Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 8th January 2015 at 7.30 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:   Cllr Vanessa Thomas        Cllr Lionel White

               Cllr Marina Griffiths          Cllr John Brock MBE

               Cllr Daniel Mumford        Cllr Gwenllian Head

               Cllr Pat Gibby                  Cllr Trevor Goodman

Apologies: Cllr Mike Bosley  County Councillor David Neale

Cllr Thomas (Chair) welcomed all  to the first meeting of the New Year.

It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr White that the minutes of the November meeting  be passed as a true record and duly signed.


--Pot hole at Whitehill junction has been repaired.

--Posts have been erected in readiness for the new speed limit signs from Freestone Cross to Carew Bridge.

--Recreational Field Fence -  Legal section at PCC have been contacted by Head  of Housing and outcome awaited.    It was agreed that if the result of PCC deliberations came in between meetings then a further meeting be arranged.    

--Bollards at Fernleigh, Pisgah still there.   Clerk to chase outcome.

--Letter of thanks from Carew Senior Citizens Committee for the donation towards the cost of providing a Christmas lunch.   Positive feedback had been received from the 60 attendees.  Letter to the SCC congratulating them on the successful dinner.   Plans are underway for the Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner which will be on Saturday 28th November 2015.  The committee to explore ways to advertise the event broadly in the Parish.

--Advance notice of a Refund of £7.76 from AON insurance taking out the mower from the insurance schedule.   The refund has not been received.

-- PCC meetings regarding cost reduction and efficiencies had received positive feedback.  More meetings planned in the New year.  Discussion on more onus on Community Councils with regard to service provision but community and Town Councils differ in size and scope.  It was felt by Councillors present that dumping services on the Community Council should be avoided.   Parish Environment Group activities could be included suggested initiatives towards PCC efficiencies.

-  Sageston and Carew Roundabouts Landscaping:   Work was due to start in October but has been put back until  the New Year  in view of the other traffic and highways work  in South Pembrokeshire necessitating traffic lights.

--Precept received £2667.  Balance in bank accounts = £9618.39. Discussion then took place on the likely outgoings and forthcoming projects requiring expenditure in the next 12 months.   Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Head seconded that the  precept of £8,000 for the year 2015-16 remain the same.

- Letter from Red Kite solicitors regarding the Carew Newton Cemetery.   Following detailed discussion it was agreed to ask Red Kite to go ahead with the first part of the Land Registry submission and thereafter if this is not successful, to go along with a fresh submission in July 2015 at a quoted price of £700 plus VAT and disbursements.   All present agreed.

-- Dwr Cymru – Clerk to communicate Cllr John Brock’s contact details in order to facilitate a meeting to discuss the Pump House at Milton, knotweed along the Nature path, Stream, cutting back the Old Moor and clearing the Milton Bridge Arches.  

--Internal procedures -  Councillors discussed  the External Auditor’s recommendations to assess and provide adequate internal risk assessments.  Following detailed discussion it was agreed that BDO be asked for guidance on adopting these procedures and processes.  Cllr Mumford agreed to assist where possible in the compiling of external risk assessments in the Parish and Clerk agreed to help also.  Risk assessments – War Memorial, Carew Newton Cemetery, Carew Hall and Car Park, Playgrounds, Grass cutting, Ramps at Hall car park.   Discussion also took place regarding the Memorial Hall and review of end of year accounts.  

PLANNING:  The following planning applications have been approved by PCC:

14/0427/PA – Amended site plan for installation of wind turbine at Coachlands, Sageston.

14/0613/PA – Garage outbuilding at Summer Cottage, Pincheston Farm, Sageston, Tenby.

14/0663/PA – Extension to existing double garage – Quantock, Milton, Tenby.

14.0061/PA – Erection of wind turbine (44m hub height and 62m to blade tip) and associate works – Land north of Summerton Farm, Sageston, Tenby.

The following planning application has been approved by PCNPA :

NP/14/0558 – Erection of detached dwelling – Taskers Garden, West Williamston, Kilgetty.


Approval of Non-material Amendment by PCC – 13/0771/PA – Milton Manor, Tenby – increase in blade diameter from 23.6 meters to 24.4 meters and reduce the hub height from 30.1 metres to 29.3 metres, lowering the overall wind turbine height to blade tip from 41.8 to 41.4 metres.  

The following planning applications were discussed by Community Councillors:

14/0875/PA -  Single Storey Extension and Internal Alterations – Oakfield, Redberth.    Following perusal of the detailed plans and application there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

14/0811/PA – Removal of existing garden shed and erection of new garden store and path to shed – 5 Cromwell Drive, Redberth.  Following perusal of the detailed plans and application there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

14/0873/PA – Extension to existing farmhouse for additional accommodation and stables – Minnis Pitts Cottage, Cresselly.  Following perusal of the detailed plans and application there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.

Grass cutting contract -   Revision of the existing tender document has been done and notice to appear in the local newspaper asking for submissions.


Received from PCNPA regarding how to respond to planning applications.  To be copied to all Councillors for information.

Youth Provision in Pembrokeshire.  Letter from Solva Community Council regarding the  cutting of youth provision in Solva by PCC.    Following discussion on the contents of the letter and the timeline of procedure  by PCC in this matter, it was agreed to write to Solva Community Council to wish them well in their campaign for the reinstatement of youth provision.

Community Poll on the closure of Tenby Minor Injuries Unit.  Correspondence received from Clerk  to Tenby Town Council  regarding the possibility of holding a poll in each Community district and Town on the closure of Tenby MIU.   The poll would entail a financial commitment from each Town and Community Council.   Following discussion it was felt that even if a unanimously positive outcome were obtained with a high turnout,  the result of any poll would not be legally binding on the  Hywel Dda University Health Board who would be unlikely to accede to the request to reopen.   Elections Officer at PCC looking into  the whole electorate of the south east Pembrokeshire area calling on PCC to hold a poll if, for example, a community meeting of the whole electorate of the area was organised and this would greatly reduced the costs to town/community as it would be one poll rather than several or even that the costs could be met by PCC.    Outcome of this is awaited.   Councillors   instead agreed to contact   MPs and AMs to maintain the pressure on HDUHB and the  CEO of the Health Board to reopen Tenby MIU.

SLCC course – Clerk to review the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses  offered by the Society of Local Council Clerks.

Review of Electoral Arrangements – Reports and Proposals  - Document noted.

Community Renewable Energy Project -   Letter received from Director of this project.    Letter copied to all Councillors for perusal and discussion at next meeting.


Pedestrian demarcation zone on Carew Bridge is slippy underfoot – PCC to be contacted to speed up the replacement surface covering.

Review of Carew Newton Cemetery charges.  Agenda item for February meeting.

A477 trunk road Milton to Carew cycle path – traffic management system from 15th January to 15th February 2014.

Pot holes in Memorial Car Park.   PCC to be contacted regarding disabled access ramp and repair of pot holes.

Post office van at Milton.  Post office to be contacted regarding the allocation of dedicated car parking space for the Community Post Office van.

Hayes Lane  Development – Fence down and at least one front door has come off.  Councillors reminded themselves that  this site was objected to at the beginning and several times during the planning process and were over-ruled and it is now such a mess.

Litter on bypass -  PCC to be contacted

Green moss on pavements in Carew Park causing hazardous slippy conditions underfoot in wet or freezing weather.    PCC to be asked to spray pavements with moss killer.

Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 12th February 2015 at 7.30 pm.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 12th February 2015 at 7.30 in meetings room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:  Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)        Cllr Lionel White

              Cllr Gwenllian Head                     Cllr John Brock MBE

              Cllr Trevor Goodman                  Cllr Pat Gibby

Apologies:  Cllr Marina Griffiths                 Cllr Mike Bosley

                  Cllr Daniel Mumford               County Councillor D Neale

It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr White that the minutes of the last meeting be signed as a true record.


--Confirmation from PCC that the Precept  for 2015/16 is £8000.

--Hayes Lane Development -  It is understood that members of the Planning Team at PCC are visiting the site and further information is to be gathered.  Councillors urgently require an update on this matter.

--Bollards at Fernleigh, Psigah -  Communication from Streetcare at PCC.  Officers have inspected the site and the hole/depression in the road is associated with Welsh Water works.  Site meeting  between PCC and Dwr Cymru to be arranged to resolve the matter and update from Streetcare will be sent on the proposed remedial works.

--Welsh Water/Dwr Cymru have investigated reports sent regarding the Pump House at Milton and  removal of  the knotweed and cutting  back the foliage will begin shortly.  The eradication of knotweed will commence in the summer when the plants are flowering.    There are ongoing discussions regarding the maintenance and renovation of the Pump House and Community Council will be updated when more information.      Councillor Brock confirmed  that he had spoken to Water Operations Manager at Dwr Cymru.  Other issues are cutting back the Old Moor,  upstream water flow causing build up of weeds due to silting up of the arches at Milton Bridge and the silting of the Bridge also causes localised flooding.

