Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 9th January 2014 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present  Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)  Cllr Lionel White (Vice Chair)

  Cllr Pat Gibby    Cllr John Brock MBE

  Cllr Gwenllian Head   Cllr Trevor Goodman


Apologies: Cllr Marina Griffiths   Cllr Daniel Mumford

  County Councillor David Neale  Cllr Mike Bosley

Cllr Thomas welcomed all back to the first meeting of 2014.

Minutes of the last meeting in November were approved subject to the amendment of inclusion of the agreed payment for the wreath for Remembrance Day which was £18.50.  The minutes were then signed as a true record.


Following a meeting at County Hall slides of the Community Council Website Forum were presented by Councillor White.  There is a WAG grant of £500 offered to Community Councils who do not have a website to establish a site and/or updating/development  an existing site. However,  PCC offer to write a web page for Community Councils who do not have a website for which the £500 will be claimed by PCC.   To date 25 Community/Town Councils have accepted PCCs offer to include a web page. PCC will include basic information on local heritage  etc.    Following discussion and review it was agreed by all present to apply for the £500 grant towards updating of the existing website (carewparish.com) and to decline PCCs  offer.    Cllr Thomas thanked Cllr White for his presentation.

Cllr Goodman reported that the Christmas tree had been replanted several times due to vandalism.  The Christmas Tree ordered by Cllr Bosley still needs to be paid for and location of this second tree requires consideration.  It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Head that the £50 be paid.

Ice prevention/safety measures.   Following last meetings discussion on the safety provision for areas and buildings under the ownership of Carew Community Council, Cllr White provided laminate signs to be put up in the event of ice and frost at War Memorial, Carew Hall, Flemish Chimney and Milton Marsh Walk.  An activation process for safety measures needs to be put in place including Health and Safety assessment, erection of the “Danger” signs, purchase of grit/salt/sand mixture and use of red and white tape to mark off the danger areas.   Chairman and Clerk to organize this.

Communication from Head of Highways on the 50 mph buffer zone at Carew Lane (Vila Hill).  Following last meeting Clerk had written to Head of Highways asking for the extension of a buffer zone from Freestone Cross to the 30 mph limit.   This will require further traffic survey and Head of Highways is initiating this.

Hot food outlet at Carew Roundabout – Communication received from Streetcare at PCC asking for further feedback from the Community Council.   Points to include are that it is inappropriate for the outlet to be in operation during funerals at St Mary’s Church;  the outlet operates outside opening times displayed;  the reinstatement of the outlet to its original position now that the flooding problem has been resolved thereby not being visible from the highway and roundabout;   the monitoring and enforcement  measures of vehicles for sale at the Carew Roundabout.

Hayes Lane.  Planning Enforcement Officer to inspect the development.

Fly tipping along detrunked road in Sageston.   This matter to be attended to by Streetcare.

Letter from owner of Milton Bridge Caravan Park.  Invoice for rent for part of the playing field at Milton to be paid (£15 a year – total £90 for last 6 years) and to be put on agenda for AGM in future. Proposed by Cllr John Brock MBE and seconded by Cllr Goodman.

Road survey at detrunked road and replacement of speed limit sign outstanding.  Clerk to chase up.

The clearing of the arches at the Old Bridge at Milton.  During the recent tidal surge substantial flooding occurred and it is a matter of priority that this is attended to.  

Silting up of Millpond at Carew.   Carew Castle Manager and PCNPA to be asked to remove build up of silt in the millpond.


During the Christmas recess, planning application received from PCNPA on development at Poplars Farm, Carew Newton.  These plans were circulated to interested residents in Carew Newton who did not report any adverse comments.  This information communicated to PCNPA.  


Detailed and in-depth discussion took place on the finances of the Community Council and the  forthcoming anticipated expenditure.   Cllr White proposed and Cllr Brock seconded that the Precept for 2014/15 be maintained at £8000.  All present agreed.


Cllr White reported that the documents approved at November meeting i.e.  EROB form, headstone erection form and schedule of fees,  are now available on internet but not on the website  under CNC forms.   These will be made available to funeral directors when asked for in the event of required use of Carew Newton Cemetery.   The official regulations and guide for relatives still require further work.

The siting of the memorial bench needs marking out along the road hedge and it was agreed that the Clerk, Chair and Vice Chair meet on Saturday 11th January with the relatives at Carew Newton Cemetery.    Thereafter Cllr White can progress with the site and plot plan.

The  next meeting of Carew Newton Cemetery Steering Group to be arranged after February meeting.


Invoice from Mervyn Roberts for the repair and renovation of Jubilee Bench - £166.  Chairman thanked Cllr Brock for his help with this work also.  Proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Head that this invoice be paid.

Communication from One Voice Wales on the Partnership of Local Authorities with Community and Town and Community Councils with a signed Memorandum of Understanding.   Many authorities and community and town councils  are exploring devolving some community-based services to community councils and regular liaison meetings are held. (although as yet there have been no request by PCC for this ).  The Memorandum of Understanding is a guidance on the principles of engagement and partnership compiled by One Voice Wales and the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)  with the aim  of sharing best practice and encourage partnership-working.   This document as noted with interest.  

Cllr Thomas suggested that consideration needs to be given to membership of One Voice Wales as this comprises  500 member councils which make up three quarters of the community and town councils in Wales.  It was agreed to consider this when current PALC subscription is due, noting that subscription to One Voice Wales is approximately 100% more than PALC.

Section 137 expenditure £7.20 for 2014/15 – noted

Consultation 1st review on Regional Technical Statement for Aggregates.    A review of the RTS is required every 5 years setting out a more sustainable approach to the provision of aggregates in South Wales.  It is proposed that this should be achieve by dispensing with the traditional ‘predict and provide’ approach of determining how much aggregate is being sold and then providing sufficient reserves to meeting predicted future demand and, instead, replacing with a new process which determines what is happening now and whether or not existing patterns of supply need to change.  Consideration of the following factors:  Population for the area, aggregate reserves, the environmental capacity of the area, the national aggregate resources of the area and reducing haulage distances of aggregates.   The result of the consultation of the draft revision of the RTS has concluded and the results considered in January 2014 by a Steering Group.    Councillors noted this information with interest.

Communication received on meeting at County Hall with Town and Community Councils on 5th February at 7 pm with Leader and Cabinet Members to discuss the implications of this year’s financial settlement and process of reviewing service delivery.    County Councillor Neale to be asked if he is attending and to report to Community Council.

Communication received on proposed revocations and remaking of the Accounts and Audit Regulations.  The previous draft regulations have been restructured with the aim of making them easier to follow by means of definition of smaller and larger relevant bodies requirement for larger relevant bodies to include  a note of the ratio between the highest paid employee and the median earnings across the organization and clarification of the requirements for smaller and larger relevant bodies.   Councillors noted this with interest.

Information on Planed’s Festivals and Events Website passed to Cllr Gibby.

Notice of Surgeries by Simon Hart MP to be displayed on Hall Notice board.


Gully and ditch clearing at Butts Lane at the turning for Carew Newton up Butts Hill – excessive silting from recent flooding rendering the road slippy.  PCC gully clearance vehicle required.

Visitors to the picnic site at Carew Castle are leaving litter etc at the bin.  Also, dog foul bin at old Coach House near Radford Lane junction has come off the wall. PCNPA to be asked for sign to be put on the litter bin and also replace the dog foul bin.

Sign in Whitehill for Carew Newton continues to be turned around.  Attempts to right the sign have failed so it is not loose.  Area Maintenance to be asked to put a bolt through it.

Pothole at the turning for Whitehill off Carew Lane a danger to traffic.  PCC to be asked to repair.

Bus stop timetable at Kesteven Court has slipped to knee level.  PCC to be asked to repair

Repair to shed roof.  Cllr Goodman kindly agreed to repair with felt.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING– Thursday 13th February 2014 at 7.30 pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 13th February 2014 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

Present:    Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair) Cllr Lionel White

    Cllr Gwenllian Head  Cllr Trevor Goodman

    Cllr Pat Gibby   Cllr John Brock MBE

    Cllr Marina Griffiths  County Councillor David Neale  (joined later in the meeting)

Apologies:   Cllr Mike Bosley

The Chairman welcomed all to the February meeting.  Condolences extended to Cllr Griffiths on her recent loss.

Minutes of the last meeting

It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Head that the minutes of the January meeting be passed as a true record.  The Chairman then signed the minutes.

Matters Arising

-  Communication from Monitoring Officer at PCC stating that the website grant cannot be used for a new laptop.  Also an update/upgrade  cannot be completed and operational by 31st March.  Councillors also noted that the test site by PCC would not be available and training courses not delivered until June 2014, this puts a barrier in the way of existing Parish websites to fulfil the upgrades in the same timely manner as PCC.  Following discussion it was agreed to let PCC and WAG know that the Community Councillors considered the carewparish.com adequate for displaying minutes and agenda for the residents of the community.

- Development at Hayes Lane -  Enforcement Officer had contacted the Clerk regarding her enquiry.  Enforcement Department to chase up the situation.

- Drainage at Carew Newton -   Cllr Gibby reported that the gully/drainage pipe had been cleared out and the road removed of silt but that further torrential rain had occurred and the problem recurred.  Cllr Gibby agreed to keep an eye on this.

- Carew Lane Gully blocked and flood water escaping down Villa/Carew Lane Hill.  Residents at Clover Hill reported that the problem has prevented them resurfacing their drive as the storm and flood water would wash away the new material.

- “Caution Children Playing” sign for Bartletts Well Road has yet to be erected.  Clerk had chased this up.

- Communication from Carew Castle Manager informing that the dog waste  bin had been refixed to the wall along Radford Pill Lane. A sign asking visitors to place their waste in the bin at the entrance to the picnic site  was agreed by Carew Castle Manager but is reluctant to place a dog foul sign on the litter bin as well as the dog waste bags will become malodourous when the weather warms up.  PCC collect fortnightly.  Other dog foul bins already on site are emptied regularly 2-3 times a week by the wardens.   

- With regard to the silting of the mill pond, Carew Castle Manager will raise the Community Council’s concerns and suggestions for de-silting the mill pond with the relevant parties and an update will follow.

