Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 10 January 2013 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

PRESENT:       Cllr Marina Griffiths         Cllr Gwenllian Head

Cur John Brock MBE      Cllr Pat Gibby

Cllr Vanessa Thomas  County Councillor David Neale

APOLOGIES: Cllr Lionel White  Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Trevor Goodman

The Chairman, Cllr Griffiths, welcomed everyone back to the first meeting in 2013 and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

1. Minutes of the last meeting declared a true record and duly signed.

2. Matters Arising

Speed Ramps, Birds Lane - Reply from Head of Highways stating that the cushions are a standard 75 mm high. Since being installed the Community Council observation on the height of the cushions is the first he has received. Mr Thomas asks for photos of the scuffing and damage to bollards around the speed cushion area which the Clerk agreed to provide. These Ryflex cushions have also been installed in Lamphey, Tavernspite and Monkton Mr Thomas suggested a review of traffic speeds to see if the 20mph limit is being achieved.

Carew Newton Cemetery works - Communication received from Regeneration Unit at PCC regarding possible funding opportunities was noted. However, following full and frank discussion it was agreed by all present that the best value for money and a cheaper option needs to be obtained and that further quotes need to be obtained. The work required needs simplifying for the location and as such may be then more affordable for the Community Council. All present agreed to pursuing this line.

Clerk to check with National Parks.

Carew Castle Visit - It was agreed to check whether Wednesday 23 January at 3.30 would be convenient with the Carew Castle staff to update the Community Councillors on the work to date.

3. PRECEPT - Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Thomas and all in favour agreed that the precept remain at £8000 for the year 2013-14

Note — Last instalment of Precept received in December 2012 –2666.50

 Precept dates for 2013 are 26 April, 13 August, 27December

4. PLANNING The following applications were granted by

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park:

NP/12/0523 — Erection of 2 x 8 m wooden poles and associated wire at

Freestone Meadow. Lawrenny Road, Cresselly

NP/12/0454 — Single storey rear lean-to extension to accommodate

shower room and associated hard standing — Radford Farm, Radford

Lane, Carew,

The following application has been granted by Pembrokeshire County


12/0588/PA - Demolition of redundant buildings and erection of extension

to existing portal framed agricultural building South Hill Farm, Milton


The following application has been refused by Pembrokeshire County


12/0600/PA — Erection of house and garage— Plot 26, Sageston Fields,


Community Councillors considered the following applications:

NP/12/0601 Review of Mineral Planning for Carew Quarry This is a mandatory review of planning conditions as part of the 15 year review following consolidation of all planning permissions into one single permission in December 1997. The quarry development scheme comprises:

i) the creation of a new central haul road ramp,

ii) recovery of rock from the historic south east quarry tip.

iii) development of the quarry in the south easterly direction to the site boundary, and

iv) deepening of the quarry floor.

Following perusal of the detailed attachments, surveys, reports and photographs on the 15 year plan for Carew Quarry, there were no adverse comments or objections.

Conversion of existing farm building into 2 residential dwellings Lower Coach Farm. Sageston - Following perusal of the plans and related supportive survey results including bat survey, design and access statement and structural’ condition report, there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified and Councillors suggest granting of the planning application.


Communication received regarding the A477 Slade Cross to Milton Temporary speed limits to facilitate the construction of a shared use path. 10mph (for convoy working)/40 mph speed limits and prohibition of overtaking is proposed to enable to works to be undertaken without closing the road. Councillors noted that the work has already begun and

suggested that the work begin after 9 am to enable regular users of the road to get to work.

PALO Annual General Meeting on Saturday 26 January at Picton Centre. Presentation by Planed.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Bus Services — Communication received from FCC regarding the decision to cut all the subsidised bus services on the Coastal Bus Service that run on Sundays. The reasons for this being the lack of passenger numbers on a Sunday, the high staff costs and staff rota challengers for operators and although the coastal services will not run there would be no loss of network connections by operators on the Sunday routes. The decision would mean that the Summer Coastal Buses would be reduced to 6 days a week but the Winter service would remain the same. Questionnaire available to complete online and Clerk to put the view of the Community Council that Councillors recognise the needs both to save money and the Coastal service.

Carew Castle Project - Update received from Building Projects Officer,

Site Manager and Head of Discovery at Pembrokeshire Coast National

Parks. Replacement of the Lesser Hall roof has been carried out and

Phase ii of the project — the Refurbishment and extension of Denis’ shed

in the walled garden are now under way.

PCNPA - Public Footpath 5/4 Cresswell Quay, Diversion Order - Councillors had previously received details of the proposed diversion order and noted the order had now been passed and information on this will appear in the press.

Democracy Bill - Information had been received by the Clerk who had contacted Laurence Harding for advice. This Democracy Bill relates to the Boundaries Commission review of electoral arrangements and provides the mechanism for the boundary review. As Pembrokeshire County Council recently undertook a review of communities it is doubtful whether there will be any further review in the near future.


Sign along the road from Sageston to Redberth has been knocked down and needs replacing

Sign at Birds Lane near Bartletts Well is bent and needs repair.

-— In his absence, Cllr White had asked about PCCs Single Plan and whether the Community Council have been consulted. County Councillor Neale agreed to look into this.

Fire Safety Initiative at Carew Memorial Hal This was held on Tuesday 8 January with very good attendance, despite the short notice and the mix up with the date and day. 22 electric blankets were checked and 16 were replaced. Social Care and PCSO also attended the Luncheon Club and a good response and take up were noted. There is a further Fire Safety

Initiative planned in November 2013 which will be further advertised locally and on the website

Paddock Walk - 4 x 4 vehicles now using the lane and this is churning up more problems with access both due to water and mud. County Councillor Neale agreed to visit and look at the area.

Further reports on the problems with the visiting Post Office Van at the entrance to Summers Villas in Milton. Cars parked in the bay prevent the Post Office Van hooking up to the internet on the telegraph pole. It was suggested that the Post Office should make further attempts to secure the area on the days it visits in the first instance.

— Speed survey on detrunked road at Sageston and unification of speed limits has been chased up with PCC.

— Footpath from Kesteven Court to Sageston school awaits to dressing and the repairs to the dips in the road where the water collects near Bartletts Engineering also has yet to be carried out. Pedestrians have taken to walking on the road to avoid dog foul and uneven footpaths. County Councillor Dave Neale to look at the anticipated time frame for this work to be undertaken.

Report by County Councillor Dave Neale - Work on the Villa Hill. has commenced, replacing pipes to carry away storm water and prevent flooding of properties and pooling of water at Carew Bridge.

Further information regarding the continuation on the shared footpath from Milton to Carew received and welcomed.

Clerk asked if the meeting in February could be brought forward one week as she will be away. Following discussion it was agreed that the next meeting be on Thursday 7 February directly after the Hall Committee meeting at 7.30. pm.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 14 February 2013 at 730pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT; Cllr Gwenllian Head Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Cllr John Brock MBE Cllr Pat Gibby

Cllr Lionel White  Cllr Trevor Goodman

APOLOGIES Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr Head took the chair, and the minutes were taken by Cllr Thomas.

The chairman commenced the meeting by asking everyone to stand for a minutes silence in memory of our Mr Owen Edwards, who had recently passed away. Owen was the much loved Son of our Clerk, Stephanie, and our deepest sympathy is extended to Stephanie and her family at this difficult time,

The minutes of the January meeting were passed and signed as a true record, proposed by C Brock and seconded by Cllr Gibby


Consultation paper - improvement objectives required for 2013/14. The closing date for this paper was the 22’ February 2012, and it was agreed that Cllr Head would see the Chairman with regard to this subject. Possible ideas to go forward were suggested as,

1. Flooding at the bus-stop in the village.

2. Problems outside Sageston School.

3. Carew Newton Cemetery.

Two quotes for Carew Newton Cemetery had been received;

It was agreed that the detail in the quotes be verified by the next meeting, and that this item be placed on the agenda for full discussion.

Also the figure in the fund was required by the next meeting.


Conversion of existing farm building into 2 residential dwellings- Lower Coachlands Farm, Sageston - permission has been granted.

