Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 8th March 2012 at 7 pm in Carew Memorial Hall

Present:        Cllr Gwenllian Head        Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                    Cllr Trevor Goodman     Cllr John Brock MBE

Apologies:    Cllr Lionel White            Cllr Marina Griffiths

                    Cllr Pat Gibby                Cllr Andrew Blayney

                    Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Gwenllian Head (Vice Chairman) acted as Chairman in the absence of Cllr Marina Griffiths

Cllr Head welcomed representatives of Carew community organizations,16 in number.  Community organizations had been invited by the Community Council to attend a meeting to discuss Queens Jubilee events in the Parish and in order to ascertain individual organizations’ planned or proposed participation.

It was ascertained that  the Youth Club are holding a Tea Party on Friday 1st June, WI are holding an afternoon tea on 5th June and Carew Castle have a 4 day event from Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th June including herb and craft fair, re-enactment group, falconry displays amongst others. Sports club are holding a cocktail party on Monday 4th June.

Disappointment was expressed that the Community Council did not have plans for a community event.   The Chairman stated that the reason the Community Council had initiated the  meeting was to discuss what plans were already in place thus avoiding any overlap or conflicting events.  

Cllr Thomas informed that there was approximately £360 left over from previous Royal celebrations.

Mr Derek Lloyd thought that the increase in Precept this year was to help fund community Jubilee celebrations.  He was informed that this was not the case. Following full and frank discussion it was agreed that the Community organizations would like commemorative mugs for children of the parish and a carnival with a sports day and rounding up with a barbecue.  Due to sporting fixtures the day for a proposed carnival could only be Tuesday 5th June. The Sports club representation would like to  organize the sporting events. Cllr Head agreed to discuss the commemorative mugs  at the Community Council meeting..  Mrs Rowena Lloyd suggested an event to choose a carnival queen and attendants.    Necessary event insurances  would need to obtained.   Flyers/information leaflets to every residence in the parish could also be undertaken when matters have been discussed further.

The Chairman also  asked if  representatives would put their names forward to form a committee to help coordinate events surrounding a  carnival . In order for the representatives to report back to their respective organizations and obtain members to form a committee to accomplish these suggestions,  it was agreed that a further meeting be held on Thursday 22nd March at 7.30 in the Youth Club to discuss matters further.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and the representatives from community organizations left the Community Council meeting.

County  Councillor David Neale then joined the meeting.

Cllr Brock proposed and County Councillor Neale seconded that the minutes of the February meeting were a true record and duly signed.


Garden plot/allotments.   Cllr Neale  informed that he had received concerns from residents on the increase in car parking that the allotments might attract.  Clerk confirmed that she had received 9 letters from residents expressing an interest in acquiring allotment.  Following discussion on the further costs that might be incurred it was agreed to meet with the Agent for Carew Castle estates on site to clarify matters.  Representative from Federation of community and Town gardens based in Narberth and the Allotments mentor in Swansea had also offered to provide advice.   The Allotments officer at PCC also to be contacted.    

Jubilee celebrations:  Following the previous meeting, Clerk agreed to bring the final account statement to a meeting to be held on Thursday 15th March at 7.30 in the Meetings room of Carew Memorial Hall.  All Councillors to make every effort to attend.

Carew Castle -  Mr Phil Roach has been invited to the April meeting to discuss to works at Carew Castle.   Clerk had also written to Mr Roach to express the Community Council’s preference for work on the car park and poor visibility when exiting the  car park to be carried out before major works are commenced.

The Causeway is not yet open to the public due to the remedial works unearthing further problems.  Castle site manager will keep the Community Council informed.

Welsh Water and PCC have been contacted regarding the tipping at Welsh Water works in Milton who have visited the area and will attend to the matter.  County Councillor Neale had also been in contact with departments in PCC regarding this matter.  

Letter to be written to owner of property off Rosemary Lane regarding the downpipe.

Election papers were issued to Councillors present.  The training sessions for submission of town and community council nominations have been cancelled by PCC.

County Councillor Neale had also chased up the repair works to the footpath to school.

The ownership of Bartletts Well is still unknown.  Historic Buildings officer at PCC had advised that the ownership could be PCC as milestones and other structures on the verges are the responsibility of PCC.  To this effect the Clerk has written to Head of Highways.   

The Historic Buildings Officer had also agreed to pursue with BT the repair of the kiosk in Carew Village.

County Councillor Neale provided a report on the South East Area Liaison meeting held in Reynoldston Hall.


County Councillor Neale declared an interest and withdrew from discussion and participation on planning matters:

11/0961/PA – Two storey extension.  The Oaks, Llandigwynett, Sageston.  Following receipt of the omitted detailed plans these were perused and no adverse comments or grounds for objection identified.

NP/12/0048 – Replacement roof, windows and doors to Lesser Hall at Carew Castle -  Following detailed perusal of the plans and accompanying ecological and bat reports – there were no adverse comments. Indeed Community Councillors were pleased that these works had finally reached the planning stage.


Donations -  It was agreed by Councillors present to postpone looking at donations until June.

Invoices for payment:

Hall Fees from May 2011 to March 2012 (inclusive) – Community Council meetings and Luncheon club £330.

Clerks Salary Jan, Feb and March 2012 £391.50 less PAYE £81.

Half year rent of Carew Recreational Ground - £575

All present agreed that these three invoices be paid.

Grass cutting tender -  The Clerk read a letter from R & M Garden services stating that due to Mr Hughes obtaining a position as Assistant Warden at  National Parks R & M would not be able to undertake  his grass cutting commitments this year.   Councillors were firstly disappointed as he had provided excellent service during the last year but pleased that he had obtained a full time position with National Parks.  To Following discussion it was agreed advertise for grass cutting tenders as soon as possible.

Temporary Road closure with effect from 12th March at Deerpark Lane to undertake carriageway reinstatement works.

Letter from PCC informing that the Deposit Plan, Alternative Sites and Further alternative sites would be considered by the Planning Inspector later in on this year.   However, Pembrkokeshire County Council  has the opportunity to recommend changes that it considers necessary to improve the soundness, coherence and consistency of the Plan and these are called Focussed Changes.  In December 2011 PCC resolved to recommend a small number of ‘Focussed Changes’ to the Plan and an opportunity to comment on these Focussed Changes is available during a six week consultation from 29th February to 13th April.  Any responses received will be considered by the Planning Inspector appointed to examine the LDP.  All  the Focusssed Changes documents are available on the Council’s website, County Hall, Libraries and Customer Contact Centres.   Everyone who has made representations on the LDP will be notified of the arrangements of the pre-Hearing meeting of the Programme Officer with the Planning Inspector in due course.    The Hearing sessions are expected to take place in the summer of this year.

Hywel Dda Health Board Pre-consultation engagement meeting to be held on Monday 19th March 7pm to 9pm at Withybush Conference Centre to consider  input from organizations and individuals to be put towards a frame work of options  to improve health services within Pembrokeshire.

Letter from Preseli Pembrokeshire Conservative Association inviting Councillors to an evening with Chris Skidmore (MP and Tudor Historian) at Clarbeston Road Memorial Hall on Friday 30th March.  Tickets for the event are available from Conservative Association headquarters.

Letter from Ms Patricia Watts regarding:

1. Dog fouling along the pavements to the school

2. Illegal parking by the letter box

3. State of the phone box

4. General untidiness of the area

5. Cutting back of wild flowers before they have started to bloom

6. The motor cycle training centre using the residential estate for training

7. Paddock walk and clearing of the ditch to prevent flooding.  On this point Ms Watts offered to pay for the hire of a mini digger to enable stream clearance to take place.

County Councillor Neale informed that a new Dog Warden with PCC was in post and the dates and times of dog fouling to be communicated to the Dog Warden.

Clerk to establish where the wild flowers had been cut back and to inform Ms Watts that the Community Council had already made representations to PCC, CADW and BT regarding the kiosk.

County Councillor Neale will also investigate  in the first instance whether the ditch at the Paddock Walk could be cleared out by PCC.

Date and time of next meeting :   Extraordinary Community Council meeting on Thursday 15th March at 7.30 in Carew Memorial Hall

Meeting with Community Association representatives on Thursday 22nd March at 7.30 in Youth Club

Community Council meeting Thursday 12th April at 7 pm at Carew Memorial Hall .  Mr Phil Roach will be in attendance.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of an Extraordinary meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 15th March 2012  at 7.30 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT :         Cllr Marina Griffiths    Cllr Mike Bosley

                              Cllr Lionel White        Cllr Trevor Goodman

                              Cllr Gwenllian Head  Cllr John Brock MBE

APOLOGIES:    County Councillor David Neale  Cllr Pat Gibby

                             Cllr Vanessa Thomas   Cllr Andrew Blayney

Chairman thanked everyone for attending the extraordinary meeting called following the Community Council meeting with representatives from organisations to discuss Jubilee events.  Chairman apologies for not being at the meeting.  

Councillors discussed the meeting and were comfortable that the Community Council had given local organisations the opportunity to meet with representatives from other groups  to discuss Jubilee Events.  In doing and in taking the lead  this does not mean that the Community Council intended to organise the events.

Following discussion on the meeting held on 8th March it was clear that representatives were keen for the Community Council to mark the event;  in particular commemoratives mugs were suggested.   Vice Chairman and Clerk had investigated  this matter further and had obtained quotes from two different organisations.    Following further discussion it was agreed to purchase commemorative coins from Wheelers in Yerbeston Gate to be engraved  with Carew Cross on the reverse and “Presented by Carew Community Council”.  The coins would be distributed to children resident in the Parish from 0 to  primary school age (11).  150 would be purchased.  Cost per coin is £3.90 + VAT  =  £585 = £702.  

Councillors discussed the request by representatives for a Carnival to be arranged.   Councillors were unanimous that an organisation committee for this needs to be set up.   With  previous historical and commemorative events this has not been undertaken by the Community Council and planning and management this should come from the organisation representatives and/or Councillors if they wished to be involved.  This will be discussed further at the meeting with organisations representatives on 22nd March at 7.30 in the Youth Club Hall.

The Chairman  suggested that if organising a Carnival were problematic this could be scaled down to a Fancy Dress Parade with sports events afterwards.

With regard to making funds available to facilitate the events to be organised, Councillor Brock proposed and Councillor Head seconded that the sum set aside in a separate Jubilee account of £360 be topped up to £130 by Community Council  making a total of £500 pounds available to  a Carnival committee.  All present agreed.