- Christmas Tree – Discussion ensued regarding the positioning of the 2nd Christmas tree and it was agreed to discuss this further at the next meeting.   If no other location suggested Community Councillors were in agreement to place it outside the Memorial Hall opposite the other Tree.  Clerk to obtain an invoice for the 2nd Tree from Cllr Bosley.

- Councillors were pleased to note that a speed survey had taken place on Carew Lane Hill and the results of the survey eagerly awaited.


Councillors noted that the application received from PCNPA on conversion of disused farm buildings into three dwellings with ancillary car parking, garaging, landscaping and new rear access to farmhouse at Poplars Farm (NP/13/0575 has been withdrawn by the applicant.

The following planning applications were received, discussed and considered:

Installation for a single farm-scale wind turbine (30m to hub height, 42 m to tip blade), associated infrastructure and access route at Milton Manor, Milton  (13/0771/PA).    Comments were that the siting of the proposed turbine was not at Milton Manor and closer to Summit Cottage on Stephen’s Green. Clarification on the exact location needed.    Comment also that there will be visual impact and it will be intrusive and councilors voted 4 to 3  on recommending proceeding with the application.

Erection of two storey dwelling and garage at Land west of 1 Sageston Fields, Sageston (13/0803/PA).Councillors perused the plans and noted that a similar application had been made last year and refused by PCC.  No obvious differences in either application.  However, no adverse comments were made.

Proposed erection of a 3-4 bedroom detached dormer style house at land south east of Oak Lodge, 12 Milton Meadows, Milton ((13/0853/PA).  Councillors perused the plans and noted that the plot on which Oak Lodge stands is very large and confirmation was received that this is a double plot.  There were no adverse comments to this consultation.

Communication received from Senior Valuer at PCC regarding proposed  Carew Shared Use Path.  Director of Transportation and Environment wishes to undertake an improvement and extension to the Path and it is necessary for PCC to acquire an area of 51 square metres together with a licence area of 336 square metres on hedgerow/verge adjacent to Carew Playing field.  The highway would then be diverted to allow continuation of the path along it’s current position on the land near the Carew Memorial.  The communication asked for agreement by the Community Council to negotiate with PCC in the acquisition of this land and reasonable surveyor/agent and legal representative fees would paid by PCC.   Clerk had already asked for clarification on a few items prior to this Community Council meeting in order to assist with discussion but was unable to obtain answers due to annual leave of Senior Valuer.  Following detailed and lengthy discussion it was agreed to ascertain:

Whether the whole of the hedge/verge outlined in the plan be used as highway;

Whether the car park at the recreation park be retained; (although noting that this car park is owned by PCNPA)

Whether the cricket nets currently parallel to the hedgerow/verge in question be affected;

The definition of “licence area”;

Whether Carew Castle Estates have been approached and, if so, whether  in agreement.

Community Council  are not the owners of the land and lease it from Carew Castle Estates and subsequently should not the owners have been approached first.  Communication does not show that correspondence has been entered into with the owners.  Also, whether the Sports Club have been approached regarding this proposal..

Councillors also very pleased that this matter is being moved forward.  Councillors agree in principle to this shared use path improvement.


- Invoice received from Cllr White for renewal of website registration (carewparish.com)for the next two years .  Amount 16.09 p.  All present agreed that this invoice be paid.

- Wild Weekend for Wales – Bees and Butterflies – information passed to School and Youth Club

- Fish and Chip Supper – 40th anniversary of SIA (Brain injury charity) asking for participation in a Fish and Chip Supper  on Friday 16th May 2014 to commemorate the 40th Anniversary.  Organisations charge an amount for the supper and the proceeds to the charity. Information passed to Cllr Griffiths and Cllr White for (website), also copy to be made available to Youth Club.

- Communication from Friends of National Park on activities planned for this year.  Cllr White to put on the website. Forthcoming Events are :  Sat 22nd March 2 hour walk in Saundersfoot, Thursday 24th April  Guided archeological tour inc source of Bluestones and Hill Forts.

- Communication from AON insurance regarding policy endorsements not included in the policy for this year.  Numerous items for insurance still on the policy including seats at the playing field and Flemish Chimney and also trailer and mower.  It was agreed that the Clerk produce this year’s policy and to compare  in preparation for the insurance renewal in July.  Agenda item for April meeting.

- Carew War Memorial – Communication from Mr Deric Brock from Carew Control Tower Committee on grants that may be available for renovation and enhancement of war memorials in the next 4 years for the centenary of World War 1.  Discussion ensued regarding reguilding of the lettering at the war memorial and the cost of this.  Clerk to contact Mr Deric Brock.

- Sageston School letter asking for nomination for a vacant post of Community Governor.  Cllr Gwenllian Head asked to be considered for the post and Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr White seconded that Cllr Head’s name be put forward for the vacant position to Sageston School.

- Carew Newton Cemetery -  Following a meeting of the Steering Group at Carew Cemetery various enhancement tasks were noted and the groundsman had been asked to put forward a quote for the work.  Due to a misunderstanding, part of this work had already been undertaken by the groundsman, namely, the cutting back of the hedge along the left side on the inside of the gate.  The invoice is £350.    Groundsman had also put in quote for cutting back the hedgerow on the far side of the Cemetery.  This quote is £200.  Following discussion it was agreed to pay the £350 and accept the £200 for the cutting back of the far hedgerow and that the debris be taken off site.  Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Griffiths seconded that that #550 be paid to the groundsman.  However, the moss clearance of the Milton Nature Trail would be looked at further and it may be that the Environment Group could undertaken this work following further inspection.

- Cllr White presented the list of proposed fees for 2014/15 for Carew Newton Cemetery.  Following detailed discussion it was agreed that the fees be increased in line with Church in Wales fees and these are appended to the minutes for reference. Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Griffiths  seconded and all present agreed .  The Guide and Notice were also approved with the understanding that any of the “forms” can be re-visited for updating/amendment at subsequent Steering Group meetings.

- It was further agreed that the next meeting of the Cemetery Steering Group be held on Thurday 6th March 2014 at 7 pm at Cllr White’s house when the guide and application form be further refined.  A check list/process list  is also to be drawn up.

- Draft Biodiversity Consultation -  The Chairman outlined the contents of the document and Councillors noted with interest.

- Consultation document on Welsh in Education – Strategic Plan.  Community Councillors noted this report with interest.

Parish Matters

- Councillors were also made aware that the causeway surface is in a very poor state.

- Planed – Festivals ideas  for the commemoration of 100th anniversary of WW1.  Cllr Gibby suggested that any event could be channeled through the Community Association.  Cllr Brock stated that Carew Parish is very fortunate to be able to celebrate anniversary of two World Wars on the same site as the airfield was used in both World Wars.  Discussion ensued regarding such a commemorative event and amongst the ideas were a social event, say a tea party, bunting, street celebrations etc, in conjunction with the Control Tower planned events.  Festival and Events Programme at Planed could be used.   HLF funding may also be available via the Community Association.

- Gullies at Birds Lane need clearing out.

- One of the arches at Milton Milton bridge is completely clogged.  County Councillor Neale suggested writing to Glenville Codd to clear these.

- County Councillor David Neale informed that the Parish Environment Group would resume when weather improves.

Date and time of next meeting :    Thursday 13th March 2014 at 7.30 pm.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 13th March 2014 at  7.30 pm in Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:   Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)  Cllr Lionel White

   Cllr Mike Bosley    Cllr John Brock MBE

  Cllr Trevor Goodman   Cllr Pat Gibby

  Cllr Gwenllian Head    Cllr Marina Griffiths

  Cllr Daniel Mumford

APOLOGIES:  County Councillor David Neale

IN ATTENDANCE:  Mrs Carol Hudson

Chairman welcomed all to the March meeting.

It was proposed by Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr Brock that the minutes of the last meeting  be signed as a true record.


Clerk had collected all previous e.mails together on the sign for Bartletts Well Road stating “Caution – Children Playing”.  PCC signage department had claimed they had no record of specific request – all requests had been sent via  enquiries at the Contact Centre.

Old Bridge at Milton -  work outstanding.

Pincheston Planning -  Decision due this week.

Causeway at Carew Mill -  Communication from Site Manager  at Carew Castle stating the  work on the repair of the surface of the causeway is imminent and due to take place on 27th March for one week – closure of the area will need to take place and signs will be put up.

Communication from Secretary of the Sports Club and residents at Kesteven Court regarding a section of the fence/nets on the boundary of the field has blown over.  Cllr Brock reported that the erection of this fence goes back to the days of the Rural District Council.   It was suggested that the replacement of this section and gateway will need urgent attention and expert advice and local Engineering Firm to be asked for opinion.  Thereafter to proceed swiftly with remedial works.

Speed Survey -  Communication from Highways at PCC indicating that the speed date gathered near Branders Park Cottage in Whitehill from 7th to 14th February found that 85%  of speeds at 51.8 and 54.2 mph with average speeds of 42.2 and 44 mph and average daily flows of 1,487 and 1468 vehicles.  The figures allow a recommendation to the Police for a 50 mph buffer zone north of Carew to a point 30 m south of the centre of Freestone Cross.  The Police have offered support  for this proposal and the local County Councillor will be asked to endorse the change so the Director can consider authorizing advertisement of a Traffic order to give the measure effect.     Councillors noted this information though also noted that the dates the survey was conducted coincided with closure of Cleddau Bridge due to adverse weather conditions necessitating vehicles to be diverted along this road and therefore speeds were not as high as usual.   Nevertheless Councillors found this a positive and swift measure to alleviate the problem.

Bus Timetable has been repositioned.

Hayes Lane Development – information awaited.

Update Carew Newton Cemetery -  Cllr White provided an update on the forms and regulations and where the forms can be found on the website.  The issue of the bottom gate needs to be resolved and PCNPA to be asked for advice regarding this.   

Drainage and water removal a the Kissing Gate and stain applied to this gate also discussed at recent Steering Group meeting.   The sunken grave at the entrance of the site was also discussed.

It was agreed to ask Mervyn Roberts for a quote to stain the Kissing Gate, drainage solution for the kissing gate, remedial work on the sunken grave and aftercare work on the splay at the entrance to the Cemetery.