Applications received;

1. Request for tree work at Carew Castle and Mill, Carew

2. NP/I 3/0050 - Construction of Tractor/lmplement shed within garden, Woodland, Cresselly, Kilgetty

There were no objections to either of the applications.

War Memorial

Letter received from Phillip Roach, PCNP asking for our proposals with regard to the area and parking around the War Memorial. It was decided that we should ask if they could look at the possibility of moving the wall on the inside of the car park around the War Memorial, so that access to the War Memorial could be gained from the car-park making it safer for access and to improve the area for the service which is held each year on Remembrance Sunday.

Information only

1. Letter received from Welsh Government with regard to setting up of websites for

Town and Community Councils. This funding was directed at those Councils who do not already have their own website set up.

2. Letter received from Dyfed Powys Police, asking for our views on the new Police and Crime Commission for Dyfed-Powys. The letter was dated 31st January 2013, and replies invited by the 6th February 2013, which unfortunately did not allow for any time to reply.

3. PCNP are holding a Community Council Seminar on Saturday 16 March at Oriel y Park, St David’s. No Councillors were able to attend, but it was noted that the next Seminar would be held in the South of the Park.

4. PCNP - Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance- C White agreed to peruse this document and report back to the next Council meeting.

5. An Extraordinary Meeting of the Hywel Dda Health Board was held on 5 January 2013 to discuss the consultation on clinical services. Information from the meeting had been received and was available to view on the website.

6. PCC had provided the Community Council with a Definitive map and Statement of Public Rights of Way. The possibility of having the maps framed for our area was discussed, and enquiries to be made regarding this matter.

7. Receipt of the Inspector’s Report on the Local Development Plan (LDP) is now available to view via PCC website, and Cllr White agreed to view this document, and report back to the next meeting.

8. Acknowledgment received from PCC confirming the precept of £8,000 for the Financial Year 2013/14.

A letter had been received from PCC concerning the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005- Dog Control Orders Regulations 2007. It was agreed that we write to PCC inviting them to attend a meeting with regard to this matter.

A bill from Viking of £55-87 was passed for payment, proposed by Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr White.


The possibility of installing a barrier at the Paddock Walk was being looked into. Flooding at Carew by the Bus stop has been causing more problems, and agreed to speak to County Councillor Neale, to see if he can look into this matter. Also the sign at Whitehill directing traffic to Carew Newton, is regularly being swivelled around, and need to look at ways of preventing this from happening. The alleyway behind 43, Bartlett’s Well Road has become very mossy and dangerous to use. Agreed to write asking that all the alleyways on the Estate by looked at. Request received from Mrs Treadaway regarding the unsightly storing of paint tins on private land adjacent to Redberth Court.

Cllr Brock has now retired from his position with PLANED after 15 years service, and our congratulations were expressed to John for all his hard work over the years that he had spent with PLANED. Cur Brock asked that we consider filling this position, if anyone felt they could give of their time to assist PLANED with all the work they do in local communities.

Councillors thanked Cllr Head and Cllr Thomas for taking the meeting. Next meeting to be held on Thursday 14 of March 2013 at 7.3Opm.

Minutes  of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 14th March 2013 at 7.30 in the meetings room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT       Cllr Marina Griffiths                   Cllr Gwenllian Head

                          Cllr Trevor Goodman                Cllr John Brock MBE

                           Cllr Vanessa Thomas              Cllr Pat Gibby

APOLOGIES:  County Council David Neale    Cllr Lionel White

                          Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Goodman proposed and Clr Gibby seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be passed as accurate and duly signed as a true record.

The Chairman thanked the Vice Chair Cllr Gwenllian Head and Cllr Thomas for chairing the meeting and taking the minutes respectively.  The Clerk, Stephanie Edwards thanked all for the flowers, support and condolences during her recent bereavement.  Councillors also heard with sadness of the passing of Cllr White’s wife, Betty.


Carew Newton Cemetery Quotes for access improvement.  Two quotes received.  A considerable time, deliberation and discussion ensued and, following analysis of the funds available, it was proposed by Cllr Brock and Cllr Gibby seconded that the cheaper quote be accepted.  There were no amendments. All present agreed via a show of hands. All Councillors agreed  to seek a completion time of 6 weeks from commencement and to contact local land owner when commencement date received.

Cllr Gibby reported that Stewart Treharne, Funeral Director had offered advice on planning of future plots at the Cemetery.

It was discussed and agreed by all present that a local craftsman be asked to make a new Kissing Gate  at the Cemetery.  Due to it’s unique  and individual design there is a need for a bespoke replacement.  

Grass cutting – Diggit Garden Services to be asked to maintain the cutting back of the far hedge at Carew Newton Cemetery.

An enquiry had also been received for placement of a bench at the Cemetery.

Local Development Plan.  Cllr White had perused the new LDP and, in his absence had reported, via the Chairman  that there were no undue impacts on the Community.    Thanks to be extended to Cllr White for his guidance to the Community Council.


Details received of Appeal on PCNPA decision to refuse planning application for dwelling in Taskers Garden at West Williamson.  The Community Council had previously stated that the original refusal, based solely on the  lack of public transport facilities, was  felt inadequate grounds.  Note was made that the notice of appeal  from PCNPA dated 12th February was not sent out until 25th February.   Clerk to contact the Planning Inspectorate to make sure the Community Council’s comments had been received.

60th Anniversary of the Queens  Coronation:  Cllr  Head suggested a commemorative tree be purchased and planted outside the Memorial Hall.  All Councillors agreed that the suggestion be pursued and an evergreen-type tree be sourced.

Invoices for payment:

Edward Perkins – ½ year rent  £575

Clerks Salary for January, February and March 2013 – £391.50 (£81 for HRMC for PAYE)

Hall Fees £434

Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Thomas seconded and all agreed that these be paid.

Letter received from Site Manager at Carew Castle and also Tree Officer at PCNPA  informing of  intention to remove a tree at the boundary of the Castle Wall and Riverside.  The tree will be removed with the use of 3 way traffic lights later on in the month.

Pembrokeshire Coast Bus Services Time Table received.


Bus timetable sign at Kesteven Court is broken and needs replacing.

Cllr Brock informed that the local landowners have been informed of the  proposal for a bollard at the start of the Paddock Walk with a lockable key available.

There is a small surplus of commemorative coins in a presentation box available and these are to be offered for sale on a first come first served basis  at cost price of £4 each.


Another report received of a vehicle incident/accident at the Finger Post.  TRA and PCC to be asked to consider a roundabout at this point as vehicle accidents are occurring regularly.

Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 11th April, 2013 at 7.30 pm.

The Chairman thanked all for attending and declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 11th April at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present   Cllr Gwenllian Head     Cllr Pat Gibby

              Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Lionel White

              Cllr Trevor Goodman  Cllr Vanessa Thomas

              Cllr Mike Bosley   County Councillor David Neale

Apologies for absence:  Cllr Marina Griffiths.

Minutes of the meeting held in March

Cllr Head, Vice Chairman welcomed all to the April meeting.  It was proposed by Cllr Goodman and Seconded by Cllr Thomas that the minutes of the March meeting be signed and passed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

Carew Newton Cemetery – Instruction had been given to Mervyn Roberts to proceed with the access improvements at Carew Newton Cemetery.  A commencement date has been asked for.

No reply regarding the joinery/carpentry work at the Kissing Gate.


NP/13/0050 Permission granted by PCNPA for Construction of Tractor/Implement shed within garden at Woodland, Cresselly.   

The following applications were received:

PCNPA  NP/13/0136 -Provision of single storey extension to form entrance porch, side extension to enlarge bedroom and provide en-suite facilities and new rear living room extension at Waters Edge, Cresselly, Kilgetty.  Following perusal of the plans and accompanying correspondence there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.   However, Clerk to ensure that the required planning notice had been placed near to the property.

PCNPA  NP/13/0146 – Request for screening opinion – Proposed Solar PV farm comprising installation of circa 3.6 mwp of PV solar panels on approximately 6.7 hectares of land at Williamston Farm, West Williamston.