Other suggestions  were a community plaque and Jubilee woods.   The latter to be passed on to the Environment Group.

All Councillors were encouraged to attend the next meeting with representatives of local organisations on 22nd March.

Garden Plot Allotments:-

It had been brought to the attention of Councillors that  there a letter of objection would be received and indeed the Agent for Carew Caslte Estates had also been approached separately  with concerns raised at the central village location of allotments and the impact on the environment;  in particular, Flemish Chimney.    Clerk confirmed that a total of 9 names of residents interested in an allotment had been received.   The initial concerns regarding parking could be ironed out but the location concerns need to be addressed.  It was suggested that land further down Birds Lane opposite the entrance to Kesteven Court may be more suitable.   Other suggestions were that this central village area be taken up for  a wildflower meadow and a picnic bench and a separate area for allotments be sought from Carew Castle Estates.  

It was agreed to make the residents concerns known to the Agent for Carew Castle Estate and to ask for extension on the time for discussion due to the growing opposition to the site of the allotments in the centre of the village and to request  a meeting to see if there is an alternative site.  Clerk asked to communicate to keep the 9 residents interested in an allotment up to date on the current situation.

Items discussed -

Sports field water collection

Carew Hall

Cllr White had looked at the Focussed Changes on the LDP.   The areas relating to Carew are:   Extension of Milton Meadows – has been taken out

                                      Industrial area at Carew Airfield – to be included.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETINGS-    Thursday 22nd April 2012 at 7.30 in Carew Youth Club Hall with representatives of Carew organisations.

- Thursday 12th April at 7 pm in Carew Memorial Hall with Mr Phil Roach from PCNPA.  

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting with representatives from organisations within the Parish held on Thursday 22nd March at 7.30 in Carew Youth Centre.

Present:           Cllr Marina Griffiths                       Cllr Gwenllian Head

                          Cllr John Brock MBE                    Cllr Mike Bosley

                          Cllr Vanessa Thomas                   Cllr Lionel White

                          County Councillor D Neale          Cllr Trevor Goodman

Apologies:       Cllr Andrew Blayney                      Cllr Pat Gibby

                        Mr Richard Bullock  Mr Jeremy Griffiths

Representatives from organisations:  

                        Mrs Bronwen Knox  Hall Committee

                        Mrs Brenda Walters  Carew WI

                        Mr Derek Lloyd  Sports Club

                        Mrs Rowena Lloyd  Carew Association

                        Mrs Marilyn Chandler Carew WI

                        Mrs Dian Morgan  Carew Church

                        Mrs J Mooney  Carew Church

                        Mr Oliver Cole  Carew Youth Club

                        Ms Sian Cole   Sageston School

                        Ms Tracy Oakley  Sageston School

Cllr Thomas also represented Pisgah Chapel & Cllr Brock also represented Carew Wesley Chapel.

The Chairman, Cllr Griffiths, welcomed all to the meeting and apologied for being unable to attend the last meeting.  

Chairman informed that  following the meeting on 8th March Carew Community Council have discussed the organisations representatives request for Queens Jubilee commemoration mugs for local children.  Carew Community Council have decided and agreed to purchase commemorative coins for each child in the Parish from 0 to 11 and an example of the coin was shown to those present.  

The Chairman asked if  any further events to celebrate the Jubilee had been decided.    Cllr Brock informed that on Wednesday 30th May a Coronation Ceremony and street party in the playground of Sageston school will be held.

Mrs Waters informed that a street party in Kesteven court had yet to be decided.

Chairman asked that if a Carnival was to be arranged then a committee needs to be set up from representatives of community organisations.  The Community Council have agreed to add to an existing account up to £500 towards the setting up costs of such an event.  Chairman asked for volunteers to put their names towards an organisation committee.   It was suggested the community council organise this.  Chairman explained that as with other commemorative events in the past the Community Council does not organise these.  The Community Council have brought together representatives from local organisations together to air their views on what would be desirous and the next step is to set up a committee to achieve these goals.   

The Chairman read out an e.mail from Richard Bullock, Chairman of Carew Football and Cricket Club stating that although he and Jeremy Griffiths were unable to attend the sports club committee had met on Monday 19th March and it had been agreed that the sports club would do the sports day and also have some evening entertainment, the details of which have yet to be finalised but is likely to be a family disco.  The sports club will also be showing the Jubilee parade on the big screen within the club house for members of the community to watch.  

The Chairman again asked for volunteers to form part of an organisation committee and none were forthcoming.  Following further discussion it was agreed that representatives go back to their organisations and let the Clerk know of the names people willing to form a committee by Friday 6th April.

The Chairman thanked all for coming and declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 12th January 2012.

PRESENT:           Cllr Marina Griffiths             Cllr Gwen Head

                              Cllr John Brock MBE           Cllr Pat Gibby

                              Cllr Lionel White                  Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                              Cllr Trevor Goodman

APOLOGIES:       Cllr Mike Bosley                 County Councillor David Neale

Cllr Griffiths wished all a Happy New Year.

The following minutes were agreed, passed as a true record and duly signed: Meeting 16th November 2011 Meeting 1st December 2012 Extraordinary meeting 10th December 2011


GARDEN PLOT ALLOTMENTS - Letter received from Edward Perkins office regarding allotments. The Chartered Surveyors had incurred a cost of £450 + VAT in the preparation of the lease and seek to be compensated for this from the Community Council. The rent for the area would be £100 per year, for the 10 year period. The area would provide 6 allotments. 1

Councillors were unaware that costs would be incurred and it was agreed to seek the letter of acceptance to Edwards Perkins following the initial offer of the land for rent for allotments. Also to clarify with PCC regarding the outcome of the LDP candidate site on the same land.

Anyone interested in renting an allotment to contact the Clerk in writing at 43 Bartletts Well Road, Sageston.

CAREW NEWTON CEMETERY - The technical specifications provided by Cllr White and his research into the disabled ramp were discussed in detail. It was agreed to seek the advice of PCC/PCNPA on the specifications needed for the ramp. It was also agreed to pursue enquiries for a Grant for improvements to the cemetery.

Quote from R & M Garden services was received and it was agreed to obtain 2 further quotes when the specifications for the ramp are clarified by PCC/PCNPA.

GRASS CUTTING - R & M Garden Services quote for the 2012 season of grass cutting was received and Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr White seconded that this be accepted.

PRECEPT - Following discussion Cllr White proposed, Cllr Thomas seconded and all present agreed that the precept be set at £8000

MOWER AND TRAILER - Prior to discussion on this topic, Cllr Brock and Cllr Gibby declared an interest and withdrew from participation.

Letter received from Carew Cheriton Control Tower Group regarding taking over the mower and trailer. The two queries raised by the Group were answered as follows: the Group would have the long term use

of the mower and trailer for the remainder of their working days and if required for community purposes by another organisation then the Group could deliberate on this and authorise accordingly.


The following Planning Permissions have been granted by PCC:

11/0699/PA - Change of use to touring caravan servicing & equipping centre, sales centre and storage - Carew Open Air Market, Carew Airfield, Carew.

11/0799/PA - Installation & Operation of 50kw photo voltaic panels, Carew Airfield Pavilion, Carew.

11/0794/PA - Erection of temporary anemometer mast - Summerton Farm, Sageston.

11/0709/PA - Erection of a garage - Bartlett’s Well Lodge, Birds Lane Sageston.

Refusal of Planning Permission by PCC :

11/0636/PA - Change of use from carer's annex to residential dwelling - Woodpark Sageston.

The following planning application was received:

PCNPA - NP/11/496 - Demolition of existing detached garage and erection of new double garage to rear garden and erection of single-storey rear conservatory - Delfryn, Cresselly. Following deliberation and discussion there were no adverse comments to this application.

Carew Castle Holdings Capital Project Proposals - Letter from PCNPA informing that funding has been received from Cadw EU, Cadw TMF for

- Reproofing and new doors and windows at Lesser Hall of Carew Castle,

- Resurfacing the car park

- Refurbishing and extending the existing storage building in the walled garden to provide reception facilities and public toilets

- Removing the portakabins from the walled garden.

Upon receipt of the statutory consents it is anticipated that the work will commence in the Spring and the Community Council will be advised of the scheme as part of the planning process.


It was agreed by all present that the following invoices be paid: BDO Stoy Hayward external auditors - £144

Renewal of Carew Parish Website registration for a further 2 years - £11.98

Following receipt of a letter from Mrs Patricia Watts, the access to the paddock walk has been cleared by Cllr Goodman and County Councillor David Neale.

Letter from PCNPA informing of Supplementary Planning Guidance for public consultation on siteing and design Farm buildings available on the website www,pcnpa.org.uk. Also the Annual Monitoring Report on the progress made on the Plan for the period October 2010 to July 2011. The next report on 1st June. The information is also available at various libraries in the County.

Temporary Closure of the Footpath across Carew Mill Pond causeway - Letter from Public Rights of Way Assistant PCNPA - the time scale for the works previously notified has been extended and it is now anticipated that the works will continue and be completed by the end of January.

Dyfed Powys Police Audit of Accounts notice received.

PALC AGM on Saturday 14th January 2012 at Picton Centre, Haverfordwest.

County Council David Neale e.mailed regarding a Parish Environment Group Meeting on Tuesday 17th January at 7 pm in Plough Inn.


Paddock walk needs trimming back

Carew Bridge needs cleaning and lines need repainting.

To clarify how many houses being built at Runway lodge as per detailed planning approval.

Bartletts Well repairs have not yet taken place - CADW to be contacted.

Hall car park has a pot hole that needs repair.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Thursday 9th February 2012 at 7.30 pm

Cllr Griffiths declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Tuesday 9th February 2012 at 7.30 pm  in the Committee Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

 Present:          Cllr Marina Griffiths          Cllr John Brock  MBE

                       Cllr Pat Gibby                  Cllr Lionel White

                       Cllr Andrew Blayney        Cllr Trevor Goodman

                       Cllr Mike Bosley              Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                       County Councillor David J Neale

Apologies:  Cllr Gwenllian Head

Matters Arising:

Amendment to the minutes of the January meeting .  Garden plot allotments – The rent for the area would be £100 per year for the 10 year period.

The minutes were then agreed and signed as a true record.

Precept:   Acknowledgement received from PCC to the Community Council’s request for a precept of £8,000.

