Minutes of Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 13th January 2011 at 7.30 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.


              Cllr Marina Griffiths (Chair)               Cllr Gwenllian Head

              Cllr A Blayney                                  Cllr J Brock MBE

              Cllr Vanessa Thomas                        Cllr Trevor Goodman

              Cllr Lionel White                               Cllr Pat Gibby

Apologies:  County Councillor David Neale will be arriving after 8 pm.

The Chairman welcomed all to the first meeting of 2011 and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

Minutes of the meeting held in November 2010 were passed as  a true record and duly signed.

Matters Arising:

Letter from Head of Highways in answer to the petition raised by residents in Redberth at the speeding problem through the village.    All present perused and discussed the proposed provision that the existing speed limit signs at the Redberth village boundary are reinforced with yellow bar markings on the road, and that the village name signs have a road safety message incorporated (i.e.  a reinforced “gateway” to the village).    The letter has been sent to the petition organiser.   All present agreed with the proposals.

Staggered barriers at Carew Park and Carew Cheriton verges-   Communication from Senior Transport Planner informing that the staggered barriers behind 43 Bartletts Well Road will be completed hopefully with in the next 4-6 weeks.    However, there is no further information on replacing the verges at Carew Cheriton cemetery with  a hard surface.

Communication from Carew Castle Site Supervisor regarding dog fouling at the Picnic Area.  They plan to try larger signage and see what the Dog Wardens themselves  can provide in case this is better.  Obviously this is a concern for the Site Management as a lot of people use the Picnic Area.  PCSO Jim Moffatt has agreed to  carry out high visibility patrols randomly.

Communication received from Streetcare at PCC regarding the digging up of the road at the end of Birds Lane within just a few weeks of road resurfacing.  Streetcare only place a 21 day embargo on the service connection and  confirmed that the works have been undertaken to the required standard.

Resiting of Milton Post Box -  Communication received from Collection Manager at Royal Mail.  Due to budget restrictions the relocation of the post box at Milton to along Paskeston Lane near Summers Villas has not yet taken place.  The siting of a 2nd post box in Milton village is not a viable proposal.    One of the major challenges the Royal Mail face at present is  that with the increased use of email, text messages and bill paying online, the volume of mail posted in Red Post boxes has dropped by 10% year on year with the result that countless post boxes around the country  have no mail posted in them day after day whilst costs are still incurred with drivers  still having to drive around every day looking in the boxes for mail.   Mr Jones reiterated that the main reason behind his decision to move the box to the location by the telephone kiosk and near the pub was that it would attract “passing trade” and get maximum usage.  There have been  a number of letters from customers asking to keep the box in the current location.  However, as a commitment to move the box had been made then this would take place though when this is likely to take place is unknown.

Following discussion it was agreed to ask Royal Mail to honour the commitment to move it.   However, the Community Council would wish to be informed by residents if they had strong feelings for either site of the post box so that a positive informed and structured response could be communicated to Royal Mail.

Regarding postal services, Cllr White informed that he has asked Royal Mail to notify him as Web Administrator if delivery and collection of mail is interrupted due to inclement weather.   This information will be of value to residents of the Parish and the Chairman thanked Cllr White for this.

The shed has been erected and Chairman thanked Cllrs Bosley, Blayney, Neale and Goodman for their help in putting up the shed.  Reinforcements are still needed to the shed floor and it needs to be completely dry before the roofing is put on to ensure it is watertight.

The Clerk distributed a draft grass cutting maintenance contract for Councillors to peruse and this item would be put back on the Agenda for next meeting.

Confirmation has been received  that the Ford Bridge is maintained by PCC and indeed the handrail has been replaced.


A breakdown of expenditure to date was presented to Councillors by the Clerk.    The principal expenditure for the forthcoming year would be improvements to Carew Newton Cemetery including two gates and a ramp entrance along with planning fees (if any) from PCNPA.    Mower, shed maintenance and training was discussed.  In the light of continuing  recession and cut backs in other organisations, it was decided to limit expenditure to what can be reasonably afforded for Carew Newton Cemetery.  The Cemetery management course for Clerks from the Society of Clerks would cost £130.  In the light of the above it was agreed that any information and advice on Cemetery management should be made initially through PCC and  with undertakers and Crematorium staff rather than attendance by the Clerk  at the Course.    Therefore at the end of discussion  Cllr Brock proposed that the Precept be kept to £6,000 as in the last 4 years and Cllr Blayney seconded this proposal.  All present unanimously agreed with a show of hands.

Therefore, Precept dates would be 29th April, 26th August, 30th December 2011.


Dyfed Powys Police Consultative meeting on Finance and spending review  -  County Councillor Neale attended; progress on priorities set out in the Policing Plan discussed.

Planet AGM  -  County Councillor Neale and Cllr Brock MBE attended

SEAL meeting  1st December.  -  Cllr Neale attended,  gritting policy and LDP discussed.


Red Down Farm Agricultural Building granted by PCC  -  10/0618/PA

PCNPA  -Application from Carew Quarry, Carew Newton to regularise and consolidation existing and previous planning permission.  Non-complliance with condition 30 and 31 with condition NP/319/97  to allow the import of inert waste for treatment and processing as a recycling operation.     Following discussion there was no objections or adverse comments to the continuation of the previously existing permissions.

PCC -  Application  for extension at Milton Manor, Milton, Tenby (10/0822/PA)

Following discussion there were no adverse comments and no grounds identified for refusal.

PCNPA -  Double garage, shed and car port, removal of Leylandii trees at Rosemary Cottage, Rosemary Lane, West Williamston.      No adverse comments and recommend proceeding to approval of application.


Invoice number 2 from Acorn Garden services  for grass cutting at Carew Newton Cemetery and Carew Hall - £62.  All present agreed this should be paid.

Letter from PCC informing of a vacancy that has come up on Sageston Community Primary School.   There were no nominations from the Community Councillors at this time.

Off Street Parking places.   PCC will adopt Civil Parking Enforcement powers with effect from 1st February 2011.  The effect of the new orders will be to consolidate all existing on  street parking restriction orders  and off street parking place orders.  There will be no change to the actual restrictions on site or any new restrictions introduced.    Cllr Blayney informed that there is a corresponding increase in Traffic Attendants.

South East Pembrokeshire Community Health Network  -  Meeting on 18th January in New Hedges Village Hall .  This is organised by PLANED.

Dyfed Powys Police Authority Audit of Accounts for year ending 31 March 2010 .  Notice received and to be displayed on Memorial Hall Notice Board.

Improvement Review Plan   Website details only received and as all present were unsure of what this relates to  Clerk to find out more about this and to bring necessary papers to next meeting.

Local Development Plan – Deposit Plan.  Brirefing session on 12th January.  Clerk to obtain hard copy and bring relevant information to the next meeting.  Consultation process runs from 26th January to 9th March, 2011.


Applications for assistance with funding received from:

Pembrokeshire YFC,

Macmillan Cancer Support

Pembrokeshire Samaritans

Urdd Gobaith Crymru

Victim Support



Following discussion and having previously reviewed the spending plans and Precept requirements for the coming year, it was agreed not to make donations at this time.    Donations to be put back on Agenda for June meeting.  


--Cllr Blayney informed that he had ascertained that PCC cabinet had approved a sum of money for the further provision of a multi user footpath from Milton to Carew.  All present welcomed this news.  Cllr Brock to attend the Steering Committee meeting on 17th January and will report any further news  back to next meeting.

-- Birds Lane Parking.    PCSO to be asked to review this situation as the ability and buses to pass through is becoming increasingly difficult.  

--Letter received from  Mr & Mrs Gillespie stating that  the appearance of the Castle walls from War Memorial down to the road to the bridge and across  to the picnic car park is unsightly.    The letter asked “..that the Parish Council make every effort to ensure that this situation is remedied ..”.   Community Councillors agreed and confirmed that this is a matter for the Carew Castle Management and that the letter be forwarded to the Site Supervisor and National Parks  for response.

Cllr Head informed of a problem with youths hammering on front doors of residents in Carew Park then running away causing distress and annoyance.  Clerk confirmed this had happened to a relative who had been advised to ring 101.   An officer had attended and the youths identified and had been remonstrated with severely.  If further incidents occur all residents urged to dial 101 so that the matters are dealt with. Clerk to let PCSO Moffatt know also.

Resurfacing of paths to school -  awaiting update.

Parking outside Sageston school -  PCSO to be asked to monitor the problem around 3 pm and report back.

Pot holes between Carew Lane and Whitehill.   Cllr White reported on the emergence of pot holes and it was felt that this is a county and country wide problem particularly after the severe weather.  Also particularly bad is the road at the Water Works at Milton and up to Stephens Green.

Also with regard to severe weather problems it was agreed to ask PCC to deposit more grit at junctions in order to avoid skidding onto the highway during icy/snowy weather.

On the West Williamston road at the junction to Carew Newton there is a large silt, mud and debris problem from the gulley and drains.  PCC to be requested to clear the ditch and gulley.    Also at the bottom of Kesteven Court where the bank joins the footpath there is a particular flooding problem.

The broken pipe at the Chapel Wall on Carew Bridge again needs to be  inspected as flooding occurs and drenching of pedestrians.

Cllr Goodman asked if the area of grass at Carew Park estate along Saunders Road could be taken up and a hardstanding for cars could be provided.  There is a particular problem with lack of parking spaces along this road.  Clerk to ascertain ownership of this grassy area.

County Councillor Neale  confirmed that the gritting bin at the bend on the road descending to Cresswell Quay had been placed there by the County  Council.

Environment Group  -  Next meeting Tuesday 18th January  at  7 pm.   Consider paddock walk work as per Patricia Watts Letter.

Website -  Cllr White confirmed website is averaging 3 visitors a day.  Latest not-for-profit organisation to sign up are Quaynotes.   It was agreed that Clerk e.mail minutes and agenda to Cllr White for convenience.

Date and time of next meeting :    Thursday 10th February 2011 at 7.30 pm in Meetings Room, Carew Memorial Hall.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 10th February 2011 at 7.30 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:  Cllr Gwenllian Head    Cllr John Brock MBE

          Cllr Lionel White   Cllr Andrew Blayney

          Cllr Vanessa Thomas  Cllr Mike Bosley

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:   County Councillors David Neale

             Cllr Pat Gibby

             Cllr Marina Griffiths

             Cllr Trevor Goodman

Public Attendance:  Mary Lammin, Derek Lloyd, Wayne Brickle, Carole Brickle.

Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Blayney seconded that the Minutes of the meeting held on 13th January were a true record and that they be duly signed.