Cllr White also produced a plot plan for the Cemetery indicating there are 89 spaces available.  A procedure list was also put to the Community Council for approval.  Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Mumford seconded that the plot plan and procedure list be approved.  All present agreed..    A relatives check list also needs to be compiled and this will be discussed further at the next meeting of the CNC Steering Group meeting to be arranged after the April meeting of Carew Community Council.

Christmas Tree -   It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Mumford that the invoice of £50 be paid and that the new site for the tree be at the entrance to Carew Memorial Hall.  All present agreed.


The following planning application has been approved by PCC -  

13/0853/PA – Erection of dwelling (outline)  - Land south east of Oak Lodge, 12 Milton Meadows Milton.

The following planning application has been refused by PCC –

13/0803/PA – Erection of a two-storey dwelling with intergral garage – Land West of 1 Sageston Fields, Sageston.  Councillors noted the the reasons stated PCC for refusal.

Clarification obtained from PCC regarding the Installation of a single farm-scale wind turbine and associated infrastructure at Milton Manor, Milton.

Planning Department have confirmed that the site of the plan is near Summit Cottage on Stephen’s Green.   Further documentation from Environment Agency and National Parks was also made available to Councillors.

The following planning application consultation was considered:

13/0585/PA – Residential Development, Clynderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers Ltd -  There were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified for the application for 6 x 3 bedroom houses.

WW1 Centenary Anniversary Commemorative Event –

Further discussion took place on an Event (s) to commemorate WW1. Ideas put forward were slide show in the Hall, with WWI memorabilia possibly September/October time with hall decoration of designed flags and the School Choir to sing.

A parade is organised for the Military War Graves.

Grant applied for by the Control Tower for a DVD.

Papier Mache Airship competition by School/Youth Club.

It was agreed to write to Mrs Morris, Headteacher at Sageston Community School to ask if the School choir is available on a Saturday around 3 pm September/October.

To also ask if the Sports Club and WI have anything planned.  It was agreed to keep this item on the agenda for April and May meetings.


It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Gibby that the Clerk’s Salary for January, February and March be paid = £310.50

It was proposed by Cllr Head and seconded by Cllr White that the half year field rent of £575 be paid.

It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr White that the hall fees for the year be paid =  £434.

One Voice Wales -  Following discussion from last meeting information had been obtained on the subscription  fees for OVW.    Following detailed discussion it was agreed to stay with PALC for this coming year.

Letter received from  Ms P Watts regarding the mobile car valeting on Kesteven Court estate.  This is noisy and the water collection is breaking up the road surface.    Mrs Hudson (in attendance) confirmed this and  the noise of the generator and machinery is irritating to neighbours.   Mrs Hudson asked the Community Council for advice and members suggested contacting PCC to inform of noise pollution issue.

Ms Watts letter also referred to the perennial problem of dog fouling around the mill pond and on the school route.    There is an Envirocrime meeting on 17th March and  Cllr Gibby kindly agreed to attend on behalf of the Community Council.   Ms Watts also to be asked if she would like to attend.   Clerk to book 2 places.

Information received on Tidy Towns funding from £1000 to £30,000  for community projects.   This information to be given to the Parish Environment Group  for consideration of enhancement at Milton Marsh Walk.  Other areas to be considered for funding possibly Carew Newton Cemetery access improvements.

Information received from PAVS on the focus for funding for community groups in Pembrokeshire.,  Information noted.

Information received from The Retired and Senior volunteer Programme (RSVP in Pembrokeshire on their Welcome Friends project which focuses on reducing isolation and loneliness amongst the over 50s.   Councillors noted this with interest.

Letter from Angela Burns AM providing an update on the work she has been undertaking regarding the proposed changes under the Hywel Dda Health Board, in particular to keep services open at Withybush and Tenby Cottage Hospitals.    Councillors noted this with interest and Clerk to write to Ms Burns asking her to keep pushing forward with this.

Recycling at Redberth -  Due to the recycling scheme with PCC the newspaper igloo at Redberth village has been removed.  Cllr Griffiths aware of this.

Letter from Head of Development Management at PCNPA regarding Bottom Meadow Quarry, West Williamston informing that all planning permissions for development consisting of the working of minerals or depositing of mineral waste at Bottom Meadow Quarry , West Williamston have ceased except for restoration and/or aftercare.   PCNPA will be discussing restoration issues with the owner and this information will no doubt be of interest to local residents in West Williamston in particular.   Councillors noted this information with interest.

Information from Carew Sports Club on a Comedy Evening on 21st March, this information on the website.

Planed newsletter to  promote all community events asking for any events to publicise.  

Play area inspection survey.  Full inspections have been carried out by PCC on recreation/play equipment at Carew, Redberth and Milton.   


Marine and Fisheries Strategic Action plan – Councillors agreed to await the final document.

Draft  Playing Fields Regulations 2014 (Community Involvement in Disposal Decisions).  This documented noted with interest.

Local Government Byelaws consultation Document.   Contents noted and Clerk to review.


 Old Bridge at Milton -  Environment agency and Welsh Water to be contacted about the clearing of the bridge.  Cllr Neale has already asked Grenville Codd to review.

 9th and 10th August the Control Tower holds their commemorative air day with parachutists, RAF Falcons,  a Dakota flying in,  Scooter meeting and Irish Dancers.   Councillors noted this with interest and further information to be put on Website

 Two benches are broken and need replacement on Milton Marsh Walk.  Discussion on a grant to replace the seats took place and  Groundsman to be asked to remove the benches.

 Sunken drain at Knapps Lane has been patched up but is causing problems.  PCC to be asked to look at the area before the Tourist season gets underway

 Window smashed in phone box at Carew.  Clerk to ask BT for a replacement piece of glass and Cllr Goodman kindly agreed to fit.

 Reports of late night  underage drinking and rowdiness  and banging on doors on Carew Park Estate.  Anyone affected by this to contact the non-urgent Dyfed Powys Police line – 101.    If the situation is menacing and antisocial contact 999 and ask for incident numbers on both occasions.  

 Problem with ball games in the street at Carew Park Estate.   Potential damage to property and vehicles.    Ask PCC to consider a  “No Ball Games” sign.

 Sign at Whitehill for Carew Newton still turned the wrong way.

 Website update -   Cllr White reported a big increase in website visits from 196 in February 2013 to 530 February 2014.  International visits also to the website and this is encouraging.

Date and time of next meeting -    Thursday 10th April 2014 at 7.30 pm.   Clerk away on 10th April and Cllr Griffiths kindly agreed to take the minutes.    


Minutes of Carew Community Council meeting held on 10th April 2014 in Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:  Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)      Cllr Marina Griffiths

                    Cllr John Brock MBE                Cllr Trevor Goodman

                    Cllr Pat Gibby                            Cllr Gwenllian Head

                    County Councillor David Neale  Cllr Lionel White

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Mike Bosley                   Cllr Daniel Mumford

   Stephanie Edwards (Clerk)

Chair welcomed all to the meeting and thanked Cllr Griffiths for agreeing to take the minutes.


Email received from Interim Site Manager at Carew Castle regarding meeting that Carew Castle management had with National Resources Wales and representatives from PCNPA, regarding aspects of the mill pond management including de-silting.  The current status is that NRW are not against the concept of de-silting the mill pond to alleviate flood risk and are currently considering the most suitable way for this to be undertaken and  Site Manager will keep the Community Council updated on progress.

With regard to damage to the causeway surface due to extreme weather and spring tides, repair to the damage will be undertaken as soon as possible with signage advising users to take caution.

Councillors noted the contents and all pleased to see that works on the repair to the  Causeway would commence as soon as possible.

Hayes Lane Development :  Councillors still concerned that the fences at this development are down and would like the site to be made as secure as soon as possible as it poses a danger to anyone who may wander onto the site..

No reply regarding the mobile valeting to date

Shared use footpath.  Cllr Head proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that the area detailed could be removed from their lease agreement.  All present agreed and look forward to commencement of the work.

Fence at Kesteven Court – This fence still needs repair and it is still not clear who is responsible for it.  County Councillor Neale informed  that he plans to look at various work aspects in the area with the Area Maintenance Team of PCC in the middle of next week and this is on the list of issues to discuss.

WWI Commemorative Event – Agenda item for next meeting.


NP/14/0138 – Conversion of disused farm outbuildings into three dwellings with ancillary car parking, garaging and landscape areas together with new rear access to farmhouse – Poplars Farm, Bog Lane, Carew Newton SA68 0TP.  Councillors reviewed the detailed plans from PCNPA and Cllr Gibby confirmed she had received no objections from residents in Carew Newton to this and a positive response to be sent to PCNPA.   

13/1029/PA – Erection of dwelling.  Land east of 30, Kesteven Court, Carew SA70 8SJ.    Councillors reviewed the application form and  site/block plan and there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal.


--Cllr Gibby had attended an Envirocrime meeting held by PCC recently.  The Envirocrime initiative is a scheme aimed to combat a perceived lack of action on issues such as dog fouling etc.  Previous community engagement meetings in Tenby, Haverfordwest and Narberth had proved effective with a good response.  It was noted that there are only 2 ½ dog wardens for the whole of the county.  A new scheme is to be rolled out whereby a photograph of a dog fouling can be taken and sent to the wardens who will then act on it. Cllr Gibby highlighted the footpath to Sageston School and the Mill pond as being the problem areas in Carew Parish County Councillor Neale commented that this should help the dog wardens identify hotspots and deal with the problem more effectively.  A poster should be received in the near future.    A copy of the notes of meeting taken by Cllr Gibby to be sent to Pat Watts.  Chair and all present thanked Cllr Gibby for attending the meeting.

-- Poster received from Simon Hart MP regarding Jobs Fair


Cllr Brock asked that the KWT grant for the War Memorial Gilding be chased up.

Fly tipping at Milton on the Dwr Cymru land was reported. County Councillor Neale to follow this up and chase up the bollard that was to be placed on the unclassified road (Paddock Walk) to try and prevent fly tipping.

Cllr Gibby reported she was having difficulty getting volunteers to help at the Luncheon Clubs and it was agreed to place a notice on the website, write to Parish organisations asking for assistance and put up posters.  Help is needed once a fortnight (Tuesday) with general washing up duties etc.

It was noted that the Carew Newton sign has been turned again but has again been straightened.

It was noted that surveyor work has been taking place on Sageston roundabout and clarification required from  TRA/PCC on this.

