwynnett road. This to be reported to Head of Highways.

Date and time of next meeting - Thursday 11th March 2010 at 7.30 pm.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes Of The Meeting Of Carew Community Council Held On Thursday 111' March At 7.30 pm

In The Committee Room Of Carew Memorial Hall

Present: Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                          Cllr John Brock MBE           Cllr Pat Gibby

                          Cllr Lionel White                   Cllr Trevor Blayney

                         Cllr Gwenllian Head               Cllr Mike Bosley

                        Cllr Andrew Blayney             Cllr Mary Squirrell

                         County Councillor David Neale

Apologies Cllr Marina Griffiths

The Chairman welcomed PCSO Jim Moffatt to the meeting. He explained that he is based in Saundersfoot and his patch covers Amroth. Sageston Lawrenny. Manorbier, Jameston and Jeffreyston He aims to conduct foot patrols in ail the areas once a month, other work permitting. His main priority is to kerb antisocial: behaviour PCSO Moffat also likes to conduct "meet and greets'' in these villages If any member of the public needs to contact him this can be done by dialling 101 and asking to be connected to Saundersfoot Police Station. Community Councillors were supplied with his mobile number for quick, access Cllr White asked about the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. PCO Moffat informed that this scheme had faded in past years but that he knew New Hedges were reintroducing this scheme He was aware that there was a wealth of feeling for a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme He plans to hold a drop in session every 2nd Tuesday to coincide with the Luncheon Club and plans to distribute leaflets and pamphlets prior to commencement of this At the next PACT meeting to be held in Saundersfoot on 29th March a date will be decided on to meet at Carew Control Tower.

Councillors then discussed with PCSO Moffatt their experiences with regard to theft, anti-social behaviour (boisterous ball games), underage drinking and blue badge holders PCSO Moffatt was pleased to receive these observations and would be following up on these

Neighbourhood Action Week - Money will be available from WAG for such things as more lighting, signs, poop bins, and is primarily aimed at stopping anti-social behaviour. Councillors to communicate their ideas to the next meeting for any initiative the Community Council can take forward or that would be of help to other organisations in the Parish

The Chairman thanked PCSO Moffatt for his time and informative talk and he decided to stay for part of the rest o- the meeting

Minutes of the last meeting were read, passed as a true record and duly signed.

Cllr Blayney proposed and Cllr Brock seconded this.

Matters Arising:

Cllr Thomas informed the meeting of the site meetings at Milton and Redberth to look at provision of goal posts. Following on from the last meeting, Milton recreation park does have concrete posts that could be painted and also webbing could be put around the top of the fencing to create a goal area. Cllr Head agreed to look out for webbing at her next visit to Carmarthen.

Redberth play area was visited the same day. This area is open on two sides with a noticeable dip in the middle and a substantial gradient. The other two sides were fencing of neighbouring dwellings and this site was in close proximity to houses. Cllr Thomas informed that this area is unsuitable for the provision of permanent goal posts, even if the current Health and Safety specifications could be overcome It was suggested that collapsible goal posts could be used. Cllr Neale offered to look at Common Land in the area. Cllr Squirrell wished her disappointment that goal posts would not be provided here to be registered.

Roundabouts - Roger Williams from SW Trunk Roads Agency responding to the Community Council's request for an up date on this, informed that WAG have agreed that count down marker signs on the westbound approach to the roundabout be placed. It is hoped that these will give motorists a better idea of the distance to the roundabout. It is hoped that if funding can be found, this work will be carried out very shortly

The jiggle bars are not an option as they would be too close to a residential area and would cause a noise nuisance.

The chevron signs on the roundabouts are to be realigned and their heights increased

Mr Williams is aware of only two injury accidents at the roundabouts - one in March 2008 and the other in May 2004. However. Councillors are aware of many others but it appears these were not reported.

With regards to landscaping of the roundabouts, a design from Pembrokeshire County Council is awaited and should be available before the end of the month. If the Welsh Assembly are content with this then the Community Council's comments and observations would be sought.

Councillors felt that the Community Council s comments and observations should be sought in the design phase rather than at the end and to County Councillor Neale agreed to liaise with PCCs design team.

Pigs Cott Wall - Awaiting reply.

Milton Marsh Walk. Copy of the lease received for file, originals kept at Darwin Bowie Solicitors. A Press Release compiled by County Councillor Neale has been placed in the Tenby Observer. Following considerable discussion and debate the following was agreed

The date of the official handover is to be Saturday 17th April at 11 am A list of those to be invited was compiled The replanting of the Jubilee Tree would also take place after the opening and Mr and Mrs Noble to be consulted about this

CAREW NEWTON CEMETERY . Following discussion on the events of the previous week, it was agreed that there is a need to re-establish the Burial Committee to review prices etc. It was agreed that the Clerk. County Councillor David Neale. Cllr Brock and Cllr Gibby be on this Sub-Committee in the first instance. Clerk to contact Pisgah and St Marys Churches regarding burial fees. Letter received from residents regarding the purchase of a plot and it was agreed to begin the process of marking and identifying plots. Cllr Brock would be meeting with Doreen Hughes to begin this process.

Hedgerow at Carew Memorial Hall car park. Acorn garden services will trim back to the hedge and up for £161 Clerk had contacted the owner of number" 2 Kesteven regarding her boundary.. It was felt that a go ahead in writing would be needed from the owner Proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Blayney that this invoice then be paid when the work carried out.


County Councillor David Neale declared and interest and withdrew from discussion and participation.

> Single Storey extension The Haven. Milton Tenby. Cllr Brock declared an interest. This application received 12th February and has since been granted by PCC. However, no objections or adverse comments from Councillors. PCC Planning to be asked why this passed so quickly.

> Tything Barn (PCNPA) - Change of use of former oyster preparation

building to use ancillary to tourism enterprise together with retention of lean- to construction, solar room, windows doors and solar roof panels. Councillors discussed this at length They reiterate that the Community Council is against building without planning permission. This application is not a retrospective application and internal utilisation changed only.

> Applications granted by PCC - Change of use from shop to residential (Flemish House. Birds Lane, Carew

> Variation of condition (To extend hours and import material) Carew Quarry, Carew Newton. (PCNPA) NP/04/469 Following discussion it was agreed that this permission has been granted as extension of previously agreed permissions which were time limited and are now up to 30 September 2012.. Thereafter the original conditions shall apply.


PALC Annual! Subscription due - increase of £4 up to £79 Proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Brock that this be paid.

|Letter received from the parents of Hannah Lewis. Hannah has been selected to play foe Wales under 16s in Football and Hockey and requesting help with expenses. Following discussion it was noted that £50 had been given in August of last year and that unfortunately we would not be able to help her again in this financial year.

Cllr Brock informed that Georgia Thomas has been selected to represent Wales in Golf and it was agreed to write to both young ladies to congratulate them on their success.

Kidney Wales Walk for Life - is on 28th March.


Cllr White informed that information on Carew Newton Cemetery has been put on the website along with the Lent Lunches. Since distribution of the flyers numbers visiting the site have shot up. The General information page is still being worked on.

Cllr White also provided some technical information on the wind turbines and it is hoped that further information from South East Pembrokeshire Energy Group will be available by next meeting. It was noted that Llanfyrnach. Hermon & Glogue communities will be purchasing a wind turbine to fund village initiatives.

There are no dog mess bins from Sageston school to along the detrunked road. County Councillor to look at the provision of these at the gate on the bypass near the detrunked road. Also to look at more bins between the School and the Mill.

Notice on the gate at Carew New ton Cemetery. Councillors discussed moving it. However, it was agreed to leave it in situ for the time being.

Speeding in Redberth. Clerk to contact Darren Thomas about the speeding Between 7.30-9 am and 5-6 pm.

White lines at the junction of Bartletts Well Road and Kesteven Court with Birds Lane need reapplying Also the road markings outside the school. County Councillor Neal to chase these up.

Parish Environment Group - Following discussion it was agreed that this group be allowed to form their own constitution with appropriate officers This Group will continue to be a sub-committee of Carew Community Council. It was understood that funding opportunities and grant aid would be greater if this Group were managed separately. All present agreed to this.

Sweeping of Bridge in Milton to be undertaken

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.




                                        Cllr Vanessa Thomas (chair)                                  Cllr John Brock MBE

                                        County Councillor David Neale                              Cllr Lionel White

                                       Cllr Marina Griffiths                                                  Cllr Pat Gibby

                                       Cllr Gwenllian Head                                                 Cllr Andrew Blayney


                             Cllr M Bosley                         Cllr Mary Squirrel!                Cllr Trevor Goodman

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. Cllr White proposed and Cllr Head seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be passed as a true record.