Cllr Head welcomed all to the meeting and chaired the meeting in the absence of Cllr Griffiths.

A petition letter from residents in Milton was read out along with a letter from Mr & Mrs M Williams objecting to  the proposed building of 15 properties to the west of the village of Milton.  The objections were with regard to settlement boundaries, road access, water quality/sewerage  and environment.  The existing very narrow road  through the village both during the construction phase and afterwards  would be dangerous, restrictive and a course for concern in respect of safety.    Cllr Brock provided background that in the 1980s when the plans for Milton Meadows came before the Community Council there was objection to a second phase due to  pedestrian access and road issues.    Mr Lloyd informed that there are already sites in Carew Parish where outline planning permission has been granted but not developed and a local housing need exists.   Mr Lloyd had also written to Dwr Cymru regarding the capital investment for treatment plants/sewerage plants in the light of the current plan.    The environment , travel to work and services are also issues highlighted by Mr Lloyd.

Cllr Brock felt it would be prudent to locate and study the Phase two plans for the original Milton Meadows planning application from 1980s for further information.  Cllr Brock also felt that the intention in 1980s was to exit onto the A477 via Carons Lane.    Also, when the original application was made in 1980s it was for 15 dwellings but this is now 40.  

The Clerk informed of a meeting that she and County Councillor Neale met with the Senior Forward Development Officer  at PCC regarding the sites at Milton and the problems with roads through Milton has already been identified.  The Senior Forward Development Officer had informed that the road improvements needed in Milton to facilitate this further development may not be able to be undertaken until  2016.      Another site that was submitted but discounted and not included in the proposed draft sites was a development in the grounds of Milton Manor where an existing splayed entrance already exists with good direct and clear visibility along the A477 and that this site should be looked at again.  Mr Lloyd asked whether another site not previously submitted could be suggested to PCC rather than the Milton Meadows site.    

Cllr White informed that there are second and third phase opportunities to object in the consultation period and after.   

Cllr Brock proposed that Community Council  object  to this proposed development  on the grounds previously mentioned and the need for significant road improvement which would involve interference with historical walls and buildings; also that the Community Council support the petition and letter from Mr and Mrs Williams and to pass it on to PCC.  This was seconded by Cllr Bosley and all present agreed.  

The Chairman thanked the members of the public for their participation who then left the meeting.

The Clerk also informed of the rest of the meeting with the Senior Forward Planning officer regarding LDP sites and the possibility of an Amenity Site for land behind Sageston Community School.    Clerk to meet again with SFPO to find out more about this.

Also, why the National Park owned land on the old road in Sageston is not  red lined on the JUDP plans.

Matters Arising:

Matters requiring further attention by PCC:

Gulleys along Birds Lane still full up and unable to drain surface water.  

Top dressing disintegrating on areas along Birds Lane

Gritting of junctions in severe weather.

Birds Lane, Sageston, speed restrictions

Footpaths to Sageston school.

PCSO to be contacted regarding Carew Castle Picnic Area.

More visible notices have been erected regarding dogs being kept on a lead.

Cllr Brock attended the National Park Steering Group meeting recently and work will commence shortly to address the problem of the Castle Walls with a temporary three way traffic light system.  Work should take 3 days.   Part of the Carew Castle Car Park (lower end) will be resurfaced  in the next few months.

Letter received from Mr & Mrs Ralph regarding the siting of the post box in Milton.  It was agreed to forward this letter to the Collection Manager at Royal Mail.


Following completion of the external audit by BDO Stoy Hayward  Cllr White proposed and  Cllr Brock seconded that the Audit return for 2010/11 be approved and accepted,  the Notice of Conclusion be displayed in the Notice Board of Carew Memorial Hall and the invoice for £144 be paid.  All present agreed.    

Roundabouts at Sageston and Milton -    It was agreed to contact the Trunk Roads Agency regarding the countdown markers and enhancements for both roundabouts.    

Fingerpost junction.    – It was agreed to write to the Trunk Road Agencies regarding road improvements.


Cllr White produced a list of items for discussion/inclusion/exclusion in the Draft Agreement.   Following extensive deliberation and discussion, modifications were made to the Draft Maintenance contract.   Item 6 to be removed.   It was proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Bosley that grass cuttings be taken away and disposed of.  

Cllr Brock suggested that the mower should not be offered to the successful tenderer for use.    Clerk reported that further certification for the use of the mower  by the Parish Environment Group  could be obtained through the Keep Wales Tidy scheme and will look into this further.

Payment dates to be adjusted  and  notice to Tenby Observer asking for Tenders for grass cutting on the three sites to be done and copied to Cllr White for the website


Amendments to planning consent 04/0475/PA to provide additional residential accommodation for flats B & C - Milton Manor, Milton Tenby.  Granted by PCC.


Details of road closures starting 30th March to facilitate the electricity line refurbishment were noted.  Each closure will take 5 days and in the Parish this will involve Sageston Mountain and Stephens Green Lane.

Royal Wedding  in April -  It was agreed to bring ideas of celebrations for the Royal Wedding to next meeting.  Residents might wish to hold their own street parties.

Section 137 is now £6.44.

Walk for Life Sunday 27th March in aid of Kidney Wales Foundation.

PAVS  meeting at Simpsons Cross on Thursday 24th February.  


Carew Cheriton Control Tower on Saturday 12th March  at 7 pm-  there will be a wartime Cinema showing of  The Way to the Stars”.  However, the venue has now been changed to Sageston school.

Website -  Cllr White informed that there is an average of 3 visits a day to the website.

Date and Time of next meeting will be Thursday 10th March 2011 at 7 pm when County Councillor Rob Lewis will give a presentation regarding the  Ironman competition in September this year.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 10th March 2011 at 7 pm in Committee Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present;     Cllr Marina Griffiths   Cllr Lionel White

County Councillor  David Neale Cllr Gwenllian Head

Cllr Andrew Blayney  Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Trevor Goodman

Apologies:  Cllr Pat Gibby   Cllr Mike Bosley

Public Participation:   Matthew Evans from Activity Wales

      Richard Hughes

The Chairman welcomed all to the March meeting.  Minutes of the meeting held in February were agreed as a true record and all present agreed they be duly signed as a true record.

The Chairman then handed over to Mr Matthew Evans from Activity Wales to discuss the Ironman Competition in September this year.  This involves a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a run of 26.2 miles.    This is a prestigious worldwide event with 33 countries covering the event on TV.   and 2000 athletes are expected who bring along around 8000 supporters and 1500 volunteers required.  This will generate 50,000 bed nights for the local economy.  The event will start and finish in Tenby.  The competitors will arrive on Wednesday 7th September and start with a Pasta Party in Pembroke Castle followed by the event itself on Sunday 11th September.  The swim will start  from South Beach, around Caldy then back to the Rectory car park to collect the bikes for the ride.  The 112 mile circuit is a loop of 56 miles x 2.  The areas of the Parish that  route will come through will be from Redberth to Treens Bridge and up through to Cresselly.    Because the Trunk Road cannot be crossed or used, road closures will be necessary to allow the cyclists safe passage.  These road closures will be in force between 9 am and 3 pm on Sunday 11th September.    There is a Traffic Management Company will be organising the access points and working with communities and businesses and individual community needs such as Care workers.    It is hoped that a carnival atmosphere could be generated with community packs available  and such items as time bells and shakers to encourage and support the athletes.    The full course will be  tried out by competitors at the Long Weekend in July.  This event is scheduled for 5 years and generating substantial interest.  There are also prizes for the best supporting village.    The winners presentation and closing party  will be on Monday 12th September also in Pembroke Castle.

Further information can be obtained on Ironmanwales.com, on Facebook and Youtube.

  All present agreed that this is a wonderful opportunity to show the world the beauty of Pembrokeshire and also the Parish of Carew.   Chairman thanked Mr Evans for his presentation.  Cllr Brock felt that the access for Sunday worship and Sunday Schools to the churches is something that can be overcome and discussion will take place.     Mr Evans agreed to come back to the April meeting with further information from the Traffic Management Group and what arrangements for access for individuals, business and social needs are to be made.   Also, this information can then be cascaded to local organisations.  Mr Evans then left the meeting.

Tenders for Grass Cutting

The Chairman welcomed Mr Richard Hughes  who gave a brief outline of the tender submitted for grass cutting.   The Chairman thanked Mr Hughes who then left the meeting in order that  all the tenders could be discussed.

The Clerk supplied a list of all enquires that had been made and a considerable amount of time was given over to scrutinising the tenders.  After deliberations Cllr Blayney proposed and Cllr White seconded that the tender for £742 from R & M Garden Services be accepted and all present agreed.  The tender is to begin in April to run until October 2011 inclusive.


E.mail from Head of Highways regarding salting and gritting at junctions.  Industry guidance notes are observed when carrying out salting and gritting operations in Pembrokeshire and spread rates are increased when temperatures are lower.  However, to apply salt to heavily can result in an accumulation of loose material which may reduce skid resistance and could potentially cause more problems than an untreated road surface and for this reason ,  therefore, the Community Council’s request to add more salt and grit at junctions will not be taken up.

Gulleys  and drains -  Some gulleys have been cleared and it was further agreed to ask to ask PCC to do all the  drains throughout Birds Lane and Sageston village particularly as the  vehicle is parked up overnight in the village where the PCC operative lives.

Letter from Director of Recreation, Marketing and Communications of PCNPA regarding the work on the perimeter walls in  the Castle grounds.   This matter is in hand as part of the general maintenance of the castle and the work will be undertaken by a team from PCC and is due to be completed at the end of March 2011.   Clerk to send a copy of this letter to Mr & Mrs Gillespie  who originally voiced concerns about the condition of the castle walls.

Copies of the reply to LDP at PCC regarding Milton  to Mr and Mrs Williams and the Milton petition representative and Amenity Space in Sageston to be sent to Headmistress of Sageston School.

Letter from Paul Davies AM member for Preseli Pembrokeshire regarding the “Keep Chivenor 24 hours Campaign” .  Contents noted.


Granted by PCNPA – Double garage, shed and car part and removal of Leylandii trees at Rosemary Cottage, Rosemary Lane, West Williamston.


Letter from  Head of Projects, Property and Building Conservation at PCNPA regarding development land at Sageston informing that the National Park Authority  intend to submit a planning application for land which is owned by PCNPA at Sageston.  Some clearance work and considerable research (ecological survey, archaeological survey etc) will need to be completed before the application can be submitted which is anticipated to be before the end of this year.  PCNPA intend to contact the Community Council again once the application is ready for submission.     Cllr Brock asked that PCNPA be asked if local groups such as the Historical Society and Control Tower Group be involved with the surveys or be permitted to conduct their own.    Also under the previous JUDP this area was always earmarked as a site for local needs /social housing and as such by the size of the site a play area  must be included.