Cllr Brock expressed surprise that the Community Council had not been notified on the commencement of work on the Finger Post although notices had been placed in the press.  Clerk to find out from Head of Highways what the new road improvements will be.

Cllr White produced a breakdown of Precept allowances for 2014/15for the Town and Community Councils in Pembrokeshire with comparison to 2012/13.

Hot food outlet at Carew roundabout to be followed up again as the van has still not moved back to its original place of trading and still open on some Sundays.

County Councillor Neal reported on the Environment Group activity evening  in Milton with clearing the stream of false watercress.  County Councillor Neale had met with member of Natural Resources Wales who suggested narrowing the stream at Milton to increase the water flow which will help the river to de-silt.  Water sampling had also taken place while County Councillor Neale was there and the report is to be sent to him.  County Councillor Neale reported that there are groups and grants that can assist with this work.     Cllr Brock stated that the water in Milton is very hard.

CNC meeting – Thursday 1st My 7.30 pm at Cllr White’s house.  At a site meeting with parishioners, some years back, County Councillor Neale had mentioned funding  for improvements and he was asked if this is still available to assist with vehicular assess into the cemetery.   Clerk to review old notes regarding this.  Cllr White also showed photos he had taken of the Cemetery.

Date and time of next meeting -  Annual General Meeting - Thursday 8th May 2014 at 7.30 pm

Clerk thanked all for attending and declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Annual General Council meeting held on Thursday 8th May 2014 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

Present  Cllr Vanessa Thomas  Cllr Lionel White  Cllr Marina Griffiths

             Cllr Gwenllian Head    Cllr  Pat Gibby     Cllr Trevor Goodman

             Cllr John Brock MBE  

Apologies for absence :           Cllr Daniel Mumford Cllr Mike Bosley

              County Councillor David Neale

Cllr Thomas (Chair) welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting.  Cllr Thomas thanked everyone for their support during the year of office.  She particularly thanked Cllr White for is support and hard work  with the coordination and progression of the Cemetery regulations and documentation.  Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Brock seconded these sentiments.  Chairman also thanked the clerk for her work during the past year.  The Chairman then stood down.

Clerk thanked all Councillors for their support and echoed Cllr Thomas’s comments.


Clerk asked for proposers for nominations for the post of Chairman.  Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Brock seconded that  Cllr Thomas remain for a 2nd year.   Cllr Thomas accepted the nomination.

Clerk asked for any amendments.  There were none.   Cllr Thomas elected by a show of hands to the role of Chairman and she resumed the Chair.

Clerk then asked for proposers for nominations for the post of Vice Chairman.  Cllr Gibby  proposed and Cllr Head  seconded that  Cllr White remain for a 2nd year.   Cllr White accepted the nomination.

Clerk asked for any amendments.  There were none.   Cllr White elected by a show of hands to the role of Vice Chairman.

Minutes of the last meeting were passed as a true record by all present and duly signed.  Cllr White asked that the minutes appear in the local press prior to the meeting in future.


Sports Field Fence.    Clerk had received information from County Councillor Neale that he had  undertaken a review of the damaged fence with Area Maintenance Team officer from PCC who established that the fence was inside the boundary for the sports field and thus not the responsibility of PCC for repair.    Further investigation by Estates Department of PCC revealed that the fence is not in PCC territory.    Discussion ensued on the replacement and repair of the fence and the following was agreed:

To obtain three quotes for the repair and separate quote for replacement of the fence

To inform Sports Club of progress on this matter

To ask Sports Club officers for local names who would provide quote as above

To explore to possibility of grant aid possibly from Regeneration Unit as the fence part of Sports field.

To investigate the netting fence at new golf range at Withybush, Haverfordwest to see if this is comparable and appropriate for similar and to seek the name of the company who erected the fence.  

All information above to be provided for next meeting.

Also, communication received from Sports Club regarding the shed and whether there was room for storage.  All present felt that there was no further capacity in the shed for use by the Sports Club and for the officers of the Sports club to be informed of this.

1st instalment of Precept received = £2666.

Communication received from PCC on new Traffic order  for speed limits  along detrunked road in Sageston to be changed to 30 mph.

Also, Traffic Order speed limit change confirmed as 50 mph from Freestone Cross to the 30 mph limit.  Head of Highways  to be congratulated on the swift introduction of this and thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

Nash Finger Post – Further information on the exact plans for highway improvement to be obtained for the next meeting.

WWI Anniversary Event –Following discussion the date for the WWI anniversary commemorative event to be Saturday 18th October 2014. List of tasks to be completed before next meeting:  

School Choir to be asked if they can perform.

Book Hall

Ask Sports club and local organisations if they have anything planned for an  events plan on the Carew parish website.

The event will be a Tea Party with slide show starting around 4 pm.  Tickets booked by pre-order via the Clerk.

Catering and Hall decoration to be sourced.

Book slide show

Carew Newton Cemetery Steering Group

Prior to this evening’s meeting members of the Steering group met with Mervyn Roberts to look at work needed at the Cemetery, i.e   raising the edging stones on the sunken grave, paint the kissing gate, pointing the gate pillars and capping and, drainage pipe around the kissing gate. Mr Roberts also to undertake some after care work around the gate pillars.   Mr Roberts quoted £12 an hour for the work.  All present agreed that the work should proceed.

Cllr White had also began initial survey of the information and measurements required for the  pre application plan to be submitted to PCNPA regarding replacement of lower hedge with access gate for servicing the Cemetery.  The lower area may need a test bore.   Groundsman to be asked to remove the grass cuttings from the lower area.   The hedge needs to be cut back to the stones in order to look at the area in more detail.    It was  suggested the Environment Group could undertake part of the cutting back along the hedgerows inside and outside the Cemetery.


The following application was received from PCC :  13/1091/LB and 13/1090/PA – Change of use,alterations and extension of Old School house to residential dwelling – Redberth.  Following perusal of the detailed planning applications there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for objection identified.  Indeed Councillors felt it would be nice to see the building in use.


Clerk provided detailed final year accounts and bank reconciliation statement and information on the Cemetery fees and monies spent on improving the Cemetery to date.    It was agreed that the grants section in the ledger be removed and heading of Burial Fees inserted instead.   

Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Head seconded that the End of Year Accounts and Bank Reconcilitation Statement be signed as  a true record.


Invoices for payment :  March, April and May grass cutting invoice from Digit Garden Services £246.66 – Proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that this be paid.

Renewal of PALC subscription = £79 – Proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Goodman that this be paid.

Proposed Merger of Mid and West Wales Fire Control Rooms.  Communication received on proposed merger of the Mid and West Wales Fire control room based at the emergency tri-service control room in Llangunnor Carmarthen  with  the South Wales  Police HQ control room in Bridgend during 2016.    If this merger proceeds 35 jobs will be lost to the area.    There is a fear that this will have a massive negative impact on local communities , especially with Fire Control Operators with no local knowledge of Pembrokeshire processing emergency calls.  Staff living in Gwent, South Wales Valleys, Cardiff and Caerphilly would be expected to take 999 emergency calls from Pembrokeshire which  may have a negative impact and deterioration in the service currently provided.   The MAWWFRS control room serves the communities of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire, Powys, Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot equating to over 750,ooo people.  If this merger proceeds,   999 emergency calls  would be taken by one control room covering three quarters of Wales.

Support  on protecting these vital services locally is requested.      Councillors considered and discussed the information received and Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr White seconded and all unanimously agreed  to offer support to the campaign to ask MAWWFRS to resist this merger.

Communication received from Solva Community Council on an open letter to Leader of PCC on Downgrading of Vital Services at Withybush, Unlawful payments to Senior Officers at PCC.  Following perusal of these letters and discussion it was agreed to congratulate Solva  Community Council in their endeavours in challenging these issues and hoped they receive satisfactory answers to the points raised.  

Communication from Simon Hart MP on efforts to obtain superfast broadband to communities in Pembrokeshire.  Help sheet from BP was enclosed with his letter and also information on obtaining Access Broadband Cymru grant towards installation of dish/wireless box  if switching to wireless or satellite broadband in areas of less than 2 Mgbs.  Anyone can apply individually for this grant, you don’t have to be part of a community project.   More details can be found at www.superfast-cymru.com or by calling 03000603000.

Planed Pembrokeshire Festival Events list – noted

Donations -  Following perusal of the applications received, it was decided to only contribute to local charities , of which there were none.


In his absence Cllr Mumford wished the Community Council’s attention be drawn to the local children at the top of Bartletts Well Road were swinging off the scaffolding on a house under renovation.   Councillors felt this was not a matter for Council but Councillor Mumford should seek a local resolution and settlement to this problem.

Matters to be chased up before next meeting;

Removal of hot food outlet to it’s original position at Carew Roundabout.

Hayes Lane Development to be made secure and fenced off during construction.  Highlighted was the recent antisocial activity  necessitating police intervention.

Milton Bridge clearing -  County Councillor David Neale reported (in his absence via the Clerk) that Area Maintenance Team had agreed to put this task on their schedule of work to be undertaken

War memorial re-guilding grant

“Slow Children Playing” – Sign to be chased up yet again.

County Councillor Neale’s Report (conveyed by the Clerk in his absence )

Agreement has obtained  to look at the Bollard at the Paddock Walk

Sign at White hill has so far been in the same position and Area Maintenance Team had identified the problem.

Anti-social behaviour along detrunked road in Sageston.  Following discussion with PCSO and local Sargeant it was hoped this matter would be resolved .  County Councillor Neal to raise it at the PAC meeting on 12th May.

Following a meeting with Dwr Cymru, NRA the rubbish dumped at the Water Works in Milton has been removed.

Rain water running down the road at Redberth causing a flood risk looked at and Area Maintenance Team officer of PCC to look at the possibility of a drain under the road to take storm water.

County Councillor Neale’s suggestions for next Parish Environment Group activity include walking footpath from Whitehill to Llandigwynett, painting phone boxes at Milton and Redberth.   Date to be organised at next meeting.

Date and time of next meeting   Thursday 12th June 2014 at 7.30 pm.   Apologies in advance from Cllr Brock.