Clerk informed that the half year rent has been paid out of meeting to the new agents - £575

Matters Arising:

County Councillor confirmed the siting of the litter/dog mess bins from Sageston School to the Badgers Gate at the bypass and would be looking into this. Clerk to write to Mike Harries at Keep Wales Tidy and to copy in County Councillor Neale who would then follow this up.

White Lines at Carew Park and Kesteven Court. It is understood that once the resurfacing work through Birds Lane has taken place the white llines will be reapplied. Weed spraying will also be taking place shortly.

Wind Turbines - All Councillors had been sent a copy of South East Energy Group documentation on the wind turbines, costings and funding. Councillor White provided a list of questions that need to be considered with this document and also in association with the Dylas Consultants when their report is available. The Chairman thanked Cllr White for providing this information and this will be kept on file for further discussion when the Consultation document is available.

Minnis Pitts to Uandigwynett. Highways department aware of the problem with pot holes etc in this vicinity and County Councillor Neale also informed that there is a problem with a drain under the road that is exacerbating the problem. There is more that needs to be done than merely resurfacing or filling in the pot holes. County Councillor Neale will be monitoring this problem.

Staggered barriers at Carew Park. Clerk to chase this up

Roundabouts at Milton and Sageston - Clerk to ascertain the plans from the Design Team at PCC/TRA.

Carew Newton Cemetery - Cllr Brock to arrange a meeting regarding this. The Clerk informed of a document in the County Archive deposited by Mr Rowly Edwards that might be useful in identifying the plots and also the location of the burial register,

Carew Bridge Blind Spot - Clerk to contact Head of Highways to arrange a visit to elucidate the problem.

Jubilee Tree and Milton Marsh Walk - County Councillor Neale confirmed that he had finalised arrangements with the residents of Carew Cheriton for the replacement of the Jubilee Tree and where it's to be planted. A willow has been chosen and County Councillor Neale to dig the hole. Councillors were relieved that the residents were happy with the choice and position. Councillor Brock and Chairman to plant the tree. Cllr Griffiths to bring the spade. Clerk to put up posters.

The necessary people from Welsh Water and Mr and Mrs Thomas have been invited to Milton Marsh Walk handover. Meet at 11 am for handover, walk through to re-plant to the Jubilee tree and then refreshments at the Oratory St Marys afterwards.


County Councillor Neale declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.

Permission granted by PCC for diversion and upgrading of access road - land at former Carew Airfield (09/0963/PA).

Application for a new premises Licence - The Plough Inn. Sageston. No objections.

PCNPA - Extensions to The Old Manse, Carew Mountain (NP/10/102) - No adverse comments or objections raised.

PCNPA - Sun Lounge, Radford House, Milton (NP/10/142) - No adverse comments or objections raised.

BT Telephone Kiosk Redberth - Letter from BT regarding the adoption scheme. Community Councillors had previously agreed to adopt the kiosk (with the telephone service being removed). The power to the kiosk will now remain connected with BT paying all bills in the short term. However, the power to the kiosk will be disconnected at some point, but again this will be at BT's expense and the Community Council will be informed before this happens so that alternative arrangements can be made. Councillors discussed this further and agreed to the kiosk adoption scheme for £1 thereby protecting it from future removal plans. The Agreement was completed and will be returned to BT who will forward the formal adoption paperwork.

Insurance Schedule received from Allianz who have passed it on the Local Council Team at Aon. Following discussion of the contents of the schedule, it was agreed to remove the Flemish Chimney from the insurance and to seek further information from PCC. Clerk to contact County Councillor Neale to arrange a visit.


9 requests for donations were received from local/national organisations. Following discussion it was agreed that no donations be made at present.


Cllr White informed of a new section on the website called "This and That". There have been 19 visits searching the opening times of Carew Market. Further work in process and as always the Community Councillors are grateful and admire the work and time Cllr White puts in to making this website accurate. Cllr White intends to include a photograph of our local PCSO.

Next PACT meeting will be held on Thursday 29th April 2010 at 7 pm at Carew Airfield.

Directional sign at Milton has been damaged and needs repairing. Clerk to contact TRA.

Update required on when the Milton post box will be resited. Milton Bridge needs sweeping.

Date and time of next meeting - all meet for the Handover of Milton Marsh Walk and replanting of the Jubilee Tree at 11 am on Saturday 17th April.

Next Community Council will be the AGM - Clerk to put in the paper.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 13th May 2010 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present: Cllr Marina Griffiths                Cllr Gwenllian Head               Cllr Lionel White

             Cllr Trevor Goodman              Cllr Andrew Blayney                Cllr John Brock MBE

             County Cllr David Neale          Cllr Mike Bosley

APOLOGIES: Cllr Mary Squirrell        Cllr Vanessa Thomas             Cllr Pat Gibby

In the absence of the outgoing Chairman., Cllr Vanessa Thomas, the Vice Chairman Cllr Marina Griffiths took the chair and read out a letter from Cllr Thomas explaining why she was unable to attend the meeting, thanking all for their support in the last year and that she would standing down as Chairman and not seeking to be re-elected for a further year. Cllr Griffiths then left the chair and the Clerk proceeded with election of office protocol.

Cllr Andrew Blayney proposed Cllr Marina Griffiths as Chair. Cllr Goodman seconded this. There were no amendments. Therefore, as Cllr Marina Griffiths accepted the nomination she returned to conduct the meeting as Chair of Carew Community Council for 2010/11.

Cllr Lionel White proposed Cllr Gwenliian Head as Vice Chair. Cllr David Neale seconded this. There were no amendments. Therefore, as Cllr Gwenllian Head accepted the nomination she is declared the Vice Chairman for 2010/11.

Minutes of the last meeting were duly signed as a true record.

Matters Arising - Letters from Edward Perkins with receipt for haif years rent and a letter requesting further information on the reasons why the Community Council have asked for consolidation and extension of leases from Carew Castle Estates. It was agreed that in order to attract grant aid for sports facilities a period of more than 25 years on a lease is expected and would therefore be beneficial. As if is expected this process is likely to take some time it is considered prudent to start the process in good time. Sport Aid is not available until after the Olympics in 2012.The consolidation of the two leases is so they can run in line with each other.

The Pigs Cott Wall has been repaired.

Planning - PCNPA informed of the refusal of the planning application for Tything Barn.

Correspondence - Income and Expenditure Account distributed to councillors for the year ended 31st March 2010. Clerk to contact British Legion to ensure that there are no monies outstanding for the wreath for Remembrance Sunday. £165.10 in VAT refund received. £2,000 precept for the quarter received on 20th April.l

Invoices received - Clerks for last 3 months including expenses of £416.63, Tenby Observer advertising the AGM £58.75 and Invoice from Acorn Garden Services for £62 - Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr White seconded that these invoices be paid. It was agreed that Clerk to check on whether the work by Acorn Garden Services to cut back the hedge adjacent to the car park has been completed.


Tenby Town Council noYice of meeting 18th May in New Hedges Village Hall on Working together to improve our health services.

Validation of Planning Applications - Draft supplementary planning guidance. Letter from PCC asking for comments on the guidance by 28th May. Chairman to review this draft document online and prepare a response. Clerk to copy the document for all councilors for future information.

Annual Action Plan 2011-2012 from Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Authority available online and hard copies of the draff plan will be posted in due course. In the meantime Clerk to access the document on-line prior to next meeting.

Letter from WAG on Shared Community - guidance on relationship building measures and charters for town and community councils read by Chairman.

Letter from WAG on changes to accounts and audit regulations and capital finance and accounting regulations in Wales. Clerk informed that the part of this document that relates to Community Council is that under the proposed new regulation, approval by Community Councillors of the final year end accounts will take place at the end of the external audit process and not before as has taken place up until now. Clerk to contact Welsh Assembly to ascertain whether internal auditing is still to take place.

Website - Cllr White gave a detailed and informative report on the past year for the website, the projects under way and the most popular hits. Chairman and Councillors thanked Cllr White for the hard work he puts in to the website.


Councillors unanimously complemented the Confrol lower on the excellent launch of the Wartime DVD on 7th May.

County Councillor Neale informed that PCSO Jim Moffatt attends the Memorial Hall every other Tuesday between 11.30 and 1 pm where he would be pleased to receive parishioners police related problems and given advice and initiate action as necessary.