Carew Newton Cemetery -  The request made to PCNPA Planning department will be prioritized and they will endeavour to provide a substantive reply within 30 working days.    Cllr White provided further information  from the Centre for accessible environments.  Chairman Cllr Griffiths thanked Cllr White for spending time to obtain this information and when the reply received from PCNPA then a decision based on all the information will be made.

Garden Plots/Allotments -    Agent for Carew Castle Estates has now also suggested that the Estate could provide steps up the hill from the Chapel Car Park to ease access and cut down on vehicle congestion on Birds Lane.  This was discussed and it was agreed to robustly advertise the garden plots and to send out flyers to all residents in Carew Parish regarding the offer of land for allotments from Carew Castle Estate.  The cost per annum is estimated to be between £50 and £100 per plot.    Rupert Dunn from Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens based in Narberth had forwarded some very helpful information and draft tenancy leases.    These were looked at in detail.  However, in the first instance 6 names for the garden plots are required and until and unless this happens no further action or progress can be taken.    It was agreed also to write to Agent for Carew Castle Estates to seek further clarification on the cost of the draft lease as communicated in her letter of 3rd January .

Jubilee Celebrations, Monday 4th June/Tuesday 5th June:   Following detailed discussion it was agreed by all Councillors present to ask representatives from the organisations in the area (13) to attend a Community meeting  at 7 pm on Thursday 8th March just prior to the next Community Council meeting.  Plans and discussions can then take place regarding community events.  Some suggestions were :- Fancy Dress, Sports event such as Tug of War, with Barbecue .  


County Councillor David J Neale declared and interest and withdrew from discussion or participation on the planning matters below:

11/0961/PA – Two storey extension, The Oaks, Llandigwynett, Sageston. -  The accompanying plans were incomplete and contained location plan only .  To obtain further plans.

11/0945/PA -  Erection of a wind turbine, Cardeeth, Cresselly, Kilgetty.  Following detailed discussion, the majority of Councillors were in favour of permission to be granted for the erection of a wind turbine in this area.

NP/12/0046 – Erection of single dwelling Land at Taskers Garden, Opposite The Smithy, West Williamston, Kilgetty .    Following discussion there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

Notification received of Planning permission granted by PCNPA on the  following two applications :-

Demolition of existing detached garage and erection of new double garage to rear garden and erection of single-storey rear conservatory – Delfryn, Cresselly, Kilgetty  (NP/11/496).

Proposed two storey pitched roof extension extending perpendicular to the rear of the dwelling house with two single storey lean-to side wings off the extension – Quarry Cottage, West Williamston, Kilgetty.


South East Area Liaison meeting to be held at Reynoldston Village Hall on Wednesday 29th February at 7 pm.  Topics for discussion – Waste and recycling, LDP and Budget.

Bank Balance in Current Account  - £5229.73.

Ironman -  Feedback form received from Streetcare at PCC.  Following discussion  it was agreed to communicate the following concerns:- access for emergency vehicles through Birds Lane, Entrance at the top of Carew Park Estate, Leaflet drops in Carew Parish were incomplete (no leaflets delivered in Whitehill),  Maps were hard to understand.  However,  the Park and Ride Facilities from Carew Airfield were excellent and well used and the Community Packs were a huge success.

ELECTION 2012 -  Ordinary elections 2012.  Training sessions for Clerks , taking them through each stage of the election process will be put on  by Electoral Services Manager and Monitoring Officer.   The Clerk will attend a meeting on Tuesday 21st February 2012 in County Hall.

PEMBROKESHIRE HEALTH SERVICE -  Letter received from Angela Burns AM   containing information on her efforts to date on a number of matters regarding the NHS in Pembrokeshire including closure of  MIUs at Tenby and South Pembs Hospitals and  Cutting of  histopathology services at Withybush Hospital.    This information was noted by Councillors.

The letter also urges anyone if they want to have a say in the Health Service in Pembrokeshire to take part in the listening and engagement exercise and the consultation later this year:  http://www.wales.nhs.uk/siteplus/documents/862/DiscussionDocumentEnglish-Final.pdf

If unable to print the document Angela Burns office will be happy to provide a copy.


--Cllr Brock attended a National Parks stakeholders meeting recently.   He had been informed that funding for the works at Carew Castle has been obtained and work should start later this year.  The first phase is a roof on the Lesser Hall.  However, it was felt that car parking and visibility on the splay at the Castle Car Park should be the first  priority.   Construction plant for the work would also be using the car park.   It was agreed to invite Mr Phil Roach to the April meeting  to discuss these matters further.

-- Work on removal of vegetation and overgrowth from  the wall from Carew Cross down to the Carew Bridge has been successful but it was agreed to  ask the Castle Manager if similar work from the entrance gate up to the car park could be carried out.

--Work finished on the Carew Mill causeway.

--Work on the Paddock walk has been undertaken by members of the Parish Environment Group

--Moorland Cottage Carew Newton – down pipe/extension pipe into the road and during frozen conditions the road is very dangerous.  To check this information before informing PCC.

--The Slow sign on the road near Carew Castle needs repainting as do the

White lines and road surface at Carew Bridge.  Also the bollards on the bridge have been damaged.


--Carew Newton sign at Branders Park gets turned round and points in the wrong direction repeatedly.  County Councillor Dave Neale agreed to speak to the Signage Department to secure the sign on the signpost to prevent it being easily turned.

--Concern was expressed at the food waste and general tipping of rubbish at the Works depot at Welsh Waterworks  in Milton.  This may be an environmental hazard and Clerk to write to Welsh Water for this matter to be attended to urgently.

-- An armchair has also been dumped at the lay by in Redberth.

--Footpath from Kesteven Court through Birds Lane to the school is uneven and the dips collect water.  Children and their parents walking to school are therefore getting very wet and in icy conditions these frozen ponds on the pavement are very hazardous.  Also there are dips in the road near the school that collect water that is sprayed on pedestrians when cars drive past.  These matters need urgent attention.

--The ownership of Bartletts Well is still unclear and County Councillor David Neale to discuss with Matt Pyart, Historic buildings officer at PCC regarding getting the Well repaired.

--Cllr White asked for congratulations to the Council to be extended at sorting the drainage problem out at Teagues Cross, Lawrenny Road junction.   Thanks to be sent to Glenville Codd and his Maintenance Team.

--Cllr White also informed that the Community Council website will be undergoing a major revamp shortly.  Cllr White also provided information on the increase in visitors to the site over the last year.  – January 2011 – 90 vistors, January 2012 – 155 visitors.   Chairman thanked Cllr White for his attention to the website and continued input.

--Concealed hinges for the shed in Memorial Hall car park are needed in order to move the gardening equipment.

Date and time of next meeting -  Thursday 8th March at 7PM  when representatives from community organisations will meet with the Community Council to discuss Jubilee Celebrations in the Parish.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on 12th April 2012 in Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.


                       Cllr Marina Griffiths                  Cllr Gwenllian Head                      Cllr Lionel White

                       Cllr Trevor Goodman               Cllr John Brock MBE                    Cll r Andrew Blayney

                       Cllr Pat Gibby                           Cllr Mike Bosley                            County Councillor David Neale


                    Cllr Vanessa Thomas

Public Attendance:

                    Mrs Bronwen Knox                    Mrs Brenda Waters

The Chairman welcomed Mr Phil Roach from PCNPA who is now head of Discovery and had been invited along to discuss the plans for Carew Castle.

£600,000 available from CADW and PCNPA to put on a new lead and timber roof on the Lesser Hall, Visitor centre and improvements to car park. Mr Roach informed of the input from the Stakeholder group with regard to improvements to the entrance to the car park. Mr Roach stated that the lower end of the car park is a scheduled ancient monument that has not yet been archeologically classified. All works on the roof will take priority followed by the renovation of "Dennis's shed" into a visitor centre And then car parking improvements . Work is to begin at the end of the bat breeding season on 21st June. Tenders have been received and a contractor appointed. The Chairman thanked Mr Roach for his very frank and informative talk and the Chairman and Councillors look forward to work commencing and for a progress report in due course. Mr Roach also offered to arrange visits to castle for the Community Councillors as the work progresses. Mr Roach then left the meeting.

Further discussion and perusal of the plans and very detailed reports of the three Carew Castle planning applications took place by Councillors. It was proposed and all present unanimously agreed that PCNPA be asked to approve the three applications for new roof, visitor centre and improvements to car park .

Minutes of the last meeting - Agreed and signed as a true record subject to the amounts to be paid to the Jubilee Committee to be finalised when the figures are known but to add up to £500

All minutes from the last meetings with representatives of local organisations to be put on the website.


Email received stating that the Jubilee Committee consists of Marilyn Chandler, Chair, Rowena Lloyd Secretary and Julie Mooney Treasurer.

Request for payment of events insurance of £136.80 from Mrs Lloyd received. All agreed that this to be paid by Jubilee Committee from the £500 to be sent to Jubilee Committee on receipt of the account details.

Also Mrs Lloyd had provided details of the 2010 census where 217 Children up to the age of 11 reside in the Parish. Further census results are due in July 2012. Total of 331 children up to age 16 reside in the Parish. Following discussion it was agreed that as the Community Council had agreed to present commemorative coins to children from 0-11 and a further 60 coins be purchased . Discussion on when to present the commemorative coins took place and it was agreed to put this on the agenda for next meeting.


Chairman confirmed that 8 Community Councillors had been nominated for re­election. Cllr Blayney and County Councillor Neale had decided not to stand for re­election as Community Councillors. Chairman thanked Cllr Blayney for his work and input and participation at meetings and wished him well for the future. County Councillor Neale will be standing for PCC unopposed and therefore there would be no need for election process on 3rd May. The shortfall of Community Councillors will be 4 and cooption will take place in due course.

Carew Newton Cemetery. Confirmation has been received from PCNPA that the 1:12 gradient for the slope in place of the steps at the Cemetery is acceptable. Cllr White agreed to provide a specification for tendering purposes. It was agreed that Stage 1. replacing the steps, is a priority

Grass Cutting Tenders - Clerk provided details of the 5 tenders received for grass cutting contract for 2012. It was proposed by Cllr Blayney and seconded by Cllr White that Karl Butler from Diggit Garden services with a quote of £742 for be accepted.