Invoices for payment:  Tenby Observer  £60, Clerks Salary Jan, Feb, March + expenses £398.57 and Carew Castle Estate ½ year rent  £575.  Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Blayney seconded – all present agreed – that these invoices be paid.

Community Councillors heard of  the very sad news  of the death of Mr Martin Fieldhouse.   It was agreed to send a card and letter to Mrs Fieldhouse.

Royal Wedding -  Discussion ensued on a suitable community event to mark the Royal Wedding in April.    It was noted that the Sports Club intend to hold a Hen and Stag night on Saturday 16th April 2011.  It was felt that with the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012 that a community event be held to mark this occasion instead.   It was generally hoped that residents be encouraged to hold their own individual/street/village events.  


Cllr White informed that the website will be updated shortly.

Clerk to further ascertain ownership of the grass area on Saunders Road.

County Councillor Neale informed that  he will keep on to  Area Maintenance South regarding the clearing of gulleys and drains.  He will also chase up the removal/lopping of the shrubs in Redberth outside the Old School House.

Also, the shrubbery needs cutting back on the steps from Kesteven Court to the bus stop.

Cllr Thomas asked that a letter of congratulations be sent to Jacqueline Scourfield on being named young Entrepreneur of the year from Greenhill School.

Clerk to further chase up the situation with regards to roundabouts in Sageston and Milton and the safety measures along with the enhancement and planting, particularly in view of the forthcoming Ironman competition.  Hedge trimming also needs to be undertaken.  

Clerk to also write to Area Maintenance South on the wonderful job of clearing Milton Bridge.

Join  Carew Play Group 25th Birthday  celebrations on 1st April with a Coffee morning.  All welcome .

Contact the lead on Good Neighbour Scheme for an update.

County Councillor Neale to contact local roofer regarding felting of the shed to facilitate storage of the mower, trailer, garden tools etc.

Date and time of next meeting  -  Thursday 14th April  at 7 pm for further update from Matthew Evans on Ironman Competition followed by meeting at 7.30 pm.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 14th April 2011 at 7 pm.

Present:                         Cllr Marina Griffiths                               Cllr Lionel White

                                       Cllr Gwenllian Head                                Cllr Mike Bosley

                                       Cllr Vanessa Thomas                             Cllr Trevor Goodman

                                       Cllr  Pat Gibby                                          Cllr Andrew Blayney

APOLOGIES:               Cllr John Brock                                        County Councillor D Neale (absent for first part of the meeting)

Agenda stated that Matthew Evans from Activity Wales would be in attendance for further update on Ironman Wales competition but he was unable to attend at last minute.

Minutes of the last meeting were received as accurate and all present agreed they should be  signed as a true record.

Cllr Griffiths (Chair) informed that since the meeting in March former Community Councillor Maurice Griffiths had passed away.  The Chairman and Clerk had visited Mrs Griffiths with flowers from the Community Council and attended the funeral .

Matters Arising:

Acknowledgement letter received from PCC LDP team of the Community Council’s comments.

Acknowledgement e.mail from PCC regarding drain clearing along Birds Lane and Sageston.  However, the drains are full of silt and debris again and clearing should be an ongoing maintenance item rather than actioned when there is a problem.    

Chairman confirmed the shrubs outside the Old School House in Redberth have been cut down.


PCNPA – Part demolition and reinstatement of outbuilding annex & change of use to site amenity building at Tything barn.  NP/11/142.  These plans were viewed and following discussion there were no grounds for objection identified and no adverse comments by the Councillors.

PCNPA – Alteration & Extension to Dwelling House, New Garage and external decking Terrace at Woodside, Lawrenny Road, Cresselly.  (NP/11/097).  These plans were viewed and following discussion there were no grounds for objection identified and no adverse comments by the Councillors.

PCNPA – Renovation & extension to Charlwood, Cresselly. (NP/11/124). These plans were inspected and following discussion there were no grounds for objection identified and no adverse comments by the Councillors.

PCC – Erection of Dwelling & Garage, Plot 35 Milton Meadows, Milton. These plans were inspected and following discussion there were no grounds for objection identified and no adverse comments by the Councillors.

PNPA – Determination of conditions at Carew Quarry, Carew Newton.  This Determination noted and accepted by Councillors present.


Letter received from Secretary of Pisgah Baptist Chapel requesting financial assistance for cemetery maintenance.  Cllr Thomas declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.    Following discussion is was proposed by Cllr Head and seconded by Cllr Bosley that 250 pounds be donated.

PALC annual subscription of 79 pounds is now due.  Communication received also from One Voice Wales regarding membership and discussion took place on subscription to either or both these organizations.   Cllr Gibby then proposed and Cllr Thomas seconded and all present agreed that Carew Community Council  will continue to subscribe to Pembrokeshire Association of Local Councils and that the 79 pounds be paid.

Temporary Road closures order noted for resurfacing commencing Tuesday 26th April to C3124 near Sageston from its junction with the B4318 Sageston to Tenby road, south west via Red Down to it’s junction with the Ridgeway.  

Wild Weekend for Wales from 20-22nd May 2011 aims to improve biodiversity by assisting people to undertake small projects to benefit native species and create new wildlife havens in their locality.

E.mail communication from PCC regarding the moving of the Pembs Record Office to new premises shortly.

Consultation document on Draft Equality and Diversity Strategy for Fire and Rescue Services in Wales 2011-2016 – This has been put in the reading file for comments at next meeting.


Cllr Head reported on the results of a recent assignment to establish the number of children in Carew Park.  The total is 103 aged between birth to 14 years.  Also, a car had come into contact with a child at the top of Perrots road and though no physical damage was sustained -  A sign asking for ‘Caution,  Children Playing’ is needed and Pembrokeshire County Council to be informed of the accident and request for signage as a matter of urgency.

No Dog Fouling sign on the gate near the play area has been removed and needs replacing.

Staggered gates at rear of 43 Bartletts Well Road have not yet been erected despite information received from PCC that these would be put up at the end of March.  Clerk to write to PCC urgently regarding this.

Foliage to be cut back on the steps down to the bus stop at Kesteven Court.

Website -   Cllr White informed that the unofficial community Council website still averaging 3 visits a day .  Visitors from UK, USA and Russia.   The page looked at most is the notice board which is encouraging.  Chairman thanked Cllr White for his continued administration and dedication to the website.  Cllr White’s details to be passed to Matthew Evans at Activity Wales regarding the Ironman link.    Discussion ensued on inviting Sports Club representatives to next meeting when, hopefully, Matthew Evans will have further updates on the competition or whether a separate group be set up.

Good Neighbour Scheme – Cllr White informed that adjacent community councils had been given the results of the GNS survey and the results of the Carew survey to be chased up.

Cllr Blayney asked that the castle walls opposite the rear entrance to Carew Inn be cut back and walls cleaned to match up with the recent work carried out on the castle walls lower down.  The weed growth will cause obstruction to traffic  if not cleared soon.  Clerk to contact Site Manager at Carew Castle.

Dog Fouling throughout the village particularly on the footpath to school from Kesteven Court  is a problem and hazard as pedestrians step into the road to avoid the mess.

Resurfacing school footpath and filling in of the road wear at the 1st speed ramp by Bartletts Well engineering to be requested.

PCC to be asked to sweep up  broken glass at the bottle bank skips in the car park .

Chairman thanked Cllr Goodman for felting the roof on the shed in the Memorial Hall car park. Following discussion  Clerk to purchase 1 sheet of ply 10 x 8 to strengthen the floor.  Lock to be purchased then the trailer and mower and various tools can be rehoused.

Clerk informed that R & M Garden services had made the first cut to car park, cemetery and Marsh Walk.  Mr Hughes reported a trip hazard on the cemetery steps where the  concrete has fractured and needs be attended to.  Also, brambles need cutting back as they appear through the  fence on the Welsh Water side at Milton Marsh Walk.

Letter of thanks to Carew Club on cutting back the trees in the Memorial Hall Car Park.  Cllr Neale informed that a shredder will be used to dispose of overgrowth.

Clerk informed that the Agent to Carew Castle Estate – Kathryn Perkins – had made contact regarding the possibility of allotments in the village.  Clerk had informed Ms Perkins  that the Community Council and Parish Environment Group had considered this in their long term plan strategies.  Owners due to visit Carew end of April/May and members of the Community Council and Parish Environment Group would be happy to meet in the village to discuss this further.    Clerk to write to Kathryn Perkins thanking her for this invitation.

Parish Environment Group -  The group to meet on Saturday 30th April at 9 am in Carew Newton to look at the broken step at the Cemetery.

County Councillor’s Report

The dumping of carrier bags and rubbish at the Milton Water Works is a problem and he has contacted Welsh Water representatives and Environment Agency regarding this and will continue to monitor the situation.  0-0-0-0-0

Entrance to the Welsh Water works at Milton has very large pot holes and this junction is also used as a turning point.    PCC bowsers also fill up with water so the problem needs to be addressed by either or both organizations.

Item in Western Telegraph regarding the problem near St Florence at Minerton Cross was discussed and it was agreed that Councillors  and residents be vigilant over the two Bank Holidays as to the problem of illegal campment.

Cllr Griffiths declared the meeting closed.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING:  Thursday 12th May 2011 – Annual General Meeting.

Minutes of Carew Community Council’s Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 12th May 2011 at 7 pm in Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:   Cllr Marina Griffiths       Cllr Gwenllian Head       Cllr Andrew Blayney

                     County Councillor David Neale                           Cllr John Brock MBE

                     Cllr Vanessa Thom       Cllr Lionel White

APOLOGIES:   Cllr Trevor Goodman  Cllr Pat Gibby

The Chairman, Cllr Griffiths, welcomed all to the meeting and thanked all Councillors for their help and support during the last year of office.  Cllr Brock from the floor thanked Cllr Griffiths for her leadership and ability to keep meetings running smoothly.  All present agreed.  The Chairman then handed the meeting over to the Clerk to undertake the Election of Officers process.  

Election of Officers -  The Clerk thanked all Councillors for their help and support during the last year.

Nominations were asked for the position of Chairman-  Cllr Griffiths was proposed by County Councillor David Neale  and Cllr Blayney seconded.  Cllr Griffiths accepted this nomination.  There were no amendments.   All present unanimously agreed and Cllr Marina Griffiths is hereby appointed Chairman of Carew Community Council for 2011-2012,

Nominations were asked for the position of Vice Chairman -  Cllr Gwenllian Head was proposed by Cllr Brock and Cllr Thomas seconded.  Cllr Head accepted this nomination.  There were no amendments.  All present unanimously agreed and Cllr Gwenllian Head is hereby  appointed Vice Chairman of Carew Community Council for 2011-2012.