Very large pot hole at Whitehill cross near Branders Park needing urgent attention. Also pot holes at Bartletts Well Road. Clerk to action action and copy Cllr Neale into correspondence.

Gully sucking along Birds Lane and up the detrunked road in Sageston and on the corner off the old road off Milton Roundabout towards Carew Cheriton required as the drains are all of debris causing water pooling.

Milton Marsh Nature Walk CD of photos given to Cllr White to put on website. Clerk to contact photographer to see if there are any other photos of the tree planting that can be sent on.

Cllr Blayney and Cllr Neale attended the PACT meeting at the Control Tower on 29th April. Again, predominant issues relating to Saundersfoot. CIIrs reported speeding along the bypass by motorbikes mostly. It was agreed that in order to bring Carew matters to the fore the PACT meetings should be attended by as many Councillors as possible. Speeding on bypass should also be reported to the Trunk Roads Agency.

The non-urgent police telephone number is 101. Parishioners should be encouraged to use this number with a problem/complaint and for police action to be instigated. However, it is important to impress that as this is a non-urgent number for the public, police action may not be instant. It is important to keep telephoning with a repeat problem as this will then show the Police that there is continuing/repetitive issue that needs their input.

Problem with youths smashing glass in the alleys of Saunders Road and Steps Road.

Clerk to chase up the staggered barriers at these sites.

Resiting of postbox at Milton to be chased up.

Bollard light at Milton turning broken and in need of repair.

Date and time of next meeting - Thursday 10th June 2010 at 7.30 pm.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.


Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held in the Committee Room of Carew Memorial Hall on Thursday 10th June 2010 at 7 pm

PRESENT  Cllr Marina Griffiths    Cllr Lionel White

Cllr Pat Gibby     Cllr Trevor Goodman

Cllr Andrew Blayney    Cllr Gwenllian Head

County Councillor David Neale   Cllr Vanessa Thomas

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Mary Squirrell    Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr John Brock MBE

Minutes of the last meeting were received and require the following amendments - Cllr Gibby was not at the last meeting and sent her apologies and Cllr Goodman did not attend the PACT meeting at the Control Tower. The Clerk apologised for this. Minutes were then passed as a true record and duly signed.

Sherrill Persey from Planed was in attendance and had asked to come along to give a presentation on Communities as the Hub of Rural Life. Ms Persey explained that this new initiative was a follow on from the Village Action Plan and that European funding is available to fund work with communities for specific projects. Communities will be asked to identify projects to move forward and Planed will be there to analyse each one, produce action plans , overcome obstacles and access collaboration links. Ms Persey went on to give examples of different initiates in various areas. The next meeting to look at these initiatives/projects in more detail will take place in Lamphey Village Hall in July and this project is funded until March 2011. The Chairman thanked Ms Persey for her presentation and taking the time to come and explain this to the Community Councillors. Ms Persey then left the meeting.

Matters Arising:

Validation of Planning Applications - a copy of this draft had been included in the minutes and agenda to each Councillor for their perusal.

Clerk to chase the staggered gates at Carew Park, the photographer regarding more photos of the Jubilee tree planting and drain clearing throughout the parish . County Councillor Neale informed that the pot hole at Branders Park has been filled in.

Roundabouts - e-mail from Roger Williams from Trunk Roads Agency regarding landscaping plans. These plans are still with Pembrokeshire County Council and these are eagerly awaited. Clerk to contact Mr Williams to ask him to chase up PCC.

Milton Post box- e-mail from Royal Mail. The resiting of Milton Post Box has been put back due to the long list of repairs that need to take place to boxes damaged in the severe weather in January. When a date available the Community Council will be informed straight away.

Planning - County Councillor Neale declared an interest and withdrew from discussion on the following application:

PCNPA - Alterations and extension to Fairview Cottage, Whitehall Cresselly. Following deliberation, discussion and perusal of the plans there were no adverse comments or any grounds for refusal identified.

Notices received from PCNPA on the granting of planning permission for a Sun lounge at Radford House, Milton, and

Extensions to the Old Manse, Carew Mountain.

Internal Audit - The Chairman read out the report by the Internal Auditor, Mr T Rowly Edwards, on the final year accounts as at 31st March 2010 submitted to him by the Clerk/RFO. His comments were as follows:

The Precept resolution for the 2009/10 financial year. In the minutes of the Council meeting on 13th November 2008 the precept amount agreed for 2009/10 was not stated - merely that there would be no increase. A full resolution should be recorded for each financial year.

Significant 10% variances. Where there is more than a 10% variance between the various amounts on the Annual Return for 2009/9 and 2009/10, this should be explained to the external Auditor as per the audit briefing notes. This is the case in respect of Box 3 of the Annual Return (total other receipts) where there is an increase of 29.3%. The Clerk explained that this was due to receipt of the Keep Wales Tidy Grant.

VAT Reclaim . The VAT amount of £67.50 on the Darwin Bowie (Solicitors) invoice, paid on 20 09 09 has not been reclaimed from HM Customs and Excise. The Clerk apologised for this oversight and would attend to the matter.

The Chairman and Councillors thanked the Clerk for her help who in turn thanked Mr Rowley Edwards for his help at all times. Cllr Blayney proposed and Cllr White seconded and all present agreed that the Internal Auditors fee of £40 be paid.

Letter from Head of Highways regarding Civil Parking Enforcement where officers of the County Council will be undertaking the management and enforcement of the street parking. Councillors awaiting developments.

Bank Balance £3537.53.

Letter from St Marys Church Carew requesting consideration for a contribution towards the grass cutting and maintenance of the two burial grounds at Carew Cheriton. Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Head seconded and all present agreed that £250 pounds be donated.

Letter from Pembroke Town Council regarding Armed Forces Day on Saturday 26th June at Pembroke Castle at 11 am . Chairman expressed a wish to attend.

One Voice Conference 2010 on 9th October. 2010

Surgery times for Angela Burns AM and Nerys Evans AM received and will be displayed.

Public Services Ombudsman - Proposal for a common complaints system for public service provides in Wales. Available on website www.ombudsman-wales.org.uk. Deadline for responses is Friday 23rd July 2010.

Letter from Shelter with an invitation to an event at Lampeter University on 25th June on "Information matters to rural communities project".

Society of Local Council Clerks 2 day induction course at Cardiff on 6th July and 22nd July.

Supplementary Planning Guidance - Affordable Housing. Letter from PCNPA regarding new approaches for negotiating affordable housing for rent. Intermediate rent can now be charged for affordable housing on certain sites and Planning Officers can advise on the rent levels to be charged and in which locations.

Unofficial Community Council Website . Cllr White informed that the number of visitors to the site is increasing all the time with approximately 3 a day. There are two posters being displayed on the web page at present - one from the Historical Society and the Wii night. Cllr White informed that he had asked the Carew Castle Management if they could provide a link on their website to the Council website but it is PCNPA policy not to put iinks on. However, this is clearly not the case and Cllr White is to follow this up as to and report back to next meeting. Councillors to encourage the various organisations that they are part of to advertise forthcoming events on the website.

Carew Newton Cemetery - County Councillor Neale has been in communication with the Planning Department on the plans for the Cemetery. Draft plans were made available to peruse showing the provision of a larger opening at the furthest point of the cemetery to enable access for funeral vehicles and gate to the same. Chairman thanked County Councillor Neale for this and he would be following this up with Planning as to what Planning Permission would be required.


Parking through the village particularly at the Flemish Chimney is a cause for concern as buses and emergency vehicles would have difficulty getting though. PCSO to be asked to walk through and assess the situation and advise on best way forward.

Double yellow lines from the public toilets in Carew to the Junction need repainting. Trees at the back in front of castle walls by Carew Cross are growing out into the road. Area maintenance Team to be contacted.

The Chairman informed of cracks to the walls at the entrance to The Rise in Redberth and the danger of collapsing into the road. PCC have been asked to investigate and report back/advise further.

The water collection at Carew Cheriton due to the blocked drains at the roundabout were again discussed. Letter also received from Ms Patricia Watts regarding the pooling of water due to blocked drains between Carew Inn and Carew Bridge and that these need clearing out as rainwater pools at the southern end of the Bridge so that pedestrians then get soaked by the passing traffic having to drive through it. Cllr Neale to try to arrange for the gully sucking vehicle to visit the Parish to clear out the drains.

Also the caravan dumped at the crossroads was removed following intervention by County Councillor Neale.