The Clerk reported on a similar application (NP/12/0450) received back in October 2012.  The current application shows an increase in hectares from 5.3 to 6.7 hectares and the units from 10,000 to 14,000 modules. At the time of the original application for screening opinion in October the Community Council had stated to PCNPA that  an opinion on screening of a development that has not been applied for does not seem logical  as to agree to approve a screening/scoping would assume that the application would not be objected to.    Until now no application for the Solar Farm has been received by PCNPA other than the amendment under discussion.

Councillors perused the plans and accompanied documentation.   It was noted  ancient burial grounds/barrows/tumulus are in the area and have yet to be archeologically assessed.   

It was further noted that the height of the security fencing would be 3.5 m high and this would be considered insufficient.

It was noted from correspondence that Technical site investigations are to be carried out and PCNPA to be encouraged to include an historical and archeological investigation also.  No further comments were made on the screening opinion.

LDP – Councillor White reported that the three references to sites in Carew Parish have little impact on the community .  Clerk and County Councillor Neale to see representative at PCC.


Communication received from Monitoring Officer at PCC regarding money available from Welsh Assembly Government  on setting up a website.  Following discussion it was agreed that the website – carewparish.com – is sufficient for the Community Council minutes to be displayed .

Communication from Once Voice Wales offering 50% reduction on first years’ subscription with OVW. The full price is £173 so the reduction to £86.50 is still more than  the 79 pounds per annum paid to PALC.   Councillors were pleased with the support , advice and information received from PALC so  all agreed  to maintain subscription to PALC.

Western Power  - information received regarding improving the electricity network, what to do in the event of a power cut etc.  All information to be posted on the website (carewparish.com).

Carew Castle Estates -  Letter read out from Agent to the Carew Castle Estate regarding Garden plots at Carew Village.    Last year the Community Council were offered land adjacent to Flemish House for use as garden plots/allotments.   Advertising  for tenants came up with 9 interested parties.  However, a number of petitioners objected to allotments in the centre of the village and the Community Council had bowed to opinions of parishioners/petitioners not to proceed and  that any allotments be located at another site where they were not visible.  Carew Estates were communicated this information.   The current letter asks for the Community Council to make it known to the community that  the garden plot  (0.262 acres) is available to rent directly from the Estate and to also let  the people know who expressed an interest in renting a garden in 2012.

Cllr Griffiths (in her absence) had communicated items for discussion which was read out.  Following detailed discussion Councillors stated that to the best of their knowledge  the petitioners’ reasons for not proceeding in 2012 had not changed.   It was thought that  advertising the plot available should be done by the Estate Agent’s office but not via the Community Council.  It is unclear whether planning permission required for land to be used as allotments. A suggestion was made that the plot be rented by the Community Council and turned into a Community Garden.

It was agreed by all present that the Carew Castle Estate Agent be advised that advertising of the plot should come from their office and the names of interested parties would not be disclosed to the Agents.

Parish Matters

Hot food outlet at Carew Roundabout has changed position.  Streetcare at PCC to be contacted regarding this.  County Councillor Neale has already received complaints about the outlet being visible from the roundabout.

Cllr Brock had received an invitation to the opening of the Carew Castle following improvement works for Thursday 18th April.  Clerk confirmed that no invitation for Community Councillors had been received and County Councillor Neale contacted the Site Manager and was informed that this is a ministerial visit for local Councillors and that a larger opening with more community involvement will take place at a later date.

Dyfed Powys police sign has been removed from the picnic site at Carew Castle.  County Councillor Neale to raise this with the WPC responsible for the area at the next PAC meeting.  Clerk to contact Site Manager to see if PCNPA have removed the sign.

County Councillor Neale also reported on a PAC meeting held recently.  A number of vandalism and thefts had been reported in the Parish over the Easter Holiday weekend.

Dyfed Powys Police also to be informed of drug paraphernalia found in Sageston.  County Councillor Neale to meet with concerned parishioners.

Speed limit sign on the detrunked road has been removed/taken. PCC to be asked to replace along with repair of the 20 mph sign between Bartletts Well Lodge and Sageston school.

Bus shelter at Teagues Cross.  Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that Mervyn Roberts to be asked to provide a quote for repair/replacement of   guttering.

Potholes at Whitehill and by Carew Inn to be reported to PCC as they are hazardous to cyclists and pedestrians.

PCC Maintenance department to be informed of the breaking up of the top dressing on the road outside Carew Wesley Chapel causes a clatter from traffic and this  interferes with worship.

Date and time of next meeting – AGM Thursday 9th May 2013 at 7.30 pm.

Cllr Brock thanked the Vice Chairman for taking the meeting .  The meeting was declared closed.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 9th May 2013 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present   Cllr Marina Griffiths  Cllr Gwenllian Head

   Cllr Lionel White  Cllr Pat Gibby

   Cllr Mike Bosley   Cllr Trevor Goodman

   County Councillor David Neale Cllr John Brock MBE

There were no apologies for absence.

The Chairman welcomed all to the Annual General Meeting and stated that she would be standing down as Chairman.  Cllr Griffiths thanked the Clerk for her hard work , Vice Chairman for her help and support and all present for their commitment.

Cllr Brock thanked the Chairman for her guidance and  forthright approach and the Vice Chairman for her support.  He also thanked the Clerk for her work during the year.  Cllr Brock informed the meeting that at the end of this month he begins his 56th year as a Community Councillor having started on 20th May 1958.  The Chairman then stood down.

The Clerk thanked the Chairman for her civilized and professional manner in conducting the meetings and for the help, support and guidance she has received.


Cllr Marina Griffiths proposed Cllr Vanessa Thomas as Chairman and Cllr Trevor Goodman seconded the proposal.  Cllr Thomas accepted the nomination.  There were no other nominations or amendments.

By a show of hands all present agreed that Cllr Thomas be appointed Chairman.

Cllr Thomas then took the Chair.

Cllr Gibby proposed Cllr White  and Cllr Brock seconded the proposal.  Cllr White accepted the nomination.  There were no other nominations or amendments.

By a show of hands all present agreed that Cllr White be appointed as Vice Chairman.


Cllr Bosley proposed and Cllr Head seconded that the minutes of the meeting held in April were a true record and they were duly signed.


Junction at Finger Post, Pembroke.  Following a letter sent to Head of Highways, this matter has been forwarded to Trunk Roads Agency who have forwarded it to Edwina Hart at Welsh Government for response.

Enhancement and Landscaping at Carew and Sageston Roundabouts A477.  Following communication with Trunk Roads Agency this matter has been forwarded by TRA to Edwina Hart at Welsh Government for response.

Dog Control Orders.  Following discussion it was agreed that Clerk and County Councillor David Neale meet with Environmental Health Department representative at County Hall to receive guidance and briefing on implementing the Orders.  This will take place on Wednesday 15th May 2013.

Hot Food Outlet Carew Roundabout.  Streetcare Department are liaising with owner who had apparently been advised to move temporarily to the current location due to flooding at the corner of the detrunked road towards the Control Tower entrance.  It is understood that when the flooding problem is sorted out then van can return to its original position. Clerk to write to Area Maintenance Team at Templeton Depot to obtain the timescale for  road work to be carried out.

Carew War Memorial.  Head of Discovery at PCNPA has informed that the work requested  at the War Memorial would be included in the car park enhancement work at Carew Castle.


There were no planning applications received for discussion.   The outcome of the Planning Inspectorate report on erection of dwelling at Taskers Garden, West Williamston is awaited.  PCNPA confirmed that the neighbours have been informed of the application for extensions at Waters Edge, Cresselly.


Letter received from Mr Daniel Mumford of 25 Bartletts Well Road, Sageston to become a Community Councillor.  Following discussion Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that Mr Mumford be accepted as a Community Councillor.    Cllr Brock also reported others who had expressed an interest and he was asked to inform them to write to the Clerk.


The Clerk presented Community Councillors with a breakdown of income and expenditure accounts and bank reconciliation statement along with part 1 of the  external Audit form for approval.  The Clerk also confirmed that all necessary online forms have been submitted the HMRC for validation. Following perusal of the paperwork and discussion Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Brock seconded that the end of year accounts be approved and the paperwork be forwarded to Internal Auditor and then back to next meeting prior to being forwarded to the External Auditor.