--Communication received from Chris Griffiths thanking the Community Council for their support in his planning application for a Family Home at Taskers Garden, West Williamston.    Community Councillors were pleased to note that the application was successful.  Note was also made of the considerable  number of conditions on the approval.

--Graveyard at Carew Newton.  Letter from Redkite solicitors.  Following detailed discussion it was agreed to ask solicitors to resubmit the original Land Registry document.  Failing this application then to reconsider the application to the Registry again in July 2015  as a period of 12 years will then have elapsed from the transfer of the graveyard to the Community Council.

--Carew Newton Cemetery – Review of charges:  This item to be postponed until next meeting.

--Fence at Carew Recreational Park.   Clerk and County Councillor Neale had met with Head of Housing on this matter and latterly also the Chairman also had a meeting.   Letter from Head of Housing stating that PCC have no legal responsibility to upkeep and repair the fence.   However, “as an act of good faith PCC will look on this one occasion to reimburse one half of the costs expended by the Community council in carrying out the work to repair or erect new fencing  provided that it is confirmed by the Community council that any future maintenance and replacement of the fencing will be undertaken and paid for by the Community Council”    Detailed discussion took place.  In the first instance it was agreed to acknowledge the letter from Head of Housing.  Secondly,  agree to look at drawing up a specification and to seek three quotations for the cost of providing and erecting a replacement fence with gate.  Councillor Brock proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that the quotes be obtained.  

--Internal procedures and controls -  To seek advice from PALC regarding  how to evaluate internal financial risks and management arrangements.


The following applications have been granted by PCC:

14/0873/PA – Extension to existing farmhouse and erection of stables at Minni Pitts Cottage, Cresselly, Kilgetty.  

14/0811/PA – Removal of existing garden shed and erection of new garden store and path to shed at 5 Cromwell Drive, Redberth, Tenby.

14/0281/PA - Erection of dwelling and garage at Sageston Fields, Carew.

The following applications were considered:

14/0950/PA – Overhead line as new supply for wind turbine at Milton Manor.  

Following discussion and perusal of the plans and accompanying documents, there were no obvious grounds for refusal identified.  Councillors noted the wording of “overhead  line as new supply for wind turbine” with interest.

14/0889/PA – Single storey rear extension – 9 Sageston Fields, Sageston, Tenby

Councillors discussed and perused  the plans and accompanying documents, there are no obvious grounds for refusal identified and recommend approval.


--Communication from Editor at Western Telegraph asking if the Community Council would consider sending  minutes and agenda monthly for inclusion in this periodical.    Following discussion Councillors felt that the Tenby Observer served this purpose well.  Minutes are also displayed on the Community Council Website carewparish.com.

--Invoices for payment -  Cllr White – renewal of website registration : £17.80

                                        Advert for grass cutting tender in Tenby Observer: £60

                                        QR codes cheque to Rhodri Clark : £60.

It was proposed by Cllr Head and seconded by Cllr Goodman that the above three invoices be paid.

--Account Balances -  business £1696.07    £7921.32

--  Planed Events Guide.   Councillors noted the date of Wings over Carew Festival of 8th and 9th August.    With regard to WWI Tea Party  Cllr White agreed to look at commemorative dates between April and December.

--Registration outstation.    Letter received from Monitoring Office at PCC .  Registration of birth and deaths at outstations at Pembroke Dock, Milford Haven, Fishguard, Tenby and Narberth have been suspended since summer 2014 due to long term staff illness and the move of the Register Office to Cherry Grove.  PCC claim that the number of persons attending the respective outstations has decreased year on year over the last 5 years.   Due to cost issues the outstation service for Registration will not be recommenced.    Councillors were unhappy to learn of this  and PCC to be contacted regarding the continuation of the services at these 5 outstations.

--Letter from County Organiser of YFC wishing to come to one of the Community Council meetings.  Clerk to contact organiser to arrange mutually convenient meeting  to discuss ideas or potential opportunities to work with the community and see  a presentation of the work of the YFC.

--Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group meeting Thursday 19th March at Regency Hall Saundersfoot.   Note for diary and agenda item for next meeting.

--Wales Together Scheme poster for display with details on collective buying of energy  and the results of Year one of the scheme noted.

--Membership of One Voice Wales.   Half price offer - £92 for introductory year.    Following discussion Councillors agreed to remain with PALC.

--News Letter from Crime Commissioner for Dyfed-Powys, Christopher Salmon.  

-Temporary Road Closure Notice.   This is for temporary closure of a section of A4075 Carew to Canaston Bridge road from it’s junction with Castle Lane, north to its junction with Carew Bridge.  This is so that  drainage work associated with the footway enhancement scheme can be carried out.   Start date 2nd March for 4 weeks 9 am to 5 pm   5 days a week.    Cllr White had been in communication with the project officer.   Cllr Brock expressed disappointment that the Chapel had not been informed.  Church Council meeting held on 11th February and this could have been discussed then and alternative arrangements for daytime prayers and meetings could have been arranged.    Clerk to contact PCC regarding this.  


Path from Milton Old Lane to Farm Shop slippery when wet.  PCC to be asked to add non-slip top dressing to the path.

Carew Wesley Youth Club is 40 years old this September.   Cllr Brock has been leader there since the start.     Cllr Brock asked for experiences and anecdotes to be forwarded to the Secretary  Joanne Hicks via Facebook page.

Thanks extended to Cllr Goodman on replacing the shed roof.

1 Picton Terrace -  Clerk to contact Agent for Carew Castle Estate.

Telephone box in Carew has smashed panes.  Clerk to contact Payphones dept of BT.

PCC to be contacted regarding the following matters:

Potholes on old A477 road from Carew Roundabout to Control Tower entrance.  These potholes are very deep and on both sides of the carriageway.

Green moss on pathways at Carew Park which become slippy when wet.

The 50 mph speed limit is now in force from Freestone Cross to just before Carew Bridge where it is still 30 mph.

Councillors expressed praise in Cllr Mumford’s endeavours with running club and fund raising for MIND.  

Cllr White currently in the process of reviewing the register of not-for-profit organisations on the website.

Date and time of next meeting -  Thursday 12th March 2015    7.30 PM

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 12th March at 7 pm in Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:  Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)              Cllr Lionel White

              Cllr Gwenllian Head                           Cllr Marina Griffiths

              Cllr John Brock MBE                        Cllr Pat Gibby

              Cllr Mike Bosley                                County Councillor David Neale (joined meeting later)

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:    Cllr Dan Mumford          Cllr Trevor Goodman


It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Head that, subject to the following amendment, the Minutes of the February meeting  be passed as a true record and duly signed:   Page 3 – Temporary Road Closure Notice – Start date should read 2nd March (not 23rd February).   In second sentence Addition of word “Bridge”  sentence to then read – This is for temporary closure of a section of A4075 Carew to Canaston Bridge road from its junction with Castle Lane, north to its junction with Carew Bridge. All present agreed.

The Chairman then welcomed Daisy Hughes, Carew Castle Manager to the meeting.  Ms Hughes had asked to come along to discuss Walled Garden Restructuring and Landscape proposals at Carew Castle.  Chairman emphasised that the Community Council is always keen to maintain the good working relationship with National Parks Manager.    Councillors received copies of the proposals which have not yet been submitted to National Parks Planning Department.    Ms Hughes explained each part of the proposals.  Councillors were complimentary of the sympathetic plans.   Ms Hughes informed that funding opportunities and routes would be pursued following a successful planning application.    Ms Hughes then left the meeting.     Councillors  unanimously agreed to support the proposals on the plans viewed and hope the proposals come to fruition soon.


Fence at Carew Recreation Field -  Mr Wesley Cole then joined the  Mr Cole had kindly agreed to attend the meeting to discuss the specification needed for the replacement of the Fence.    He gave details of a similar project he had worked on in his employment capacity.    Councillors discussed in detail with Mr Cole the dimensions, procurement, contractors etc.  Chairman thanked Mr Cole for his time and he left the meeting.     Following in depth discussion Councillors agreed the following:

To obtain 3 quotes for the replacement of the fence along its current length and height – the specification being replace with – 100-110 metres (approx) x 5 metres high (approx) full height weld mesh fencing complete with additional posts and  gate.  Quote to include  removal and disposal of existing fence,  guarantee/warranty  and aftercare.  

Hayes Lane Development -   Information received to the effect that the development site is up for sale.    Item still awaiting progress.

Grass cutting tenders:   Following deliberation, discussion and perusal of the tender forms and prices it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Bosley and all present agreed to offer the 8 month contract to Digit Garden Services at a total cost of £960.  (Please see attached list) Letter of confirmation to be sent.  