Cllr Gwen Head had obtained webbing for use at the Milton Playing Fields fence. Parish Environment Group to meet on Thursday 17th June at 7.30 in The Plough Sageston when the Milton playing fields will be discussed further. Chairman thanked Cllr Head for the webbings.

Cllr Thomas gave her apologies in advance for the next meeting on Thursday 8th July at 7:30 pm

Chairman declared the meeting closed.


Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 8th July 2010 at 7.30 in the Committee Room of Carew Memorial Hall, Birds Lane, Carew.


                                  Cllr Marina Griiffiths (Chair)                      Cllr Gwen Head

                                  Cllr Lionel White                                         Cllr John Brock MBE

                                  Cllr Trevor Goodman                                 Cllr Pat Gibby

                                  Cllr Andrew Blayney                                   County Cllr David Neal


                                  Cllr Mike Bosley                                         Cllr Mary Squirrell

                                  Cllr Vanesa Thomas


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the July meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all present to be a true record and duly signed.

Matters Arising:

Letter from Kathryn Perkins of Edward Perkins, Agents for Carew Castle Estate regarding consolidation of the leases for Carew Sports Field and Milton Recreational Area and an extension of the same.

The Landlord considers the existing Leases are sufficient for the purposes of the organisation at the current time. If the Community Council were to apply for funding in the future, the Landlord would wish to be able to consider the details for any specific project at that time and would take this into consideration in agreeing any extension to the Lease terms. It was agreed that a copy of this letter be sent to the Secretary of the Sports Club.

20 mph Zone, Birds Lane, Sageston. Letter from Traffic Manager informing that PCC will shortly be advertising a proposal for a 20 mph limit at Sageston School for approximately 192 metres. Three pairs of speed cushions are to be introduced to restrain speeds and a single unit at the eastern end where the road width is lower. Following discussion it was agreed by all present that these proposals be proceeded with.


County Councillor David Neale left the meeting while the following application was discussed:

> PCNPA The Willows, Whitehill, Alterations and extensions to dwelling to provide new domestic garage, car port and conservatory (retrospective), together with change of use from existing garage to study. The Chairman informed that she and the Clerk had undertaken a site inspection to clarify matters in relation to this application as the description of proposed works was ambiguous. Following inspection of the plans and the Chairman's account of the described works involved, there were no adverse comments or grounds for refusal identified.


Cllr Marina Griffiths (Chair) Cllr Lionel White Cllr Trevor Goodman Cllr A Blayney

Cllr Gwenllian Head Cllr John Brock MBE Cllr Pat Gibby County Councillor D Neale

APOLOGIES: Cllr M Bosley

Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Cllr Mary Squirrell


County Councillor David Neale rejoined the meeting but declared an interest to the rest of the planning applications and withdrew from discussion.

> PCNPA - Replacement dwelling, Rose Lear Birds Lane. Carew. Following perusal of the plans and discussion the following comments were made:

Planning proposals apparently allow for off road parking for one vehicle. There is restricted parking with double yellow lines along the road outside the property and adequate provision should be made for more than one car. However, the Community Council felt this a sympathetic and tasteful rebuild to match the iocaS environment and village fee!.

> PCNPA - Capria, Rosemary Lane, 2 storage buildings. Cllr White declared an interest to this application and withdrew from discussion. Following perusal of the plans there were no adverse comments made by those present and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

> PCC - Renewal of planning consent at 13 Bartletts Well Road. Previous planning granted in 2005. No works commenced yet. Renewal of same. No objections.

> PCC - Conversion of barn to dwelling at Barn 9, (Meadow Cottage) Pincheston Farm, Sageston . Following perusal of the plans there were no adverse comments made by those present and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

> PCC - Erection of dwelling, Land at Bartletts Well Lodge, Birds Lane, Sageston. These plans were reviewed in detail along with the attached notes. The 1000 year flood level has been addressed as well as avoidance of interference with Bartletts Well. There were no adverse comments, indeed Community councillors felt this proposed planning application is something different but sympathetic to the village environment.

> PCC - Temporary Portakabin for Voluntary Aircraft Restoration Group, Carew Airfield. Cllrs John Brock, Pat Gibby, Andrew Blayney and County Councillor Neale declared their interests and withdrew from discussion on this matter. The remaining Councillors studied the plans and although there were no objections it is noted that this is a retrospective application .

> PCNPA - Tything Barn, West Williamson - Letter informing of an Appeal by owners. Clerk to ensure objections are with Planning Inspectorate.


Invoice from Acorn Garden Services for grass cutting at Carew Hall and Carew Newton Cemetery in June - £62. Cllr Goodman proposed this be paid and Cllr Blayney seconded this.


Letter received from Tom James at Elyse, Redberth and signed by 6 other residents of Redberth drawing the Community Council's attention to the present condition of the Sycamore Tree outside the boundary wall of Oakfield, Redberth. The height of the tree and branches touching adjoining properties together with the danger of branches breaking off in high winds and interference with overhead telephone and electric cables were highlighted in the letter.

Following discussion it was agreed to ascertain where the tree actually lies in relation to adjacent properties. Ownership of the lane needs to be established . County Councillor Dave Neaie agreed to pursue this matter further with PCC.

Clerk to write to Mr James explaining this.

The Chairman had received communication from Mr John Benneman stating that there is still £340 in the "Jubilee Account'7 and he wouid iike his name taken off the mandate. Clerk to obtain mandate from Barclays.

National Training Programme for Community and Town Councils in Wales from One Voice Wales. Six modules but only modules 4, 5 and 6 in Haverfordwest. Following discussion it was decided not to put forward names for this.

Coastal Maritime Careers evening on Thursday 15th July at Milford Haven. This event organised by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum. Event noted.

Good Neighbourhood scheme - Letter from Rachel Gibby of PCC re-introducing the Good Neighbourhood Scheme. It was agreed to invite Ms Gibby to the October meeting to discuss this further (no meeting in August, September meeting is full).

Communication from Sherrill Persey from Planed following up on her presentation on "Communities at the Hub of Rural Life". The next meeting involving all groups and towns and villages will take place on Thursday 15th July at Pembroke Town Hall. It was agreed that Cllr Marina Griffiths,Cllr Pat Gibby, Cllr Gwenllian Head, Cllr John Brock, Cllr Andrew Biavnev and the Clerk attend. Potential projects to put forward for consideration are :- re-establishing footpaths/walkways/bridleways in the Parish and provision of interpretation/information boards, allotments, roundabouts.

Tidy Towns get together in conjunction with Keep Wales Tidy scheme on Tuesday 13th July at Neyland Yacht ciub. County Councillor Neale, Clerk, Cllr Blayney and Cllr Goodman to attend.


--Cllr Brock informed Community Council of a meeting he had attended regarding the improvement of the road from the Finger Post to Power Station. In the light of the recent accidents he asked if the Community Councillors would write a letter to the Trunk Roads Agency in support of alteration of the Finger Post to make it safer. All agreed that the Clerk write to TRA in this regard.


-Cllr White reported on the pothole at the crossroads at Branders Park, Whitehill and provided photographs to be sent to Highways Agency asking for further repair of the same.

-With regard to the problems with links on the PCNPA website, Clir White reported that the links had now been removed from the site and therefore no further action could be taken.

County Councillor Neale and Clerk reported on the establishment of the Parish Environment Group with the formation of a constitution. The Group will continue to provide updates and feedback to the Community Council and will now identifying projects in the Parish to proceed with.

County Councillor Neale also reported that he is awaiting the return from work of the Planning Officer that can help further with the plans of Carew Newton Cemetery.

PCSO Jim Moffatt will be at his first "Surgery" at Carew Memorial Hall on Tuesday 13th July. Further Tuesday mid morning dates are planned and will be advertised (probably on the website) in due course.

The next PACT meeting will be on Thursday 29th July at Carew Cheriton Control Tower.

-The wall between the public toilet and the Old Toll Cottage is leaning and if it falls down will effect the wall adjoining the playground. The trees need cutting back at the bank by Carew Castle the yellow lines need re-applying between the bus stop and Carew Inn.

- Footpath between Kesteven Court and Anson way is in need of resurfacing.

-Grass cutting needs to be carried out through Butts Lane to Carew Newton turning.

-Although it was noted that the gully cleaning vehicle had been in the area on 29th June, there are still drains/gullies that are full up and will not take storm/rain water.

-The drain at Carew Bridge near the Chapel appears to have sunk again. Clerk to write to Highways department and County Councillor Neale will then follow this up.