Minutes of the last meeting  were passed as a true record with the exception that it was Cllr White not Cllr Blayey who reported that adjacent Community Councils had received the results of the Good Neighbouring Scheme.  

Mr Matthew Evans from Activity Wales then joined the meeting to report on the arrangements so far in relation to the Ironman Wales competition   on 11th September 2011.  The 2.4 mile swim is followed by 112 mile cycle ride  and then a 26.5 mile marathon run.  There will be road closures from 9am -   3 pm throughout the Parish (but not on the A40 trunk road)  on 11th September.   The area of the cycle route through the Parish affected by road closures will be from over the bridge  on the bypass down Knapps Lane, through Redberth and Sageston, along Birds Lane turning up the Villa Hill , up to Freestone and along through Cresselly to Cross  Hands where the cyclists turn onto the Templeton Road heading for Narberth.   .  There will be around 1700 competitors who will make the cycle ride through the Parish on a 56 mile loop, twice. There are plans for car parking on Carew Airfield.    Matthew provided a video clip of the  origins of the Ironman competition and how it has now developed to a worldwide event.   The Long Course weekend on 4th June will be the warm up for the Ironman competition and the 112 mile cycle route through the Parish will be used on that weekend (but without the road closures).  There is a prize for the community who provides most support for the cyclists and to this end it was agreed that  a Community Meeting be arranged for Tuesday 14th June at 7 pm in Carew Memorial Hall where representatives from organizations and parishioners be invited to come along and see Matthew Evans’ talk.  Ideas for the day will be discussed then.   Flyers to each household in the parish to be distributed. Marshalls will be required and volunteer forms were distributed by Mr Evans.  For more information please see Ironmanwales.com,  Activitywales.com website or the Carew Community Council website – carewparish.com.  Cllr Griffiths thanked  Mr  Evans  for his informative update who then left the meeting.

Matters Arising:-

Correspondence received:

 e.mail from Secretary Carew Sports Club,  

communication from Agent to Carew Castle Estates that the owners had not yet decided on the date to visit the Parish;  

request for repair of Pot holes at  Milton has been passed to Area Maintenance South and County Councillor Neale would be contacting the relevant officer at PCC regarding this;

Good Neighbouring scheme -  Apologies for the delay were received following the Community Council’s request for update and survey results .

Draft Equality and Diversity Strategy -  There were no comments.


Plot 35, Milton Meadows – Permission granted by PCC.

Development Land at Sageston -   County Councillor Neale declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.   Letter received from Head of Projects, Property and Building Conservation at  PCNPA – stating that the site has been cleared and various surveys will be commissioned prior to PCNPA submission of an application for residential development.  As the surveys arrive PCNPA will send copies to local groups (in fact copies of the archeological survey have already been sent to Carew Control Tower Group, Carew Castle and the Sunderland Trust).  PCNPA felt that their application for residential development would be in outline only and it is anticipated that any consent granted by PCC will contain numerous conditions including a proportion of units being provided for local needs, part of the site retained for landscaping/play area etc.

PCC Notice of Appeal by Right Price Caravans, Carew Airfield, Sageston following refusal of planning permission for Retention of existing caravan sales business.  

Land at Meadow Farm, Redberth – Erection of dwelling (10/1265/PA)  -  Following discussion it was felt that the proposed building was very large and out of keeping with the local area and character.  However, it was generally agreed that the village of Redberth had a number of different styles of building but that this proposed structure would be out of keeping with the village idyll.

Local Development Plan – Communication received from PCC - Consultation on the Site allocation representations – the ‘Alternative Sites’ stage -  A number of people have suggested changes to the Deposit Plan and some of the changes relate to proposed sites or boundaries within the Plan.   The formal Alternative Sites consultation period runs from 4th May until 16th June and all representations  to be received by  PCC at 5 pm on that day.    

Carew Community Council have submitted comments on the land at Milton Meadows suggesting changes to two other areas in Milton that had previously been submitted to PCC; and, an amenity site consideration for land behind Sageston school.  PCC notices at these areas have been erected.  

County Councillor Neale informed that he had submitted the  Alternative Site in Carew village.  Councillor Neale informed that he had submitted this site to restrict any future development  to starter homes only.

Bank account balances as at 31st March 2011 – £2955.52 current, £1693.04  deposit.

Precept of £2000 received  (not included in these figures).

Invoices for payment – Hall fees  for Community Council meetings and Luncheon Club up to and including May - £240 -  Councillor Blayney proposed and Cllr Head seconded that this be paid.

Insurance now due and the Clerk has sent the specification/schedule off to Zurich insurance to see if they are cheaper.  

Nash Finger Post – Letter from Head of South Wales Trunk Road Agency -  SWTRA has commissioned PCC to undertake an assessment of the performance at the junction.  PCC’s findings will be considered by SWTRA and WAG to determine whether any adjustments to the junction layout and the existing signage and road markings are required.

 -     Japanese knotweed in Redberth – PCC to be contacted regarding this

Sign at the entrance to Carew Park is loose and is coming off the board.

Cllr White reported that the Parish Website continues to have around 5 visits per day.  The pages most looked at is the Notice Board, archive minutes and the clubs and societies in Carew.  There are many  global visitors also.

Cllr Thomas expressed surprise at litter picking by PCC on both the last two Bank Holiday Mondays.   Cllr Blayney thought this may be that collections are not postponed due to Bank Holidays.

Cutting back of overgrowth at Carew Castle walls.  Site Manager at Carew Castle would be looking at this area – from the celtic cross up to the car park – with the site maintenance operative.

Gulleys along Birds Lane and Sageston are still full up and compacted.  At the first wet spell there will be flooding.   Clerk to contact Grenville Codd and copy to County Councillor Neale who will chase up.

The hole on the verge adjacent to the first speed bump along Birds Lane needs to be filled in.

 Footpath subsided from Bartletts Engineering to Sageston School -  To ask PCC to complete the above two items urgently prior to the Ironman competition.


County Councillor’s Report -  CC Neale attended the  PACT meeting in Saundersfoot recently and had spoken to the Safety Officer at Dyfed Powys Police regarding the security on the shed.  He will visit and submit a report.      Cllr Brock suggested that the shed could have an extension added and the clerk to seek prices for this.  Alternatively, a metal unit could be acquired and Clerk to contact Power Station for information on metal storage units.  

There have been positive comments received on the grass cutting.  CC Neale reported that Mr Thomas has been cutting back the overgrowth at the stream on the Milton Nature Walk.   The pump area in Milton  is cut by Pembrokeshire County Council  so the Clerk to inform the R & M garden services not to cut this area.

 The white lines on the Old road up to the Control Tower have disappeared and vehicles are not stopping as they should  when joining the road.  CC Neale to take this matter up with PCC.

Still no news on the resiting of Milton Post box.

The date and time of next meeting will be Thursday 9th June 2011 at 7.pm in Carew Memorial Hall. The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 9th June 2011.

Present:   Cllr Marina Griffiths          Cllr Gwenllian Head          Cllr Pat Gibby

               Cllr Vanessa Thomas        Cllr Lionel White              Cllr Mike Bosley

              County Councillor David Neale                                  Cllr Trevor Goodman

Apologies:    Cllr John Brock MBE

Public Attendance:  Mr Richard Hughes

Minutes of the last meeting were discussed.  One small amendment required in that Cllr Head was appointed as Vice Chairman.    The minutes were then signed as a true record.

Mr Hughes from R & M Garden Services had come along to inform that there is a lot of growth growing through the fence at the Milton Marsh Walk and near the Carding Mill there are low hanging branches.  Also at the Cemetery the hedge needs cutting back.  It was agreed that anything over head height at the Milton Marsh Walk should be cut back and the  brambles and growth coming through the fence should be cut back.  With regard to the Cemetery is was agreed to meet with Mr Hughes on site on Monday 13thJune at 5.30 pm to see what work is required.

Matters Arising.:

Update on Milton Post Box – Communication received from Royal Mail that only essential work being carried out at present.  In particular, priority is being given by Royal Mail to areas who have no post boxes.

Hedges at Carew Roundabout -  South Wales Trunk Roads Agency have been contacted to cut back the hedges at the approach to the roundabout.

Roundabouts at Carew and Sageston -   Communication also received  from SWTRA on the current situation.  The provision of countdown marker posts on the westbound approach to Tenby Road roundabout  is still awaited  and SWTRA will endeavor to progress with this as quickly as possible.  The proposals for enhancing the two roundabouts on the bypass were submitted in draft to SWTRA by PCC but the designed schemes were not approved by WAG and PCC need to revisit the designs and resubmit designs.  Cllr White asked that the Community Council find out what the project brief was in the first place.  

Good Neighbour Scheme -The Chairman thanked Cllr White for putting the survey form on the website and coordinating  with PCC on this matter.  It was confirmed that the forms had been sent out to some villages in the Parish.

Insurance.  The Clerk confirmed that the new Insurance from Zurich is £882.95, a saving of nearly £700 from the previous Insurers schedule.

LDP – Alternative Sites.   Considerable discussion ensued on the Alternative Sites at Carew, Sageston and Milton.    It was agreed that the Clerk respond  to  the following site numbers:

ALT/A/015/03 –Carew   ALT/N/087/02 – Milton  ALT/N/015/03 -Sageston

ALT/N/087/01 –Milton   ALT/N/015/02 – Sageston ALT/N/015/01 - Sageston

ALT/N/087/03 – Milton   ALT/A/015/03 – Sageston ALT/N000/08 – Sageston

ALT/N/000/09 – Sageston  ALT/N/000/03 – Sageston

Carew:  The Alternative Site here is largely cosmetic movements of the boundaries for inclusion of land into the village.


Sageston – The Area on the Airfield to promote employment is agreed subject to the type of development .

Sageston – The two areas on the other side of the bypass are outside the village settlement and would be lost to the village due to access and safety issues.  Already a dangerous trunk road and footbridge and traffic lights need to be considered if this were to go ahead.  No natural means to include this area in the proper village environs.  

Milton – Due to the historical nature of the village the only area acceptable to rural village environs would be ALT087/02.  The other two proposed sites would bound the A40 and one area is potentially 50% the size of the Milton village itself.  This is too large a site for the village .There are already 4 sites for development with planning permission granted in the Parish of Carew.   