Carew Newton Cemetery Fees:  Cllr White provided the new Church in Wales fee schedule.   Following discussion it was agreed to hold a Burial Committee Steering Group meeting at Cllr White’s house on Thursday 26th March to discuss this matter further.

Standing Orders and Risk Assessments -  Clerk to copy the current Committee Standing Orders for each Councillor.

Pembroke South East Energy Group meeting on Thursday 19th March at Regency Hall Narberth.   Chairman, Cllr Brock and Cllr Gibby expressed  an interest to attend this meeting.

Memorial Event for the World War One for 2015.    Cllr White stated that he had obtained information that 1915 was the year the Ministry of Defence obtained the land at Carew Cheriton Airfield.  Following discussion it was agreed to hold the World War 1 Commemorative Tea Party on Saturday 3rd October 2015 4 til 7.   The event to be advertised on the website and also posters displayed.

- 1 Picton Terrace – Communication received from Agent to Carew Castle Estates stating that outline plans have been drawn up for the renovation  but are in abeyance at present.

- Spraying of moss growth at Carew Park Estate to be undertaken by Area Maintenance Team of PCC

- Road closures – information shared on the progress of the work

- Hall Fees -  It was proposed by Cllr Head and seconded by Cllr White that the list of Community Council meetings and Luncheon clubs for the year 2014-15 of £406 be paid.

- Bollards at Fernleigh, Pisgah.   County Councillor Neale reported that this work is currently being carried out.


Plans received from Carew Sports club on the proposed redesign of the tennis courts at Carew.       These plans have not yet been submitted to PCC for approval.    Following discussion there are no adverse comments nor obvious grounds for refusal.    Letter to be sent to Sports Club accordingly.

The following application has been granted by PCC :

14/0875/PA – Single Storey Extension and Internal Alterations – Oakfield, Redberth.

The following planning application was discussed and all accompanying plans and documentation perused:

14/1025/PA  Conversion of barn into domestic extension to dwelling and alterations to existing house at Houghton Farm, Milton, Tenby.

No adverse commence nor obvious grounds for refusal identified.  All present agreed that this application be approved.

Redberth Old School:  Proposed Order under sections 554 and 556 of the Education Act 1996 -  This order enables the assets of discontinued denominational voluntary schools to be applied for the benefit of new and continuing voluntary and foundation schools of the same denomination within the state system and will authorise the sale of the premises above.    It was agreed that the Clerk duly sign and date the Order to acknowledge receipt.


Letter from Ms Pat Watts regarding dog fouling, large depression on the path along Birds Lane and debris on road.   Clerk to reply and contact necessary departments in PCC to arrange repair and attention.

Off Street Parking Order – Letter received from Streetcare Manager.  No change to parking charges  noted.  However, the class of vehicles that may use Castle Mill Pond Car Park (Picnic Site) states Coaches .  All Councillors concerned that this should be changed as it would be extremely hazardous if not impossible for coaches to turn into Butts Lane and progress along it.  Neither will coaches be able to negotiate the slope up to the car park.

Invoices for Payment:

Carew Castle Estate – Half year rent for Carew Recreation Ground £575

Clerks Salary for Jan, Feb, March, 2015 £391.50 less £78.20 PAYE = £313.30

Proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Bosley that these invoices be paid.

Inspection reports for Playgrounds at Milton, Carew and Redberth.  Cllr Griffiths was given Redberth Report and Cllr Brock was given Milton Report. Clerk to look at the Carew report.

Community Health Network  meeting  Tuesday 17th March at New Hedges Village Hall.   This was noted.   The update on GPs appointment system item noted on the agenda also.

Review of Secondary Education Provision in Mid and North West Pembrokeshire and Welsh-medium provision.    The statutory consultation on preferred options was noted.

Clerks & Councils Direct – Item on page 17 states that Cilycwm has been named Carmarthenshire’s first No Cold Calling Village.  It was noted that there are more than 50 such zones across the county but this is the first time the scheme has covered a whole village.  Clerk to find out further information on this matter.

YFC -  Letter received and following discussion it was agreed to invite  to next meeting to discuss ideas or potential opportunities to work together with YFC members, particularly with regard to Milton Marsh Walk and other Environmental initiatives.


- Footpath adjacent to Bartletts Engineering prone to flooding which is hazardous for passage to Sageston Community School reported.

- Cllr White reported that the review of Not-For-Profit Register on the carewparish.com website is ongoing.

- Open Reach BT working on SuperFast Broadband and this is encouraging.

- Cllr White reported that the ditch opposite Little Meadow in Whitehill has been repaired.

- Sign for Carew Newton at Whitehill is again facing the wrong way.  County Councillor Neale agreed to contact the necessary department in PCC again to find a permanent solution to this persistent problem.

- Pot hole at the Whitehill turning at Carew Lane.  One pot hole has been filled and another has appeared.  Clerk to contact PCC.

- Cost for replacing the two wooden seats at Milton Marsh Walk to be obtained.

- Unification of speed signs at Sageston have not taken place yet.  

Date and time of next meeting  Thursday 9th April at 7 pm.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on 9th April 2015 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

PRESENT:  Cllr Vanessa Thomas (Chair)  Cllr Lionel White

  Cllr Pat Gibby    Cllr Marina Griffiths

  Cllr Gwenllian Head   Cllr Trevor Goodman

  Cllr John Brock MBE   County Councillor David Neale

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Mike Bosley    Cllr Daniel Mumford

In Attendance:  Mr Kane Thomas

MINUTES OF MARCH MEETING:  subject to the change  of date on the agenda it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr White that the minutes be passed as a true record and duly signed.

Chairman extended sympathy and condolences to  Cllr Griffiths and her husband on their recent bereavement.  


- Letter of support has been sent to Carew Castle Manager on the proposed plans

- Contract sent to Dig it Garden Services but copy not yet received back.  Reminder to Mr Butler to start work and to ask for a copy of his Public Liability Insurance.

- Hayes Lane Development.  – Still no update from Planning Enforcement.  Cllr Brock reiterated that the Community Council objected strongly  to this development at the start.  Councillors not happy with the lack of update and communication and if still no reply a letter will be sent to the Chief Executive.

- The following matters have been dealt with by PCC:

Pot hole at Whitehill has been repaired

Pot holes at Control Tower entrance have been repaired,

30 mph speed limit signs at Sageston.

- Fence at Recreation Field – Two verbal estimates have been received from West Wales Fencing and Dai Rees Fencing.  Cost will be £11,000 approximately.   It was agreed to await the formal quotes and to obtain a third quote.  Discussion ensued on asking PCC to pay the full amount and for the Community Council to pay the balance of the other half in stages. Clerk asked to prepare a balance sheet for the next meeting to look at reserves.

- Dwr Cymru Milton works -  Cllr Brock reported that he had met with Distribution Manager and Estates Surveyor of Dwr Cymru  regarding the outstanding works that had been brought to Dwr Cymru’s attention at Milton.   A further e.mail received  stating that the roof  on the Pumping Station   is due for repair in the next 5 year capital plan  and hopefully within the coming financial year and following this the heras fencing around it could be removed.   The stone wall will also be repaired.  

The area immediately around the pumping station has some overgrowth caused by knotweed which will be treated this year and next year.

The watercourse and bridge are the responsibility of PCC and Natural Resources Wales and not the responsibility of Dwr Cymru.

The Old moor will be explored  by Dwr Cymru with regard to receiving funding to utilise the area as a conservation/wetland area with further planning of trees and management.   It was noted that during the A477 road improvements through Milton a tree planning scheme was carried out along the highway on the edge of the moor  and it is predominantly these trees that are obscuring the view of the Church.  

Councillor Brock felt that this meeting went very well and the accompanying email following the meeting sets out exactly what needs doing.  Cllr Brock also asked for communication to be sent to Dwr Cymru representatives on the excellent way the business was conducted which is refreshing to see.

Follow up matters -  Clerk to write to Natural Resources Wales and PCC regarding the stream and Milton Bridge.

- Dog Fouling – Persistent problem particularly along Birds Lane.  Clerk reported that observers have been asked to inform her of the areas particularly bad.

- The problem with the footpath along the fence at Sageston Community School has been identified and PCC asked to repair.

- Carew Newton Steering Group -  Chair reported on the in-depth discussion  that took place at the Steering Group with regard to the raising of burial fees at Carew Newton Cemetery.   The Group  suggest to the Council a figure of £325 for first and second burials (increase from £232).  All other fees to remain the same.  Following further deliberations it was proposed by  Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Goodman that the increase for first and second burials be £325 and all other fees remain the same.  All present agreed.  New Fees to commence forthwith.

- Council Standing Orders – Councillors had received copy of the Standing Orders from file and following deliberations it was agreed that this subject be listed as an agenda item for next meeting and in the meantime information to be obtained from PALC regarding standard Standing  Committee Orders and whether additions can be made.