- Cllr Gibby had received a telephone call enquiring regarding a possible relative buried in the Carew Newton Cemetery. Following discussion it was agreed to make an arrangement to visit Mrs Hughes and to have a Burial Steering Group meeting. Clerk to visit the Archive to look at the book deposited which may give further information. Clerk to copy the plot plan to Clir Gibby.

-White lines need re-applying at the Sageston/Redberth junction.


-Speeding in Redberth continues to be a problem and Clerk to inform Head of Highways regarding this.

Date and time of next meeting - There is no meeting in August. Next meeting therefore Thursday 9th September at 7.30 in Carew Memorial Hall. Cllr Gibby gave her apologies in advance for the next meeting as she is away on annual leave.

The Chairman wished everyone an enjoyable summer recess and declared the meeting closed.

Addendum - Next Parish Environment Group meeting - Tuesday 20th July 2010 at 7 pm in the Plough Sageston.

Out of meetings payments:

£62 Acorn Garden Services

Rent Milton Playground £25.

Viking Direct - Printer cartridges x 3 £48.26

Pembroke Hire Centre - strimmer for Parish Environment Group £160 (balance of Keep Wales Tidy Grant)

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 9th September 2010 at 7.30 in Carew Memorial Hall.


                                     Cllr Marina Griffiths (Chair)                 Cllr John Brock MBE           Cllr Andrew Blayney

                                     County Councillor David Neale           Cllr Trevor Goodman           Cllr Mike Bosley

                                     Cllr Lionel White                                    Cllr Vanessa Thomas


                                     Cllr Pat Gibby                                         Cllr Gwen Head                     Cllr Mary Squirrell

Cllr Griffiths welcomed all to the September meeting. A letter had been received by Cllr Griffiths from Cllr Squirrell offering her resignation due to ill health. A letter of thanks for her work on the Community Council to be sent in recognition of all her hard work.

Minutes of the last meeting held in July were received. Out of meeting payments noted and Cllr Brock MBE proposed that these be passed as a true record and Cllr Thomas seconded this.

Matters Arising

£67.50 HM Customs VAT reimbursement received.

Request for the repair to the wall at Redberth and weeding has been passed to Building Maintenance. County Councillor Neale has also spoken to them.

Carew Newton Cemetery - County Councillor Neale has met with Arwel Williams at Planning Department. An Access statement detailing disabled access along with plans, tree surgeon report and a Hedgerow Notice needs to be drawn up. Mike Higgins of National Parks and Bethan Cox, Biodiversity Officer to be contacted by County Councillor Neale regarding these matters. Also to clarify if this statement and notice incur a cost to the Community Council.

Roundabouts - County Councillor Neale has met with Roger Williams from the Trunk Roads Agency and discussed theming for both roundabouts. It is hoped that the landscaping and enhancement plans for the roundabouts will go ahead and County Councillor Neale is compiling a letter for this. A Visibility Report on Sageston roundabout is being compiled by TRA. There may be funding opportunities to pursue to pay for the implementation of the plans. County Councillor Neale had informed TRA that Carew Community Council is a forward thinking council and fully support the plans.

Gully cleaning at Sageston and Milton have been carried out. Clearing of gullies at Birds Lane and detrunked road in Sageston is imminent.

Yellow lines through Carew Village - Cars are parking between the Carew Inn junction and the letter box. There have been three near misses due to pedestrians crossing the road while cars parked opposite Carew Inn as cars turning into the junction. Other while lines have been reapplied through the village following resurfacing works and PCC to be asked as a matter of urgency to attend to these works to avoid a serious accident. PCSO Moffatt has also been informed of the parking problem opposite the Carew Inn due to the lack of yellow lines .

Ash trees in the wall growing out into the road on the Castle wall onto the highway have not been dealt with as yet. Clerk to chase this up.

Crossroads at Whitehill. Letter from Darren Thomas, Head of Highways informing that the work has been completed by Glenville Codd and his team. Cllr White confirmed this work has been carried out to a high standard.

PCSO Jim Moffatt's surgeries at Carew Memorial Hall - next one 12th October then 9th November 12-2. Following discussion County Councillor Neale agreed to inform Cllr White as website administrator who would update PCSO Moffat's availability to attend in order to keep the website information accurate. County Councillor Neale would also place a notice on the door informing attendance or otherwise.

Also PCSO Moffatt has been contacted regarding the bottle neck situation at Birds Lane near the Flemish Chimney. He will review the situation on walking through the village and report back.

Head of Highways replied that the sunken/broken drain on the Carew Bridge will be attended to. The Community Council's speeding concerns in Redberth also noted.

Planning: - County Councillor David Neale declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.

The following planning applications have been passed by PCC :- -Erection of dwelling - Land at Bartlett's Well Lodge, Birds Lane, Sageston (10/0292/PA). The permission includes 7 conditions with notes to applicant and extensive comments from the Environment Agency. -Temporary Portakabin for Voluntary Aircraft Restoration Group, Carew Airfield (10/0299/PA

-Renewal of consent (04/1537/PA for an extension , 13 Bartletts Well Road, Sageston, Tenby (10/0235/PA)

-Replacement dwelling at Rose Lea, Birds Lane, Carew (10/0168/PA) -Conversion of Barn to dwelling at Barn 9, Pincheston Farm, Sageston (10/0192/PA).

The following planning applications have been passed by PCNPA:- -Alterations and extensions at Fairview Cottage, Whitell, Cresselly (NP/10/213).

-2 storage buildings at Capria, Rosemary Lane, Cresselly (NP/10/282.

The following planning applications were considered: -

Retention of existing caravan sales business Right Price Caravans, Carew Airfield, Sageston, (10/0489/PA). Following discussion there were no adverse comments or grounds for refusal identified.

-Change of use of land for Display of up to 45 caravans and siting o a portacabin sales office on part of Carew Airfield, Carew. Following discussion it was felt that the siting of up to 45 caravans at the entrance to the Airfield would be obtrusive from the roundabout. Owners of the Airfield have worked hard to make the entrance attractive and the caravans being visible from the highway countermands this. It is suggested that the caravans be moved from the visibility of the roundabout.


Fly tipping has been reported on the back road in Redberth near the old Church garden. Clir Griffiths to investigate. Councillors also reported more instances of dumping of garden refuse, white goods and bin bags throughout the Parish. Councillors asked to report these directly to PCC when they are seen.

Bank balance current account £1790.62. Precept of £2000 received (not included in the balance. Invoice for Clerk's salary + expenses received £396.42 Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Blayney seconded that this be paid.

E.mail from South East Energy Group inviting Carew community Council to the Saundersfoot Community Council meeting on 16th September where Richard Ellis from PCNPA will discuss the Lavernock to ST Anne's Head Shoreline Management Plan. Also Public Consultation meetings to be held throughout Pembrokeshire and as far east as Port Talbot during September.

E.mail from Francis Johns regarding ongoing discussion with Agent for Carew Castle Estate regarding the proposed shared use of dual purpose path from A477 to Carew Castle. Regrettably Mr Johns confirms that the Estate is still adamant that land (hedgerow) on this side of the road (west) is not available although the owner might consider the release of land on the east side of the road for such a path. Following discussion it was agreed to reply to Mr Johns that the Community Council stand firm in their wish to continue to pursue the acquisition of hedgerow on the west side for the continuation of the dual purpose footpath. County Councillor Neale to meet with Kathryn Perkins and will speak to Deputy leader of PCC regarding this matter. Also PCSO to be asked for a road safety opinion . All present agreed that County councillor Neale's meeting with Ms Perkins and Jamie Adams Deputy Leader be proceeded with as a matter of urgency.

Capacity of Councillors on outside bodies. Letter from Laurence Harding, Head of Central Support services and Monitoring Officer had sent briefing notes on this matter. Clerk had copied this letter to all Councillors and distributed with the minutes for their information and retention.Flyer from South East Pembrokeshire Community Health Network meeting on 21st September in New Hedges Village Hall. Paul Barnard to discuss the Complex Care Team in Pembrokeshire.

Population of Carew census update: Population 1526, 655 dwellings, 28 businesses.

Local Government Partnership Scheme Annual Report 2009/10 available on WAG website.

Town/Community Clerk's Forum on 15th September. Clerk had sent her apologies as she is on holiday but requested details of future meetings.