Community Meeting Tuesday 14th June.  Flyers have been delivered to each household in the Parish inviting people to the Community Meeting to discuss the Ironman competition in September.  Letters to organizations in the Parish have also been sent.   


Meeting with Carew Castle estate Owners on Thursday 16th June.  The Chairman confirmed that members of the Community Council will meet with the Owners of Carew Castle Estate and the agent at 11.15  am in the meetings room of  Carew Memorial Hall.    The Owners and Agent will discuss the provision of garden plots.  All able to attend to meet at 10.45 am.

Gulleys and drains, Birds Lane and Sageston – clearing still awaited.

The pot holes  at the verge at the first speed bump along Birds lane have been filled in.

Whitelines on the detrunked  road at Sageston on the road to the Control Tower – work awaited.

Update from Carew Castle – The Site Supervisor at Carew Castle had communicated that the continuation of the work on the boundary wall up to the Cenotaph will be looked at with a view to continuing the work.


Herb and Craft Festival -  Information to be obtained from Carew Castle Supervisor and sent on to  Cllr White for inclusion on the website.

Invoices for payment :  It was proposed by Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr Thomas that the following invoices be paid:

R & M Garden Services  - £212, Clerk’s Salary Apr, May and June £391.50 and printing costs of the flyers for Cllr White £4.27.

Letter received from St Marys Church, Carew Cheriton requesting donation toward the cost of upkeep of the war graves.   It was proposed by Cllr Head and seconded by Cllr Thomas that £250 be donated.


County Councillor Neale declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.

Planning Granted by  Pembrokeshire County National Park Authority:

NP/11/124 – Renovation and extension to Charlwood, Cresselly, Kilgetty

NP/11/142 – Park demolition & reinstatement of outbuilding extension, change of use to site amenity building – Tything Barn, West Williamston.

NP/11/097 – Side Extension , detached double garage and external decking terrace – Woodside, Lawrenny Road, Cresselly.

Planning Granted by Pembrokeshire County Council:

10/1265/PA – Erection of dweling – Land at Meadow Farm, Redberth.


VAT rebate received - £81.93.

St Johns Knights Walk June 26th   To raise money for new HQ.

Milford Haven Waterway Recreation Management Plan -  In Reading File.

The Chairman asked that the Community Council send a letter of condolence to the Pembroke Town Council and Milford Haven Town Council following the tragic loss of life at Chevron  on 2nd June.

Shed -  Chairman had received a security evaluation on the shed  from PCSO Moffat  requested by County Councillor Neale.  Following discussion the following was agreed:

To explore the purchase of a metal container in place of the shed.

To ask PCC if the current shed could be sold.

To explore through the Community Association and PAVS any grant funding available and also to look at the opportunities of a fund raising event.

County Councillor Neale will make enquiries at PCC as to whether the shed could be disposed of.

To look at setting up a Steering Group between the Community Association, and Environment Group to facilitate full and frank discussion on the use of the mower within the Parish.    Also to use the Steering Group to encourage volunteers to the Environment Group.  All present agreed to the above.


Signage at the junction of Redberth road with Sageston.  PCC to be asked to provide road triangle to aid drivers to stop at the junction. And for the continuation of the white lines  from the roundabout in Sageston past Ashleigh House.

Concern expressed that residents are putting out their rubbish as early as Thursday (refuse collection on Monday).   Refuse bags are then broken open by wildlife/birds etc .  This practice to be discouraged where practical.

The sign at the entrance to Carew Park is still loose and required firm mounting.

The back walls of Kesteven court bungalows need strengthening as they are falling in on the play Group play area and until this work is carried out the landscaping of the play area cannot take place.  County Councillor Neale agreed to chase this up with PCC.

White lines over the Carew Bridge need replacing.

A meeting to discuss the plans at Carew Newton Cemetery to be arranged at the end of July.  Agenda item for July meeting and then interested parties to be invited either to the Cemetery for a meeting or in the Hall.

Cllr Goodman confirmed that his brother is building a new wooden gate at the Cemetery.  Chairman asked Cllr Goodman to convey the thanks of the Community Council to his brother for this work.

Work commencing on building plots adjacent to Runway Lodge and the former fuel tanks are being removed.

Cllr White confirmed that the Good Neighbour survey forms are being accessed on the website and that links to the Ironman competition is also on the website   Also on the noticeboard is the notice of the Community Meeting on 14th June.  Visitors to the website in May amounted to 141.


Dog Fouling Birds Lane = This problem persists and it more signage is required along Birds Lane and the Dog Warden is to be asked to patrol between 7 and 8 at night.  PCSO also to be informed about this.

Window in the toilets at Carew are left open and Cllr Bosley had witnessed youths entering the toilets via the open window and then unlocking the toilets.  PCSO to be informed of this and PCC to be asked to close the windows when the operative has cleaned the toilets.

Speeding at the top of Carew Park Estate -  Great concern was expressed at the problem of speeding  and the amount of children at play.   Signage  ‘Caution Children Playing’ and  20 mph speed restriction is required.  County Councillor Neale to pursue this with PCC urgently.    The possibility of speed bumps to be considered.

Parking on yellow lines outside the Carew Inn.  PCSO to be contacted regarding this and also traffic Wardens if the problem persists.

County Councillors Report -  New ‘Tell us Once’ Service has been launched by PCC.   Once PCC are informed of a bereavement, they will liaise with all necessary council departments and Central Government.  Further report to be compiled by Councillor Neale and distributed with the next minutes.

Date and time of next meeting -  Thursday 14th July 2011 at 7.30

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 14th July, 2011 in Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:   Cllr Gwenllian Head      Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                  Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Pat Gibby

                  Cllr Andrew Blayney  Cllr Lionel White

                  Cllr Mike Bosley         Cllr Trevor Goodman

Apologies for absence:  Cllr Marina Griffiths  County Councillor David J Neale

Public Participation:    Mrs Pauline Pugh   Mrs Sandra James

In the absence of Cllr M Griffiths, Cllr Head chaired the meeting.

Minutes of the June meeting:  Cllr Thomas proposed and Cllr Gibby seconded that the minutes of the meeting held on 9th June 2011 be passed as a true record and duly signed.

Cllr Blayney offered his apologies for not being at the June meeting.

Mrs Pugh and Mrs James attended the meeting to enquire as to the plans for Carew Newton Cemetery.  A  background as to the sequence of events was provided by the Clerk and Councillors.  Elaborate landscaping plans from Pembrokeshire College had been obtained and  County Councillor Neale had made further enquiries. The College plans were eventually  shelved  in favour of  more muted, low key enhancements. There is a need to adhere to Health and Safety and  bring the area up to date to meet today’s needs and requirements including accessibility. Provision of a gate at the far end of the Cemetery to provide  ease of access for funeral hearse  and a bigger turning area is also being considered.  Currently the hedgerows are being cut back and a new kissing gate is being made.

 Mrs James stated that she felt there was no need for a turning point as the road past the cemetery joins the Carew to West Williamston Road.  Mrs Pugh felt that the  Cemetery should remain as it is without any further work and left alone.  Mrs James also felt that Health and Safety issues need not be pursued and  there is no problem with accessibility.

Councillors contributed that in approaching this project they are well aware that local people need to be involved as well as Funeral directors.  Nothing major to the detriment of the village would take place.  Indeed, the area is covered by the National Parks and therefore guidance and advice would be taken from the Parks Planning department before any work carried out.

Mrs Pugh and Mrs James stated that their relatives and loved ones are buried in the Cemetery and affirmed their wish that nothing further is done and the charm of the cemetery retained  as it is now.  Councillor Brock  informed that the problems of parking and accessibility are also apparent in Carew Cheriton cemetery and removal of the verge to provide more convenient passing/parking/turning places has been ongoing with PCC  many years and still unresolved.  

Cllr Brock confirmed that the  Community Council are the owners of the Carew Newton Cemetery and maintain the area.  There are regular checks on grave stones to be carried out in addition to the maintenance of the site.  

The following was then agreed:

A meeting be convened for interested parties and Parishioners at the Carew Newton Cemetery on Thursday 11th August at 7 pm.  Meeting Notes

Sketch site map of the area to be provided.

Posters on the meeting to be put up in  Whitehill, Cemetery gate, Milton Farm Shop, Redberth, Carew, Sageston and the  chapels and churches in the Parish.

 Funeral directors to be asked beforehand if there are accessibility  issues they feel should be addressed.

All present agreed on the above and Mrs James and Mrs Pugh were thanked for coming and then left the meeting.

Councillors continued discussions on the Carew Newton Graveyard.   It is confirmed that the work and provision of further facilities are entirely to meet more modern day needs and requirements and to bring the Cemetery  up to standard.  These works would be as sympathetic as possible and will listen to the needs of Parishioners bearing in mind the need to think of the future.  The objective of the meeting on 11th August will be to allay fears of intrusive building work .  

Matters Arising:  

Good Neighbour Scheme – Response from Rachel Gibby at PCC with the results of the Survey as follows:

667 letters sent out by PCC to residents in the Parish of Carew

55 letters returned which is an 8.24% return – the average for other communities being 5%.

40 households willing to be volunteers (6%)

29 households staging they would use the scheme if it was up and running (4.37%)

2 people saying the scheme would be of no use.   

All figures include what was sent in via the website.

It was felt that  there are diverse arrangements in the Parish and that the Parish is not a single community.  The Carew Parish is an umbrella for 9 communities and there are 13 organisations.   It was felt that the Parish is fortunate in its approach to social issues  in each village and there is a readiness to respond to requests for help.  

Following discussion it was agreed to ascertain the location of the  40 volunteering households in relation to the 29 households that would use the scheme;  whether these two groups are clustered;   who would be responsible;  what responsibility would be involved .  This information would be required before further deliberations could take place.    It was felt that maybe this would be setting up another strata in the Community when the  Community Association could be considered as an umbrella for this work.   It was further agreed that this item be put on the Agenda for the September meeting.

Communication received from PCC  in relation to items raised that have been passed on to the relevant departments for action as follows:

White lines at detrunked road Carew Cheriton, lines from roundabout in Sageston past Ashleigh House and lines need replacing over Carew Bridge;  white triangle on the road at the junction of Redberth Road and Sageston -  passed to  Area Maintenance South

Road sign at Carew Park Estate passed to Area Maintenance South

Dog fouling – passed to Area Maintenance South

Public toilets at Carew – This passed to Building Maintenance South

PCSO has been contacted regarding the public toilets in Carew and the speeding at the top of Carew Estate and his  support requested in order to enable signage to be expedited.  The dog fouling problem has also been communicated to PCSO Moffatt.