Kesteven Court - Reply received from PCC regarding the parking issues from Mr Edwards at 46 Kesteven Court. Mr Edwards had asked PCC for clear signage to indicate a cull-de-sac and speed restriction and removal of grass verge and replacing with designated turning areas. The Highways Asset Manger had determined that inspection of the estate roads at Kesteven Court did not reveal any significant carriageway maintenance defects for the volume and speeds of traffic using it. The streetname sign at the entrance to 3 - 46 Kesteven Court is misleading and will arrange a replacement to be provided incorporating the 'no through road' plate. Removal of the verge and bank alongside the sports field to provide additional parking is not considered practical by PCC as it will undermine the fence line and funding for this type of improvement is not currently available. The problems with obstructive parking at the turning bays at the end of the cul de sac should be kept clear and any problems of obstruction should be referred to the Police. Implementation of parking orders could be considered if the problems persist. Councillors noted the above and Clerk confirmed that the information above had been sent to Mr Edwards. GARDEN PLOTS/ALLOTMENTS:

A petition and email had been received regarding the possibility of garden plots/allotments from residents close to the proposed site. Chairman confirmed that she had been in communication with the Agent for Carew Castle Estate . The points raised in the petition were opposing the siting of allotments in the centre of the

village. Petitioners suggested that by their nature allotments are untidy and could constitute an eyesore and the area would have a visual impact on the listed buildings including the Flemish Chimney. The Petitioners asked for an alternative site in an appropriate location to be sought. Following discussion Councillors understood the concerns raised and support villagers in seeking alternative suitable land. Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that the Agent for Carew Castle Estate be asked for an alternative site and that the offer of the present proposed site be declined. Clerk agreed to write to the petitioners and Agents and also to the applicants for plots informing them of the decision. The names and addresses of those interested in garden plots be kept on file.


County Councillor David Neale declared an interest and withdrew from discussion and participation.

11/0945/PA Erection of a wind turbine at Cardeeth, Cresselly - This application has been withdrawn by the applicant.

NP/12/0046 Erection of a single dwelling at Land at Taskers Garden, Opposite The Smithy, West Williamson - This application has been withdrawn by the applicant. Granted by PCC - 11/0961/PA - Two storey extension, The Oaks, Llandigwynett, Sageston.

The following were discussed.

11/1151/PA - Alterations and extension Hilwyn, 5 Picton Terrace, Birds Lane, Carew . Following perusal of the plans and discussion there were no adverse comments and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

11/1204/PA - Porch, 42 Kesteven Court, Carew. Following perusal of the plans and discussion there were no adverse comments and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

11/1170/PA - Change of use to an agricultural Co-op, storage, sales and distribution, Carew Airfield. Following discussion and perusal of the plans Councillors welcomed the application in the light of the forthcoming closure of CCF Co-op in Sageston and the relocation to the Airfield. There were no adverse comments and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

Details received from PCC on the name of the site previously known as Land between Runway Lodge and Sageston Bypass. This to be named 1-8 Hays Lane. It was noted that 1-5 are nearing completion. There were no adverse comments to this and Councillors accepted this new street name in the Parish.


Invoices for payment: Advert in Tenby Observer inviting grass cutting tenders £60 PALC yearly subscription - £79.

Correspondence had also been received from One Voice Wales offering 50% reduction in subscription for the first year = £84. Cllr Brock felt that an excellent service is provided by PALC and the Community Council's subscription with PALC be renewed. Cllr Bosley proposed and Cllr Gibby seconded that these two invoices be paid.

Letter from Angela Burns AM informing that as from 2nd April the Minor Injury Units at Tenby Cottage Hospital and South Pembrokeshire Hospital will be partly resumed as follows:

Tenby Cottage Hospital, 7 days a week - 10 am to 6 pm South Pembrokeshire Hospital, 7 days a week - 1.30 to 9.30 pm. These interim arrangements will be reviewed in 3 months time. However, it was noted from Ms Burns that there are no firm assurances that they will continue after that point.

Information received of a Business event for the Ironman competition (to be held in September) on 26th April at Plas Hyfryd Hotel, Narberth.

Information received on the spread of industrial wind turbines. Cllr Goodman received this information for further perusal.

Carew Memorial Hall - Chairman informed Councillors of the cracks in the Hall on the Kesteven Court side of the building. Clerk confirmed that she had asked PCC for a Building Officer to look at the cracks. Walters of Narberth who carried out the extension work to the Hall to be also asked to look at the cracks to provide a report.

Also, the wall adjacent to the Hall at the back of 35 — 38 Kesteven Court has been partly rebuilt but the original wall is in need of repair as it is leaning.

Increased water has been noticed on the playing field. Following discussion it was felt that all these three issues may be related to the same water rising problem.


New addition to Parish website - 5 day weather forecast

Walkway to school - pavements are due for resurfacing.

Dog fouling - Following discussion on this problem County Councillor Neale informed of a PAC meeting on 14th May at the Control Tower at 7 pm when this problem could be brought up. New signs needed on the playing field. Cllr Brock informed that a football match had to be suspended twice while dog mess was removed. Dog Warden also to be made aware again of the problem.

Environment Group - County Councillor Neale informed that the next meeting for a litter pick would be on Saturday 21st April at 9 am at Sageston school.

Concealed hinges for the shed to be purchased.

Cats eyes in the centre of the road near the Castle Car park have been removed. County Councillor Neale informed that he felt this was done as part of a survey on road visibility and access at the castle car park.


The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Annual General meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 10th May 2012 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:   Cllr Marina Griffiths       Cllr Gwenllian Head

                      Cllr John Brock MBE    Cllr Trevor Goodman

                      Cllr Vanessa Thomas    Cllr Pat Gibby

                      Cllr Lionel White

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Cllr Mike Bosley  County Councillor David Neale


All Councillors present signed the declaration of acceptance of office.

Chairman thanked Councillors for their dedication and commitment during the last year.  Cllr Brock from the floor thanked the Chairman and Vice Chairman for their patience and politeness in  conducting meetings.   The Clerk as also thanked for her work over the last year. The Chairman then stood down from office


Clerk thanked Councillors for their support and proceeded with the election process beginning with nominations for Chairman:

Cllr Griffiths proposed Cllr Thomas as Chairman and Cllr Goodman seconded this.  

Cllr Thomas proposed Cllr Griffiths and Cllr Brock seconded this.

Cllr Thomas did not accept the nomination due to work and family commitments.

Cllr Griffiths accepted the nomination and, following a show of hands, Cllr Griffiths is elected as Chairman.

Nominations for Vice Chairman:

Cllr Brock proposed Cllr Head as Vice Chairman and  Cllr Thomas seconded.  Cllr Head accepted the nomination.  There were no amendments.  Cllr Head is duly elected as Vice Chairman.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING:  The minutes were agreed as a true record and duly signed.   Minutes to be displayed on the website.


Communication from Agent for Carew Castle Estate acknowledging the declined offer of garden plots in Carew Village.  The Agent will inform the Owner and will seek a further site for garden plot/allotments.

Carew Park Issues :  Communication received from a resident in Carew Park regarding problems with parking and the potentially dangerous issue of access to emergency vehicles along Saunders Road.  The resident also asked for play area on the grassy area along the left of Saunders Road. Clerk also informed that she  had spoken to the resident regarding the issues. Following discussion of the issues raised it was agreed the resident be informed that  the issue of emergency service access could be raised at the PAC meeting to be held on Monday 14th May at 7 pm at the Control Tower.    With regard to the grassy area for use as a play area, this had been looked at but it was felt the site was too small for a play area.  There is no easy way to reduce the parking problem as the houses do not have designated parking spaces.   Clerk to pursue the additional parking with PCC.  

Jubilee Events: Secretary of Jubilee Committee had confirmed the bank account details and the previously agreed sum will be paid into the account of Carew Football and Cricket Club.  Discussion then ensued regarding the presentation of commemorative coins to 0 – 11 year old children in the Parish.  It was eventually agreed that on Tuesday 5th June between 2 pm and 6 pm the coins would be available for collection at the Committee Room.  Councillors volunteered to help with the handing out of the coins.  Clerk to put up posters and ask for announcement in the three churches and school.   A form to be completed for the coins given out.  


Planning passed by PCNPA – Replacement roof on the Lesser Hall of Carew Castle.

Withdrawal of planning application -  Hillwyn, 5 Picton Terrace, Carew.

11/1194/PA - Renewal of 07/0009/PA – amended plans for one dwelling, Plot 30, 6 Sageston Fields, Sageston.  No adverse comments.

11/1215/PA -  Erection of detached garage and stores at Twin Oaks, Cresselly.  There were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

12/0014/PA – Construction of an earth bank nutrient storage lagoon at Land north of Cae Sgubor, Llandigwynnet, Sageston.   Cllr Brock informed that he had heard concerns from residents.  There is also a risk of seepage into the Sageston stream which leads into the Mill Pond at Carew (a SSSI) and risk of overflowing material contaminating flora and fauna in the area.  These concerns to be communicated to PCC and to ask for wider and local consultation.

NP/12/0191 – 1st Floor extension to rear plus interior remodeling at Hillcrest, West Williamston. Following discussion and perusal of the detailed plans provided by PCNPA,  there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

NP/12/0193 – Conversion and roof extension of existing workshop to provide double garage and ancillary residential accommodation.  Also demolition of existing corrugated metal garage and construction of new garage at Newton Lodge, Butts Lane, Carew.  Following discussion and perusal of the detailed plans provided by PCNPA,  there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.


Notification of renewal of insurance from Zurich Insurance - £889.34 (£882.95 last year).  Following discussion all present were agreed that the insurance be renewed.

Invitation from Redkite Solicitors to an event to commemorate their achievement as Quality Solicitors at Bridge Innovation Centre, Pembrokeshire Science and Technology Park, Pembroke Dock on Wednesday 23rd May 4-6pm.   Chairman to attend.

Bank balances:  £1693.88 in Business Saver account, £3676.75 in current account.

Letter from Public Rights of Way Assistant informing that PCC is currently considering proposals to divert part of the Public Footpath SP15/3 at Norchard farm, Redberth. Following discussion and perusal of the plan there were no objections.

Communication received from Hall Committee asking for a donation towards the cost of redecorating the outside of the Memorial Hall.  Cllr Griffiths, Cllr Gibby and Cllr Goodman declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.    Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Thomas that  £200 be donated  in line with the donations made to local churches for upkeep.  Cllr Head seconded this proposal.