Letter received from Mr and Mrs Treadaway, Rosewood, Redberth on behalf of the residents of Redberth containing a petition of 72 signatures requesting traffic calming measures through Redberth. Community Councillors were unanimously fully supportive of requesting PCC to provide enforcement of speed restrictions by way of road lettering - SLOW PLEASE DIRVE CAREFULLY - or other measures. Reply to Mr and Mrs Treadaway and forwarding on of the petition to Head of Highways was agreed. Another area of concern is Milton Ford through to Paskeston and Whitehill to Cresselly. County Councillor Neale will follow up the letter and petition when it gets to PCC.

Sycamore Tree at Redberth. County Councillor Neale reported that this tree is not in PCC ownership. The boundary plans have been scrutinised. A letter from PCC to the Community Council will be sent in due course.

County Councillor Neale informed that he is attempting to re-establish the bus routes serving Redberth. Following discussion it was agreed that an article be put on the website asking for residents opinions/points of view regarding the further provision of the bus service to Redberth. This aiso in the Tenby Observer article and the Clerk to take collate the information received by phone. Website address - carewparish.com.

Parish Environment Group - County Councillor Neale informed that a strimmer had been purchased, using up the Keep Wales Tidy Grant. A list of equipment and tools had been drawn up and he was in negotiation with PCC regarding identifying funding for these. The next meeting of the Parish Environment Group is Tuesday 14th September at 7 pm.

Unofficial Community Council Website - Cllr White informed that during July and August the website had been attacked by e. vandals who planted malware. This has led to all statistics being lost and caused false traffic . It is hoped that this situation has been resolved. Community Councillors thanked Cllr White for his hard work in repairing the damage.

Parish issues.

Information regarding the change of signatories on the Jubilee fund passed to Cllr Thomas for completion.

Cllr White informed that the South East Environment Group had met with Kilgetty and Begelly Community Town Council and there were different options put forward to those discussed with Carew Community Council. It was agreed to await the Environment Consultants report (via South East Environment Group) and Cllr White's queries already held on file would be looked at with the benefit of this report.

TRA to be asked to carry out hedge cutting along the A477 to Milton Roundabout.

County Councillor Neale informed of Environment Agency involvement in a spillage at the Ford in Sageston. EA arid Welsh Water took action and the spillage source (resulting in dead fish) is being investigated.

Milton Marsh Walk - County Councillor Neale informed that it is hoped that Planed and PCC will be involved in a "Wildlife on your Patch" walk through Milton Marsh Walk on Saturday 23rd October. Further information to follow.

Ford Bridge at Carew - the handrail is broken and in a dangerous state. It was agreed to ask Bartlett's Engineering could help with the repair of this.

Cllr Goodman asked for a letter of support be written from the Community Council to the Control Tower. The Control Tower are pursuing funding for £300,000 for a hangar

Unofficial signage advertising events are not being removed after the event has taken place. It was agreed that if residents put up such signage then they should remove afterwards.

Reminder - Rachel Gibby will be at the next meeting on 14th October at 7pm to discuss the Good Neighbour Scheme.



Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of Carew Community Council held on Monday 27th September at 7.30 in Carew Memorial Hall.


                                    Cllr Marina Griffiths (Chair)                Cllr John Brock MBE

                                    Cllr Pat Gibby                                      Cllr Andrew Blayney

                                    Cllr Gwen Head                                   Cllr Mike Bosley

                                    County Councillor David Neale          Cllr Lionel White

                                    Cllr Trevor Goodman


                                    Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Cllr Griffiths thanked all for coming along at short notice. The meeting had been arranged to discuss a funding opportunity that would not wait until next meeting.

Cllr Griffiths gave background on the Parish Environment Group which started off last year by way of Community Councillors meeting on a Saturday morning for litter picking. This progressed to bulb planting and thereafter County Councillor Dave Neale was instrumental in obtaining a Tidy Towns/Keep Wales Tidy Grant of 477.25 to purchase our own litter picking equipment.

Earlier on this year the Community Council finalised the Lease with Welsh Water for the Milton Marsh Walk. This area requires a lot of work and labour to enhance and landscape. Also, the Jubiliee Tree was replanted and a formal handing over ceremony took place.

Earlier on this year the Parish Environment Group (with the permission/blessing of the Community Council - see minutes of 11th March 2010 ) met to formalise their own constitution in order to start obtaining grant funding.

Following the first Environment Group meeting, Mr Peter Howe from the Regeneration Unit came along to discuss grant funding and it was agreed that the community Council be asked to put an application forward for funding for purchase of a mower and other equipment needed to landscape and enhance areas within the Parish. As the Milton Marsh Walk requires a considerable input of work, County Councillor Neale and John Thomas proceeded go about obtaining quotes for a list of equipment put together by the Group at their meeting in July this year. This, at time, was thought to be a "wish list" of what a properly functioning and active Environment Group would need. However. Things moved on a pace since then and at the last meeting of the Environment group on 14th September, County Councillor Neale had not only got together estimates of all the equipment but had been informed of a Tidy Towns Grant that is available that could be accessed for funding.

The Tidy Towns Grants are made available by the Welsh Assembly Government to local town and community councils to pretty up their areas.

The costed list amounts to £4854.73. The funding opportunity to obtain most of the items on the list will cease soon and will not wait for the next full meeting in October, hence this Extraordinary meeting. County Councillor Neale had drafted a letter for consideration and amendment before being signed and passed to PCC and funding sources.

Following discussion it was felt that further clarification on the extra costs including insurance, place for the shed/container, use of a vehicle and maintenance need to be obtained. It may well be that additional costs could be met from review of the Precept.

Chairman had made enquiries and machinery/mower insurance is approximately £250 per year.

Items discussed:

Where to house the machinery/mower.

Closing of the Marsh Walk when mowing takes place.

Employing an individual to use the mower

Cllr Blayney to get definitive answer on H & S aspects.

Quote from Acorn Garden Services on how much to regularly cut the Marsh Walk

Acquisition of a metal container and whether this requires planning.

Siting of the container/shed on Community Council held land

Whether a sub committee of the Community Council is needed to oversee the new equipment.

The Chairman agreed there were many queries and grey areas that need clarification not least where the Parish Environment Group figure in this and that all these matters would require a full and frank discussion and a separate meeting to discuss this has not been ruled out. Also a plan of the Milton Marsh Walk needs to be drawn up and landscaping and enhancement options looked at and decided upon.

County Councillor David Neale was thanked by all present on his hard work getting to this point and Cllr John Brock proposed and Cllr Blayney seconded and all present agreed that this letter be redrafted and submitted as a matter of urgency. Any further ancillary matters that require clarification could be done when and if the funding is obtained.

While all Councillors present the Clerk informed that the Rent on the Recreation field is due and that the Sports club be billed for this. All present agreed that the invoice of £575 be paid in the meantime.

National Parks to be contacted to cut the trees around the Cenotaph prior to Remembrance Day. Other work required - railings painted and pointing on the wall. Cllr Gibby informed that British Legion would be happy to carry out the work if the Community Council agreed and all present agreed to this.


Minutes of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 14th October 2010 at 7 pm in Carew Memorial Hall.


                                        Cllr Marina Griffiths                                       Cllr Gwellian Head

                                        Cllr Pat Gibby                                                Cllr Lionel White

                                        Cllr Vannessa Thomas                                 Cllr Mike Bosley

                                        Cllr Andrew Blayney                                      County Cllr David Neal


                                        Cllr John Brock MBE                                     Cllr Trevor Goodman

The Chairman welcomed all to the October meeting and also welcomed Rachel Gibby from Pembrokeshire County Council who had come along to talk about the Good Neighbourhood Scheme.

This scheme is already running in Dinas, St Dogmaels and Cilgerran along with Kilgetty , Cosheston and Hundleton. Whilst every community has good hearted people who automatically help their neighbours, this scheme is to provide extra support and enhance it as there are gaps due to social isolation etc. A survey letter is sent out by PCC to each householder in a community asking if they felt a Good Neighbour Scheme will work for the Community of Carew, would they be willing to volunteer to support other people in the Community , and whether they would use the scheme themselves. The results of the survey would then be fed back by Rachel Gibby to the Community Council.

The scheme is supported by PCC and a grant would be available to start. Public Liability Insurance amounts to around £280 per year. The School could be asked to design posters. Mobile telephone supplied for use. Car users are paid 40p a mile. No CRB checks required. Cllr White asked whether the questionnaire could be filled in on-line and Ms Gibby confirmed it could so Cllr White will make the information on the Good Neighbour Scheme available on the Community Council website.