Communication received from SWTRA  -  The hedges at Carew roundabout will be inspected by SWTRA’s Landscape and Environmental Coordinator on 14th July.

Provision of the countdown markers  at Sageston roundabout -  Because the chevrons on the roundabout are being struck  by vehicles on a fairly regular basis the whole roundabout and its approaches are being assessed by SWTRA’s consultants.  However,  a Road Safety Audit will be needed for countdown markers  and other works identified and the timescale  for assessment and proposals should take no longer than a month. WAG will need to agree and provide the funding and when this information is received Mr Williams will communicate the results. Councillors informed that just last week another vehicle went through the roundabout

With regard to the  landscaping project briefs for the roundabouts, a straight forward landscaping brief that would be easy to maintain was requested to enhance the area.  Mr Phil Leggett at PCC and the Landscape Officer  have been asked by SWTRA to rework the designs to produce something that all parties will agree with.  Following discussion it was agreed to seek Community Council inclusion in the design process with PCC.

TRA477  Junction at Nash Fingerpost -  Head of Highways and Construction confirms that PCC were instructed by SWTRA to undertake a video traffic survey at the junction and further topographical survey work has now been requested but the brief for project work has not yet been identified.  A further meeting with SWTRA is planned in the next week to clarify this.  PCC state that the current junction is essentially to current standards and accident statistics are low.   Also as this is a trunk road, WAG and SWTRA are the budget holders and decision makers on what actual work is undertaken and to what timescales.   Clerk to bring this matter forward to the Agenda for September meeting for further information.

Local Development Plan -  The Clerk provided information on the need for correct procedural ratification with regard to the submission of the Open Space for Amenity Use in Sageston to LDP by the Community Council.  Further discussion ensued regarding the area in particular.  To this end Cllr Blayney proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that the land known as the Paddock in Sageston be put forward as an Open Space for Amenity Use.  The Vice Chairman asked for a show of hands and all present agreed.

Shed -  The Clerk confirmed that she had been in communication with PCC regarding the shed.  As WAG may instruct an audit on the grants to identify where the money was spent and  the  impact the grant has had on particular projects, WAG may not look favourably on money spent on a shed that has since been sold/disposed of.  PCC requested further information on the PCSO safety report and the reasoning for purchasing the shed in the first place.      Clerk also confirmed that enquiries are ongoing for the purchase a metal container.

Garden Plots/Allotments -  Following a meeting on 16th June between the Agent, Carew Castle Estate owners and members of the Community Council a letter outlining a site plan and  the Estate’s offer of 6 garden plots/allotments has now been received.   The letting would be via a Lease which permits sub-letting for a period of 10 years at an annual rent of £100.  Community Councillors discussed the plan enclosed showing varying sizes of garden plots. The provision of allotments was also an item in the Community Action Plan developed by Planed.   It was proposed by Cllr Brock to accept this offer from Carew Castle estate owners.    The Clerk had obtained advice and information from Project Manager of Federation of City Farms and Gardens who will forward leasing and sub letting agreements for information.  Also the provision of water to the site was not felt to be a main requirement as there are workshops at Planed on rain water collection techniques.  A visit could be arranged to see the success of the Narberth allotments and there may be a travel bursary available.     Provisional discussion ensued  on the  allocation of plots and it was felt that this could be via website or in writing to the Clerk.

Invoices for payment -  £30 to R & M Countryside Services for additional strimming to bring overgrowth back in line with fence along Milton Marsh Walk.  £25 for annual rent of Milton Play Area payable to Carew Castle Estate.  It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Gibby that these two be paid.

Public Services Ombudsman Annual Report 2010/11 – in reading file.

PLANNING:  PCC – 11/0321/PA – New Access and hard standing area ;  Land at Freestone Cross, Cresselly.  -  Following discussion and perusal of the plans it was identified that the development is to provide a new access into a woodland and a surfaced loading and stacking area to facilitate timber harvesting.  There is a current Felling Licence in operation for the trees and the development forms part of a Better Woodland for Wales Management Plan.    There were no adverse comments.

IRONMAN COMPETITION  11TH SEPTEMBER 2011. Cllr White provided handouts of the substantial website information including road closures, that he had compiled on carewparish.com for the benefit of the community.  There are links from the website noticeboard and local attractions pages.  Carew Sports Club are putting on a whole day event to mark the occasion.  Vice Chairman suggested bunting between the trees and flags on the fencing of the school depicting all 39 countries involved.   It was agreed that  coordination between Carew Castle, Sports Club, School, Carew Inn, Plough and Community Council is required to find out what is planned for the day.  It was also agreed to request a Community Pack from Activity Wales as there are flags/bunting contained therein.   There is £200 available for every 10 volunteers in a group. Cllr Blayney, Cllr Bosley +1, Clerk +1, County Councillor Neale, Cllr Goodman have or are in the process of registering as volunteer marshals in the village on the day. The Sports Club also have a team of marshals.   Cllr Brock also informed that as this competition is scheduled for 5 years in the area, it may be a prudent option for the Community Council to observe the event this year to see the scale, participation, planning and organisation that would be required for the next 4 years.


Cllr Brock informed of the extreme hazard that the pooling of rainwater makes particularly during the recent very inclement weather.  Also, the collection of water off Carew roundabout towards Carew Cheriton.  County Councillor Neale had also communicated with the Clerk about the problem with excess water at Sageston roundabout.  Clerk to contact PCC and SWTRA regarding these issues.

Cllr Brock had received concerns about play equipment at Milton Play area and the need for inspection to ensure safety. There has also been some vandalism at the Play area and the PCSO is to be informed.

The white lines at the detrunked road to the Control Tower need replacing urgently as cars visiting businesses and the Control Tower are not stopping at the junction as the lines are worn away.

Cllr Gibby had received concerns regarding the wall that has been taken down by PCC behind the bungalows at Kesteven court adjacent to the Memorial Hall and not yet been replaced.  The wall was leaning badly.  The residents feel vulnerable and exposed.  PCC had originally said the work would be completed straight away but the wall has been down for 2 weeks now.  Also, Carew Playschool have work to complete once the wall has been reinstated.   PCC to be asked to complete this work as a matter of urgency and County councilor Neale be informed of the problem.  PCSO also to be asked to visit to provide reassurance.

Cllr Head informed that it was with regret that the Carew Playgroup would be closing in September.   The Playgroup started in 1986.  The Playgroup wish garden project adjacent to the hall to be handed over to the Hall for the benefit of organizations to use such as the Luncheon Club.  The Playgroup also ask for a commemorative bench to be placed in the garden to mark the 25 years that the group has been in existence.    All present agreed to this request.

Date and time of next meeting -  Thursday 11th August 2011 at 7 pm at Carew Newton Cemetery with parishioners to hear their views.

Thursday 8th September 2011 at 7.30 pm  in Carew Memorial Hall for Community Council meeting.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Notes of the Carew Community Council meeting held with residents and parishioners at Carew Newton Cemetery on Thursday 11th August 2011 at 7 pm.

Community Councillors present:   

Cllr Marina Griffiths   Cllr Gwenllian Head

County Councillor David Neale     Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Cllr Pat Gibby   Cllr John Brock MBE

Cllr Lionel White   Cllr Trevor Goodman


Cllr Andrew Blayney  Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Griffiths welcomed  a large  attendance of parishioners to the meeting (around 35) that had been arranged by the Community Council to discussed the proposals/plans for the Cemetery.  The meeting was in response to the concerns of parishioners that attended the last Community Council meeting that were not allayed despite reassurance that no firm decisions had been made and no definite proposals put forward.  The Community Council had agreed that the purpose of the meeting would be for open discussion for all parties to participate.

Cllr Griffiths pointed out to attendees that the steps to the gates of the Cemetery were in a poor state of repair.  Indeed, they proposed a Health and Safety issue and the first option was to repair  and make good and retain the steps. The second option is to take out the steps and put in a ramp/graded slope to form disabled access.  Suggestion was made to repair and retain the broken steps but make half and half with a graded slope.   The slope would then carry on into the pathway between the headstones which is in need of repair and Cllr Griffiths informed that the proposal was to replace the full length of the path.   There was no objections to replacing the path but the option of using kerbing stones was not considered necessary.  

“Kissing Gate” – Cllr Griffiths informed of the intention to cut back and reveal more of the gate and it’s stone posts and to replace the existing wooden gate in the same design.   There were no objections to this proposal.

The third consideration was for a new (additional) access at the lower end of the Cemetery with a stock proof gate and hard-standing to allow extra access for funeral vehicles.  Advice and comments had been sought from local Funeral Director  who stated that the hearse could then reverse into the new access along with the family car.  Following completion of the burial, all cars could then leave and the hearse and Funeral Directors could make sure everything is in order before leaving.   Many attendees objected to this option of the new access for a variety of reasons.  Mr Nicholas pointed out that the lower end of the Cemetery is a natural soak away and that anything put on top of this would sink.  It was suggested that the adding of gravel and chippings would facilitate drainage.  Again, Cllr Griffiths informed that suggestions and proposals were being considered and if this option were chosen then technical input and advice would be sought as to whether adding further gravel and chippings and a hard-standing would be sensible with the soak away.    A new path along with hedge to the main gate would need to be created if this option were proceeded with.

With the ramp in place there would be no need for extra entrance.

The question was asked why is this a problem?  With more accessibility by way of a slope and maybe a handrail mounted on the stone gate posts, this would cover the disabled accessibility issue and comply with Health and Safety.    The option of steps and a ramp would maybe be more of a hindrance than adding greater accessibility.  

Attendees felt that all the Parishioners should have a say in how the Cemetery should look and indeed Cllr Griffiths stated that this was the intention of the meeting.

County Councillor Neale distributed a map and sketch of the area.   County Councillor Neale stated that no money had been allocated or used in the process to date but that funding opportunities may need to be looked at.   The question was again asked on why the need for change.    Some attendees  with relatives laid to rest in the Cemetery  wished to have the idyll of the Cemetery and it’s natural beauty to remain with no modern additions.   

 Cllr Griffiths again informed that doing nothing was not an option as accessibility and Health and Safety issues were paramount.  

In conclusion,    the Parishioners at the meeting were in favour of the removal of the steps and replacing these with a graded slope.  They were in favour of a new path without kerbstones.  The general feeling was that the addition of a new access at the lower end of the Cemetery is not practical nor desired.   Suggestions also made were for a bench in the Cemetery and a different design of the sign on the gate.  

A suggestion was for a refuse container to be provided as one Parishioner  reported having to remove a broken discarded bottle from the Cemetery recently.