Permission has been granted by PCC for 9 Sageston Fields.

Chairman informed that  NP/15/00831 Single Storey extension to Crossmead, Cresselly  was looked at out of meeting due to time scale.   This is taking down a conservatory and replace with  brick construction.  There were no objections.

14/1114/PA -Undercover area as workshop at Control Tower.  Cllr Brock, Cllr Gibby and County Councillor Neale declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.

All present viewed the documents.  All present agreed that this is an excellent educational facility and a unique experience to have in the Parish and attracts worldwide interest and visitors.  There were no objections.


Adopt a Kiosk information sent by BT.  It was agreed to enquire whether Whitehill, Milton and Redberth kiosks are available for adoption.  It was noted that West Williamson Kiosk is the only one adopted by the Community Council.    These phone boxes are  in commission with card access only.

Letter from Angela Burns  regarding a campaign to find the UKs lost playing fields.  Between 1927 and 1935 the Carnegie UK Trust gave grants worth £200,000  to create nearly 900 playing fields across the UK.  However the precise location of these playing fields was not always recorded and a campaign to find the missing playing fields has been set up.     Councillors  discussed this and did not recall obtaining any such grant for playing fields in the Parish.

Cllr Gibby reported that she attended the Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group meeting in March.  Cllr Gibby reported that if buying a house in a flood area Natural Resources Wales could be contacted regarding insurance advice and information.  Interesting fact on the rebuilding of Regency Hall on a flood plain imparted to Councillors.   Cllr Gibby and Cllr Brock expressed a desire to attend the next meeting on Thursday 21st May at 7 pm in the regency Hall, Saundersfoot .  The talk is on the issue of rising sea levels which may impact on the Carew Area.

Bank balance in Business Account £1696.27 as at 26 March.

Letter from Macmillan Cancer Support Group .  Volunteers are needed as numbers are depleting.  Poster to be put on Hall Notice Board.

PCNPA Car Parking.  No plans to increase car parking charged.

PCC  Civic  Amenity Sites.  Proposals to restrict openings to 5 days a week during peak season.  Proposal is that Waterloo CAS be closed Monday and Tuesday.  The newly created Crane Cross Amenity Site would be open on a Monday and Tuesday.    Councillors felt that providing these change of opening days are well advertised and communicated they saw no problem with the proposal.

Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism at Welsh Assembly had written regarding raising awareness of local heritage sites, existing events and activities.  Cadw  coordinating a month long “Open Doors” festival celebrating Wales’ heritage and offering visitors free entry during September.  The local heritage site to Carew is Lamphey Bishops Palace.   “Kids Go Free” day is on Sunday 17th May.    Information noted.

Cllr Brock declared an interest in the following item:  Letter received from 21 residents along the bypass in Milton  asking for traffic management survey and monitoring to be based locally as speed limit of 40 mph through the build up area is regularly ignored with speeds of 60 + mph.    Clerk to write to Trunk Roads Agency, Head of Highways, Traffic Manager and Dyfed Powys Police.   County Councillor Neal agreed to bring this item up at the next PACT meeting.  Copy of the petition to be sent to County Councillor Neale and the petition to be acknowledged.


- Pot holes in Memorial Hall Car Park remain.  Significant sunken area on the tarmac’d section.  Councillors to arrange to investigate after the meeting.  Cllr Goodman kindly agreed to fill in with tarmac.  Carew Quarries to be asked for 2 tons of gravel to remedy the remaining pot holes.

- Fly tipping behind the shed in Memorial Hall Car Park to be reported to PCC.

- Part of hedgerow has been taken down in the Memorial Hall Car Park.  Owner of the house to be asked to reinstate

- Water pooling at the edge of the Carew Bridge to be reported to Head of Highways and contractors working on the dual purpose footpath to be asked to incorporate this into the work currently being done.   Pedestrian demarcation strip along Carew Bridge – work also outstanding.

- Reports obtained that sewerage and slurry is seeping into the mill pond.  County Councillor Neal confirmed he had received complaints and had investigated and obtained photographic evidence.   Planning Enforcement and Natural Resources Wales to be asked to find the source of the pollution.  

- Odour problem from Llandigwynett Slurry Pitt continues to cause an environmental  problem.

- Carewparish.com website.  Cllr White reported that the updating of the not-for profit page is ongoing.    

- Cllr White reported that he had drafted a sketch plan of Carew Newton Cemetery and distributed copies.  Cost of 14 foot gate between £100 and £150 .    Further work to be done on this.  Chairman thanked Cllr White for his work to date.

- Poor condition of the road at the top of Knapp Lane towards St Florence again highlighted.  Clerk to write to St Florence Community Council, copying in County Councillor Neale and Clerk to chase up PCC.    


Thursday 7th May 2015  7 pm. Site meeting by Carew Newton Steering Group .

Annual General Meeting Thursday 14th May at 7 PM

Apologies in advance from Cllr Goodman.

Chairman declared the meeting closed

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Crew Community Council held on Thursday 14th May - 2015

 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

Present:     ClIr Vanessa Thomas          ClIr Lionel White

                  ClIr Gwen Ilian He              ClIr John Brock MB            ClIr Pat Gibby

Apologies: ClIr Trevor Goodman        ClIr Marina Griffiths             ClIr Mike Bosley

                  County Councillor David Neale                                      ClIr Daniel Mumford

Chairman, ClIr Vanessa Thomas, welcomed all to the Annual General Meeting of May 2015.

Chairman thanked the Vice Chairman ClIr White and the Clerk and Councillors for their good conduct and support during her last 2 years in office. She then stood down.

ClIr Brock thanked the Clerk

Nomination of Officers: Chairman: ClIr Brock nominated ClIr r Thomas. ClIr Thomas did not accept the nomination, stating that although she enjoyed the work she wished to stand down as Chairman.

ClIr Thomas nominated ClIr White. ClIr White stated that although he had lived in the Parish for’ 20 years and was honoured at the nomination he did not feel he could accept the nomination of Chairman and declined

Second nomination/Amendment - ClIr Thomas nominated ClIr  Gwenllian Head and the nomination was seconded by ClIr Gibby. ClIr Head accepted the nomination. All present in favour.

ClIr Head elected as Chairman for 2015/16.

ClIr Brock proposed ClIr  White and dIr Thomas seconded this. Cllr White accepted the nomination. All present in favour. ClIr White elected as Vice Chairman for 2015/16.

ClIr Head continued with the meeting as Chair.

Minutes of the last meeting: ClIr r Brock proposed that the minutes of the April meeting be passed as a true record and duly signed.

Matters Arising:

--Carew Bridge resurfacing. It is felt that the pedestrian demarcation strip on Carew Bridge is adequate and the white lining needs to be reapplied.

--Speeding through Milton - Clerk had contacted Trunk Roads Agency who had passed the petition on to Welsh Government. Highways Department and Dyfed Powys Police have also been contacted and all replies received have been forwarded to Mr Haydn Allen.

--Young Farmers Club to be asked to the next available meeting

--Meeting with Race Director regarding the traffic implications for Carew on the Long Course Weekend of Friday to Sunday 3 - 5 July did not take place.

--Adopt a Kiosk. Clerk informed that she had registered the Whitehill and Redberth kiosks for the Adopt a Kiosk campaign. However, when looking through the application documents it was noted that at Adoption for the Parish the BT telephone service would be removed and she asked for clarification and guidance from Councillors. Councillors asked if the 999 emergency service is still available if the service.is disconnected. Milton Kiosk to be looked at for Adoption also.

--Odour Nuisance in Redberth. Pollution Control office had a Nuisance Record Log to monitor the problem with smells presumed to be emanating from Llandigwynett lagoon. This had been forwarded to ClIr Griffiths to complete.

--Pollution at the Carew Mill Pond - Dwr Cymru had passed on the request to the Sewerage team to look into the pollution problem at the Mill Pond. National Resources Wales have also been made aware of the problem and are investigating.

--Hayes Lane - Great disappointment from Councillors at the lack of communication and a letter to be sent to the Chief Executive expressing the Councillors wishes for updates and information. ClIr Thomas kindly agreed to take photographs to accompany the letter.

--Footpath to Sageston school - Pothole at the start of the footpath to Sageston school has not yet been filled in.

--Garden services - Concern expressed by Councillors at the non-adherence to the twice monthly cutting arrangement in the grass cutting contract. Cemetery Steering Group met on 7 May and the grass had been cut a few days before. Contractor to be asked to provide the cutting dates in April and May.

--Fence at Carew Recreation Park: - Detailed and prolonged discussion ensued and the following was agreed:

1. Two further formal tenders to be obtained and presented to the next meeting.

2. Head of housing to be asked if PCC can obtain quotes for the fence as they have greater procurement powers. Failing this,

2. Head of Housing to be asked if payment for the Community Council’s half of the cost of replacing the fence could be staged.