Clerk to also seek guidance from PALC on how to manage the accounts of income from Burial Fees.


As discussed last year, it was agreed that the Clerk  write to all organizations in the Parish for representative(s)  to attend a meeting on Thursday 4th July in order to set up a committee to put on the Christmas dinner for Senior Citizens in the Parish.

SHED .  Following discussion Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Head seconded that arrangements be  for the  tools to be moved to the shed.  Cllr Goodman kindly agreed to paint the shed.  All present thanked Cllr Goodman.


--Invitation received  for Community Councillors to attend the Celebration of Carew Castle’s 30th Anniversary involvement with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.  Following discussion it was agreed that 4 Councillors attend.  4 other Community Councillors attending  as well in their capacity as representatives from other organizations.

--Spontaneous Events -   Information received on who to contact in the event of spontaneous unlicensed music events etc .

--Information from Major Kevin Sturman, Officer Commanding Support Squadron 14th Signal Regiment on the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant scheme. Thirty million pounds has been made available over the financial years 2011-2015 in Community Grants   for projects funded through the Community Covenant Grant Scheme  that provide benefits to both the Armed Forces and civilian communities.  Information enclosed  were a grant application form, a draft copy of original submission, a list of grant bids that have been successful in Wales and the RBL guide which details the scheme in more detail.

Cllr Brock and County Councillor Neale asked for this information to be made available to them and they would look at it in more depth.  Clerk to provide.

Cllr Head suggested a smaller games pitch similar to a MUGA and told of a play area she had seen in Neyland.  Cllr Bosley also reported on a similar area in Monkton.

--Insurance. To insurance quotes received so far as follows:  AON £841.56  and Zurich (current provider) £905.68 (an increase of £16 from last year).  There is a difference of around £64 between the two quotes.  Following discussion it was agreed to ask Zurich if they can match the AON quote.

--Precept.  £2667 received from PCC.

--Invoices for payment.   PALC subscription £79 and Mervyn Roberts’ invoice for work at Carew Cemetery £2680.    Discussion ensued on the completed work at the cemetery and all present thanked Cllr White for speeding this project on.  Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Griffiths seconded that both these invoices be paid.


--Following reports of the side Fire exit access of the Memorial Hall being blocked, Cllr Goodman confirmed that he had attended to this matter and the obstruction removed.

-- Cllr Gibby asked for weed killer to be applied to the former  PlayGroup garden to the side of the Hall.  Cllr Goodman kindly agreed to carry out this work.

--Cllr Griffiths reported the old road from Sageston to Redberth is in poor state of repair with potholes and erosion of top dressing.  Also reported were potholes and road sinking at the top of Bartletts Well road.  Area Maintenance Team to be informed.

-- Kerb stones from Bartletts well road to Ford at Sageston  have dropped/sunk and could cause a trip hazard.  Also, resurfacing work along the footpath from School to Kesteven Court has yet to be carried out.

--Cllr Bosley reported  that the sign in the car park of Carew Castle Picnic area has not been replaced.  Cllr Brock reported details of a Steering Group meeting in which ways in which to prevent/ control overnight stays at the Picnic Area were discussed.  Carew Castle Site Management Team also in communication with Dyfed Powys Police regarding this matter.

-- Cllr Bosley and other Community councilors reported the lack of a rubbish bin at the Picnic area at Carew Castle.  There is also a large amount of litter at the Picnic site. There is a dog foul bin which gets very full, very quickly.  Community Councillors have received complaints by residents. Following discussion it was agreed to ask Pembrokeshire Coast National Park authority to provide a dual purpose rubbish and dog foul bin.  Clerk to write to PCNPA regarding this.

--Cllr Brock also asked that a letter be written to the newly retired Site Manager at Carew Castle with gratitude for all her help bridging and forging  links between the Community and the Castle.   Also to write to PCNPA asking for new incumbent to maintain and build on this liaison.

-- Community Councillors informed that the work on the car park improvements at Carew Castle to begin next week.  Work  on the Reception Area , shop and toilets have been completed.  However,  improvements still needed at the steps to the Lesser Hall.  In previous site visits a  lift had been mentioned.

-- List of events in the Carew Castle during the summer months passed to Cllr White for inclusion on the carewparish.com website.

--Report by County Councillor David Neale.  Dyfed Powys Police have started to address the problem of speeding up and down Bartletts Well Road by house to house distribution of letters to residents.  County Councillor Neale also following up this with DPP and at the Police and Community meetings.  There may be installation of speed monitor cables to obtain more information.

County Councillor Neale also following up the previously agreed speed survey by PCC along the detrunked road at Sageston and the replacement of speed limit sign along this road.

--Grass area at  Saunders Road.  Clerk to chase up provision of more parking places.

Date and time of next meeting -  Thursday 13th June 2013 at 7.30 pm.

Apologies in advance received from Cllr Brock.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 13th June 2013 at 7.30 pm  in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

Present:   Cllr Vanessa Thomas  Cllr Lionel White

   Cllr Gwenllian Head   Cllr Marina Griffiths

   Cllr Mike Bosley   Cllr Pat Gibby

   Cllr Dan Mumford

Apologies:  Cllr Trevor Goodman  Cllr John Brock MBE

   County Councillor David Neale

Chairman  Cllr Thomas, welcomed Daniel Mumford to his first meeting.  The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed .    Chairman asked for the Council’s best wishes to be extended to County Councillor Neale for a speedy recovery and for best wishes (in advance) to Cllr Gibby for her forthcoming surgery.

Minutes of the last meeting:

Cllr Head proposed and Cllr Gibby seconded that the minutes of the AGM in May 2013 were a true record and were duly signed.

Matters Arising:

Out of meeting payment of £246.66 to Digit Garden services noted and agreed by all present.

Insurance -  Two quotes received and following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr White that the insurance quote of £634.97 from AON be accepted.  All present agreed.

Letter received from Edwina Hart, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport  at Welsh Assembly Government regarding A477 roundabouts.  The Minister has asked her officials to consider a planting scheme using tress, shrubs, bulbs and wild flowers that will visually enhance both roundabouts and will be in contact again when  the review has been undertaken.

Letter received from Edwina Hart, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport at Welsh Assembly Government regarding A477 junction at Nash, Finger Post.  The Minister’s officials are currently designing a revised central reserve layout for this junction which will improve the layout, signs and markings  and reduce the conflict between turning vehicles.  It is anticipated that construction of the improvements will commence towards the start of 2014.

Councillors  asked for the Minister to be thanked for her work and look forward to seeing the outcomes.

Correspondence from the Interim Site Manager at Carew Castle regarding the lack of rubbish bins at the picnic area at Carew Castle.    The Castle Management continue to encourage a “take your rubbish home” policy.  A daily litter pick of the causeway and picnic area site is undertaken during the summer season and the dog foul bins are checked and emptied on a regular basis by the Site Warden.   Castle Manager happy to provide a litter bin on site providing the Community Council get an agreement from PCC to empty it.   Community Councillors agreed to make these arrangements with PCC and to ask Andrea Griffiths to inform the Community Council so that PCC know when to begin emptying the new bin.

Dog Fouling -  The Clerk reported on  a meeting she and County Councillor Neale had had with Richard James from Evironmental Health Department at PCC.   There are only three Dog Wardens in Pembrokeshire so the chance of catching errant dogs and owners are slim.  The Environmental Health Department wish members of the public to inform them of dog fouling in three ways – via PCC Website, via telephone or via a new application for suitable phones whereby the incident can be captured and then acted upon directly. However, this app will not be available until after the end of the year.   Environmental Health will contact Community Council nearer the time to inform of the new service.  

Report from Cllr John Brock (received in his absence) –

--Cllr Brock had met with PCNPA who are happy to remove the gate and raised beds at the War Memorial and to reposition the gate.  PCNPA

--Cllr Brock had arranged for the replacement of the kissing gate at Carew Newton Cemetery to be processed by local craftsman.