Communication received from St Marys Church towards the cost of maintaining  the Church yard graves .  Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr White that £200 be donated towards this.

Co-option of officers.  -  PCC had informed that there are 4 places on Carew Community Council following the election.   Notice of cooption to be put on Parish website and in the minutes to Tenby Observer.  Anyone interested to contact the Clerk who will be pleased to provide further information.

Communication received from PCC regarding representation on the Standards Committee.   No Councillors expressed an interest to be put forward for this position.


--Dog mess on the way to Sageston school is again a problem.  Dog Warden and PCC to be contacted regarding monitoring this problem outside normal working hours.

--Procurement specification for the work at Carew Newton Cemetery would be available for the next meeting

--Carew Parish Website – Unique visitors to the site continues to increase.   5 day weather forecast is now available on the website.

-- Cllr White provided a breakdown of the precept list for parishes/towns in Pembrokeshire.   

--Clerk to acknowledge the letter from Ms Pat Watts on issues in the Parish.

--Flooding during inclement weather on Birds Lane between Kesteven Court and the Ford on the stream side of the road.  PCC to be asked to dig a drainage channel to take away surface water.

--Bartletts Well.  Work still has not been carried out.  Following discussion councilors agreed to ask for quotations for the work to be carried out from two names submitted.

-- Speeding on the detrunked road at Sageston.  Cllr Thomas informed that speeding still occurs and children play along the road up to the dead end.  PCC to be contacted again regarding unification of the speed limits in the area which go from 60 mph to 40 mph to 30 mph and then 20 mph and back up again from the Sageston Roundabout to the end of Birds Lane.  PCC to be asked to change the speed limit at the detrunked road to 30 mph.

--Paddock Walk – the culvert has overflowed as it does regularly during heavy rainfall.  PCC to be asked to look at a way to alleviate this problem and Water Board also asked to look at it as the wall is tumbling into the culvert causing the stream to overflow.

-- Cllr Brock informed that Sageston School would like to invite Community Councillors to their Jubilee Event on Wednesday 30th May at 1.30 pm.   Clerk to provide names and addresses to headmistress of Sageston school.

-- Chase up the report  on Carew Memorial Hall from  the Buildings officer at PCC.

-- Date and Time of next meeting -   Thursday 14th June 2012 at 7.30 pm.  Apologies in advance from Cllr Brock.

- -  Parish Environment Group meet -  Water Board -Paddock Walk- Milton  -Saturday 19th May  at 9 am.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 14th June 2012 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:      Cllr Gwenllian Head        Cllr Pat Gibby

                        Cllr Lionel White             Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                        Cllr Trevor Goodman      County Councillor David Neale (in attendance)

APOLOGIES: Cllr Marina Grifiths       Cllr John Brock MBE

Minutes of the last meeting were duly signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

Letter from the Monitoring Officer of PCC informed that Community Councillor George Allingham from Cosheston Community Council has been appointed as representative on the Standards Committee.  Cllr Allingham had been suggested by PALC and is at present community representative on PCCs Town and Community Liaison Panel.

Sageston speed limits – Communication from Head of Highways and Construction at PCC confirming that the 40 mph limit at Sageston will be examined for reduction to 30 mph and the traffic management team will organize this review.  A starting point will be to gather speed date on the  40mph section in Sageston to see what current speeds are being driven and thus the likelihood that a reduction speed limit is likely to receive voluntary compliance.  A decision will then be taken on proceeding with the request.  The traffic management team will contact the Community Council when they have further feedback.

Cooption of Community Councillor -  Letter received from Mr Richard A Hughes  asking to be considered for cooption to the Community Council.  Cllr Goodman Proposed and Cllr Thomas seconded and all present agreed that Mr Hughes be coopted to the Community Council and invited to the July meeting.

Dog Fouling – Continues to be a problem within the Parish.  Dog Warden to be informed that visits outside working hours to catch the culprits is required as this takes place very early in the morning and late at night.   More bins to be requested from PCC along with notices.  County Councillor Neale provided the WAG dog control orders and clerk to copy them for Councillors for their information and retention.

Paddock Walk -  County Councillor Neale informed that PCC had been informed of the problem with the stream on the Paddock Walk and that the stream will be cleared out in order to help the stream to flow more freely.  Welsh Water to be asked to look at the stone walls adjacent to the stream as they are crumbling and clogging the stream with debris.   Dog fouling is also a problem and Dog Warden to be informed of this.

Phone Box in Carew Village -  Again, no replacement or repair has been undertaken and Historic Buildings Officer , BT and Cadw to be asked to attend to the kiosk as a matter of urgency.   

Fences at Carew Lane -  Communication from Enforcement Officer at PCC informing that  accesses and fences have been altered to a satisfactory standard.

Newsletter/Update from Simon Hart MP  received and noted.


T22/12 – Letter from Tree and Landscape Officer at PCNPA regarding application for tree works TPO 41 and TPO 82 – Land at Taskers Garden opposite The Smithy West Williamston -  There were no objections to the work undertaken on behalf of  Western Power Distribution to remove branches that are in close proximity to low voltage overhead power lines.

NP/12/0304 – Screening opinion for the installation of 225kw wind turbine (blade tip height 45.7 m, hub height 32.2 m) at Cow Park Farm, Manorbier Newton.   Clerk had contacted PCNPA who informed that although this wind turbine is not in Carew Parish the wind turbine would be visible in the Parish.  Opinion on proposed screening is sought from the Community Council in the first instance though the planning application for proposed wind turbine has not yet been submitted.   Councillors agreed that screening for such a large turbine would be desirable and also an EIA for the project.

12/0152/PA – Letter from PCC – Removal of Condition 3 of Planning Permission 07/1316/PA  at Old Mill, Milton.  The application relates to the  removal of the condition  that the use of the building shall be limited to a fish retail unit and associated processing unit only to enable the shop to operate as a general village store/butchery.     Following discussion there were no objections by Community Councillors  to the removal of the condition in the original planning permission.

The following applications granted by PCC were noted by Councillors:

11/1170/PA – Change of use to an agricultural Co-op, storage, sales and distribution – Carew Airfield, Carew.

11/1215/PA – Erection of detached garage and stores – Twin Oaks Cresselly, Kilgetty.

11/1194/PA – Renewal of 07/0009/PA – amended plans for one dwelling – Plot 30 6 Sageston Fields, Sageston.

The following applications granted by PNCNPA were noted by Councillors:

NP/12/0191 – 1st Floor extension to rear plus interior remodeling – Hillcrest, West Williamston, Kilgetty.

NP/12/0193 – Conversion and roof extension of existing workshop to provide double garage and ancillary residential accommodation.  Also demolition of existing corrugated metal garage and construction of new garage – Newton Lodge, Butts Lane, Carew Newton.

NP/12/0049 – Demolition of existing visitor centre, extension and change of use of existing store building to provide visitor reception, shop and toilet and associated landscaping – Carew Castle, Carew, Tenby .

Also  letter received from  Head of Discovery at PCNPA  informing that Tree and Sons Ltd of Milford Haven have received official Cadw approval to the procurement process for the works to the Lesser Hall and it is hoped that contracts will be exchanged shortly with a view to starting on site towards the end of June.


Pembrokeshire Community Transport Forum at Beggars Reach Hotel Burton on Wednesday 20th June – noted.

Invoices for payment – Grass cutting 5 cuts £246.66.  Mr Butler noted no problems aprt from dog fouling on the Nature Walk at Milton and suggesting a bin is provided.

Clerk’s Salary – April, May and June plus expenses £353.83.   Cllr Gibby proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that these two invoices be paid.

1st Precept £2667  received 20/04/2012

Current account Balance as at 11th April  - £6501.75

One Voice Wales 2012 Conference and AGM – Saturday 13th October 2012 at Bont Pavilion, Pontrhydfendigaid, Ceredigion – noted.

Commemorative Coins -  Cllr Head informed that around 70 commemorative coins were handed out at the Jubilee event on Tuesday 5th June.   Following discussion Cllr Head and Clerk agreed to visit households within the Parish to distribute the remaining coins.  However,  anyone with eligible children (age 0 – 11 years old) to contact the Clerk  on 01646 651830 before the end of July.  Cllr White agreed to put this information on the website also (carewparish.com).  Head Teacher at Sageston School to be asked  if she could provide  a list of eligible  school age children.  This will greatly help the distribution of the coins.

Carew Newton Cemetery -  Cllr White provided a draft  procurement specification and he hoped to have the final document ready for ratification by the Community Council at the July meeting.   Draft specification distributed to Councillors.  


List of requests for donations to organizations was read out -  Following discussion Cllr Thomas proposed and Cllr Gibby seconded that £50 be donated to Welsh Air Ambulance.


- Cllr White informed that there have been 18,000 hits to the carewparish.com website this year.  Average of 6 visits per day.  As at 14th June there have been 140 visits this month.

- Cllr White beginning to put information on the Ironman competition (to be held in September ) onto the website.  He informed that there will be 1 crossing point at Cresselly down to the Shambles and the crossing point at Freestone Cross that was in place last year will not be available.  Clerk and Cllr White to find further information on the cycle course as it has been modified  from last year.

- Cllr Gibby proposed and all present agreed that a letter to sent to the Jubilee Events Committee congratulating them on the events for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

- Cllr Thomas confirmed that the money had been handed over to the Jubilee Committee and the Clerk confirmed that this had been topped up to £500 as agreed.  Cllr Thomas had paperwork from the previous Jubilee Committee and following discussion it was agreed that this be kept in the Historical Society Cupboard.

- In her absence Cllr Griffiths had asked that the tools garden implements be put in the shed and the shed made secure.  County Councillor Neale and Cllr Goodman informed of the type of concealed hinges needed and would make enquiries where to obtain these from.

- Flemish Chimney – The Chimney is overgrown with weeds and needs a general clean and tidy up.

County Councillor’s Report.  Cllr Neale informed that he hoped there would be a reduction in the density of building at the NCPA land at Sageston from the initial outline application.  He had also asked for adequate green area for recreation be provided and included in the site.

Cllr Neale informed that he had arranged for the laid hedge adjacent to the Flemish Chimney is to be cut.

Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 12th July at 7.30 pm.

The Vice Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 12th July 2012 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:    Cllr Marina Griffiths     Cllr Lionel White

                  Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Trevor Goodman

                  Cllr Pat Gibby


Apologies  Cllr Mike Bosley   Cllr Gwenllian Head

                    County Councillor D Neale

Minutes of the June meeting were duly signed as a true record.