4. Head of Housing to be asked if the 6 month period for the completion could be extended.

--Committee Standing Orders: Information awaited from PALC. Councillor White provided a Model Standing Orders document for Smaller Parish Councils and circulated to the meeting. Deliberation and debate on the contents and relevance of this English version ensued. particularly with regard to accountability. Wales’s version to be obtained. Either from PALC or One Voice Wales. However until this received the current Standing Orders to be discussed at a Sub Committee meeting and adapted accordingly. On the current Standing Orders the Carew Memorial Hall Committee should present yearly financial statement as should Carew Senior Citizens Committee. Secretaries of these two organisations to be asked to submit this information.


The following application has been granted by PCNPA -

NP/15/0083/FUL - Single storey conservatory extension to rear of Crossmead, Cresselly, Kilgetty. The following application has been refused by PCC:

14/1025/PA — Conversion of barn into domestic extension to dwelling and alterations to existing house at Houghton Farm, Milton, Tenby. Reason for refusal being that the application has insufficient information relating to bat activity.

The following permission has been granted by PCC:


14/1114/PA - Erection of a workshop and education room and the retention of temporary portacabin — Carew Cheriton Control Tower, Carew Airfield, Carew

The following application consultation was discussed:

f5/O Erection of dwelling at Sageston Sageston, Tenb on the Following detailed perusal of the accompanying documents and no adverse comments nor obvious grounds for refusal identified. All present agreed that PCC be asked to approve.

FINAL YEAR ACCOUNTS: The Clerk presented the end of year accounts and bank reconciliation statement and copies were distributed.

ClIr White kindly produced a draft yearly budget and copies were distributed. Copies of these two to be distributed to Councillors not present at the meeting. Clerk confirmed that VAT refund had been applied for amounting to £194.62.

Appointment of Internal Auditor-- Mr T R Edwards carries out Internal Audit work throughout the County and is appropriately qualified. His work provides excellent value for money as per External Audit Guidelines. - Following discussion it was proposed by ClIr Gibby, seconded by Cur Thomas and all present agreed to ask Mr T R Edwards to carry out the Internal Audit of Carew Community Council’s accounts for 2014/15 on his return from holiday.

Risk Assessments — Clerk outlined internal financial controls for paying invoices. Adequate insurance coverage has also been obtained.

Building and Asset Risk Assessments outstanding.

--Donations: 10 requests for donations received. Following discussion it was agreed that due to the financiaF position and expenditure anticipated for the forthcoming year, no donations be made at this time outside of the Parish

Revised Guidance on the Code of Conduct received from the Ombudsman. However, the downloaded copy was not the current edition and Clerk to obtain the most up to date version.

--Surface Dressing list - Communication from PCC on the various roads for resurfacing received - C3064 — White hill A4075 Pencoed is the only road in the Parish to be included in the list.

- Six-monthly update received from PCNPA on the LDP Land Allocations and larger development sites in the National Park . There were no sites in Carew Parish.

--Clean Coast week 2015 - 8-17 May. Information received from Keep Wales Tidy and noted.

--Mid and West Wales Fire Authority 5 year strategic plan for 2015-2020 and Annual Improvement Plan for 2015-16 was read out. Councillors learned that over the last 5 years Fire Service have attended 2983 house fires, 5588 road traffic incidents and carried out 110,000 Home Fire Safety Checks. On-call fire-fighters have also responded to 6583 medical emergency calls in co-responder vehicles - all of this achieved in addition to realising savings of £6.4 million without affecting Service delivery or making job losses.

--Communication received from Monitoring Officer at PCC on Registers of Members’ Interests. Previously the register of members’ interests was held by the Monitoring officer and following commencement of Section 58 of the 2013 Act, these requirements are amended in that the register transfers to the ‘proper officer’ of the community or town council, i.e. the officer designated by the Council for this purpose.

--In addition to being available for public inspection, the register of interest must also be published electronically on the website.

A form for Registration of Member Interest was provided. The above information noted.

--Access to information - Cllr White handed out copies of the Welsh Government Access to Information on Community and Town Councils. . Of note is that the contact details are to be provided for all Community Councillors  ClIr White to find out how many times the archived minutes are viewed. Clerk’s e.mail is linked via the carewparish.com website i.e. clerk@carewparish.com Councillors to read through the information and item to be put on agenda for next meeting.

--Posters received from Hywel Dda University Health Board — “Let’s Talk Health” - A series of events in communities to provide information and to listen so that services can be improved. Local dates -

• 23 June 2-4 pm at De Valence Pavilion, Tenby, 29 June 6.30-8.30 pm at Pembrokeshire Archives, Haverfordwest.. Posters to be displayed on Hall notice board.

- Information posters specifically for visitors to the area but also very informative to local residents on how to access women and children’s health services. Poster to be displayed on Hall notice board.


--Thank you letter to be sent to Head of Highways at PCC and the contractors for the excellent work on the dual purpose footpath which has been finished to a very high standard. Also letter to County Councillor David Neale on all the work he carried out “behind the scenes” towards bringing this long awaited project to fruition.

--Signage department to be asked to provide a historical village sign.

--October World War 1 Commemoration tea Party. Write to organisations in the Parish. Contact School Choir Also Sports Club, Control Tower and WI input would be welcomed. Date of the Tea Party is Saturday 3 October 2015 4-7 pm. Posters to be displayed and put on the carewparish.com website

--Councillors were appreciative of the high standard of work on cleaning gullies, signs and grass cutting that had been carried out recently and Head of Highways and Manager of Area Maintenance Team South to be congratulated.

- It was noted that the pothole at the Carew Memorial Hall Car Park had been filled in prior to the General Elections. Clerk to contact PAVS to see if grants available to resurface the car park.

Date and time of next meeting:- Thursday 11 June 2015 at 7 pm.

Chairman declared the meeting closed

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on 11th June 2015 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

Present:     Cllr Gwenllian Head  (Chair)          Cllr Lionel White

                 Cllr Vanessa Thomas                     Cllr Marina Griffiths

                Cllr Trevor Goodman                     Cllr Pat Gibby

APOLOGIES: Cllr John Brock MBE

Cllr Head welcomed all to her first meeting as Chair.

 Councillors asked Clerk to send an electronic reminder with the time of next meeting and Councillors reminded of the importance of informing the Clerk if they cannot attend meetings.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING -  Cllr White has been a resident in the parish for 20 years, not 30 years as stated on the first page of the last minutes.

Donations outside the Parish not being made this year.  

It was proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Gibby that subject to the above amendments the minutes reflect a true record of the meeting and were duly signed.


--Grass cutting -  Discussion on the frequency of grass cutting  taking place.           Cllr White provided photographic information regarding the Carew Newton Cemetery where grass cutting/strimming had not taken place. Groundsman to be asked to remedy this and to remove grass cuttings from the Cemetery.  Milton Marsh Walk in particular had overgrowth of weeds and brambles growing through the fence.  It was agreed to ask groundsman to text the Clerk when cutting had taken place.

--South East Energy Group.   Cllr Gibby attended the meeting in Saundersfoot.   PCC Engineer Emyr Williams in attendance.   Topics of discussion related to high tide protection and the financial constraints.  Short, middle and long term plans discussed at that meeting which of course do not allow for nature’s forces.  The meeting mainly centered around the Saundersfoot issues and it was disappointing to note that contrary to the letter of invitation sent out, no matters relating to Carew were discussed.  

--Hayes Lane -  Update  from Acting Chief Executive, Ian Westley  regarding the current situation at Hayes Lane.   However, this information did not cover whose responsibility it is to secure and maintain  the site in the interim prior to a possible sale of the development.  The site is unsafe and insecure.  This is awaiting clarification.  Also,  this area is a target for fly tipping.

Fence at Carew Recreation Field -  Following discussion it was agreed to send the lowest of the three quotes to Lynn Hambridge, Head of Housing as requested in her letter.

Model Standing Orders -   It was agreed that Clerk, Cllr Griffiths and Cllr Head meet on Thursday 25th June to look through the Model Standing Orders sent by PALC and re-draft the Standing Orders for presentation at the next meeting.

Also  the Code of Conduct  for Carew Community Council has been redrafted by Cllr White , extracted from the “Good Councillors Guide” and will be distributed by Clerk for comments at next meeting.

Chairman thanked Cllr White for his work on both the Standing Orders and Code of Conduct.

Cllr White provided a breakdown of the commonly used areas on the website.  All present noted this information with interest.

PLANNING:   The following application has been granted  by PCC:

Listed Building Consent – 13/1091/LB – Change of use, alterations and extension of Old School House to residential dwelling – Old Church School, Redberth.