Carew Newton Cemetery Bank Account -  The Clerk had discussed this matter with the Internal Auditor and following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr Head that the Bank Account be closed and the monies kept in one Account.

Bus Shelter, Teagues Cross -  Quote received for £439.52.  Following discussion it was agreed to ask for all external woodwork to be removed and replaced with plastics.  

Tools to be put in the shed and Cllr Gibby to speak to Control Tower committee to get the trailer removed to it’s new home.

End of year accounts -  The Internal Auditors Report was read out.   The matters relating to documenting the reason for the increase in the Precept were noted and will be acted upon.

Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr White seconded that the invoice for the preparation of the Internal Audit from Mr Edwards for £50 be paid.  All present agreed.


Planning Inspectorate report on Dwelling at Taskers Garden opposite the Smithy, West Williamston was received and noted.

NP/13/0136 – Provision of single storey extension to form entrance porch, side extension to enlarge bedroom and provide en-suite facilities and new rear living room extension at Waters Edge, Cresselly,    Application withdrawn.

Community Councillors considered 7 requests for donations from various charity organisations -  It was agreed not to donate to these organisations at this time.


Communication received from  a new publication called the Pembrokeshire Herald to be available on sale on 5th July and every Friday after that.

Letter received from Yvonne Jones, County Under 15 Manager informing that three boys who play for Carew Cricket have been selected for the County Under 15s  match against Gloucestershire and Staffordshire 7th and 8th August.  Letter requests donation  towards the cost of accommodation, transport or team clothing.    Chairman declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.

Cllr Gibby proposed and Cllr Head seconded that £50 per person be donated. All present agreed.

Letter received from Doreen Hughes and Marlene John asking for permission to erect a seat at Carew Newton Cemetery in memory of Mr Peter John and Mr David Hughes.    This was agreed to in principle.  The relative size and composition of the bench/seat to be obtained.   Following further discussion it was agreed to convene a meeting of the Steering Group for Carew Newton Cemetery to discuss the regulations and this was agreed for Thursday 27th June at 7.30 pm at Cllr White’s house.  Cllr Gibby, Clerk, Cllr Brock, Cllr Head and Chairman also to attend.

Letter regarding One Voice Wales 2013 Conference and AGM  at Builth Wells noted.

Town and Community Council Liaison Committee – Report of Assistant Chief Executive on the results of the Community Council Elections in 2012 and the Feedback survey noted.  Also report on draft proposed new responsibilities for community councils to be circulated.

Welsh Rural Obervations Survey -  Clerk to fill in the questionnaire.

Dwr Cymru -    Welsh Water will be visiting the area during the coming weeks to track down small kiosk style structures which form part of the sewerage network.    This information noted.

VAT refund of £217.11 received.

Current account balance £7913.98

Letter received from Treasurer of St Marys Church, Carew Cheriton requesting a donation toward the cost of upkeep of the two burial grounds.  Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr Gibby and all present agreed that £275 be donated.


Clerks Salary for April, May and June - £391.50  Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Mumford seconded that this be paid.


--Sign needed at the rear of the Hall to prevent blocking up of the fire exit.

--Sign needed – Slow Caution Children Playing.  This has been requested before from PCC but Clerk to chase this up.

--Sign repair – 20 mph at Sageston school is bent and needs straightening.

-- Speeding up and down Bartletts Well Road.  This is an ongoing issue and PCSO are aware of the problem.  Residents urged to contact 101 to inform the Police when the problem occurs thereby providing supporting evidence from the phone logs to enable the problem to be rectified.

--Councillors heard of  problem with large vehicles blocking pavement at the top of Bartletts Well Road.   Following discussion it was agreed to ask County Councillor David Neale to assist with this matter.

-- Problem with the road at Whitehill near to Little Meadow where the gully at the side of the road is deep and might cause a problem to cyclists.

-Two more packs from BT to be ordered to paint the phone boxes at Redberth and Milton.  Preparation for painting of the Whitehill phone box will be  on Wednesday 19th June at 6 pm.   Cllr Goodman to be thanked for his hard work to date.

Date and time of next meeting -   Thursday 11th July 2013  at 7.30 pm

Reminder of the Senior Citizens meeting on Thursday 4th July at 7.30 in the meetings room with representatives from organisations.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 11th July 2013

at 7.30 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:   Cllr Lionel White  Cllr Pat Gibby

Cllr Mike Bosley   Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr Trevor Goodman  Cllr Daniel Mumford

Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Gwenllian Head

Apologies for absence:

Cllr Vanessa Thomas  County Councillor David Neale

ln the absence of the Chair (Cllr Thomas) Cllr White (Vice Chairman) took the meeting.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING - Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Mumford seconded that the minutes be signed as a true record.


-Police Sign at Carew Castle Picnic Site - Clerk to ask Castle if they have removed it and/or whether it is to be replaced.

Dual purpose litter bin to be installed at Carew Castle Picnic Site.

Cemetery Steering Group. Cllr White reported on the meeting that took place on 27th June. A need to update the regulations and provide a pack for bereaved families has been identified. At present the Burial Register is maintained by the Clerk. Rules and Regulations currently broadly follow the Church of Wales guidelines. Also written right of burial information needs to be supplied to bereaved families. Cllr Brock suggested that these regulations need not be onerous or a burden to the Community Council and that clear concise information is preferable. Cllr Brock thanked Cllr White for all his effort and work to date and the next meeting will take place on Thursday 25tn July at7.3O pm at Cllr White's home.

Carew Senior Citizens Christmas dinner - Clerk reported on the meeting that took place on 4th July when 12 representatives from organisations in the Parish attended a meeting to discuss putting on the Senior Citizens Christmas dinner this year. Cllr Thomas chaired the meeting and the Secretary is Stephanie Edwards and Treasurer is Jo Hicks. The Dinner is provisionally booked for Saturday 30 th November 4.30 pm for 5 pm. Cllr White agreed to put a "Save the Date" notice on the noticeboard of the website (carewparish.com)

Clerk to chase up - amended quote for Bus Shelter repairs at Teague's Cross


The following planning applications were considered from PCNPA -

- T20/13/MH - Application for tree works TPO 115 - Chestnut Cottage, Carew Newton

Following discussion there were no objections.

The following planning applications were considered from PCC -

- 13/0254/PA -Single Storey Extension to provide sun room at Kingston, Pincheston, Sageston.

Following perusal of the plans and application and detailed discussion there were no adverse comments and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

- 12/060A/PA Notification from PCC of appeal made to the Planning inspectorate in respect of Erection of house and garage at Plot 26, Sageston Fields.

Community Councillors recalled this original application and there were no adverse comments at the time nor on re-discussion.

- 13/O200/PA - Relocation of Agricultural barn in relation to planning consent 08/026/PA

Community Councillors perused the plans and there were no adverse comments nor grounds for refusal of the proposed relocating of the barn.


lnformation provided by Cllr White about Dog Fouling to be displayed on notice board.

VAT Refund received £38.80

Yearly rent Milton Play Area £25. Proposed by Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that this be paid.

Communication received from resident in Milton regarding Carrons Lane, off Paskeston Lane which leads down to the foreshore. There is a tree in a dangerous state and this has been roped off for pedestrian safety. However, no further work on making the path safe has been made and pedestrians are proceeding along it anyway as this is the only access to the foreshore with cars, boats etc. Clerk to forward to PCNPA for urgent action and to ask County Councillor Neale if he can chase up the tree work and re-opening of the footpath.

Letter from Pisgah Chapel requesting a donation towards the upkeep of Cemetery at Pisgah. lt was proposed by CIlr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Head that £275 be donated. All present agreed.

Communication from resident at Milton requesting £531 to put a bench in Milton Play Area. Following considerable discussion it was agreed by all present that all Community Council precept has been allocated for this year and Community Council funds unable to buy this bench at present. Community Councillors would have no objection to fund raising initiative to raise the money providing the park furniture was fit for purpose and the design put to the Council for approval.