Chairman thanked all for coming and  declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 12th June 2014 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

PRESENT:  Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)  Cllr Lionel White

                    Cllr Mike Bosley                    Cllr Dan Mumford

                    Cllr Gwenllian Head               Cllr Marina Griffiths

                    Cllr Trevor Goodman             County Councillor David Neale (arriving later)

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:                Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Pat Gibby

Chairman welcomed all to the June meeting and thanked Councillors for coming.

Minutes of the last meeting

Subject to the following amendment :  Cllr White raised that the minutes appear in the paper a week before the meeting rather than Cllr Brock, and a minor typographical error, Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Head seconded and  all present agreed that the minutes be passed as a true record and duly signed.

Matters Arising

Despite an administrative error by PCC Cllr Head will be contacted regarding her position on the Board of Governors at Sageston CP school shortly.

Street lighting -  Street Lighting Engineer at PCC  advised that the criteria for identifying areas where lighting is not to be extinguished  is not met in this instance.  Street lighting is to be retained on steps on link footways and specific areas identified by the Police as having instances of increased night-time crime.  PCC state they are therefore unable to accede to the Community Council’s request.   Councillors  reported hub caps taken on business vans and vandalism in the area around Saunders Road.  PCC to be asked to look at this matter again.

Speed Limit -  Councillors noted the thanks and response sent to Head of Highways and Traffic control  Manager.

Fence at Sports Club-  Chairman informed of communication from residents  regarding the  responsibility for the Fence between Kesteven Court and Sports Field.   One former community Councillor recalls repair to the fence taking place circa 2000 by PCC and the funding came from housing revenue account.  It was pointed out that the line of the fence runs  in line with the back of the bungalows at 35. 36, 37 and 38 Kesteven court and that the fence was erected to protect the then council bungalows from the cricket balls from the field.  Also   a local contractor was engaged by PCC/South Pembs District Council to repair the fence.      

One quote for the repair of the fence received at meeting - £550 + VAT.  

Following discussion it was agreed to revisit the ownership and County Councillor David Neale has been asked to investigate further at County Hall.

Proposed merger of Mid and West Wales Fire Control Room -  Following communication to offer support to the campaign to resist this merger, it was agreed to contact members of the Fire Authority before their meeting at the end of this month.

War Memorial -  Following discussion it was agreed to obtain three quotes for the cost of reguilding the lettering on the war memorial.

WWI Commemorative Event -  Following discussion the following was agreed :-

The tea party begin at 4 pm  on Saturday 18th October 2014. (Sports Club secretary’s comments on the car park being also utilised for sports fixture at that time noted).

The running order will be – School choir, Tea party then slide show.

School choir and slide show booked.

School choir to perform for 30-45 minutes and any instrumental solos welcome

A sub committee  be set up to organise arrangements.    Cllr Griffiths, , Cllr Bosley, Cllr Head, Cllr Thomas and Clerk to meet at Clerk’s house on Wednesday 9th July at 7 pm.  

County Councillor Neale joined the meeting.

Roundabouts -  Communication received with drawings of the proposed layout of the roundabout enhancement/landscaping scheme.  County Councillor Neale confirmed that he had attended a meeting in St Clears that morning. He had reiterated the accidents that have happened on Sageston roundabout.   Discussion around the Community Council/Parish Environment Group assisting with maintenance was discussed.   . Discussion on sponsorship from local businesses for maintenance of the completed enhancement/landscaping schemes ensued.    Without considerably more volunteers the Parish Environment Group members  felt that this would be a big commitment and were unable to agree to this at present due to the many tasks  awaiting completion.   Following further discussion and perusal of the plans and suggested plants for the scheme,   all present agreed that the scheme be progressed speedily.  

Signage -  No further information on this matter.  However County Councillor Neale to be copied in to next reminder e.mail and he will chase up.

Milton Marsh Walk -  Information received that the anti-slip mesh on the bridge at Milton Marsh Walk needs attention.     Clerk reported on communication with groundsman that he had visited the bridge and the mesh had been tacked back.    Japanese Knotweed was not too bad a problem and eradication would cost £50.   Cllr Bosley proposed and Cllr White seconded that this be proceeded with.    Cllr Goodman informed that the problem with Japanese Knotweed was considerably worse on the Water Works side of the boundary fence with the Milton Marsh Walk.  Unless this was kept under control the plants may migrate to the Marsh Walk.    Clerk to write to  Dwr Cymru.   

Funding – Keep Wales Tidy and Tidy Towns may be able to help by means of a small grant scheme to replace the broken benches on the Marsh Walk  Groundsman has disposed of these.

New coating for the bridge to stop slipping to be sourced from Builders Merchants.

Hayes Lane Development -  Enforcement officer at PCC does not consider the state of the site as such to warrant action.   The Community Council’s concerns have been relayed to the agent.     Following discussion Councillors to ask what the plans are for the site;  the name of the agent;  when site to be completed.

Playground inspection at Milton  now received and passed on to Cllr John Brock MBE.

Hot Food outlet -  County Councillor Neale had met with Head of Highways and discussed this matter.

Planning -  

Councillors noted  the following plans have been Granted by PCC :-

13/1090/PA – Change of use, alterations and extension of Old School House to residential dwelling 0 Old Church School Redberth

13/0429/PA – Use of land for 2 static and 2 touring caravans.  Erection of a pair of utility/day units and relocation of storage building – Land South of Pincherston Farm, Sageston.

13/0771/PA – Installation of wind turbine and associated infrastructure and access route – Milton

Councillors noted  the following plans have been Granted by PCNPA :--

NP/14/0138 – Conversion of disused farm, outbuildings into 3 dwellings and ancillary car parking, garaging and landscape areas and new rear access to farmhouse – Poplars Farm, Bog Lane, Carew Newton.

Planning applications –

14/0106/PA Alterations and extension – 27 Bartletts Well Road, Sageston .  Following perusal of the plans and application, councillors had no adverse comments nor found obvious grounds for refusal.   Councillors did request that the off road parking be retained.

14/0090/PA -  Alterations and extension – 1 Kesteven Court, Carew - Following perusal of the plans and application, councillors had no adverse comments nor found obvious grounds for refusal.


Invoices for payment -  Viking for printer cartridges -  proposed by Cllr Mumford and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that this invoice be paid

Work at Carew Newton Cemetery -  Chairman reported on the problem with the sunken grave  and the extra work  involved in making this safe.  The kissing gate has been repainted, tidying up around the entrance and drainage pipes at the kissing gate put in. Total bill £431.  Proposed by Cllr Mumford and seconded by Cllr Head that the bill be paid.

St Marys Church donation towards cost of grass cutting at Cemetery.   Following discussion  Cllr Bosley proposed and Cllr Head seconded that £275 be donated – the same as last year.

Invoice for £50 from the Internal Auditor, Mr T R Edwards – Cllr Goodman proposed and Cllr Griffiths seconded that the invoice be paid.

Clerk’s Salary for April, May and June – 391.50  - £78.20  PAYE = £313.30.  Proposed by Cllr White seconded by Cllr Griffiths that this be paid.

Carew WI invitation to WI Centenary Celebrations at the Control Tower between 5 pm and 7 pm on 23rd July.  WI to be thanked for the invitations and  Councillors pleased to attend.

Balance in Bank as at 7th May - £6955.55  next precept due in July.

Communication from Activity Wales regarding the Long Course weekend 11, 12,13th July   asking for volunteer marshals.  As in previous years if 10 volunteers from an organisation assist £200 available for their organisation or charity.  Sports Club to be informed.  Councillors noted with interest that Cllr Dan Mumford would be running the marathon on the Sunday and wished him success in this.

Communication from BBC1 on house swap opportunity to appear on television.    Information to be sent to Cllr White for the website.

Copy letter from Town Clerk Suzie Thomas, Town Clerk of Pembroke Town Council to Leader, County Councillor J Adams.  Following a report presented to the Town Council outlining “scandals” and issues which have arisen in Pembrokeshire County Council over recent months, a vote was taken and it was resolved that a vote of no confidence  be passed in the ruling group of Pembrokeshire County Council.    Community Councillors noted this information.

WAG Public Health White Paper on developing a strategy on the provision of and access to toilets for public use in the area.     Councillors noted  with interest that the number of local authority provided toilet facilities in Pembrokeshire is 97.  Clerk to provide information on  the toilet facilities and lack of baby changing facilities by 24th June.

Audit -  Clerk presented the internally audited return for the year to 31st March 2014.   An explanation of the more than 10% variations was provided.     Internal auditors report raised two additional  points: - that PAYE should be paid promptly to HMRC in future, and that the VAT refund of £26 be reclaimed.    Councillors discussed this matter and Clerk had sought further information and help with regard to the process.      It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Councillor Goodman that the Audit return be submitted to BDO following  signing by the Clerk and Chairman.

Parish Matters –

Chase up the resurfacing of the pedestrian path t Carew Bridge.

Cllr Goodman confirmed he had finished  painting the telephone box at Milton .   Two panes of glass to be requested from BT Payphones to replace broken glass in Carew phonebox.   Councillors thanked Councillor Goodman for his hard work.

Cllr White requested permission to put a link on the carewparish.com website to Blue Cross Dog Owners Pledge on the Dog Owners Association website .  All present agreed to this.  

Cllr White also reported that links not available on the Pembrokeshire County Council town and community Council website to  carewparish.com.    All present agreed to ask PCC to add the link

50 mph speed limit sign at Freestone cross is awaited.

Date and time of next meeting :-  Thursday 10th July 7.30 pm.

Wednesday 9th July at 7 pm  at Clerk’s house – subcommittee for WWI event.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed  

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on  Thursday 10th July in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm


                   Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)        Cllr Lionel White

                   Cllr Gwenllian Head                     Cllr Mike Bosley

                   Cllr Marina Griffiths                     Cllr Trevor Goodman

                   Cllr Pat Gibby                             County Councillor David Neale

In attendance:

                   Rob Hamer PCC   Peter Thomas PCC

                   Kerry Waters  Sports Club Derek Lloyd, Sports Club

                   Rowena Lloyd Sports Club Kathryn Perkins , Agent for Carew Castle Estates


                 Cllr Dan Mumford                        Cllr John Brock

Minutes of the last meeting:    It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr White that the minutes of the June meeting be passed as a true record and duly signed subject to the following amendment:  The sum of  £58.94 to Viking Direct was not included in the invoices for payment.