The following planning application consultations were perused,  discussed and deliberated upon and there were no obvious grounds for refusal identified and no adverse comments:

NP/15/0258/FUL – Redevelopment of Carew Castle walled garden to provide new café/storage, school storage, tented performance & rose arbour structures together with hard and soft landscaping features and interpretation panels – Carew Castle.

15/0191/PA -  Upgrading and enlarging of cricket facility and including floodlights – Carew Football and Cricket Club, Carew.


- Age concern  application form to  become a member of the organisation.   Note – there is no charge for this.

- Armed Forces day – Invitation from Pembroke Town Council to an event on Saturday 27th June – Cllr Griffiths expressed a willingness to attend on behalf of the Community Council.

- Pembrokeshire CAB – next meeting Wed 24th June at Picton Centre, Haverfordwest

- --PALC Newsletter   - contents noted.

- --Milford Haven Waterway Recreational Management Plan – The Chairman read out the Carew related areas.   It was noted that this is a very comprehensive assessment  of recreational waterbased activity in the Haven.   No adverse comments from Carew Community Council to be forwarded to the originator.

- Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance Consultation  - Letter from PCC -  Contents noted.  

- Speeding through Milton -  Letter received from Edwina Hart AM  informing that a recent safety review recommended that the existing speed limit of 40 mph is retained in this location.  She has passed the Community Council’s concerns and those of the residents whose properties bound the bypass, over to Dyfed Powys Police for their consideration.

- Licencing Certifications -  From now on PCC will no longer be sending out  applications for licence renewals for consultation to the Community Council due to Data Protection processes.   Statutory notices detailing the applications will still be displayed in local papers and on a blue notice outside the relevant premises, detailing the application.  Representations and comments can still be made in writing in the morning way.    Noted.

- Long Course Weekend – List of Road closures and Restrictions received.

Clerk to email to Cllr White for inclusion on the website.

Communication also received regarding request for volunteer groups for this event also.   Sports Club have already received this information.

- July meeting of Once Voice Wales  at Picton Community Centre, Haverfordwest – Model 3 The Council as an Employer .  Noted

- Rural Crime Survey from Dyfed Powys Police.    Clerk to complete online and highlight the speeding through Milton

- Communication from Carers Wales introducing the Local Carer Ambassador  - Gary Yates.  Information noted and it was agreed to invite him to the October meeting.

- Community Learning Centre Consultation regarding Adult and Community Learning in the future -  Noted

- Library Service Engagement events regarding who does and do not use the library.    Information on dates on the website.


- Clerk presented the return completed herself and by the Internal Auditor.  10% variations were explained and a letter to this effect has been drafted to the External Auditors.   Letter from Internal Auditor regarding his findings also read out.   Chairman and Clerk signed the Return.

Cllr Griffiths agreed to obtain the Risk Assessments form.

Invoices for payment:

Mr T R Edwards, Internal Audit Fee  £50

Clerks Salary  £313.50,  HMRC  PAYE  78.20

Digit Garden Services  £240

PALC   £79

Proposed by Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr Thomas that the above 5 invoices be paid.

- Letter received from St Mary’s Church, Carew Cheriton requesting a  donation towards the cost of upkeep of the Cemetery.    It was proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr White and all agreed that £275 be donated.

-     Bank account balances £8359.84  current account;   £1696.37 in

       Business Account.



 Yellow lines need reinstating opposite the Carew Inn on the junction with Birds Lane.  Also the white lines between the rear entrance of Carew Inn and Bus Shelter need reapplication.

Agent for Carew Castle Estates to be asked if  Number 1 Picton Terrace could be smartened up.  Many comments from residents and visitors have been received.

Recycling skips at National Park Car Park -  County Councillor David Neale to look into the bottle and paper skips being retained.

Work has begun on the landscaping and enhancement works on the Carew and Sageston Roundabouts.

Layby at Sageston  -  Boulders dislodged.  Clerk to contact SWTRA.

Whitehill resurfacing has been carried out.

October  WWI commemoration Tea Party.   Posters to be put up and  Organisations in the Parish to be contacted along with the School Choir.

County Councillor asked for a letter of congratulations to be sent to PCC and contractors for the excellent work on the new dual purpose footpath.

Date and time of next meeting -  Thursday 9th July 2015 at 7 pm.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the  Carew Community Council meeting held on 9th July 2015 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:      Cllr Gwenllian Head (Chair)  Cllr John Brock MBE

                  Cllr Marina Griffiths   Cllr Daniel Mumford

                  Cllr Pat Gibby

Apologies:  Cllr Vanessa Thomas   Cllr Mike Bosley

                  Cllr Lionel White   Cllr Trevor Goodman

Minutes of the last meeting:   Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Gibby seconded that the minutes of the last meeting were a true record and they were duly signed.

Matters Arising:   

WWI Tea Party -  Chairman informed that a community fund grant may be available from Tescos up to £50 plus volunteers from Customer Services at Tescos may be available to help with the event on 3rd October.  Clerk to apply for the grant.  Meeting on Tuesday 1st September of Cllr Head, Cllr Griffiths, Cllr Thomas and Clerk to finalise the arrangements.  Letters to organisations and posters to be displayed after August Bank Holiday.

--Risk Assessments.    Cllr Griffiths kindly produced  a template for the financial risk assessments from a neighbouring Parish Council.   It was agreed that the Clerk and Chairman meet to adapt the template for the use of Carew Community Council and present it to the next meeting.

--Code of Conduct.  Chairman and Clerk to meet to adapt for Carew Community Council and present to the next meeting.  A Register of interests form also to be included  with the Code.

--Model Standing Orders -  Chairman reported that he subcommittee had met and added/deleted a small number of items from the Model sent by PALC.  The Chairman highlighted these additions/deletions and  all present agreed that the newly written up Standing Orders be presented at the next meeting.

--Fence -  Quotes have been sent to Head of Housing and a response is awaited.

--I Picton Terrace -  Agent for Carew Castle Estates has agreed to meet her local works Contractor onsite to see what can be done to improve appearances.

-  Hayes Lane Development.   Concern expressed that during the interim prior to sale of the site, there is no one to take responsibility for security or safety of the site.    

--Grass cutting .  Again, compliance with the two cuts a month required has not been adhered to.   Following in depth discussion it was agreed that the Clerk contact the groundsman and seek alternative groundsman service elsewhere.   Carding Mill entrance has not been cut.  It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that this matter be attended to immediately.  There have been numerous comments from residents on the poor state of Milton Marsh Walk and the Cemetery in particular.    When reviewing grass cutting contract in the future, tender document to be scrutinized and additions/deletions made.  i.e.  amend the cutting periods to twice per month (not maximum 2 per month as states in current tender form),  take out area of the water pump in Milton to be cut as it is believed this is cut by PCC.

-- Cllr Bosley had reported to the Clerk that on inspection he has found that the pine Christmas tree has been attacked by pine aphids and has now died.

 The other tree (which is not pine) is  without obvious infestation.

--  Clerk confirmed that she had invited the Carer Ambassador for Pembrokeshire to the October meeting



The following application has been granted by PCC :-

15/0057/PA  - Erection of dwelling Sageston Fields, SA70 8TQ

The following planning application consultations were received:

PCNPA – NP11/097 -  Variation of Conditions 2, 4 and 8,  Woodside, Lawrenny Road, Cresselly.     Councillors noted that the variations related to previously approved application and for revised dormer configuration,  change of roof tiles to match existing roof and sustainable drainage provision.  There were no objections by Carew Community Councillors.

PCC – 15/0259/PA -  Conversion of barn into domestic extension to dwelling and alterations to existing house, Houghton Farm, Milton, Tenby  -  Noted this is the second application, the first having been refused due to the lack of a Bat Survey.  There were no objections by Carew Community Councillors.

PCC -  15/0315/PA -  Construction of new-build residential dwelling at 4 Sageston Fields, Sageston, Tenby .  Considerable documentation was perused in detail including Section 106 Planning Obligation of Unilateral Undertaking of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.    Following discussion there were no objections by Carew Community Councillors.

PCNPA – NP/15/0258/PA  Redevelopment of Carew Castle walled garden to provide new café/storage, school room. It was noted that the planning application had been withdrawn.  Councillors had previously discussed this application and no objections were raised.   Clerk had contacted the Site Manager at Carew Castle who  had informed that  the application had been withdrawn temporarily and will be resubmitted as soon as possible.  CADW and Dyfed Archeological Trust had requested further archeological assessments before grant approval would be considered and as a result the planning application is withdrawn pending the assessments.    


--Clerk provided information from Norman Industries regarding a new bench/seat at Milton Marsh Walk.  It was agreed to defer this until after the fence at Carew Playing Field has been renewed.

Invoice for payment -Carew Castle Estates Milton Play area rent £25.  Proposed by Cllr Mumford and seconded by Cllr Gibby that this be paid.  Also to check the Milton Caravan Park rent is up to date.