 2 silver birch trees at the top of Perrots Road have died and need to be cut down

 Speed Limit on Villa Hill (Carew Lane). Suggestion made to move the 30 mph sign higher up hill as there have been concerns about speeds. Incidents have happened and a speed survey and flashing sign at the speed reduction sign. Clerk to liaise with PCC, County Councillor Dave Neale and PCSO

 Open Day at Control Tower on 1O th and 11 th August 2013 from 10-6 both days. 10-12 noon there will be a memorial service on the 1O th August lnvitation extended to Community Councillors. A Poster will be sent to the website.

 Cutting of hedges in Carew Newton

 Cllr Bosley to investigate the purchase of a living tree for commemoration but this may not be available until the Autumn.

 Road surface from Cresswell Quay to West Williamston along Pick Road is in a very poor state. Many walkers and cyclists use this road and the surface is hazardous.

 Diary Date - lron Man competition Sunday 8th September 2013

Date and time of next meeting - There is no meeting in August due to summer recess.

Next meeting Thursday 12 th September 2013 7.30 pm. Apologies in advance - Cllr Head and Cllr Thomas.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed and wished all Councillors a pleasant

summer break.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 12th September 2013 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

PRESENT:    Cllr Vanessa Thomas  Cllr Lionel White

   Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Mike Bosley

   Cllr Pat Gibby   Cllr Marina Griffiths

   County Councillor David Neale

APOLOGIES:   Cllr Dan Mumford  Cllr Gwenllian Head

   Cllr Trevor Goodman

The Chairman welcomed everyone back and hoped they had a good summer recess.

Minutes of the last meeting:

All present agreed to the out of meeting payments   of £286.66 for Garden Services and £10 for AON insurance .

It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that the minutes of the last meeting in July were a true record and Chairman duly signed.

Matters Arising:

Revised quote for bus shelter renovation received from Mervyn Roberts £375.  This quote is £64.52 less than the last quote as plastic to be used instead of wood.   Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr White seconded that this quote be accepted.  Mr Roberts to be asked to paint the seat inside the shelter included in the price.

Carrons Lane:   Reply received from PCNPA stating that the Tree Surgeon is happy that the tree is safe and the fences and cones to be removed from the site.  This information had been relayed to Mr Fieldhouse who originally raised the concern.   Councillors noted that PCNPA are happy with the Tree Surgeons advice on the safety of the tree.  However, a site meeting might need to be arranged to look at the matter further.

Via e.mail communication Mr Fieldhouse also reported problem with a collapsing drain at Paskeston Lane.  Clerk to write to Highways department and copy County Cllr Neale and Mr Fieldhouse.

Letter from Mrs John and Mrs Hughes regarding the memorial seat at Carew Newton Cemetery.  Following discussion it was agreed to ask both residents to Cemetery to discuss the positioning of the seat.

Chairman reported on the substantial work that the Cemetery steering Group in particular Cllr White had made in revision of the regulations and legal documents needed.  Also work had commenced on the user guide for relatives.  Further work is needed before all information brought back to the Community Council for ratification, verification and approval.   A site meeting with Funeral Director Mr Stewart Treharne had taken place on 22nd August and this had provided much needed advice . The next meeting of the Steering Group is on Thursday 19th September at the home of Cllr White.  Chairman thanked Cllr White for all his  hard work.

Audit -  The final year accounts have now had a final audit by BDO.  There are no issues that require attention.  Cllr Brock and Cllr Griffiths thanked the Clerk for her work on the audit.    

Invoices for payment:

BDO Audit -  £156

Carew Castle estates - £575 – half year rent for sports field. Carew Sports Club to pay this half and Clerk to inform.

Cllr White £40  - Deed of Grant documents for Cemetery

Clerk’s Salary for July, August and September  + expenses £334.10 along with £81 HMRC for PAYE

Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that the above 5 payments be made.

Pembrokeshire County Cricket Club  - Report received on the under 15s cricket tour.  Councillors were pleased that the tour went well and the 3 local boys taking part benefited from the sponsorship received.

Painting works -   Councillors were very complementary of Cllr Goodman’s work on the painting of phone boxes in the Parish.  Two more painting packs have been received from BT to paint the phone boxes at Milton and Redberth.  Cllr Goodman had also cut down the weeds exposing the kissing gate at the Cemetery and painted the shed.   Thanks and the Community Councillors appreciation  to be extended to Councillor Goodman.

Carew Lane (Villa Hill) – Further information received from Councillors on the problems of speeding on Carew Lane Hill.  Councillors also learned that traffic from Treens Bridge through to Carew Lane travel at excessive speeds and residents along Carew Lane have commented to Councillors on the hazards of leaving their homes in cars.  Clerk to contact Highways informing of the problems with speeding around Freestone Cross and to look at reduction in speed limit from 60 mph to 40 mph from Freestone Cross to the 30 mph sign before Carew Bridge.

Dual purpose bin at Castle Picnic Area. – Still no confirmation from PCC that they will empty the bin.  Clerk to chase this up.

A number of items are outstanding with PCC and the Chairman read these out.  In particular the resurfacing of Pick Road through to West Williamston is planned for next financial year.  However, the resurfacing of the pavements to Sageston School and the dog fouling remain a problem.  Following discussion Clerk to write to Environmental Health.

Cllr Brock asked if the play area sign in Carew had been moved to a different location and Councillors agreed to check.


The following applications were noted to have been approved by PCC :

Single Storey extension at Kingston, Pincheston Farm,Sageston

Relocation of Agricultural building  in relation to 08/0261/PA at Meadow Farm, Redberth

Information with regard to resurfacing work at Carew Castle car Park were noted.  In particular the works to the Cenotaph by changing the access and provision of a gate.  Works on the Car Park are due to commence in the next week.

The following applications from PCNPA were received:

Tree works – TPO 41 – Taskers Garden, West Williamston .  This involves coppicing, removal of trees and replacing with fruit trees and crown reduction to the tree with the preservation order .  Following discussion there were no adverse comments and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

Provision of single storey extensions to form entrance porch, side extension to enlarge bedroom and provide en-suite facilities and new rear living room extension at  Waters Edge, Whitehill.  NP/13/0314.  This is a revised application, the original one having been withdrawn.

Following discussion there were no adverse comments and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

Part demolition of dwelling and detached garage and provision of alterations and extensions to form new vehicle access, turning and covered parking area.  New two storey rear extension and single storey side extensions together with new external works and associated landscaping at Back Cottage, west Williamston  NP/13/0356.  Following discussion Councillors noted this is a large scale extension extending to  close proximity of neighbouring dwellings.

Erection of single 100kw wind turbine (22.5m to hub and 34m to blade tip) and associated features including foundation and control unit at Cow Park Farm, Manorbier Newton NP/13/0243. Although this application is not in the Parish of Carew, the wind turbine, if approved, is visible in several parts of the Parish.  Councillors commented on the close proximity to the Ridgeway Road.  Mixed comments received.  Councillors had previously been asked to comment on scoping requirements and this would still be required.

The following planning application was received from PCC:

Use of land for 2 static and 2 touring caravans.  Erection of utility/day unit and relocation of storage building previously approved (09/0479/PA) at Land South of Pincheston Farm, Sageston 13/0429/PA.  Councillors had received representation from neighbouring residents at this application.  Following detailed and in depth discussion it was agreed unanimously by all present and by a show of hands to object to this application.


Precept received for August £2666.50.

Electric blanket testing – Tuesday 22nd October 10.30 to 3.30 pm at Carew Memorial Hall to be undertaken by Mid and West Wales Fire Service.  This item is on the website and poster to be displayed on the Hall notice board.

Road closure 16th September at Carew Newton in order for resurfacing work to be carried out.

Information on Tidy Wales Week 16th to 22nd September received.

Communication from PCC on photographic competition  for ages 7-25 years – the subject being Older People are GR8 inviting young people to provide images which will be used in a media campaign to promote positive ageing.  Photographs are to be taken by young people of older people. Flyer to be placed on notice board.