Following discussion all present asked Rachel Gibby to proceed with the survey which would take place mid November and let the Community Council know the results. The Chairman thanked Ms Gibby for a concise presentation. Ms Gibby then left the meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting including the extraordinary meeting on 27th September were passed as a true record and duly signed. Cllr White asked if the extraordinary meeting minutes were to be put on the website and all agreed to


Matters Arising.

e.mail from the Tree Surgeon Richard Staden regarding the Sycamore Tree at Redberth. He had looked at the tree which has a TPO on it He felt it contributes greatly to the amenity of the area and has been pollarded in the past. If the crown of the tree needs reducing Mr Staden suggested a tree surgeon be contacted to advise. He was also reluctant to see the tree removed owing to it's

contribution to the character of the village. It was agreed to contact Street Care at PCC to establish ownership of this tree and thereafter this information to be communicated to Mr Tom James.

Mr Staden had also looked at the trees in the church yard and the old school grounds opposite. There are 3 fine Yew trees that also contribute greatly to the character of the village and strongly advised that a tree surgeon be appointed to trim the trees occasionally to keep them away from buildings or to enable graveyard maintenance. Yew trees are a particularly valuable contribution to church yards and village centres throughout the land and are able to live for many hundreds of years. It was agreed that this information be forwarded to Redberth Church Warden.


County Councillor David Neale declared an interest in the following applications and withdrew form discussion.

PCC 10/0636/PA - Erection of a Dwelling, Plot at Meadow Farm, Redberth. Following detailed scrutiny of the application it was felt the scale of the proposed building is out of keeping with the rural aspect of the village.

PCNPA T23/10/MH - Application for tree works - TPO 12 located in West Williamston - Minimal cut from around the overhead cable to enable the renewal of the cable.

PCC 10/0618/PA - Erection of agricultural building - Land at Red Down St Florence - Following discussion and detailed perusal of the plans there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCNPA NP/10/408 - Cattle Shed Newshipping Farm, Cresselly, Kilgetty. Following discussion and detailed perusal of the plans there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

The following applications have been refused by PCC:

10/0489/PA - Retention of existing caravan sales business - Right Price Caravans, Carew Airfield, Sageston

10/0452/PA - Change of use of land for the display of up to 45 caravans & siting of a portacabin sales office - Part of Carew Airfield, Carew.


Invoice received for grass cutting to Carew Newton Cemetery and Memorial Hall from Acorn Garden Services £62.

Letter from Carew Senior Citizens committee regarding the Christmas Dinner on Saturday 27th November requesting a donation towards the cost of providing the dinner. Last year the Community Council donated £250.

Hall fees for Community Council meetings and Luncheon Clubs from March to end October 2010 inclusive - £264.

Councillor Blayney proposed and Cllr White seconded that these three be paid.

Receipt from Carew Castle Estates for half year rent on recreation field received. Carew Sports Club have paid half year rent also and receipt sent.

Next South East Area Liaison meeting Wednesday 1* December at 7 pm in Lampeter Velfrey Village Hall. Main items for discussion will follow shortly.

Letter from Head of Highways regarding Partial extinguishment of street lighting. All feedback has been evaluated and minor amendments incorporated into the proposals as a result. All trunk roads will remain illuminated and all other locations will be extinguished between midnight and 5.30 am. PCC are currently in the process of tendering for the conversion work to facilitate the partial extinguishment and plan to begin implementation measures in the coming months.

A quantity of grant forms for funding opportunities for community landscaping and enhancement initiatives that have been sourced by Cllr Head . It was agreed to keep these on file for the time being.

Cllr Griffiths confirmed that the Clerk had sent a letter to Cllr Mary Squirrell and had sent flowers on behalf of the Community Council.

Speed Cushions at Sageston School Communication has been received from PCC that work on Birds Lane to place the speed cushions would commence during the half term break.

E.mail from Porthcawl Town Council asking for support in their campaign against the Ministry of Defence proposal to stop the Search and rescue helicopter based at RAF Chivenor in North Devon being cut from 24 hour cover to just 12 hours by 2012. This proposal would have serious implications for all communities along the South Wales coastline and valleys as the alternative would need to be provided by RNAS Culdrose which is based at the southern tip of Cornwall or RAF Valley in Anglesey. Both of these stations are some considerable distance further away and the additional flying time required could lead to lives being lost. Due to campaigning the MODs proposed cuts have been suspended pending a review and the Community Council's support to keep RAF Chivenor operational 23 hours is therefore sought. Following discussion and astonishment that this proposal has been put forward all present unanimously agreed that a letter in support of the campaign to keep 24 hour cover at RAF Chivenor be sent.

CHRISTMAS ARRANGEMENTS - The date for the Community Council dinner is Thursday 2nd December. Following discussion it was agreed to purchase a living tree in a pot this year, approximately 6 feet in length that can be planted out afterwards. It was agreed that a budget of £100 be set for the tree and £40 for external lights. Cllr Bosley kindly agreed to obtain quotes for the same and the lights would be turned on at the Senior Citizens dinner on Saturday 27th November.


Cllr White produced a graph documenting his work on the frequency of Silcox buses through Redberth. County Councillor David Neale informed that he was awaiting outcome of route survey from PCC and would report back to the Community Council.

Cllr White also informed that the website continues to go from strength to strength.

Cllr Gibby asked if a letter of thanks could be sent to Mr John Nicholas for cutting the hedge at Carew Newton Cemetery. AH present agreed that a letter of thanks be sent.

Thank you letter to be sent also to Highways on the nice work carried out down Bog Lane, the white lines and the repair of road in Whitehill.

Cllr Bosley informed that he had undertaken strimming work, weeding of removal of dead plants at the Cenotaph. He had also removed the ash trees growing out of the wall. Donations of plants to replace the dead plants removed. It is understood that the British Legion painting the ironwork also. Chairman thanked Cllr Bosley for his community initiative. Cllr Gibby ordering the Remembrance Day Wreath.

Cllr Thomas reported that following the long awaited top dressing to Birds Lane, this has now been dug up and gas lines put in around Westfield Court. Clerk to contact Streetcare at PCC expressing the Community Council's dissatisfaction at this.

Cllr Thomas also agreed to institute communication regarding the change of signatories for the Jubilee Fund.

Cllr Blayney reported complaints he had had with dogs let off the lead at Carew Picnic area opposite the castle and the dog mess. County Councillor Neale also reported that he had had similar complaints of dogs worrying children and adults alike. These dog owners had also been abusive when confronted by walkers. County Councillor Neale had also had discussion with the Dog Wardens and Theresa Hogsflesh at Carew Castle. Phil Bennett of PCNPA and Jim Moffatt PCSO to be contacted. Residents should be vigilant and document the car registration plate and type of dog and report to a Community Councillor or directly to the Dog Warden at PCC. Community Councillors expressed their concern at this worrying development and will monitor and report any anti-social behaviour to the Police. It was felt that the signage indicating dogs should be kept on leads was too small and needs to be more prominent.

County Councillor Neale reported that the funding bid is progressing. He had tried numerous outlets to locate a metal container shed to house the mower and trailer and the price is around £1500. The bid submitted was for a wooden shed costing around £500. There does not appear to be any imminent prospect of obtaining a metal shed but the Community Council's details have been given to different outlets to watch out for a suitable container. Another possibility that

Councillors considered was a Luton Van Body off the chassis and the Clerk agreed to contact local breakers yards for this. Cllr Gibby offered temporary housing for the mower and trailer in her garage until this matter is resolved. Cllr Griffiths thanked Cllr Gibby for this kind offer. CHr Neale felt there would be a few weeks delay from the granting of the funding until delivery. Fire and theft Insurance on all the equipment also needs to be organised. It was agreed to meet on Thursday 28th October at 7 30 in the meetings room of Carew Memorial Hall to discuss the siting of the container, insurance and usage cllr Blayney proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that County Councillor Neale carry on with locating suitable storage and following up the grant bid.

Outstanding matters: Access statement for Carew Newton Cemetery, Burial committee meeting, Letter re visibility on the roundabouts to Trunk Road Agency.

Head of Highways is compiling/formulating a reply in conjunction with the Traffic Manager on the petition from residents on the speeding in Redberth.

Chairman and Clerk to visit ex-Community Councillor Maurice Griffiths to mark his 90th Birthday on 131 November 2010 .

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING - Thursday 11th November 2010 at 7.30 in meetings Room, Carew Memorial Hall


DATE: ..

Out of meeting payment - invoice for grass cutting Acorn Garden services £62.


Minutes of an Extraordinary General Meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 28tn October 2010 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm.