Insurance renewal -  Clerk had obtained a further reduction in insurance from last year’s premium -  £402.56.      Following discussion it was noted that the Jubilee Bench is not included on the asset register and it was agreed to amend this and to seek a further quote from Zurich including the bench.   It was noted that this quote is fixed for 3 years until 2018.   It was proposed by Cllr Mumford and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that subject to satisfactory quote for the additional bench, the Zurich premium be paid.

VAT Refund of £192.62 has been received.

Ombudsman Annual Report for  2014/15.   Noted.

Community Health Network meetings at various venues throughout Pembrokeshire -  Notice Board

Poster from Carew Football and Cricket club for Cider and Sausage evening on 17th July

Discussion on repair work of the War Memorial -  It was agreed that Mervyn Roberts be asked to carry out the stone pointing work, repair of the plinth up to a maximum of £150.

Toilets in Carew -  Public Health Bill mentions the provision of toilets.   It was noted that there are no baby changing facilities in the toilets in Carew.   Clerk to respond to the Welsh Assembly document regarding provision of toilets and to contact PCC regarding refurbishment.

Roundabouts AT Sageston and Carew -  Councillors had noticed with interest the landscaping and enhancement work being carried out by the South Wales Trunk Roads Agency  on the two roundabouts.   

Dwr Cymru -  Update on the work to contain the Japanese Knotweed, Old Moor conservation and the renovation of the Old Water Works to be obtained from Rob Wilson.

Councillors again receiving very positive comments on the new dual purpoe footpath and there is a lot more usage.

Disabled entrance at Carew Memorial Hall and re-tarmac’ing of the Hall Car Park again discussed.

County Councillor Neale reported that the hedges along B roads in the Parish will be done in the next 4 weeks.   Also, the Paddock Walk is very overgrown.   And Councillor Neale will seek to get the overgrowth on the hedgerows cut back by the relevant department in PCC.

Older driver course run by PCC has been put on the website

Date and time of next meeting   -  Thursday 10th September 7 pm.    Photos will be taken of Councillors for the website.   

Chairman wished everyone a pleasant summer recess and declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday  10th September 2015

Present   Cllr Gwenllian Head  (Chair)

              Cllr Lionel White              Cllr Pat Gibby      

              Cllr Vaness Thomas         Cllr John Brock MBE

              Cllr Trevor Goodman      Cllr Marina Griffiths

Apologies for absence:  Cllr Daniel Mumford   Cllr Mike Bosley

County Councillor David Neale joined the meeting later on.

Chair welcomed all back to the September meeting following the summer recess.   Condolences were expressed by Councillors to Cllr Mumford and his recent bereavement.

Minutes of the last meeting were received .  Out of meeting payments – Insurance £408.06  which is fixed for 3 years and Viking Direct for printer cartridges for the Clerk were noted and approved.

Cllr Griffiths proposed and Cllr Brock seconded that the minutes be passed as a true record.


Fence at Recreation Park -  Clerk outlined the progress over the summer break.   Cllr Brock thanked Clerk and Chair for their attendance to this matter and their efforts to date.

Register of Interests  - Form distributed by the Clerk to all Community Councillors were studied and Councillors signed the Forms, Clerk countersigned and these Registers to be kept on file.

Standing Orders -  Following discussion Cllr White proposed and Councillor Thomas agreed that these revised Standing Orders be adopted .   The Orders were duly signed and dated as of 10th September 2015.

Risk Assessment -  Following discussion, it was agreed by all present that the current Risk Assessment be used for future.  In particular, to be updated and reviewed in a meeting prior to the end of financial year as it forms part of the Audit Requirement.

It was further noted that a Health and Safety assessment of assets on the Community Council’s assets register be undertaken and Councillors recalled that Cllr Mumford had agreed to assist in this matter.  Cllr Griffiths agreed to obtain a Health and Safety Assessment proforma.

Hayes Lane -  No further information has been received on this matter and Clerk to chase up whether the site has been sold.

Grass Cutting -  Clerk informed that as at Councillors request the contract with the present groundsman had been terminated.     A final bill has been received for work amounting to £155.  Following detailed discussion  it was agreed to pay £155.  Proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Griffiths.      A new groundsman has been instructed to undertaken the work outlined in the Community Council’s Grass Cutting Contract  and he has begun work.    It was agreed to ensure that the cutting of grass at the  Carding Mill entrance is included in the contract and a quote obtained for further clearance of the area.

Christmas Tree – Following reporting of the demise of the Christmas tree due to infestation by pine aphid, it was agreed to arrange of  removal of the tree.

Milton Bridge -  Detailed discussion ensued on the net covering on Milton Bridge.  Cllr Goodman had kindly removed it due to it being damaged and following a recent incident.   On instruction from the Vice Chairman the clerk had obtained technical advice from Pembrokeshire Count8y Council regarding the use of non-slip covering. All present agreed that “Slippery Surface” signs be erected.

Also, Planed to be asked for advice on the problem as their contractors had erected the bridge and whether any specialist products were available.


The following  Approvals have been received by Pembrokeshire County Council:

15/0409/NM  Non-material Amendment to Garage Summer Cottage Pincheston Farm, Sageston .  Original permission 15.0613/PA  - Proposed Garage Outbuilding  .  The NM Approval relates to change of position and orientation  of the garage and new timber gateway.

15/0259/PA -  Alterations to Dwelling and Conversion of Barn to Extend Dwelling at Houghton, Milton Tenby

15/0135/PA – Erection of dweling at 4 Sageston fields, Sageston.

15/0366/PA  Single storey extension (renewal of consent 10/0235/PA) at 13 Bartletts Well Road, Sageston.

The following Refusal of Non-material Amendment was noted from PCC :

15/0189/NM  - Installation of wind turbine, associated infrastructure and access route -  Amendment  to position of access.


Invoices for Payment   £70 for Mervyn Roberts for repair work to Carew War Memorial

Clerks Salary for July, August and September    £337 (plus payment to HMRV of 78.20)

Carew Field Rent for half year  £575  (Sports Club half year)

Cllr Gibby proposed and Cllr  Thomas seconded that these three bills be paid.

It was noted that the Precept for August has been received £2667.

Bank balances -  £7675.16  current account.     £1696.50  Business Savings Account

Information received:

 Information on Pop-Up Theatres handed to Cllr Grififths

 Spontaneous Events (Raves) -  received from PCC.

 Simon Hart MP  - dates of surgeries

 Invitation to CAB 50+ Advice project launch on Thursday 15th October at Queens Hall, Narberth received from Shelter -  for Notice Board.


- 40-30 mph speed sign at the turning to Milton off the A477 is obscured by branches.  PCC to be asked to remove the branches

- Control Tower event in August was highly successful, well received and attended.   Clerk had sent a letter to the Control Tower Committee and the date for the event next year is 6th and 7th August 2016.

- Dwr Cymru to be chased up regarding the renovation of the Old Water Works at Milton and other related works.

- WWI Commemorative Anniversary Tea Party on 3rd October -  Clerk and Chairman reported on the progress with regard to this event.   School Choir to attend,  Slide show by Deric Brock and donations kindly made by Tescos Customer Services Department.  Meeting at 10 am on Saturday 3rd October in Carew Hall for preparations.   Event starts at 4 pm.

- Restricted vision due to Ironman notices reported at the junction of Whitehill with the Villa Hill road.

- It was noted that the Play area at Carew had recently had broken bottles  and rubbish strewn .  This had been removed but Councillors agreed that member of the Parish should be vigilant when attending the Play Area in case of repetition of this act.

County Councillor Neale reported that he had raised this matter with the PACT meeting and as anti-social behaviour is on the increase a stronger police presence in the area will seek to put a stop to similar behaviour.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING:   Thursday 8th October 2015 at 7 pm when  Care Ambassador has been invited.   Clerk to confirm if he is attending.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on 8th October 2015 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:   Cllr Gwenllian Head (Chair) Cllr Lionel White

  Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Trevor Goodman

  Cllr  Mike Bosley   Cllr Vanessa Thomas


Apologies:     Cllr Pat Gibby   Cllr Marina Griffiths

  Cllr Dan Mumford

It was proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Brock that the minutes of the meeting held in September were a true record and they were duly signed.


--Dwr Cymru:   Due to office move of Dwr Cymru main office, the work on the Milton Water Works has been deferred but should commence within the next couple of months.

--Work on cutting the tree branches down that are obscuring the speed signs in Milton has begun.

--Hayes Lane Development.  No further updates to report.

--External Auditors Report :    The Clerk read out the items arising from the Audit for the year ending 31st March 2015 mainly,   Fixed Assets valuation and Risk Assessments .    Note was taken of the issues raised.  It was agreed to feed these issues back to the Internal Auditor.   It was proposed by Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr White that the Audit fee of £210 be paid.