The general feeling of the meeting was that the  Community Council had looked after the Cemetery well and  wished the maintenance to continue for the people of the parish.    

Cllr Griffiths was informed that Parishioners do appreciate the work that the Community Council have done with the Cemetery.

Cllr Griffiths thanked everyone for their full and frank comments.  She also thanked everyone for attending the meeting and the issues raised would be further discussed at the next Community Council meeting.

Minutes of the meeting of the Community Council of Carew held on Thursday 15th September 2011 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:  Cllr Marina Griffiths (Chair)  Cllr Gwenllian Head

                     Cllr Trevor Goodman            Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                    Cllr John Brock MBE              County Councillor David Neale

                    Cllr Pat Gibby                          Cllr Lionel White

                    Cllr Mike Bosley

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Andrew Blayney

PUBLIC ATTENDANCE:  Mrs E Nicholas, Mrs P Pugh, Mr J Gillespie, Mrs J Hughes, Mrs A Gillespie, Mr R Barcell.

The minutes of the July meeting, August meeting at the Carew Newton Cemetery with members of the public and the Community Council site meeting notes were all agreed as accurate and duly signed.  However, Councillors recalled a member of the public attending the August meeting (name uncertain) stating there was no objection to using the Precept to carry out the remedial works to the steps, renewing the path and renovating the kissing gate.  It was also stated at that time that monies should be spent on tidying up the village.  

On further discussion it was felt that the use of Precept money is the jurisdiction of Community Council and not Parishioners.  There are still two places vacant on the Community Council.  The Chairman was congratulated on her skill in conducting the August meeting.

Matters Arising.

Councillor White had looked on the Land Registry website and it was agreed that further information for Community Council records will need to be obtained.  Clerk to contact Solicitors with regard to formal documents.

Mr Dai Rees then joined the meeting.  He is the Landscape Architect with PCC. He had been invited along to show the draft plans for the Carew and Sageston Roundabouts.  He provided background on the Trunk Roads Agency specification  to design landscaping, enhancements and improvements to the two roundabouts.   The original plans had not been approved by TRA.  The plans he produced  are  themed to be a gateway to the Parish in the form of strategic planting for the Carew roundabout to show a Celtic Cross theme.  However, this would only be visible from the air and not from the road.   The Sageston roundabout would incorporate a gradual dome shape.  Both roundabouts are different sizes.  The Carew roundabout would not have any grass and so maintenance would be kept at a minimum.  The Sageston roundabout would have a feature large specimen tree. The Sageston roundabout it also asymmetrical and draws on the roads  joining the roundabout .  Recycling of materials would be used as much as possible and County Councillor Neale reported that he may be able to locate granite stones from the Royal Dockyard for use in the designs.  Councillors perused the plans in detail.   Mr Rees reported that the next step would be for the Community Council to write to TRA and PCC on the plans and if happy to progress with the scheme.  Funding for the roundabout landscaping and enhancement scheme would need to be obtained and it was felt that local businesses and national organizations with links to the area could be approached for funding.  The Chairman then thanked Mr Rees for the plans and for attending the meeting.  Mr Rees then left the meeting.

Carew Newton Cemetery -  Following the meeting in August with residents of Carew Newton and Parishioners it had been agreed that a decision on the improvements needed for the Cemetery be placed on the agenda for this meeting.  Phase 1 of the scheme is the remedial works to the steps to provide disabled access and a handrail and replacing the path.  Phase 2 is the renovation of the kissing gate and replacing the gate.   Mrs Pugh (in public attendance) stated that a vote was not taken at the meeting in August on the works discussed.    Councillors felt that a vote was not needed .

Councillor Brock proposed and Councillor Head seconded the proposal that Phase 1 (as above) be proceeded with.    The members of the public (listed above) then left the meeting.

Milton Play Area – PCC have been asked to visit the Play Area with a view to inspecting the recreational equipment.

Letter received from Tim Jones, PCNP Ranger regarding improvements to the stone stile at the edge of Butts Lane near Carew bridge which is also at the southeast corner of Carew quarry. The proposal involves improvement to signage and waymarking, replace the stile in the quarry staff car park boundary fence with a pedestrian gate;  drainage features; bypass the stone stile at the end of Carew Bridge with the installation of a set of adjacent stone-faced steps;  remove the wooden stile at the top of the stone stile and install a pedestrian gate.  Traffic lights would need to be  used in the short term while the work is carried out. Photographs were provided indicating the location of the above works.  Councillor Brock asked for confirmation that the original stone steps would be retained. Subject to this there were no objections .

LDP – Awaiting further information on the outcome.

Signage – To chase up PCC with regard to signage at Carew Park,

Nash Finger Post -  County Councillor Neale informed that the Deputy Leader of PCC is  chasing up the survey work at Nash Finger Post in the light of the recent fatality.  Head of Highways at PCC informed that the extent of the topographical survey has been agreed and that  traffic management for the survey to take place  is required in view of health and safety concerns.  This will be set up after the summer embargo period.

AUDIT -  The Audit has been completed  and ratified by the Internal Auditor.  County Councillor Neale proposed and Cllr White seconded that the Audit be  submitted to the External Auditors.  

Invoices for Payment -  Auditors Fee of £50,  R & M Garden services £322 for grass cutting and additional work on Carew Newton Cemetery.   These had been paid out of meeting.  Clerks Salary for July, August and September £391.50 . Half year rent due on the Recreational Ground £575.  The Sports Club has been invoiced for the half year rent.   Councillor Gibby proposed and Councillor Bosley seconded that these be paid.

Precept received £2000.   

The Chairman informed of the loss of the Christmas tree since the July meeting.   The matter had been reported to the Police and put on the website.  

Ironman Wales -  Community Pack to be delivered on Friday 10th September.  County Councillor Neale informed of the use of a householder’s back gate in Carew Park onto the detrunked road has been provided.   Councillors discussed the lack of adequate communication.  There is adequate information for enthusiasts but not to residents and no flyers had been delivered  in Whitehill. The maps are hard to read.  It was felt that the debriefing event to be arranged later in the year would be the ideal forum to raise these issues.  

Good Neighbour Scheme -   It was agreed to invite Rachel Gibby at PCC to the October meeting.

PLANNING:   The Planning Inspectorate has allowed the appeal for 20 caravan units on Carew Airfield site for Right Price Caravans.    Councillors felt that the positioning of caravans at the entrance to the Airfield was an eyesore.

PCC - Parc Cottage, Cresselly 11/0447/PA – Alterations and extensions to dwelling.  Erection of garage/workshop.  Following perusal of the plans Councillors saw no grounds for objection though noted that this is a very large project.

PCNPA – Quarry Cottage, West Williamston.  NP/11/332 – Provision of two storey extension to rear of dwelling.  Following perusal of the plans Councillors saw no grounds for objection.


Correspondence received on Green Community Training – Bat Walk and Foraging

Empty Houses Survey – Agenda item for next meeting

Planning within PCNPA –

Queens Diamond Jubilee commemorative mugs – Agenda for next meeting.

Letter received from Simon Hart Conservative MP stating that he had been visited by residents concerned regarding the planned changes to Carew Newton Cemetery.   Following in depth discussion it was agreed for formulate a response and to arrange to meet Mr Hart on site so that the matters to be addressed could be seen and the health and safety issues made clear.  


White lines across the bridge and from Sageston roundabout to Ashleigh House –outstanding.

Gulley clearance has taken place.

Bartletts Well has been damaged.  Further inspection required.   This is listed under CADW.  Cadw list to next meeting.  

Councillor White  reported  114 visitors to the website during the last month.  Up to 8th September there had been 46 visitors so far.  24 visitors from Brazil.

Bus shelter, Teagues Cross.  The bus shelter is in poor state of repair with ivy growing inside and outside.  Barge boards rotten.  This is listed on the assets register as it was built by  the Community.  This could be a project for the Environment Group.  Councillor Goodman agreed to look at this before the next meeting.  Alternatively, PCC to be asked to remove it and reinstate with a new shelter.

Verges  to Carew Newton to Whitehill have not been cut back and the regular cutting of the hedgerows from Picnic area up to the Carew Newton junction has stopped.  

The taking down of hedgerows and reinstatement of fences and gates on Carew Lane Hill was discussed.  Hedgerow Officer to be contacted.

Activity of quad bikes through the village was discussed.  PCSO to be informed.  

Dustbin by telephone kiosk in Carew Village has been damaged and needs to be reseated.  

The hedgerow  is growing over the kiosk which has also has broken glass which needs replacing.  It was felt that this kiosk is also listed with Cadw.   

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday 13th October 2011 at 7 pm – Good Neighbour Scheme presentation.  

Minutes of the Carew Memorial Hall Committee Held on Thursday 13th October 2011 at 7 pm.

PRESENT:   Cllr Marina Griffiths   Cllr Gwenllian Head

                     Cllr Pat Gibby              Cllr Mike Bosley

                     Cllr Andrew Blayney  Cllr John Brock MBE

                     Cllr Lionel White         Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Apologies:     County Councillor David Neale Cllr Trevor Goodman

Minutes of the last meeting -  The following amendment to be made:

Deputy Leader of PCC had written to TRA on Health & Safety issues at Nash Finger Post previously not recently.    Subject to the above amendment the minutes were declared a true record and duly signed.

Good Neighbour Scheme:

Rachel Gibby from Pembrokeshire County Council came along to give feedback on the recent survey in Carew on the above scheme.  667 households were sent a survey form.   37 people from 34 households had stated they would use the scheme and 49 people from 40 households  would volunteer to help.  These volunteers and potential users of the scheme were scattered throughout the parish.  Support would come from PCC supplying templates, volunteer application forms, rotas for phone.  No one person would be in over all charge and this would fall to a committee of volunteers.

CRB  checks not necessary but references required for volunteers.  All risk assessments have been done.  Insurance covered by PCC.  A set up grant of £250  would be given to help with administration, mobile telephone purchase, top ups etc.   Kilgetty has started a scheme of 1064 households.  1238 households are covered by a scheme in Saundersfoot.  Ms Gibby  informed that if under 300 households the scheme does not usually take off.    The four schemes in South Pembrokeshire are there fore – Hundleton, Cosheston, Kilgetty and Amroth.

There is no time limit in setting up the scheme although it usually takes 3-6 months to set up.  

Vehicle expenses -  volunteers offering support with car journeys will be paid 45p per mile with an extra 5p per mile with another passenger.  The insurance companies of volunteers should be informed  that they intend to act as a volunteer driver.  Templates are available for this

Other items discussed – Confidentiality,, the availability of a Volunteer Handbook, insurance, first aid training.  