Matters Arising

Email from Lowless and Lowless Solicitors regarding the Land Registry for Carew Newton Cemetery.

This matter had been discussed by Community Council  initially in November last year**.    Carew Newton Cemetery ownership is still not registered at the Land Registry.  The options are that the Community Council wait until 2015 when 12 years would have elapsed from acquisition on 12.07.2003 or  A Declaration obtained from the United Reformed Church (Wales) Trust  and submitted to the Land Registry.    There are also solicitors costs involved in resolving this matter.   Councillors also perused the Cemetery file and looked at the bill paid in 2003 to the solicitors for the transfer of ownership of the Cemetery to the Community Council.  This purchase is complete but Land Registry is not.

 Councillors discussed  the options at length and it was agreed that the Clerk contact Mr Lowless to inform him that  the bill has been paid for the completion of the purchase of Carew Newton Cemetery.  The Community Council have been left in limbo since  despite numerous attempts to finalise this.   Councillors felt that a  further £20  requested by the solicitors  from 2003 was not appropriate nine years later.    All Councillors agreed that as payment for the  purchase of Carew |Newton Cemetery and Land Registry had been made then the solicitors should have ensured that this is finalized at their further cost.    Clerk to also look in Barclaysafe for any other correspondence regarding this.

PLANNING – There were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal seen on the following plans discussed:

11/1152/LB -  Alterations and extension to Hilwyn 5 Picton Terrace, Carew

12/0285/PA – Extension to dwelling 42 Kesteven Court Carew.

12/0214/PA – Erection of a wind turbine, new access and track, Land South East of Coachlands, Sageston.

12/0138/PA – Erection of a wind turbine Knapp Farm, Redberth

12/0208/PA – Erection of a 10 kw wind turbine, Cardeeth, Whitehill, Cresselly, Kilgetty

NP/12/0341 – Conversion and extension of garage to provide additional bedroom and living space North Close, Whitehill.

NP/12/0223 – Extension of Cattle shed New Shipping Farm Lower Lane, West Williamston

NP/12/0329 – EIA Screening opinion for installation of 55 kw wind turbine at Sunnyhill Farm  The Ridgeway, Manorbier.  (this is not in the Parish but the turbine would be visible within the Parish)

The following planning applications have been granted  by PCC:-

12/0152/PA – Removal of Condition 3 of Planning Permission 07/1316/PA to allow use of shop as a general village store/butchers shop – Old Mill, Milton, Tenby.

12/0014/PA – Construction of an earth bank nutrient storage lagoon – Land north of Cae Sgubor, Llandigwynnet, Sageston.

T22/12 – Land at Taskers Garden (TPO 41) and Orchard opposite Longhouse (TPO 82), West Williamston Village.


Copy of letter sent to Activity Wales from Miss Pat Watts regarding the cyclists on the Long Course weekend race on 9th June urinating in the hedge opposite the bus stop.  Councillors agreed  that this behaviour was unacceptable and that the organizers should make sure adequate comfort break facilities are  provided and communicated to riders.   

Milton Play Area  rent from Carew Castle Estates £25 – Cllr Thomas proposed and Cllr Gibby seconded that this invoice be paid.

PARISH ENVIRONMENT GROUP -  Cllr Goodman informed that since the last meeting the Environment Group had met twice on activity evenings, once to tidy up the Flemish Chimney and secondly to clear par t of the  stream at Milton.  Councillors all agreed that the Flemish Chimney looks much tidier.   County Councillor Neale had communicated to the clerk that the Biodiversity Officer would be looking at the stream to identify the weeds growing there to see if they can be treated.  Also, the hedge from the  Flemish Chimney to phone box would be cut back later next week and it was hoped a further Parish Environment Group evening activity would be able to tidy up that area.

DOG FOULING -  Dog Warden had contacted the Clerk to discuss the problem of dog fouling along Birds Lane and Milton Marsh Walk.  She had agreed to make patrols.  However,  the Dog Warden had asked that if dog owners and times that the  fouling occurs can be communicated to the Dog Warden then she will pursue the matter further.   Cllr Goodman felt that if the problem occurs outside normal daytime working hours then the Dog Warden should still attend.    Councillors agree that the problem occurs  between 6 and 7 am and between 10.30 and 11.30 pm.  

ACCESS IMPROVEMENTS TO CAREW NEWTON CEMETERY.  Cllr White provided Councillors with copies of the draft  job specification for the renewal of the access at the Cemetery.   Following discussion it was agreed to change the working times or this work  to  8 am to 6 pm and to include that if a funeral takes place then work will have to be suspended for that day.   There should be at least 5 working days notice provided prior to a funeral.   Cllr White was thanked for his hard work and Clerk agreed to draft a notice for the paper inviting tenders with a closing date of 10th September prior to the next Community Council meeting on 13th September.

CAREW PARISH WEBSITE.  Cllr White informed that he is in the process of collating information on the Ironman competition on 16th September.  Following investigation Cllr White has established that there will be only one crossing point at Home Farm Cresselly and not at Freestone Cross.


 Cllr Brock informed of a problem that has occurred with the Post Office van at it’s usual stopping place at Milton.  On times the road is taken up with vehicles thus preventing the Post Office van from  connecting to the telegraph pole for internet access. Discussion ensued on the possibility of asking for a dedicated  area with white lines for the Post Office van.  However, it was agreed to keep an eye on the situation for the next few weeks and in any event if there is a problem then the Post Office should be the first to make attempts to secure the road for the Post Office van through the necessary channels with the necessary permissions etc.

Commemorative coins -   Clerk informed that  she and the Vice Chairman are continuing to  deliver and present the commemorative coins.  Chairman agreed to deliver to Redberth children.

Signage -  White slow sign at the Cenotaph needs repainting on the road and the 20 mph sign by the Bartletts Well needs repair.

Clerk to ask Carew Castle Estates if they can tidy up 1 Picton Terrace front garden

Continuation of the grass cutting up the West Williamston Road past the Carew Newton Turning needs to be carried out.

Three builders have been contacted regarding providing a quote for the repair of Bartletts Well but there have been no replies.  PCC to be asked to repair.

Cllr Goodman informed that County Councillor Neale is to replace the hinges on the shed.

Cllr Gibby informed that there is a discrepancy in the amount of money given as a donation to St Marys Church compared to last year.  £200 was donated by the Community Council and this was £250 last year.  Following discussion it was agreed a further £50 be paid to St Marys Church and  a further £50 to Carew Memorial Hall in line with donations made last year.    It was proposed and all present agreed to this.

The date and time of next meeting is Thursday 13th September at 7PM when a representative from PCC  will discuss “Connecting Communities” -  PCC have been able to secure considerable funding to carry out research in Communities to test their Broadband speeds and where they are below certain levels PCC will help the community to purchase the necessary equipment and services to increase them.  There will then be bigger benefits to business and individuals.  

The Chairman wished everyone a pleasant summer recess and declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 13th September 2012 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:  Cllr Marina Griffiths  Cllr Gwenllian Head

                    Cllr Pat Gibby              Cllr Lionel White

                    Cllr John Brock           Cllr Trevor Goodman

APOLOGIES:  County Councillor David Neale

                   Cllr Vanessa Thomas

   Cllr Mike Bosley

The Chairman welcomed all back from summer recess.

Presentation;   The Chairman welcomed Mr Alex Allison, Natalia Miles and Bryn Nicholas to the meeting to discuss the Connecting Communities project.  This project run by PCC explores different solutions to achieving improved broadband speeds to places in Pembrokeshire where speeds are poor. A variety of ways to connect to better speeds would be explored and  the installation of localised infrastructure such as a transmitter would be paid for by PCC.  Thereafter the normal monthly rates would apply per householder.

Expression of interest forms were distributed and these will also be made available on the carewparish.com website.  Further information such as  speeds currently achieved and how to check speeds are also available on the website.  Alternatively  residents can contact PCC directly through the Regeneration Unit.   The Chairman thanked all for coming along and Mr Allison, Ms Miles and Mr Nicholas then left the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting in July were duly signed as a true record.

Out of meeting payment -  A payment of £982.80  was made for the commemorative coins out of meeting.   There are still some available and any child under 11 as at end of July 2012  please contact the Clerk for a coin.

With this payment the total spent out of  Community Council funds  for the Jubilee celebrations is just over £1109.  

Communication received from Mr Richard Hughes who does not now wish to become a co-opted councillor as he has moved to Cosheston.

There are still places for co-opted Councillors on the  Community Council and anyone interested please contact the Clerk.  Cllr Head informed that she had been contacting various residents.

Out of meeting -  Licensing for sale of alcohol at Village Shop Milton .  Licensing application for change of owner of Plough Sageston -  

 Chairman had contacted local Councillors during the recess and there were no objections to the Village shop licensing.   Clerk had informed licensing of the concerns of residents of Sageston on the lateness of opening times for the Plough during week days (12 midnight). These comments were relayed to the Licensing Team.

Confirmation of donation of £50 to Air Ambulance received.

Roundabouts at Sageston and Carew -  Information received from Trunk Roads agency regarding the proposed temporary night time  road closures and diversion route between 1900 hours and 0600 hours to enable resurfacing work to take place. The roundabouts will be closed on separate nights to minimise disruption. The works are anticipated to be undertaken over the course of 2 weeks at the end of September/early October.    Following discussion it was observed that the diversion route will add to increased fuel costs  and also traffic to  the 3 am Ferry from Pembroke Dock  will be affected.  Emergency services using the route through Carew will also be affected.

Clerk to also to enquire with PCC on the progress made with regard to landscaping and enhancements to both the roundabouts in Carew Parish.

Carew Newton Cemetery works -   Discussion took place regarding the Cemetery and it was felt further enquiries be explored with regard to grant aid before any decision made.  

Carew Newton Cemetery -  Clerk will have further information regarding the Land Registry at the next meeting.


12/0208/PA – Erection of a 10kW wind turbine at Cardeeth, Cresselly – permission refused by PCC.

12/0285/PA – Extension to dwelling – 42 Kesteven Court, Carew – permission granted by PCC.

12/0217/PA – Alterations and extension –  Hilwyn, 5 Picton Terrace, Birds Lane, Carew – permission granted by PCC.

NP/12/0341 – Conversion of extension of existing garage to provide additional bedroom and living space – North Close, Cresselly – granted by PCNPA.