All present agreed to this.

The Chairman thanked all for coming to the meeting and the attendees had been asked to come to the meeting to discuss the continuation of the shared footpath from Carew Roundabout .

A 80 year  Lease dated 27th January 1969 exists between the Carew Castle Estates and the Community Council for the Sports Field.  In order for the shared footpath to be extended PCC plan to use the east side of the highway adjacent to the cricket nets.   The road will be diverted slightly to accommodate the footpath and this will require acquisition of part of the boundary hedge and utilise the hedgerow.  In doing so PCC and the Agent and owner of Carew Castle Estates are then happy for the scheme to progress.  The impact will be on the Sports club cricket nets which may require relocation.  An additional aspect of the scheme will mean that the standing water that accumulates during bad weather at the public toilets will be dealt with at the same time. By means of a long soak away and large diameter drainage pipe.  The aquifer and millpond will not be affected.  The large tree in hedgerow and milestone would not be affected.  The layby similarly will be unaffected .  Community Councillors are keen for the scheme to proceed and had agreed the same at a previous meeting.  Mr Hamer reported that a contractor had been appointed.  Pembrokeshire County Council hope to start the work around November but subject to ecologist and archaeologists being involved.  

Kathryn Perkins stated that the Community Council need to relinquish their interest in the part of the leased ground and suggested using Eaton Evans and Morris who also act for the Carew Castle Estates.      PCC to prepare the  necessary documents and any additional reasonable costs incurred in relocating the nets by Sports Club will be met by PCC.  

All present agreed that this be proceeded with and  look forward to completion of the scheme.

Kathryn Perkins, Rob Hamer and Peter Thomas then left the meeting.

Damaged Fence at boundary of Sports field.   Chairman informed  representatives of the Sports Club and Councillors of the efforts made thus far in attempting to establish ownership of the fence in order that it can be repaired/replaced.  A quote for the repair had also been received from a fencing contractor in readiness.  However,  searches of previous minute books had unearthed evidence that the Community Council had not agreed to adopt the fence, despite PCC claiming that the fence was not part of their territory.    Indeed the fence had been erected to protect the then Council owned houses and bungalows.    

Mr Lloyd informed that the fence is in an extremely dangerous condition and there is a significant risk of injury and it needs to be attended to as a matter of urgency.    Following further discussion it was agreed that the Clerk meet with PCC representatives at County Hall on Monday 14th July in order to present the evidence  that the fence is in  PCCs ownership and to request that the work to repair be proceeded with forthwith.

All present agreed to this plan and Derek Lloyd, Kerry Waters and Rowena Lloyd left the meeting.

Matters Arising:

--Trunk Roads Agency communication informing that Nash Finger post highway improvements  will be completed by the end of the summer.

----WWI anniversary commemoration event – British Legion holding a lights out service at the War memorial on Monday 4th August at 10 pm.  Also the British Legion will be in attendance at the War Memorial on 9th November followed by a service at St Marys Church, Carew Cheriton at 11.45 am.

--Reguilding – Clerk to obtain quotes for next meeting.

--Safety strips for Milton bridge – clerk to obtain quotes for next meeting.

--Street Lighting and accidents and vandalism.   Communication received from PCC informing that the incidents of vandalism to cars at Carew Park be reported to Police and if the times of reported incidents coincide with the lack of street lighting this will then be used consider changing the light up times.  County Councillor Neale  stated that he will be discussing this at the next PAC meeting and that in the meantime residents who report vandalism should obtain a crime incident number and inform him.

-- Speeding at Carew Park -  County Councillor Neale to ask for a visible presence by the Police in relation to the speeding problem.

-- Signage at Carew Park -  Head of Maintenance and Highways be asked to urgently authorise the signage informing drivers to beware children playing.

--County Councillor Neale informed that he was moving forward requests he had received for more staggered barriers  in the alleys at Carew Park.

Planning: -

The following planning applications have been approved by Pembrokeshire County Council:

13/1029/PA – Erection of dwelling – Land east of 30 Kesteven Court, Carew

14/0106/PA – Alterations and extension 27 Bartletts Well Road

The following planning application was discussed by Councillors and the plans perused – 14/0193/PA – Extension to dwelling and new parking area, 10 Perrots Road, Sageston.  There were no adverse comments nor obvious grounds for refusal identified.

--Erection of a dwelling and garage, 1 Sageston Fields- 14/0281/PA -   Councillors noted the plans and also noted that 2 previous applications for the same have been refused by PCC.  On the grounds that this denotes piecemeal development.  There is no obviously visible change to the previous two applications.


Updating Policy on Affordable Housing received from PCC – Contents noted.

Invoice for Digit Garden Services for £306.66.  This is broken down as grass cutting carried out April, May and June £246.66, bench cleared £10, knot weed sprayed and treated £50.  Cllr Goodman proposed  and Cllr Griffiths seconded that this be paid.

Invoice from Carew Castle Estates for £25 being year’s rent for Milton Recreation Park.  Cllr White proposed and Councillor Gibby seconded that this be paid.

Communication from Superfast Cymru on  the roll out of improving broadband speeds.  No date for Carew as yet though it was noted that maintenance work has been taking place at BT exchange boxes.

Empowering Parish Councils to sell electricity .  contents noted.

Link to carewparish.com website has been added to Pembrokeshire County Council Town and Community Councils website.

Following discussion it was agreed that a poster be put on the noticeboard of when the Community Council meets and  the Clerk’s contact number.

Also,  Memorial Hall booking telephone number to be displayed and on the website.

PCNPA – Vacancy on the Standards Commmittee.  Closing date 18th July.  This information has also been displayed in the Western Telegraph.

(County Councillor Neale then left the meeting).

Letter from Angela Burns MP updating her efforts regarding changes in maternity and paediatric services at Withybush Hospital.

Simon Hart MP surgery dates  to be displayed on noticeboard

Communication received on Voting changes – It is understood that this information will also be sent to each resident in the parish.

Parish Matters
--Flood measuring sign at Carew Bridge damaged and needs repair.

--Cllr Head confirmed that she has received notification that she is now a School Governor.

--Councillor Lionel White informed that he attended the Licensing of the new Vicar at St Marys Church.

--Overgrown grass verges along Lawrenny Road to Freestone cross affecting visibility.

--Dogs still in Sports Field.  Clerk to obtain two more “No dogs allowed” signs.

--Cllr Gibby reported that word is getting around in response to request to organisations for volunteers for the Luncheon club .

--Grass not cut in Carew Castle grounds and this is unsightly.  Site Warden to be contacted.

--1 Picton Terrace – Carew Castle estates to be asked to tidy up the garden.

--Resurfacing of pedestrian demarcation  lane on Carew Bridge to be chased up.

--Border at the entrance to Anson way is full of weeds.  Possible Environment Group project and suggestions included obtaining reclaimed plants from civic amenities sites.

--Chairman informed that the old registers from Carew Newton (Zoar Chapel) had been found and were at present with Cllr Brock.

--PCC/Sageston School to be asked to cut back the weeds growing through the metal fence.

--Felting loose on shed in car park.  Cllr Goodman kindly agreed to repair this.

Date and time of next meeting -  No meeting in August therefore next meeting Thursday 12th September at the new time of 7 pm. (Apologies in advance from Cllr White).

Chairman wished all present a pleasant summer recess and declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 12th September 2014 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present          Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)  Cllr John Brock MBE

                       Cllr Gwenllian Head   Cllr Marina Griffiths

Apologies:    Cllr Daniel Mumford   Cllr Trevor Goodman

                      Cllr Lionel White    Cllr Pat Gibby

                      Cllr Mike Bosley   County Councillor David Neale

The Chairman thanked all for coming and welcomed all back from summer recess.  Congratulations extended to Cllr Griffiths on the birth of her 2nd grandchild.

Chairman thanked Cllr Griffiths for representing the Community Council at the Control Tower Event.  Cllr Griffiths presented a plaque commemorating the WWI anniversary event to the Council.  Cllr Griffiths asked that a letter of congratulations be sent to the members of the Control Tower committee on such a successful event.

Out of meeting payment -  AON insurance  £569.    Schedule of the policy awaited.

Minutes of the last meeting -  It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Brock that the minutes of the last meeting be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising

Outstanding issues -  Signs for “No Dogs Allowed” to be purchased

Chase up pedestrian demarcation resurfacing on Carew Bridge

Felt on roof of shed needs attention.  Councillors asked that all tools be kept in one place for insurance and safety reasons .

“Slow”sign on road at entrance to Carew Park Estate has been applied.   Sign awaited.

Hayes Lane Development -  No movement or building at the moment.  Site still not secure.  Further information to be obtained.

Two quotes received for the reguilding of the War Memorial .   £750 plus VAT from Gilbert Williams and £652 plus VAT from E C Thomas. Clerk to apply to War Memorial Small Grants  Scheme for funding.  Repairs to War Memorial including remedial work to plaster work on plinth – Mervyn Roberts to be asked to provide a quotation.

Fence at Recreation Ground -  Following discussion at last meeting Clerk met with Lyn Hambridge at PCC.    Further negotiations and discussion to take place at PCC in the forthcoming week.  PCC be informed that the original purpose of the fence was to protect the Council owned property.

Shared Footpath -  Eaton Evans and Morris have been asked  to handle the legal side of the relinquishing of the hedge on the lease and  this is ongoing.

Planning -   The following Planning applications have been granted by PCC:

14/0193/PA – Extension to dwelling and new parking area at 10 Perrots Road, Sageston

14/0090/PA -  Alterations and extension to 21 Kesteven Court, Carew

Correspondence :

Current account balance £4251.99

VAT refund of £26 received.

Precept   £2667  received – not included on above balance.

Invoices for payment

Carew Castle Estate £575 – half year rent -  Sports Club to be invoiced .

Clerks Salary July, Aug, September £391.50 – PAYE = £313.30

Chairman declared an interest in the next item and withdrew from discussion :-

Letter from Pisgah Chapel  requesting donation towards the cost of upkeep of burial ground -  Following discussion it was agreed that £275 be donated .