There is an Open Day Conference on 23rd November in Queens Hall Narberth.

It was felt that this would create a community from within a community and Cllr White stated there are 9 separate communities within the Parish over 9 miles square.  

Following further discussion it was generally agreed, in the first instance, that Rachel Gibby contact the secretary of the Carew Community Association and then for the volunteers to be put in contact with the Community Association.  This would also have the added benefit of “kick-starting” the Community Association in being able to co-opt  members.

The Chairman thanked Rachel Gibby for coming along . Ms Gibby then left the meeting.

Matters Arising:

E.mail from Redkite Law who are looking into the matters related to Carew Newton Cemetery.

Letter from Simon Hart MP – It was agreed to ask for a meeting on Friday 28th October 2 pm to meet with Councillors at Carew Newton Cemetery.

Telephone Kiosk Carew – BT have been informed that there are panes broken that need to be replaced.

Old Stile steps at Butts Lane -  Tim Jones, PCNPA Ranger has confirmed that the old stone steps will be retained when the new steps are put in place.


Extension Quarry Cottage, West Williamston – PCNPA have informed that this application has been withdrawn.

The Smithy, West Williamston (PCNPA )– erection of 12m pole – No objections.

Expansion of existing Motor cycle training area , Carew Airfield (PCC) – No objections.

Granted applications – PCC Alterations and extensions to dwelling  - Parc Cottage, Cresselly

PCC – New Access  and hardstanding - Land at Freestone Cross

Land at Sageston -  These plans were discussed in detail . They are for 110 houses including social housing.

It was agreed to clarify the following matters:

That the social housing would not be centred in one place or located at the rear of the site, backing on to the bypass but spread throughout the site.

How many phases the site will be built in?

Any variation to the plans, detailed or outlined or any alteration to be communicated to the Community Council for comments

The timescale for the completion of works.

The formation of a Liaison Group from the Community  to work with the developers PCC/PCNPA.

EMPTY House Survey – Bring forward to next meeting.

BUS SHELTER, Teagues Cross -  Cllr White informed that he had begun work on renovating the shelter.  He had ascertained that the boards are plasterboard and not asbestos.   Ivy had been sprayed with weed-killer.  Cllr White felt it was well worth tidying up and renovating following inspection.  It was agreed that this scheme be put on the Parish Environment Group list of work projects.

CADW List -  A listed buildings document has been received from CADW and this has been placed in the reading file.  Chairman urged Councillors to look at this prior to next meeting.

Repair of Bartletts Well -  It was agreed to ask PCC to look at the work needed to repair the Well.

Queens Diamond Jubilee -   Councillors discussed  different ways to commemorate this event in June 2012.  Suggestions – Beacons, commemorative mugs.  It was agreed to put this topic  on the agenda for the January 2012 meeting.

Rememberance Day – Cllr Gibby agreed to order a Community Council wreath for the Cenotaph.

Councillors Christmas Dinner -  Thursday 8th December.  Cllr Griffiths to bring menus to the next meeting.

Christmas Tree -  Councillors discussed whether to purchase another Christmas Tree.  It was agreed to see if the existing  well established Spruce tree in the Memorial Hall Car Park could be hooked up to a power source for the bulbs.  Suggestions were to contact Western Power Distribution who are currently working on the National Grid pylons, RW npower.


Letter from Secretary of Carew Senior Citizens Group asking for a donation towards the cost of putting on the Christmas dinner. -  The Christmas dinner this year will be on Saturday 26th November.  Last year the group catered a three course meal for 87 members.  It was proposed by Cllr Blayney ,seconded by Cllr Thomas and all present agreed that £300 be donated.

South East Pembrokeshire Community Health Network meeting will be held at New Hedges Village Hall on Tuesday 29th November 2011 at 2 pm.

Correspondence from PCC regarding War Memorials in Pembrokeshire requiring the Community Council to register contact details.  

Shipping containers -  Email regarding the cost of second hand container.  Following discussion on the cost and transport and VAT it was agreed to seek an alternative.  Suggestions were  Luton Van, Demountable horse box.  Clerk to investigate through periodicals and on the internet.


White lines over Carew Bridge, at the junction from the airfield to Carew Cheriton and Sageston roundabout past Ashleigh House – outstanding and will be chased up.

Website -  Councillor White informed  149 visitors  to the site  particularly searching for Ploughing match and Ironman competition.  Cllr White preparing a gallery of events page on the website and anyone with pictures of the Ironman competitors through Carew and the ploughing match please contact Cllr White.

Note -  Provisional date for Ironman 2012 – 16th September.

Carew Newton Cemetery -  To ask the groundsman to clear the strimming material from the gravestones that are covered in chippings.

Matters outstanding to be concluded -  cost of reserving a plot at the Cemetery and how marked.  Meeting of the Burial Steering Group needs to be organised when all information received.  Cllr Head volunteered to join the Steering Group.

Job Specifications for the work at the Cemetery.

PEG meeting -  to tidy up bus shelter at Teague’s Cross and cleaning up the telephone boxes at Carew (when the glass panes have been replaced), Whitehill and West Williamston - 4 pm Friday 28th October.

Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 10th November at 7.30 pm.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.



Notes -  Meeting with Simon Hart MP has now been arranged for Wednesday 16th November at 4 pm at Carew Newton Cemetery – all Councillors invited

PEG group was cancelled on 28th October –  new date needed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 10th November 2011 at 7.30 pm.


Cllr Marina Griffiths  Cllr Lionel White

Cllr Gwenllian Head  Cllr Andrew Blayney

Cllr John Brock   Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Cllr Trevor Goodman

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Pat Gibby   County Councillor David Neale

Minutes of the last meeting were signed as a true record.


Bartletts Well - Details have been passed by both the Clerk and County Councillor David Neale to CADW and the Listed Buildings/structures officer at PCC for further action. It was suggested that water samples are taken at the time of repair to the Well.

Telephone Kiosk, Carew village - Details have been passed to CADW, BT and the Listed Buildings/structures officer at PCC for further action.

Good Neighbour Scheme - Details have been passed to Secretary of the Community Association. It is noted that the Open Day for this Scheme has been postponed until 23rd June next year.

Carew Newton Cemetery - Information received from the Solicitors. Following discussion it as agreed to seen the declarations requested and submit to the Land Registry. The further costs outlined by the Solicitors will be discussed further.

Bus Shelter, Teagues Cross - Cllr White informed that he had carried out removal of the ivy around the bus shelter and assessed the work needed to replace the rotten woodwork. Chairman thanked Cllr White for his efforts.


The following planning approvals were noted:

PCNPA -NP/11/364 - New 12 mm wooden pole - The Smithy, West Williamston.

PCC - 11/0522/PA - Expansion of existing Motor Cycle training Area, change of use of toilet block to office, motorcycle MOT test centre and repair bay - Carew Airfield, Carew.

The following planning applications were discussed:

PCC - 11/0699/PA - Change of use to touring caravan servicing and equipping centre, sales centre and storage - Carew Open Air Market, Carew Airfield, Carew. Following detailed inspection of the plans, there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified

PCNPA - - NP/11/434 - Proposed two storey pitched roof extension extending perpendicular to rear of the dwelling house with 2 single storey lean to side wings off the extension - Quarry Cottage, West Williamston. Following detailed inspection of the plans, there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCC - 11/0709/PA - Erection of garage - Bartlett Well Lodge, Birds Lane, Sageston. Following detailed inspection of the plans, there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCC - 11/0636/PA - Change of use from carer's annex to residential dwelling - Woodpark, Sageston. Following detailed inspection of the plans it was agreed to seek clarification of what part of the plans relate to this application.


All Councillors agreed that this information contained very useful historical information and would be copied to councillors for there information and retention.


E.mail received from Andrew Muskett, Building Projects Officer at PCNPA regarding the forthcoming emergency repairs to be carried out at Carew Causeway. The work involves pressure grouting areas around the spillway, sluice and Southern side of the Mill building. These works will commence on Monday 14th November and should be completed before the Christmas break. If necessary signage for an alternative circular walk could be carried out by PCNPA. Clerk confirmed that this e.mail has been relayed to Cllr White for inclusion on the website.

Temporary Road Closure - B4318 Sageston Roundabout to Coal Lane. This road will be closed for resurfacing on Saturday 12th November for approximately 5 days.

R & M Countryside services - Invoice received for £336. It was agreed to write to thank Mr Hughes for his excellent work and ask him to re-tender for the same work next year starting in April. It was also agreed that Mr Hughes meet at Carew Newton Cemetery on 16th November at 4.30 pm to discuss replacement of the steps and renewal of the path.

E.mail forwarded from County Councillor Neale to Clerk from Peter Howe from PCC regarding Milton Marsh Walk. Following detailed and prolonged discussion about the mower and trailer it was proposed by Cllr White and

seconded by Cllr Head and agreed by all present that the Clerk write to Mr Howe requesting a meeting with officers of the Community Council to look at ways to hand back the mower and trailer.

PCSO Moffatt has sent a sign for use in the Parish. Following discussion it was agreed that as the sign is from Dyfed Powys Police Authority they should erect the sign. Also, it was agreed to contact Site Managers at Carew Castle for their views on the content of the sign and whether they wish it to be displayed.


Cllr White provided monthly update on the use of the website. Noticeboard page is still the most used and also the archive minutes. The notice of change of refuse collection and Senior Citizens Christmas dinner has been displayed. 115 visitors to the site in October, already 40 visitors in November. A four

month rolling schedule for the Quaynotes is also displayed. Chairman thanked Cllr White for this information.

Clerk had received communication from PCC stating that repainting white lines in the Parish will be done as soon as possible when the weather allows. Cllr Brock informed that lorries are driving straight out of the Trubloc and scrap yard entrance without stopping as the white lines have worn away and this is causing hazard for visitors coming from the Control Tower.

PCSO to be informed again of antisocial behaviour of knocking on doors and windows in Carew Park. Parents have been spoken to. Residents who experience this should contact 101 straight away.

Rails offence at end of sports field have fallen off and post snapped. Groundsman at PCNPA Carew Castle Site Manager to be contacted.

Following discussion on the information obtained from PCC regarding regulations on Cemeteries and Burial Grounds, it was agreed that the Burial Steering Group meet to update the existing arrangements.

Water pooling at Carew Bridge particularly in heavy rain causing hazard to vehicles and pedestrians.

Cars parking on the road at Pincheston causing near accidents with cars coming from Redberth. PCSO to advise.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING - Thursday 8th December - Community Council Dinner, Carew Inn 7 pm.


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