The following  planning applications were discussed:

12/0401/PA – Erection of garage and garden store , 1 Branders Park, Cresselly -  There were no adverse comments and application recommended for approval.

11/0444/PA – Erection of a double garage, Quantock, Milton.  There were no adverse comments and application recommended for approval.

NP/12/0408 – Erection of a single dwelling, Taskers Garden, Opposite The Smithy, West Williamston.  Following perusal of the detailed plans and accompanying architects’ ecological survey, tree survey and site description, there were no adverse comments.

AUDIT -    Internal Audit report by Mr Rowly Edwards and Officers meeting of 9th August received.    Assets Register Internal Audit comment was that the Carew Newton Cemetery be given a nominal value and following discussion it was agreed that  the Cemetery be valued at £5000.   Part 3 of the Annual Audit return along with amendments to the Assets column were completed.  It was agreed that in line with External Auditors recommendations the Annual return be presented to Community Council in the months of  May or June in future years.    Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Gwenllian Head seconded that the Internal Auditors fee of £50 be paid.

Cllr Brock complemented the Clerk on her efficiency in completing the accounts.

Bank Balances -  £4137.16.    Precept also received 2666.50 (not included in the bank balance.

Invoices for payment -  Carew Castle Estate half year field rent £575

Cllr White – expenses in preparing tender packs £12, Tenby Observer £60, Clerks Salary and expenses £363.36 and £81 PAYE.     Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that these invoices be paid.

Ironman -  Clerk confirmed that Ironman had been asked to supply clappers and cow bells and a delivery was awaited.    Cllr Griffiths had received an invitation from Ironman to watch the event and would be attending.

Hywel Dda Health Board Consulting  Communities.   The 12 week consultation started 6th August and will end of Monday 29th October.  In the Consultation document there are key areas where suggestions have been made on changing services.  There has also been a lot of information in local press.  It was agreed that the Clerk draft a response for the October meeting.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Local Development Plan – Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance.    The new consultation period on the guidance will run for a period of 12 weeks from 25th July to 19th October.  The guidance covers the following topics:  1.  Accessibility – advice on how proposals need to consider the availability of public transport , and 2.  Recreation.

Additional Supplementary Planning Guidance -  PCNPA also intend to consult on low impact Development.

Councillors welcomed these new guidances when considering planning applications.


 It was agreed that Clerk arrange a visit to the Castle to see how work is progressing at the Lesser Hall – Monday 24th September.

Cllr Griffiths reported that there will be a meeting of Carew Senior Citizens Committee on Thursday 20th September  at 7 pm in the Committee Room of Carew Memorial Hall and hopefully a new committee will be formed in order for the Christmas dinner to be put on this year.

Cllr Griffiths confirmed that Mervyn Roberts to be asked to replace the hinges at the shed, repair Bartletts Well and apply non-slip solution to the Milton Marsh Walk bridge.

Cllr Gibby and Cllr Brock reported that the Paddock walk needs attention.  The stream overflows frequently and pedestrians have had to turn back as they could not pass through the water.    County Councillor Neale to be asked to liaise with the necessary Department at PCC.

Cllr Brock reported that the trees on the way down to Carew Cheriton Cemetery are overhanging to such an extent that they require urgent trimming back.

Cllr Brock informed that there are pot holes on the detrunked road from Village Shop in Milton to “Highway”.  There is a lot of pedestrian activity along this road and there is a trip hazard risk.

Cllr Goodman and Cllr Gibby asked for the Slow Sign on the road at the Cenotaph to be repainted and also the white lines along the Carew Bridge.

All Councillors agreed that the speed ramps  along Birds Lane are too high.  This had been pointed out to PCC when the ramps were first put down.  However, following a survey of councillors on ramps being put down throughout South Pembrokeshire, Birds Lane ramps are undeniably higher.  There are visible marks of cars scraping the ramps.  It was agreed to write to Head of Highways regarding this.

Cllr White reported that last year there were 1673 visits to the carewparish.com website.  So far this year there have been 1959.  A steady and encouraging growth.

Cllr Head reported that the path between Sageston School to Kesteven Court and in particular the footpath from Carew Park to Kesteven Court is uneven and  is getting worse.    Clerk to contact County Councillor David Neale to see if he can chase up the repair work.

Date and Time of next meeting   Thursday 11th October at 7.30 pm  

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 11th October 2012 at 7.30 pm.

PRESENT:   Cllr Gwenllian Head   Cllr J Brock

                     Cllr M Bosley            Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                     Cllr Pat Gibby            Cllr Trevor Goodman

                     Cllr Lionel White        County Councillor D Neale (For part of meeting)

Apologies:     Cllr Marina Griffiths  

In the absence of the Chairman – Cllr Marina Griffiths – Cllr Head took the Chair.

Minutes of the meeting in September.   Following considerable discussion it was agreed to remove the sensitive tender information in the minutes  so as not to jeopardise future plans and negotiations.

The minutes were signed as a true record subject to this amendment.

Matters Arising:

Area maintenance Teams have been contacted via the PCC enquiry line on the following :

Overhanging branches on trees opposite the cemetery at Carew Cheriton,

White lines need repainting at Carew Bridge

Footpath from Kesteven court to Sageston school uneven

Paddock Walk Lane – constant flooding

Pot Holes on detrunked road from village shop to Highway in Milton

Head of highways regarding height of speed ramps by Sageston School.

Sageston and Carew Roundabouts.  It was agreed to invite Mr Rees to the next meeting in November to revisit the subject of landscaping and enhancements.

Sageston and Carew Roundabouts resurfacing.   Councillors reported chaos on the approaches to the roundabouts when timetable for resurfacing work changed.  Lack of disseminating information to the public and traffic control was poor.    Trunk Road Agency to be made aware of this information.

Receipt of acknowledgement of cheque from Carew Castle Estate for £575 and Carew Sports club paid the £575 and acknowledgement of this has been sent.


The audit has now been finalised and returned.  The main issue is that the audit is to be brought to the Community Council by end of April.

Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Thomas seconded that the account of £144 for BDO auditors be paid.

Mr Phil Roach, Head of Discovery  reported that the primary roof construction of the Lesser Hall has now been completed, decked externally and insulated internally.    All works remain on programme.   Clerk to thank Mr Roach for his update and to check with the Castle Office when a visit could be arranged. Site Officer at Castle had been in contact with Cllr Brock.


The following application has been granted by PCC :

12/0401/PA  - Erection of garage and garden store – 1 Branders Park, Cresselly.

The following application has been granted by PCNPA :

NP/12/0223 – Extension of cattle shed, New Shipping Farm, Lower Lane, West Williamston.

Information from PCC regarding the Demolition of two stone barns at Dairy Hayes Farm, Carew Cheriton informing that the development may proceed without further approval of the Authority to the siting and appearance of the development.  Community Councillors asked for further clarification.

The following plans were discussed:

PCNPA – NP/12/0450  - Request for screening and scoping opinion – Proposed Solar PV Farm covering 5.3 hectares of approx 10,000 modules and associated equipment – Land at Rosemary Lane, West Williamston.  

As this is screening and scoping opinion there was no objections but await the full application.  Clerk to seek further clarification.

PCC – 05/0590/PA -  Erection of rural enterprise dwelling and bed and breakfast at Poyerston Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock.  Following perusal of the detailed plans and discussion there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCNPA   NP/12/0454 – Single storey rear lean-to extension to accommodate shower room and associated hard landscaping – Radford Farm, Radford Lane, Carew.      .  Following perusal of the detailed plans and discussion there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

Town and Community Council Planning Consultation -  Letter received from D Popplewell, Development Manager at PCC  regarding how planning consultation notifications are received at the moment and proposed changes to the method of future notifications.  At present the Community Council receives a  hard copy consultation letter together with application form, site/block plan for each application in the Carew Parish area.  The covering letter with the application asks for the comments to be made electronically via the Authority’s website planning portal.

PCC are looking for a volunteer council to take part in a pilot exercise to view and receive electronic consultations/applications and reply electronically.  The object of this is to cut  printing and paper costs  and reduction of staff resources at PCC.   Following discussion Community Councillors felt that they lack the facilities to view, print and download plans which are often sent on A3 size paper.   While the Community Council would like to assist in saving money they do not feel equipped or able to volunteer for this scheme and would not necessarily be able to implement the suggested arrangements  were these to be changed.  

The letter also suggested .consultation workshops or one-to-one training.

Also current consultation letters refer to a period of 14 working days for representations to be made and this invariably falls outside Community Council meetings.    Development Manager suggest that if the Community Council finds it difficult to respond within the required 14 days  then  contact should be made with the case officer for the application to establish an acceptable time period for the Community Council’s representation to be received.  

Clerk pointed out that the commenting box on the planning portal does not always work and when this has been discovered it has been too late to comment.    Also,  when requests made to postpone application until the next Community Council meeting these have been refused.

Clerk to respond to Development Manager as above.


IRONMAN -   Communication received from Street Care Manager asking for observations and feedback on this year’s Ironman competition. Clerk to respond as follows:

1. Road closures.   Lack of route knowledge by marshals.  This resulted in marshals at Whitehill informing residents they could get to Carew Market.  This was clearly not the case.

2. General Traffic Management - Marshals without ID and tabards this year making it difficult to identify them.

3.  Park and Ride facilities -   The facilities at Carew Market were excellent and extremely well utilised.

4 and 7.  Community impact -  Residents were generally accepting of the event this year as they knew what to expect from last year.

5 Public Liaison – this needs more work for next year.

6 Public perception – generally well perceived.

7 Over all event impact on Carew community -  despite the disruptions, residents came out to support the event.

8 Future improvements -  in the run up to the event there are a lot more cyclists on the roads and motorists should be made aware of this with additional signage that there are likely to be cyclists on the route.

Community Packs -  very difficult to obtain and in the end there were none given out to the Parish.  This needs to be looked into.

Fluctuation of dates – next year’s event is 8th September and this makes scheduling of other parish events difficult as there is no consistent date.

Shed -  Work on the doors of the shed has been completed.  Chairman Cllr Griffiths asked (in communication in her absence) if the Parish Environment Group could undertake the painting of the shed.   County Councillor Neale (Chairman of the Parish Environment Group) confirmed that he would add this to the list of PEG work.   The telephone boxes at Whitehill and Carew need to be painted first.   Cllr Brock confirmed that the Control Tower expect to hear  of the delivery of further storage facility in the next two weeks  and as soon as this has been delivered the trailer for the mower can be moved to the airfield.