Information received on HistoryPoints projects which places QR barcodes on places of interest enabling access via smartphone or tablet to scan the codes and download  history of the object.    This has been featured on more than 80 war memorials in the project  and enables passers-by to read not only the names on the memorial but also regiment, rank, date of death, age, burial place etc .  This will encourage visitors the War Memorial  to learn more of the community.    The QR code plaque is  10 cms x 3.7 cms.   Following discussion it was proposed that this be proceeded with at a cost of £60

It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that the above be paid.

Letter from Simon Hart MP informing that Superfast Broadband should be in the area by June 2015.

Information received from Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal Programme  on the provision of 3G signal in areas where traditional mobile coverage has been unable to reach    The individual units  can be installed at a cost of £60  Councillors noted this information.

Meeting at PCC on ways to make cuts in services in order to make savings of £25 million by March 2016.   The meetings are on 14th and 23rd October 7-9 in County Hall and representation from Community and Town Councils is requested in order to put views to senior politicians and staff.   (Item for next meeting)

Plough Sageston -  Licensing renewal and application for outside bar for events -  No objections.

Grass Maintenance -  Discussion followed on the problem with grass cutting in the three sites in the Parish.  This being due to a variety of factors.    Councillors asked that the groundsman be asked to comply with the cutting frequency .   A number of complaints have been received.  Also a letter from a walker of the nature trail offering services as Groundsman was noted.

County Councillor Ray Hine had informed of meeting at Hywel Dda Health board on 29th July -  Bus service from train station to Glangwili Hospital on a Dial-a-ride basis to be implemented shortly.

Iron Man even to take place the forthcoming weekend.   It was noted that all residents have received an information leaflet on route and access arrangements.

St Florence Letting Scheme for Affordable Housing -  Contents Noted.

The following documentation was received and the contents noted:

Pembrokeshire Housing Association Annual report

Pembrokeshire Coast Forum

Consultation  document on Draft Flood Risk Strategy.     Councillors asked that the flooding at Milton Bridge be  included in this.

Developing  Welsh National Marine Plan

PCNPA – Consultation Draft National Park Management Plan 2015-19

Tidy Wales week – 15-21 September.

Audit -   The external auditor had highlighted one issue regarding ticking of a relevant box in the annual return .  This was completed at the meeting.  However, as part of the random 5% sampling, two items had been identified -  

1. The Internal Auditor appointed by the Council was not approved by the Council.   Action required -  When the appointment of the internal auditor is made the Community Council fully consider the scope and extent of its internal audit and ensure it is fit for purpose.

2. The community council have not minuted the review of a risk assessment as part of it’s review of the effectiveness of internal control during the year ended 31st March 2014 -  Action required  The community Council  must ensure the risk assessment is made and minuted at least once a year.  This review is for the community Council to evidence  their satisfaction that all the risks have been identified and safeguards have been put in place.

Following discussion it was agreed to  list for Agenda at February meeting each year these two points.

Parish Matters

Cllr Brock informed that there is a New Castle Manager – Daisy Hughes.

WWI commemorative event -  Chairman informed of the sub committee meeting  to organise the event to be held on Saturday 18th October., 2014 4 – 6 pm. Sageston School Choir to perform for 40 mins,  Followed by a Tea and slide show.  Memorobilia table from the Control Tower would also be on display.    Transport may be available to those residents unable to get to the Memorial Hall.

Welsh Water to be contacted regarding the appearance of the Old Pump House at Milton and also the overgrown shrubs  in the Old Moor obscuring the view of the Church.

Grass Cutting Tender to be forwarded to Clerk

Date and time of next meeting -  9th October 2014  at 7.30 pm.   Cllr Griffiths kindly agreed to take the minutes in the absence of the Clerk on holiday.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 9th October 2014 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room o f Carew Memorial Hall

Present:                        Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair  Cllr John Brock MBE

                                      Cllr Dan Mumford   Cllr Marina Griffiths

                                      Cllr Gwenlllian Head   Cllr Lionel White

                                      Cllr Pat Gibby

Apologies for absence:    Cllr M Bosley    Cllr Trevor Goodman

                                      County Councillor David Neale  

                                      Clerk – Ms Stephanie Edwards

In the absence of the Clerk, Cllr Marina Griffiths kindly agreed to take the minutes.

Minutes of the last meeting -  Due to the need for clarification regarding the quotes for work at the Carew War Memorial, it was agreed that the minutes could not be signed until the Clerk returned from holiday.  A date was set for Wednesday 15th October 7.30 for an extraordinary meeting to be held in the Meeting Room at Carew Memorial Hall.  Cllr Pat Gibby gave her apologies for absence in advance.

Matters Arising

 The Chairman thanked Cllr White for standing in at short notice for a recent photo shoot regarding the Extension to the Cycle Path.

 Letters were read out from Helen Hodges of Eaton-Evans and Morris and the contents regarding plans and the Deed of Surrender where noted.

It was unanimously agreed to notify PCC that the Community Council were happy for PCC to enter onto the land prior to completion of the legal formalities so that work can commence as soon as possible.  Cllr White agreed to look through the Deed of Surrender prior to it being signed at the Extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 15th October by the Chairman and the Clerk

Clarification was needed as to the lease for the Sports Club and whether it needed to be amended.

 The schedule from AON insurance had now been received and checked – the mower and trailer to be removed from inclusion in the policy.

 The Chairman had looked through the 150 page document online  relating to the recent audit.  Following discussion it was agreed by all present that the main issue raised was the lack of a more comprehensive Risk Assessment by the Community Council not only Health and Safety measures but financial and declarations of interest  and that this assessment should appear in the minutes  prior to the next meeting.  Cllr Griffths agreed to look through the document.

 The invoice of £252 for the audit payable to BDO was proposed for payment by Cllr Mumford and seconded by Cllr Gibby.  It was agreed that the Client Satisfaction Survey should be completed by the Clerk and posters displayed regarding the completion of the Audit.

 No date has been received for the start of landscaping work at Carew and Sageston Roundabouts.

 No more correspondence to date regarding the site at Hayes Lane

 Dog signs have been ordered from Viking

 Dates of meetings for Town and Community Councils to discuss making savings and balancing the budget are Tuesday 14th October 7-9 pm and Thursday 243rd October 2014 also  in County Hall.

Fence at Kesteven Court -  Due to unforeseen circumstances the Clerk had been unable to attend the planned meeting with Lyn Hambridge regarding the fence at Kesteven Court.  The Chairman had been unable to make an appointment  before November due to annual leave etc.   Clerk had agreed to send information to Head of Housing via County Councillor Neale.

Action -  It was unanimously agreed that a strongly worded letter be sent to PCC stating that Carew Community Council will not accept responsibility should any person or any property be harmed or damaged should the fence come down in high winds or rough weather.  The fence is in a perilous state and work needs to be carried out by PCC as a matter of urgency once  PCC has agreed ownership.

Grass cutting contract -  Following lengthy discussion on the missed cuts by the groundsman, it was agreed that this matter be brought to the extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 15th October for further clarification.   It was also noted that extra work was needed on the Milton Marsh Walk

Winter pack -  Councillors were shown a ‘winter pack’ from Western Power with suggested emergency items (and examples of such) for households.  It was agreed to have this on display at the Senior Citizens luncheon club and also the Senior Citizens dinner as it was felt that these items would prove beneficial  to any household if there were power cuts or bad weather in the winter months.

Planning -  

14/-427/PA -  Installation of one  225W wind turbine (30.5 m to hub and 45m to blade tip) mounted on 30.5m monopole mast with a base of 10 m x 10 m at Coachlands, Sageston -  Following discussion there were no adverse comments.

WW1 Tea Party - Due to lack of interest this event will be postponed until next year.  The Chairman agreed to contact Mrs Morris and Cllr Brock would inform Deric Brock.  It was agreed that when this event is advertised next year other ways to advertise and generate interest would be sought.


 Letter received from the Senior Citizens Committee asking for financial help and help with transportation  for this year’s dinner on Saturday 13th December 4.50 pm for 5 pm..  It was proposed by Cllr Brock MBE and seconded by Cllr Mumford that a donation of £300 be given and all present agreed.

 Letter from the Wales Audit Office was read out stating that reserves were being redistributed to all Town and Community Councils and Carew Community Council would receive £30 on completion of a form which the Clerk will complete.

 Bank balance £6918.99 which includes the August precept payment of £2667.  Cllr Brock asked what the balance was this time last year and Clerk to provide this information at the next meeting.

 Communication from PCC on Priorities for Improvement 2015/16 .  Following discussion it was agreed that Carew Community Councils priorities are as follows:

Coastal defences

School improvement


Training and recruitment for Young People in Pembrokeshire

Tackling poverty

Other correspondence  received as follows:

Ageing Well in Pembrokeshire – Meeting on 10th October 10 am til 1.30 pm in Johnson Institute .   Contents noted.

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places -  Letter from Monitoring Office asking for comments on polling places in the Parish.   .  All present agreed that they are satisfied with the Polling Station at Carew Memorial Hall

National Parks Community Consultation event on the future priorities of PCNP.  Drop in sessions will be held on 24th October at PCNP offices in Llanion 6-7.30 pm

Final edition of Collaborative Communities Newsletter – contents noted.

Parish Matters:

Leaves blocking drains between Kesteven Court and Carew Park

Overhanging trees on Butts Lane causing problems for road users due to restricted vision.  Also residents putting white stones outside their properties in West Williamston and Whitehill areas are causing hazards to drivers in some instances.  Councillors felt that these stones are on residents land.  However, further advice to be obtained from PCC and PCNPA.

Cllr Mumford  informed the meeting of a new running club which has been set up in Carew Sports Club.  The first meeting was on Wednesday8th October and over 20 people of all abilities interested.   Councillors were pleased to hear of this new initiative.

Bridge at the entrance to Milton Caravan Park has been damaged and there is a large crack in the wall – PCC Highways Department  to investigate and repair.

Chairman congratulated Parish members who ran in this year’s Iron Man competition.

Chairman thanked Cllr Griffiths for taking the minutes in the absence of the Clerk

Cllr Griffiths agreed to obtain menus for this years Christmas Dinner and bring them to the Wednesday meeting.