                                        Cllr Marina Griffiths                          Cllr John Brock MBE

                                        Cllr Gwenllian Head                         County Councillor Dave Neale

                                        Cllr Trevor Goodman                       Cllr Pat Gibby Cllr Mike Bosley


                                        Cllr Lionel White                               Cllr Andrew Blayney

                                        Cllr Vanessa Thomas

The meeting had been arranged at the last Community Council meeting to discuss specifically the grant funding from Tidy Towns Initiative. The confirmation of grant funding e.mail had been received for the full cost of the mower, trailer, shed and gardening tools. In Total £4834.73. The Chairman thanked County Councillor Neale and the Clerk for all their hard work.

The items for discussion are headed as follows:

Site of she shed to house the mower, trailer and tools:

Various options were discussed as to the site of the shed and following deliberations, County Councillor Neaie proposed siting the shed on Mr Thomas' land (Milton Farm) backing onto the Milton Marsh Walk. However there was no seconder for this proposal.

Cllr Gibby proposed the shed be sited in Carew Memorial Hall car park. Cllr Head seconded this.

It was agreed therefore that the site of the shed be in the far corner of Carew Memorial Hall Car Park.

Security and safety aspects such as marking equipment, shed alarm, trailer locks, signage, security lights and cones to stop parking in front of shed were also discussed.

Erection of the shed and ply covering the floor with cross bearers for strengthening should also be taken into consideration.


I he Clerk had received a quote from AON insurance for £92.02 from now until 1st June 2011 when the insurance comes up for renewal. This includes

shed, trailer, mower tools and operators of the mower. However, the Insurers ask that the users are safety trained. Clerk to look into the cost of safety training with Planed or Neyland Training organisations. There are also template contracts on the internet for independent users of machinery, should this be a cheaper option.

Other matters:

It was agreed to let the Sports Club know of the Community Council's intention to erect the shed. It was also agreed to ask the Sports Club if they still use their wooden shed.

Cllr Bosley confirmed that a 6-7 foot Frazer Fir pot grown tree would be about £50 and smaller outdoor lights £30. These would be delivered in the 2nd week of November from Lydstep Garden Centre.

Milton Marsh Walk - Wildlife on your Patch on 23rd October at Milton Marsh Walk. This was not well attended due to the weather conditions and County Councillor Neale informed that PLANED plan to arrange another meeting in April 2011.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed. Next scheduled meeting on Thursday 11th November 2010 at 7.30 pm

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 14th November 2010 at 7.30 In the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial; Hall.


Cllr Marina Griffiths                                  Cllr Gwen Head

                        Cllr John Brock MBE                               County Cllr David Nealle

                        Cllr Andrew Blayney                                Cllr Pat Gibby

                        Cllr Lionel White                                      Cllr Trevor Goodman,

                         Cllr Vanessa ;Thomas


The Chairman welcomed all to the November meeting and extended the Community Council’s condolences to Cllr Brock on the sad passing of his sister Also, as it is Armistice Day the Chairman asked for Councillors to observe a minute’s silence.

Matters Arising.

The Sports Club Secretary had been contacted regarding the positioning of the shed. The Clerk had explained to the Secretary the reasons for the favoured position in the far corner

Ford Bridge, it had been ascertained that the Ford Bridge is maintained by PCC and work on the bridge to repair the handrail would be carried out shortly

Sageston Speed Cushions and speed restrictions are now in place long Birds Lane. Cllr Thomas asked if the speed limits could be unified. At present there are end of speed restriction signs. 40 30 and 20 mph signs. Clerk to write to Head of Highways

SEAL meeting 1st December in Lampeter Velfrey Village Hail.

Clerk to chase up Birds Lane, Streetcare answer to Query awaited. Also PCSO and Castle regarding dog fouling

PLANNING Polytunnel at; Meadow -Farm Redberth. Councillors noted that this polytunnel is 15 m long and 9m wide and 3.6m to the ridge

Dwelling- at Meadow Farm Clerk informed the meeting that amended plans have now been submitted in scaled down form and: is now a single storey dwelling which has now been approved by the Planning Department of PCC There is apparently no requirement for PCC to re-inform the Community Council of- variations

Planning approval received from PCNPA for Cattle Shed at New Shipping Farm

EXTERNAL AUDIT BDO Stoy Hayward have returned to audit with minor amendments i.e. box number 10 in Section 2filled in as Yes and should be N/A

There are no other matters requiring attention it was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Blayney that this change be made initialled and dated accordingly and the return sent back to the External Auditors All present agreed


The Precept will need to be discussed and request made to PCC in February 2011. Items discussed include the increased insurance required for the new machinery, tools, trailer and shed. Training to use the mower landscaping works to Carew Newton Cemetery. Flemish Chimney enhancement. Councillors were asked to consider the above as the Precept will need to be set at the January 2011 meeting.

Carew Newton Cemetery. Further discussion followed on from the above and it was agreed that the works needed to facilitate the completion of this project include, mending the gate, ramp entrance pathways, larger gate at the far end With regard to the larger gate County Councillor Neale had been informed that there is a soakaway for the fields underneath the far end of the Cemetery and this will need to be taken into account. It was further agreed to arrange to meet on site in the Spring to look at the work needed Residents neighbouring the Cemetery and of Carew Newton also to be invited to the site meeting to discuss improvement/landscaping options Also Councillors to meet with Mrs Hughes regarding the plotting of the graves. Clerk also to visit the County Archive to gain information from the documents that Mr Rowly Edwards had deposited there. County Councillor Neale would contact Tony Marmara and Arwel Williams regarding an Access Statement


Mill Sluice Gates have been opened to allow repair on the causeway and this will mean the Millpond will be empty for 2 weeks

Details of the following meetings were received

Dvfed Powys Police Authority - Pembrokeshire Community Consultative meeting 2Sth November 2010 - County Councillor Neale and Cllr Goodman expressed a wish to attend.

Society of Clerks meeting in Haverfordwest on Wednesday 13tr Aon 20' ' or. Cemetery Management. Clerk wishes to attend and to make enquiries as to the cost.

PLANED AGM on Thursday 25tr November at Plas Hyfryd Cllr Brock Cllr Gibby and County Councillor Neale to attend

Local Development Plan - Public, consultation or the Deposit Plan will run from 26th January to 9th March 2011. Candidate sites will be considered by PCC at full council on 9th December 2011

Current Account balance £3291.94

Letter' from Ms Patricia Watts regarding the state of the Paddock walk. The Environment Group to add to their list and to visit the area to see what work needs to be carried out

Letter from Electoral Services Manager on Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places/Stations Following discussion Councillors agreed that there were no issues with the Polling Station at Carew Memorial Hal:


Cllr Brock expressed dismay that the resiting of the Milton Post Box had still not taken place Discussion ensued on whether instead of resiting the current post box another could be situated outside Summers Villas Clerk to look into this.

Items outstanding - Widening ox road at Carew Cheriton Cemetery. Staggered gates at Carew Park Estate

Cllr Neale reported that the mower and trailer have been ordered and will take 2- 3 weeks. Gardening equipment to be delivered to Cllr Gibby s garage pending erection of the shed. Councillors thanked Cllr Gibby for allowing the use of her garage for this

Playground matting - Clerk to write to PCC regarding this and to copy County Councillor Neale in on this so that he can chase it up

Footpath and road from the school to Carew Estate contains many dips and when it rains water pools and cars (unavoidably) splash pedestrians when they pass.

Cllr Blayney reported that he has now resigned as School Governor due to work commitments.

Cllr Gibby had been approached by someone who wishes to become a Community Councillor Cllr Gibby informed to ask them to write to the Clerk with details in time Tor next meeting

PCSO surgery dates, PCSO to be asked to contact Cllr White with the dates for 2011 for the Community Website

Cllr White informed that the Good Neighbours Scheme form, is or the website.

Carew Senior Citizens Christmas lunch will be on Saturday 27th November at 4:30 for 5:00pm. Councillors volunteered to offer lifts to Senior" Citizens to the dinner

Community Councillors Christmas Dinner- will: be hell on Thursday 2nd December 7:00 for 7:30 at Crew Inn.

The first meeting of 2011 will be on Thursday 13th January at 7.30 in Carew Memorial Hall

The Chairman wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and declared the meeting closed.


Out of meeting payment made in December 2010 - Clerk s salary Oct, Nov § Dec 2010 +expenses £413.19.

Lydstep Garden Centre. Christmas Tree £50. outdoor lights 29.99 = £79.99 AON insurance £158.35 additional insurance for mower, trailer, shed and tools


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