Tools and equipment can be moved to the shed.

Thursday 15th November 2012 – election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed Powys Police Area .  The voting will take place in Carew Memorial Hall on that day.

Invoice for payment  -  Diggit Garden services  £246.66.  Duly proposed and seconded and all present agreed that this invoice be paid.

Membership of PALC.  It was agreed to ascertain locally whether community councils used PALC or One Voice Wales.

Proposed Public Path diversion order 5/4 -  Proposed public path diversion order 5/4 Cresswell quay .    Letter from PCNPA   with  proposed diversion of the footpath at Chestnut Cottage. The replacement route  would run slightly south through an area of woodland before crossing a field to terminate on the public road.  This diversion will obviate the  need for  engineering works and would provide more privacy.  Following perusal of the plans, there were no  objections and Community Councillors agreed that the proposed diversion should proceed.

Community Councillors Christmas Dinner -  Thursday 6th December 2012 7 for 7.30 at Carew Inn.  Clerk to get menus to include with the circulated minutes  and money and menu selections to next meeting.

The Clerk reported on a meeting of the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Carew Senior Citizens Committee.    One other volunteer also attended the meeting.     The Treasurer and Secretary are standing down and following lengthy discussion there will be no Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner this year.  It is hoped that it will continue next year.  All present noted this information.


Paddock Walk -   Cllr Brock expressed concern at the frequency with which this walk is being flooded.  County Councillor Neale informed that he had  contacted the Footpaths officer and Area Maintenance Team to sort out the flooding caused by large boulders becoming lodged in the stream.  These boulders are from the disintegrating wall adjacent to the stream.    County Councillor Neale to pursue this matter and should be done later this year.

Cllr Brock informed that the Director of Education is leaving PCC at the end of December and that a letter of thanks be extended to him for his work in the Parish.

Footpath Carew to Roundabout -  County Councillor Neale informed that consultants have been employed by PCC to look into this matter and their work is ongoing.

Pot holes have appeared at the top of Bartletts Well Road.

No further information has been received regarding the reduction of speed limit at detrunked road at Sageston and  Clerk to chase this up with a copy to County Councillor David Neale.

The work has been completed on Milton Marsh walk bridge.  This involved chicken wire being stapled down to reduce slippiness.  PCC to be asked to provide signage also.   Work on Bartletts Well also complete.

Cllr White circulated sample noticeboard pages for information.  

County Councillor Neale  to look into  the dog fouling between the school and Bartletts Engineering.    

Date and time of next meeting Thursday 8th November at 7 pm.

Cllr Head declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 8th November 2012 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:           Cllr Marina Griffiths          Cllr Gwenllian Head           Cllr John Brock MBE

                              Cllr Trevor Goodman        Cllr Pat Gibby                     Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                              Cllr Mike Bosley               Cllr Lionel White

Apologies:          County Councillor David Neale


 Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr White seconded that the minutes of the meeting held in September 2012 were duly signed as a true record

Minutes of the October meeting were discussed and were signed  as a true record subject to the following amendments:

1.   Ironman comment - County Council Neale had contacted the Clerk to state that it was not the lack of local geographical knowledge that led to problems with traffic direction at Whitehill but more that there was lack of signage and direction further down the Ironman route.

2. Item relating to payment of invoice -  Cllr White proposed and Cllr Head seconded that  Diggit Garden Services be paid.  Clerk apologized for this omission.

Out of meeting payment -  Chairman reported that the work on the bridge at Milton Marsh Walk, shed doors and repair of Bartletts Well have now been completed.   Invoice for payment is £230.58 and this was paid out of meeting.   Cllr Head proposed and Cllr Gibby seconded this.

Matters Arising

The Chairman reported on a further meeting of Carew Senior Citizens volunteers. Residents and individuals met with the Chairman and it was felt that there were enough volunteers to put on the Christmas dinner this year.   The Committee are an interim to put on the Christmas dinner this year.  Councillors were pleased to hear this news.  The Treasurer is Mrs Jo Hicks and Secretary Ms Sharon Knox.    A request was read out from the new organization requesting Community Council financial assistance with putting on the dinner this year.  Cllr Bosley proposed that £300 be donated and Cllr Thomas seconded this.  Chairman suggested and all agreed that the Senior Citizens Committee Christmas dinner be put on the Agenda for the Community Council AGM in May and letters sent to all organizations in good time for volunteers and representatives to form a formal permanent committee.

Play areas inspection -  Clerk reported that the next inspection would take place around January 2013.

Roundabouts.   Mr D Rees had been invited to come to the Community Council meeting to discuss the progress of landscaping and enhancements of the roundabouts in Sageston and Carew. Mr Rees was last at the Council meeting last year . However, upon further enquiries Mr Rees had established that Trunk Roads Agency’s in-house staff are likely to undertake further design and project management of this scheme and therefore PCC are unlikely to have any further involvement.    It was agreed that further information be obtained from Trunk Roads Agency as to what priority this project will be given and  the input the Community Council will be able to make.


PCNPA -  NP/12/0408 – Erection of single dwelling, Taskers Garden, West Williamston.

This has been refused by PCNPA due to the dwelling being reliant on the   use of a private motor vehicle.  Councillors were surprised to hear this application was  refused for this reason and Clerk to write to PCNPA stating that it is hoped an appeal will be lodged and the Community Council will support the applicant in this.

Granted by PCC – 12/0444/PA – Erection of a double garage (in retrospect) – Quantock, Milton, Tenby.

Granted by PCC – 12/0214/PA – Erection of a wind turbine, new access and track , Land south of Coachlands, Sageston.

The  following planning applications were considered:

NP/12/0523 – Erection of 2 x 8m wooden poles and associated wire at Freestone Meadow, Lawrenny Road, Cresselly – Following due perusal of the plans there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCC – 12/0588/PA – Demolition of redundant buildings and erection of an additional partial frame – South Hill Farm, Milton.  The plans were perused and there were no adverse comments.

PCC – 12/0631/AG – Agricultural Building, Summit Cottage, Milton – The Chairman reported that PCC had received prior notification of an intention to carry out this development and while an application for planning permission has not yet been received by PCC, the County Council had been asked to consider whether it wishes to seek to  influence the design and siting of the proposed development.  There was a strict time-scale for this notification which could not be moved.  The Chairman had therefore perused the plans and determined there were no obvious grounds for refusal identified nor any further comments for the Community Council to make.   All present agreed with this decision.

PCC – 12/0645/PA – Alterations and extension to 12 Bartletts Well Road, Sageston – No accompanying plans with this application and further plans to be sought.

PCC – 12/0642/PA – Construction of earth bank lagoon for farm nutrient storage at Poyerston Cosheston.   Following perusal of the detailed plans and studies there were no adverse comments and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCC – 12/0600/PA - Plot 26, Sageston Fields -  Erection of one dwelling.  There were no adverse comments to the detailed plans perused.

Information received from PCC following query from the Clerk regarding notification for demolition of 2 stone barns at Dairy Hayes Farm, Carew Cheriton -  This additional Information noted.

NP/12/0450 – Scoping and  screening request at West Williamston.  Further information received from PCNPA .  This additional information noted.


Current account balance £5770.86.

Invoice for £18.50 for Poppy Wreath .

Invoice from Diggit Garden services  £246.66.  This is the final invoice from the groundsman who stated that he will carry on cutting the Cemetery until Christmas.  Councillors were all happy with the work of Mr Butler and subject to a satisfactory quote for garden services next year, Councillors were happy for Diggit Garden services to carry out grass cutting next year.   Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Gibby seconded that these invoices be paid.   Clerk to write to Mr Butler informing him of the above.  

Free Trees -   Information received on Free Trees for Communities.  Information in reading file.  Clerk to let Sageston School know and Parish Environment Group.

Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group -  Communication from the above Group who attended a Community Council meeting in February 2010.  The communication provided an update on the progress of the Community Renewable Energy project and this is one wind turbine at East Williamston.  A planning application to PCC should take place early next year.     The communication also asked if Councillors wished  a further update and presentation by the Group.    This was not felt necessary at present. Cllr White informed of his article in Friends of Pembrokeshire National Park and produced a copy of the article on Renewable Energy. Information noted by Councillors.

Boundaries Commission -  Information received on  the 2013 review of parliamentary constituencies in Wales and  also  review   the electoral arrangements for Pembrokeshire.    It was agreed to ask for more information .


Chairman asked Cllr White to put the new date for the Senior Citizens Christmas dinner  on the website.

Cllr White reported on a call from Dwr Cymru to check on water quality.

Cllr Gibby reported on  residents in Carew Newton being disturbed at late evening hours asking for directions for three camping/caravan sites in the area.   Following discussion it was agreed to write to the owners of these caravan/camping sites suggesting that the grid reference be put on directions to their sites as well as postcode as the postcode in this area covers too great an area.  

Information received that a regular dog walker along Milton Marsh Walk too afraid to use the walk following a dog fight with a dog not on a lead.   Further signage needed that dogs should be kept on a lead.

Flooding at Birds Lane and Carew Cenotaph.   Some churchgoers were confined to the Church waiting for the floodwater to subside on Sunday 4th November.   PCC had previously been asked for a tunnel to be put in the hedgerow at Birds Lane to take the floodwater.  

Paddock Walk.  Still a problem with flooding.   Clerk to contact Welsh Water, Rivers section  to see if there is anything they can do and to copy in County Councillor Neale.

Cllr Brock reported that a new container for the Control Tower is to be delivered and the gardening equipment to be moved soon after.

Reminder for Councillors to attend the Remembrance service on 11 11 11.  Cresselly  and District British Legion to be in attendance with the standard.  

Cllr Brock asked if  when the National Park carry out work on the car park at Carew Castle the entrance to the cenotaph could be moved to the back in order to prevent the public having to stand on the road during remembrance services.

Cllr Bosley informed that due to work commitments he would not be available on Sunday but would trim the bushes and tidy the shrubbery prior to Remembrance Service.  Chairman thanked Cllr Bosley.

Date and time of next meeting ;   Community Council Dinner  7 for 7.30 on Thursday 6th December.

Menu selections and payment to Clerk as soon as possible.

The next full meeting – Thursday 10th January 2013 at 7.30 pm.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.



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