Draft Proposals – Electoral Arrangements -  Discussion ensued on the information provided by Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales on the change of electoral boundaries in Pembrokeshire.  Under these proposals Carew would be linked with Cosheston.   Following discussion on the pros and cons of this it was agreed that all Councillors read the document before the next meeting and the item to be put on the agenda for the next meeting.  


--Cllr Brock reported on the blockage under the two arches at Milton Old Bridge.  Water is backing up and will cause flooding.  Highways department and Dwr Cymru to be contacted, copying the correspondence to County Councillor David Neale.

--Commemorative Tree.  Councillor Bosley provided photograph of a rooted Korean Fir tree that he had located.  However, he hoped to be able to provide information on a cheaper more traditional tree from another source and will report back  as soon as possible.

--Ironman competition.  Councillors were again complementary on the success and positive impact the Triathlon has made to the Parish.  Ironman to be contacted and congratulated.

--County Councillor Neale reported problems he is helping to deal with at Anson Way with regard to flooding.  Councillors agreed that if the resident wished to write to the Community Council with the information then Councillors would look into it further.

-- Diggit Garden Services to be asked to strim the path closer to the fence at Milton Marsh Walk as the brambles are growing through.

--Brambles also noted to be growing through the school fence and need cutting back.

--Councillors again reported that speed restriction signs  and directional signs are being turn round in Whitehill.  Area Maintenance Team at PCC to be asked to fix the problem with self-tapping screws.  County Councillor Neale will also look into this.

--Carew Newton Cemetery -  Mervyn Roberts to be asked to look at the concrete works at the splay and around the pillars at the gates of the Cemetery as it appears to be crumbling.  The grass seeding along the stone path is also causing problems as the soil is mixed with gravel and grass cutting and strimming is hazardous.  It was agreed by all present to ask Mr Roberts to provide some “after care” to the original work

--Cllr Bosley congratulated the Carew Control Tower  on the huge success of the Air Day.  Wonderful support from the local residents and further afield.  Councillors were pleased to hear that a similar event is planned for next year.

Date and time of next  -  Thursday 10th October 2013 at 7.30 pm.  In the absence of the Clerk on holiday Cllr Marina Griffiths kindly agreed to take the minutes and the Clerk would action the minutes on her return on 14th October.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on 10th October 2013 at 7.30 pm in Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:    Cllr Vanessa Thomas     Cllr Lionel White

                Cllr Marina Griffiths       Cllr Pat Gibby

                Cllr John Brock MBE   Cllr Gwenllian Head

                County Councillor David Neale

Apologies   Cllr Daniel Mumford  Cllr Mike Bosley

Minutes of the last meeting -  It was proposed by Cllr Head and seconded by Cllr White that the minutes of the last meeting be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

The Kissing Gate at Carew Newton Cemetery has now been replaced.  Letter of thanks to Mr Scourfield to be sent.

Collapsed drain at Paskeston Lane has now been repaired.

Speed survey lines have been placed on the Villa Hill.

Cllr White informed the meeting that 30 MPH sign by the bus shelter near Whitehill has been secured and Cllr Brock also informed the meeting that the playground sign in Carew has been turned to face the correct way.

Problems with dog fouling persist – Dog Warden and Environmental Health to be informed. Dog Fouling -  County Councillor Neale advised that anyone with complaints about dog fouling should contact PCC on the main number – 01437 774551 so that the calls can be logged and the matter given priority attention.

County Councillor Neale is pursuing the problem of weeds growing in the river at Milton Bridge.

Councillors noted the letter sent regarding the planning application at Pincheston.

Cllr White provided a photograph showing the work to date on the bus shelter at Teagues Cross.  Cllr White asked if the beams in the roof could be boarded and painted.  Following discussion it was agreed that this work be carried out.

Mr Roberts also to look at the entrance to the Cemetery regarding after-care work.

Boundary Commission Report -  Following perusal of the document over the last month by Councillors – there were no adverse comments.  

Carew Newton Cemetery Fees

Councillor White provided the Council with details of proposed fees and charges which are in line with the Church of Wales.  Cllr White proposed that these figures could be reviewed yearly in line with other churches possibly in February each year.   Councillors will discuss these burial fees further at the next meeting.

Cllr White also showed Councillors other documents that had been produced – cemetery guide, consent form for headstone etc.  These will be looked at and further refined at the next Steering Group meeting on 7th November.

Cllr Thomas to meet at the Cemetery with Mrs M John and Mrs D Hughes on Friday 11th October to discuss siting of their bench.


The following application  has been granted by PCNPA -  NP/13/0314  - Provision of single storey extensions, side extension  and rear living room extension at Waters Edge, Whitehill.

The following planning applications were received:

Erection of a rural enterprise dwelling- Land North of Poyerston Lodge, Cosheston  13/0465/PA -   Following detailed discussion and perusal of the plans and accompanying documents, there were no adverse comments nor obvious grounds for refusal identified.

The installation of four roof lights in garage (06/1619/PA) at Kingston, Pincheston Farm, Sageston  13.0443/PA.   Following detailed discussion and perusal of the plans Councillors queried why so many  roof lights in the garage/workshop.

Correspondence from Willis and Hole Ltd regarding Redberth School was read out.   No action necessary at this time.


Letter from Pat Watts regarding rubbish bins are not being emptied on Birds Lane and also the street lights at Kesteven Court being turned off at night.  County Councillor Neale agreed to look into the problem with the bins.  With regard to street lighting, notification from PCC was received at the beginning of last year stating that street lights would not be lit after 12 midnight and further measures throughout the Parish and County would be implemented in due course.  

County Councillor Neale reported that he had discussed the dual purpose bin at the picnic site car park with the Acting Castle Manager.  The bin has now been moved to the entrance of the picnic site to enable PCC to empty the bin on a regular basis.

Correspondence received that the Electoral Services Office has been moved to Goodwick

Balance in Community Account £6,097.60p.

Notices concerning fortnightly bin collections were given to Councillors for notice boards.  Questions and answers information to be put on the website.

PCNPA new consultation document to be available at the next meeting.

Parish Matters:-

Jubilee Bench on the Castle Walk needs attention –

The “Slow Children Playing” sign for Carew Park Estate has still not been provided.   

Electric blanket checks on 22nd October at Carew Memorial Hall.

Highways department to be congratulated on the road resurfacing at Carew Newton.

Report of large piece of road missing at Pick Road which is hazardous to vehicles, cycles and pedestrians.    County Councillor David Neale to look into this.

Cllr Brock reported that the work on the Castle Car Park and War Memorial is progressing well and the raised borders have been removed.

Cllr Brock reported problems with lorries coming out onto the road leading to the Control Tower.  Also reports of two near misses.  Of further concern is tour buses with visitors to the Control Tower.   County Councillor Dave Neale agreed to look into having the hedge trimmed back along this road.  Also Businesses along that route to be advised to proceed with caution.

Community Council Dinner -  Wednesday 11th December 2013 7 for 7.30 pm

Carew Inn.

Date and time of next meeting - Thursday 14th November 7.30 pm.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Community Council meeting held on 14th November 2013 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:  Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)   Cllr Lionel White

                     Cllr Marina Griffiths                  Cllr Gwenllian Head

                     Cllr John Brock MBE                Cllr Mike Bosley

                     Cllr Trevor Goodman                Cllr Dan Mumford

  County Councillor David Neale

Apologies:  Cllr Pat Gibby

Minutes of the last meeting -  County Councillor Neale queried the item regarding hedge trimming along the Control Tower Road.  He wished it noted that he would talk to necessary people about trimming the hedge back but it was not certain that this would be carried out.

Matters Arising

--Fortnightly refuse and recycling collections -  Information received regarding insufficient information on the distributed leaflets. This has now been rectified on the website and  a leaflet drop has now taken place with more information.

--Christmas Tree -  Following discussion at the last meeting Cllr Bosley had managed to source a tree for £50 with a root ball for outside the Hall.  However, during discussion at this meeting Cllr Goodman very kindly offered one that he has growing in a pot.  Thanks extended to Cllr Goodman for his generous donation.   Cllr Goodman and Cllr Bosley agreed to erect the tree prior to the Senior Citizens Dinner on 30th November.