Date and time of next meeting – Extraordinary meeting Wednesday 15th October 2014 at 7.30 pm


Thursday 13th November 2014 at 7.30 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes an Extraordinary meeting of Carew Community Council held on Wednesday 15th October 2014 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

Present:                                   Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair) CllrTrevor Goodman


Cllr Gwenllian Head Cllr Lionel White

Apologies for absence:            Cllr M Bosley Cllr Pat Gibby

County Councillor David Neale Cllr John Brock MBE

Cllr Dan Mumford

The Chairman had provided an agenda for the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting held in September that were not signed in the October meeting due to the following amendments:

Amendment 1- date incorrect - should read “Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 11th September 2014” not 12th September.

Amendment 2— page 3—should read “Meeting at PCC on ways to make cuts in services in order to make savings of £25 million by March 2015” not £25.

Amendment 3 details of the two quotes for the reguilding of War Memorial In Carew.

- Quotes are £75Oplus VAT from Gilbert Williams and £652 plus VAT from E C Thomas.

Following these two amendments it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Head that the minutes are a true record.

Clarification sought - The Clerk explained that in her conversation with E C Thomas’s office she had stated that the quote given was acceptable. She had also informed that a Grant was to be sought for the work to be carried out. Paul, from E C Thomas said that he understood this and that preparatory work was required prior to the reguilding and this was agreed. However, in the e.mail confirming the work the Clerk had written accepting the quote but omitted to add that a Grant is being sought. Clerk apologised profusely for this as it has led to the guilding work being carried out already. Pre-application form for War Memorials Trust Grant has been carried out and Clerk to pursue this.

Signing of the Deed of Surrender. Clir Lionel White confirmed that he had perused and studied the Deed with regard to accuracy and relevance to Carew Community Council. The Deed records the amendment and does not change the original . Chairman thanked Cllr White for checking the Deed

Eaton Evans and Morris to be informed that-consent to- enter—the land-prior-to-the-Deed- being

finalised is agreed. It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Goodman to accept the

Deed of Surrender.

The Deed and the accompanying map were duly signed by the Clerk and the Chairman.

Grass Cutting Contract - The Chairman outlined the issue with regard to payment of the current invoice. The groundsman had not carried out 6 cuts. Following detailed discussion and perusal of the two previously paid invoices-it was agreed that-the-Clerk-contact-the -groundsman to inform--him—- that no monies were due at this stage.

Fence at Playing Fields - Clerk to contact Head of Housing as a matter of urgency.

Rememberance Sunday - 9 November - meet at War Memorial 10.45 followed by service at 11 am and march to St Mary’s Carew Cheriton for Service with the British Legion. Clerk to ensure that the wreath had been ordered.

Date and Time of next meeting - Thursday 13th November 7.30 pm

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 13th November 2014 in Meetings Room Carew Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm.

Present:       Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)   Cllr Lionel White (Vice Chair)

                   Cllr J Brock MBE                   Cllr Trevor Goodman

                   Cllr Mike Bosley                     Cllr Pat Gibby

                  Cllr Marina Griffiths   

Apologies:  Cllr Gwenllian Head                 County Councillor Neale arrived later

In attendance:    Mr Trevor Griffiths and Mr Christopher Griffiths

Chairman welcomed Councillors and both  Mr Christopher Griffiths and Mr Trevor Griffiths to the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th October and the Extraordinary meeting held on 15th October were discussed.  Subject to the following amendment Cllr White and Cllr Griffiths proposed and seconded that they  be passed as a true record:     reference to Stewart Treharne should read E C Thomas  in the 15th October minutes.

PLANNING:    Cllr White declared an interest in this matter and withdrew from discussion.

Chairman read out a letter from Christopher Griffiths  in relation to planning application proposed development - Erection of detached dwelling, Taskers Garden , West Williamston NP/14/0558.   Discussion and interaction ensued regarding the set points from PCNPA.   Of note is that the applicant is a local man previously raised in the Parish with strong local connections and wishing to return to his roots and raise his family in the environment in which he was raised.     It was noted that the proposed development would improve the sustainability of the community in West Williamston and the Parish by bringing a young family into the area.   The proposed development will pose no threat to the environment.  It was noted that the original application had been turned down by PCNPA due to lack of public transport access.   

Councillors totally approve, agree and support  the return of local people to the Parish and wishing to raise children in the area .  The lack of public transport in the area has no bearing on viability of a development.  Indeed bus services are continually being axed . All present agreed that if communities don’t grow then they will decay.   Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Grififths agreed and all present in favour that the Community Council write to PCNPA to reaffirm and support  Mr Griffiths’ application.     Cllr Griffiths thanked Mr Trevor and Mr Christopher Griffiths for attending and they then left the meeting.


1. Grass cutting:   Following discussion all present agreed to a payment of £80.10.

2. Carew Shared Use Path -  Chairman thanked Cllr White for attending the site  meeting  with PCC, Agent for Carew Castle Estates,  Representative from Sports Club  and contractors regarding starting the road improvements.    Cllr White stated that the start date would be 17th November with an anticipated completion 28th April  Traffic control measures will be in force.   Milestone and Oak tree will be retained.  Cllr White asked for delegation of authority to be able to liaise with contractors and PCC .    Councillors agreed to this measure with the proviso that anything controversial or deviation from the original brief be brought back to Community Council.

3. E C Thomas Carew Newton Cemetery -  Letter read out from Stewart and Elizabeth Treharne regarding the lack of adherence to procedure in processing the headstone permit for the late Mrs Betty White.    Chairman then duly signed the permit.    Cheque has been received for £173 for the headstone.

4. Rent -  Check received from Carew Football and Cricket club for half year rent £575.

Invoice received from Viking for “No Dogs Allowed” signs.  £11.98.

Invoice received from E C Thomas for £782.40 for the reguilding of the war memorial.   

Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Griffiths seconded that the Viking and E C Thomas invoices be paid.  All present agreed.

It was noted that the maintenance/repair work on the War Memorial has not been completed due to the bad weather but would be completed in due course.

Chairman also received the History Points QR code for the cenotaph and it was agreed that she meet with the Clerk on 15th November regarding siting of the plaque.

5. Sageston and Carew Roundabouts enhancements were due to start in mid October.  Clerk to ascertain when the work is to be carried out.

County Councillor Neale joined the meeting.

6. Fence at Recreational Field -  Clerk reported she had met Head of Housing with County Councillor Neale on Tuesday 11th November.  Further extracts from the archived minute books were shown to Ms Hambridge stating that PCC had engaged and commissioned contractors to repair the fence in 1998 and was given a copy of the meeting in September 1998 from the minute book. Ms Hambridge was given the anecdotal reports from residents etc regarding who did the work.   She was also informed that Carew Community Council had never paid for work to the fence.   She agreed to trace the payment and report back to Clerk and County Councillor Neale in the near future.


The following planning applications  were perused and discussed:

14/0663/PA  Extension to existing double garage, Quantock, Milton – No detailed plan attached and Clerk and Chairman to investigate this.

14/0613/PA – Proposed garage outbuilding and new access at Summer Cottage, Puncheston Farm, Sageston.  Following detailed examination of the accompanying plans there were no adverse comments nor obvious grounds for refusal identified.

14/0427/PA – Amended Site plan – installation of 1 x 225 wind turbine Coachlands, Sageston:  The turbine position has changed on the amended plans moving the turbine 38 metres to the west and 16 metres south of the original position.  This  is to overcome the concerns expressed by the Trunk Road Agency in regard to the proximity of the proposed turbine to the Trunk road.  No adverse comments nor grounds for refusal identified.


PCNPA – LDP Supplementary Planning Guidance – Enabling Sustainable Development in Welsh National Parks   .  Contents noted

PCNPA update on LDP Land Allocations and larger development sites in the National Park  -   Nothing within the Parish of Carew but contents noted.

Clerks Salary  for October, November,  December 2014  £391.50 les PAYE of £78.20 = £313.30.  It was proposed by  Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr Gibby that this be paid.

Invoices were presented for the WWI Tea bunting, serviettes and banqueting roll purchased by Clerk in readiness for the event in October (but subsequently cancelled ) total £78.87.  It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Bosley that the Clerk be reimbursed this amount.  Clerk agreed to store these items until the WWI tea is reorganised.

Poppy wreath.   It was proposed by Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr White that the wreath for Remembrance Sunday be obtained as usual from British Legion and paid for - £18.50.

 Information received on Funding Fair and Conference on 18th November – Information on applying for Grants – To be displayed on noticeboard

Information received on “Weathering the Storm” meeting on 27th November.   To be displayed on noticeboard.

Letter received from Kirstie Donoghue , Road Safety Office  at PCC regarding “Drive for Life” a driver refresher course  aimed at 65+ .  This is a one day course 9-4 and is held at the Fire station Merlin’s Hill, Haverfordwest.  Lunch included.  This initiative is free of charge and is directed at individuals who drive regularly and aims to cover all aspects of safer driving and refresh their driver skills and knowledge.  Interested candidates need to contact the Road Safety Department on 01437 775144 or road.safety@pembrokeshire.gov.uk and give their details.  

Changes to Paediatric Services information.  It is understood that this information has been made available via mail drop to all residents.


- Pothole at the turning to Whitehill off Villa Hill needs filling in.

- It was pointed out that orange street lights are being replaced with low voltage LED lights and that residents should be aware of this.

- Ball games at the top of Carew Park Estate.  Damage to cars has occurred .  County Councillor Neale will be attending a PAC meeting at the Control Tower shortly and that he would bring this matter up with the PCSO

- Dwr Cymru details to be given to Cllr Brock to meet regarding the condition of the Pumping Station, overgrowth on the Old Moor, Milton Bridge Arch silting up and the Japanese knotweed problem on the Dwr Cymru side of the leased area of Milton Marsh Walk.

- Hayes Lane Development – update to be obtained

- Cllr Goodman agreed to replace the felting on the shed in the Memorial Hall Car Park.

- Bollards outside Fernleigh in Pisgah have been there for years and Clerk and Chairman to investigate and then write to Marc Owens Streetcare and Head of Maintenance

- Community Council Dinner - Following discussion and perusal of menus it was decided by a show of hands to go to the Plough   6.30 for 7 pm on Thursday 4th December.   

- Carew Senior Citizens Dinner is to be held on Saturday 13th December.  Cllr Bosley and Cllr Goodman along with County Councillor Neale agreed to be volunteer drivers.  

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING:   Thursday 8th January 2015 in Carew Memorial Hall.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.


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