--Letter received from the Senior Citizens Committee asking for donation towards the cost of providing a 3 course dinner with entertainment and raffle on Saturday 30th November.   Proposed by Cllr Mumford and seconded by Cllr Goodman that £300 be donated.   Cllr Griffiths and County Councillor Neale and the Clerk agreed to provide lifts to those senior citizens requiring them.

--Communication received that the switching on of Christmas lights at Milton will take place on Friday 6th December.  Also  Carols by Candelight at Carew Wesley Chapel on 6th December.  

-- Correspondence from Head of Highways .  Speed measurements between 20th September and 1st October 2013 had taken place on Carew Lane (Villa Hill).  This found 85% speed towards Carew at 55.3 mph and 48.3 mph towards Whitehill.  The respective average speeds were 46.4 and 40.1 mph respectively with average daily flows of 1,774 and 1,789 vehicles.     In line with Welsh Assembly Government Circular that  deals with setting local speed limits in Wales the mean speed is used as the basis for determining local speed limits and in this instance a 50 mph buffer zone could be put to the Police for consideration.  Following discussion  all Councillors agreed to seek a 50 mph buffer zone and to suggest this zone starts at Freestone Cross and extends to the 30 mph sign.    Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded this.  {copy County Councillor Neale)

--Invoice received from Digit Garden Services -  £246.66 grass cutting

£40 strimming marsh walk,  £300 cutting back hedge at Carew Newton Cemetery.   Cllr Head proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that £586.66 be paid.

--Carew Newton Cemetery

Cllr Thomas provided update on the work of the Steering Group for Carew Newton Cemetery.   In May a letter was received from relatives asking to put a bench in the Cemetery.   Following discussions the location of the bench was established and in order to comply with the family wishes and make full use of the space at the Cemetery, it was necessary to arrange for the cutting back of the hedge from the main gate to the kissing gate.   Cllr Brock proposed that in the event of work being required to be carried out at the Cemetery before coming to Council that an amount be sanctioned that could be used to proceed at Officers authority – Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that £200 be the limit.

Councillor White is in the process of mapping  out a site plan.   All present recognised the invaluable and painstaking work that Cllr White had put in to compiling the documents needed and all present agreed and joined in thanking him.  

 The first document for approval are the Fees.  The fees follow the current Church in Wales.   Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that the list of fees be approved and adopted.

The Deed of Grant -  Proposed by Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr Mumford that this form be approved and adopted.

The Application for Erection of Headstone  -  To be completed by the Deed of Grant holder and the reverse to be completed by the monumental mason.   Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that this form be approved and adopted.

(a copy of all these documents are appended to the minutes in the minute book  for ease of reference, clarity  and completeness).

Work is still underway with regard to the Information leaflet for relatives and also the formal regulations and Cllr White distributed copies of these for Community Councillors prior to discussion further at the January meeting.

The long term plan for the cemetery is for a memorial garden  and an area for cremated remains.  Also further discussion and consideration to infill of the lower part of the Cemetery and introduction of a lower gate for access.

--Invoice received from Mervyn Roberts for work at Teague’s Cross Bus shelter -  total £471.  Proposed by Cllr Mumford and seconded by Cllr Bosley that this be paid.

Work on repair of the Jubilee Bench is ongoing as it needs to be dried out.   Mr Roberts has removed the bench to his workshop to complete the repair.  Cllr Brock has informed Carew Castle Management.

Planning -  

The following planning applications have been approved by PCC :

13/0443/PA – Installation of four roof lights in garage at Kingston, Pincheston Farm, Sageston

13.0465/PA – Erection of a rural enterprise dwelling Land to the North of Poyerston Lodge, Cosheston.

The following planning application has been approved by PCNPA:

NP/13/0356 – Part demolition of dwelling and detached garage and provision of alterations and extensions to form new vehicle access, turning and covered parking area.  New two storey rear extension and single storey side extensions together with  new external works and associated landscaping at Back Cottage West Williamston, Kilgetty.

Survey from PCC requiring feedback on electronic engagement to be completed by the Clerk.  Electronic input of Community Council deliberations is not always possible as the planning applications sometimes decided prior to the date of determination.


Communication received from Llwyncelyn Community Allotment Garden Association  at Devonshire Drive, St Florence.  They have 2 plots and 2 half plots available.  Anyone wishing to rent please ask Clerk for contact information.

Communication received from Milton resident asking for £531 for the provision of a park bench.   Following discussion and deliberation it was felt that this would set a precedent as the other villages would require the same.  This could be added to the many requirements and call on the Community Council precept  but this is constantly being updated and prioritised.   All agreed that the Community Council were not in a position to be able to comply with this request.

Letter from AON insurance with advice on snow clearance.   Areas for  checking when bad weather appears include Milton Marsh walk bridge, Hall Entrance, Flemish Chimney and War Memorial.  A book needs to be kept for regular checks and red and white tape to be obtained to prohibit areas where it is slippery underfoot.  Cllr White suggested that the website could be used stating that some Community Council properties may be closed in bad weather.   Cllr White also suggested that a laminate be made  showing “No Access due to Ice”.     It was agreed to ask Hall caretaker to be included in the cascade of informants and salt and grit obtained from Clunderwen Farmers.

Correspondence received from Tidy Wales informing of grant availability.  Information noted.  Parish Environment Group will reconvene in New Year with a recruitment drive.

Correspondence received from One Voice Wales highlighting the problem of isolated communities and the cable damage to land-like telephones and lack of mobile phone signal.  BT  looking into mast installation to improve mobile phone  coverage  and also improving the infrastructure of the cables and standby facilities with over-road  cables that will provide temporary service while the fault is under evaluation.   It is apparent from the correspondence that  customers in need of  full access to telecommunications can register with  BT and if a fault occurs priority will be given to those registered  and with a clear need.

Pembrokeshire Bus Services Consultation Questionnaire -  Due to further funding cuts by Welsh Government and PCC further bus service cuts will be required. Existing contracts for subsidised bus services due to end 31 01 14 and thus there is an opportunity to reconfigure services.   A consultation questionnaire  to gain feedback from users regarding the various options was discussed and following lengthy discussion Councillors completed the questionnaire.  Further information on PCC website.

Community Forum Network on Creative Ways to Combat the Cuts  seminar in Llawhaden on 21st November.

War Memorials Trust -  Clerk to register Carew War Memorial with the Trust.

PCC Clerks Forum on Website development meeting on 20th November.  Clerk informed she is away that week.  Following discussion it was agreed to request feedback and further information from the meeting.


Pothole at the bottom on Carew Park estate at the junction.

Fly tipping behind detrunked road

Branches from trees and shrubs overhanging into the footpath at Carew Park and Birds Lane

Serious incident of missed footing when the street lights went out in Carew park necessitating hospital visit.  It was generally agreed that the turning off of the street lights has not been fully communicated to residents.   

Street light at 36 Bartletts Well  not working – 4014287.

Above four points to be communicated to PCC for action.

Information received of stones being thrown at windows.  PCSO Jim Moffatt carrying out ongoing enquiries.  Residents advised to contact police non-urgent telephone number – 101 – every time it happens so that all incidents reported.

Further chase up of the parking bays along Saunders Road, Carew Park to be made.

Parish Website -  Cllr White reported that  the non-for-profit organisations register on the website is being updated.

Hot food outlet at Carew Roundabout  - Streetcare to be contacted for further information.

Clarification required on the houses at Hayes Lane that are under construction.   Houses are part built and not completed, windows and doors boarded up and for sale signs hanging off or blown down.  PCC to be contacted for further information.

Milton Old Bridge – blocked arches – Cllr Neale to chase up.

County Councillor Neale provided an update on the continuation of the dual purpose footpath from Carew Roundabout.  Councillors were pleased that plans are ongoing.  Drainage is now better at Carew Bus Stop near the War Memorial.

Clerks Salary - £391.80.  Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Bosley seconded that this be paid.

British Legion Wreath -  Cllr White proposed and Cllr Griffiths seconded that this be paid.

No meeting in December -   Next meeting Thursday 9th January 2014 – 7.30 pm.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.



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