--WWI Tea Party:   The WW1 Tea Party was held on Saturday 3rd October in Carew Memorial Hall.  Councillors were disappointed at the lack of turn out.  However, those who did turn up enjoyed the event and the School Choir were excellent and very well received.   The receipts for the cost of the refreshments is £154.91.  It was proposed by Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr White that this be paid.   Cllr Brock thanked the organising committee.

--Fence at Carew Recreation Park:   Clerk reported that the latest information from PCC is that an order is being raised for work to be undertaken by West Wales Fencing.    Following discussion it was agreed to seek advice as to the method of payment.


The following Planning Application granted by PCC was received and noted:

15/0191/PA  -   Upgrading and enlarging of cricket facility including floodlights Carew Football and Cricket Club, Carew  (Conditionally approved)

The following Planning applications were received:

PCC -  15/0703/PA.  1 & 2 storey side and rear extensions to provide additional bedroom and living space at 5 Steps Road, Sageston, Tenby

Following perusal of the plans, photographs and application, there were no adverse comments noted and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCC – 15/0646/PA -  Garage and single storey rear extension at Autumn cottage, Pincheston Farm, Sageston. Following perusal of the plans, photographs and application, there were no adverse comments noted and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCNPA -  NP/15/0509/FUL -  Proposed redevelopment of Carew Castle Walled garden to provide café/storage, school storage, tented performance and rose arbour structures together with hard and soft landscaping features and interpretation panels at  Carew Castle, Carew.   

The Community Council had already received and approved and commented  as Consultee on  plans submitted but later withdrawn.    Following perusal of the amended application, plans, surveys and photographs , there were no adverse comments noted and no obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCNPA  - H1/15/MH/pc -  Hedgerow removal at New Shipping Farm, Cresselly.    Councillors reviewed the details for removal of hedgerow and reinstatement to enable ease of land management.  It was agreed not to recommend a Hedgerow Retention Notice.

Letter received from Research and Sustainability Officer at PCNPA on location and status of facilities in the National Park together with the following list :  Milton (Part NP)   Food Shop (2), Public House (1), Post Box (1).  Also to add a telephone box.  Cllr Brock recalled that in 1939 there were 19 houses in Milton village, 4 shops, 2 bake houses, 2 blacksmiths and a post office.  


Autumn series dates for ‘Pembrokeshire County Council is Changing’ events.   Dates noted.

Mental Health Project Group  & MIND information poster-  information noted and poster to be displayed on noticeboard.

Invoices for payment - Grass cutting:   Invoice received for 3 cuts £135. One further payment due for this current grass cutting contract.  Following discussion it was agreed to ask the present groundsman to submit a price for grass cutting for March to November next year and to ask for a quote for clearing of the Carding Mill on the Nature Walk.   

Carew Senior Citizens Dinner -  Clerk read out a letter from the Chairman of Carew Senior Citizens Committee requesting a donation towards the cost of putting on the event on 28th November 2015.  Clerk confirmed that £300 was paid last year.  All present agreed this be donated this year.

Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that the above two invoices be paid.

Chairman had been informed by Head of Sageston School that the proceeds of the harvest sale would be donated to Carew Senior Citizens Committee.  

Bus and Community Transport Service -  Survey completed.

Letter from Simon Hart MP  contents noted.

Shelter 50+  Thursday 15th October meeting.  Information noted.


--Cllr Brock reported that celebration of 40 years since the formation of Carew Youth Club takes place on Saturday 10th October 10-4 at Carew Youth Centre and also a Celebration Service on Sunday 11th October.

--Slippery signs for Milton bridge awaited.  Planed had been contacted regarding this  and it was  suggested that advice be obtained from the Paths Officer at PCC regarding suitable surface dressing.  

--Sewerage works at Birds Lane.  There is a continued odour problem, worse than usual.  Dwr Cymru to be contacted.  Also to ask for water quality results and ask for sampling of the river to the mill pond.

--  Increase in litter through the village.   

--  Dog Fouling at Birds Lane from Carew Inn to Sageston School.  County Councillor David Neale agreed to take this matter up with PCC.  

--Tree at entrance to Carew Park Estate.  Clerk to ask for visit by  Tree Officer.

--Planting and landscaping of Carew and Sageston Roundabouts is being undertaken by PCC and Trunk Roads Agency.

--Community Council Christmas Dinner -  Date to be arranged at next meeting.

--County Councillor Neale reported that the Bollard at the entrance the car park at Carew Castle is being removed.  He also reported that anti-social behaviour in the village has been communicated to the PACT meeting and a visible presence within the village is being escalated.  

Date and time of next meeting  Thursday 12th November 2015  at 7 pm.

Chairman thanked all for coming and declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 12th November 2015 in the Meetings room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:    Cllr Gwenllian Head (Chair)  Cllr Marina Griffiths  

                Cllr Pat Gibby                       Cllr Vanessa Thomas

                Cllr John Brock  MBE          Cllr Mike Bosley

Apologies:   Cllr L White  and                Cllr T Goodman

Minutes of the last meeting -  All present agreed that the minutes from the October meeting were a true record and it was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Thomas that these be signed.


Hayes Lane -   No response yet.

Fence at Carew Recreation Park -  Subject to  favourable weather conditions the fence should be erected shortly.

Milton Bridge – Sean Tilling Pathways Officer at PCC contacted.

Dwr Cymru -  Rob John from Dwr Cymru will be sending the information given to him on the Treatment works at Carew to NRA who will forward sampling details.

--Community Council Christmas Dinner  -  The following was agreed  -Wednesday 9th December at Carew Inn 7 pm.


15/0646/PA  -  Garage and single storey rear extension to Autumn Cottage, Pincheston Farm, Sageston -  Conditionally approved by  PCC.

H1/15 – Hedgerow removal at New Shipping Farm, Cresselly -  No Hedgerow Retention notice has been issued.

County Councillor Dave Neale  Report (in his absence)  - Housing query in Pembroke Dock and Haverfordwest. -  County Councillor Neale had obtained  a definitive explanation from the Head of Housing  which was read out.    Trees along Birds Lane -  Response from Tree Officer at PCC  noted.


--External Audit -  External Audit report received from BDO.  Issues raised noted.  It was agreed to send a copy of the report to the Internal Auditor for his information.

--Communication received from PCNPA regarding the necessary and imminent  re-roofing of Carew Mill.  This work will not necessitate the closure of the causeway and should be completed 18th December (weather permitting)

--Invoices for payment -  British Legion for the Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath - £18.50

Gardener - 2 cuts £90 – last cuts for this year.  Quote from Mr Evans for clearing of the Carding Mill at Milton - £150 including weed killer and tree pruning.   Quote for next seasons cuts £940.  All present agreed to the quote for next season and the quote for clearing Carding Mill.

Clerk’s Salary for October, November & December  - £313.30  (+ HMRC £78.20)

Viking Direct (Slippery surface signs x 4)  - £11.95

It was proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that the above 4 invoices be paid.

--Bank Account Balances -  as at 7th October 2015 -  Current account £9613.54, Deposit account £1696.91.

--Setting Date for Sub Committee to discuss Precept .  Sub Committee is Clerk, Chairman and Vice Chairman and will take place at the Clerk’s home on Thursday 7th January at 7 pm.

Correspondence received and noted :

-  Local Government Finance Training on 17th November organised by One Voice Wales .

-  Lets Talk Health 1st December at Narberth (poster on noticeboard).

-  One Voice Wales shared Purpose Shared Future – Guidance for the Well-Being of Future Generations.

--Landfill Disposals Tax and Land Transaction Tax.  With the devolution of these two new Welsh Taxes from April 2018, Wales is establishing its own devolved tax arrangement for the first time in over 800 years.   The Landfill Disposals Tax (LDT) used to be called the Landfill Tax and Land Transaction Tax(LTT) used to be called Stamp Duty Land Tax.    The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) will be established and will confer powers and duties to enable the collection and management of  LTT  and taxes in Wales.   One of the key areas the LDT revenue  will be used  to support to community wellbeing initiatives with an environmental focus including biodiversity and waste minimisation projects.   This will be achieved through a LDT Community Scheme.


--  Chairman reported that the date for the Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner is 28th November and nearly 60 replies had been received.  

--Concern expressed regarding the possibility of an overspill from Langdon Mill and the processes in place in the event of this occurrence.  

--Change of composition of the Marsh flora at Milton Marsh.  Could it be due to outflow pipe?  Clerk to contact NRA.

--Carew Newton Sign at Whitehill.    Yet again the directional sign has been tampered with.  Suggest to PCC that a new one is erected.  County Councillor Neale to be asked for his help with this matter.

--Chairman reported a recent incident in the Parish where a dog had mauled a child, necessitating admission to Morriston Hospital for micro surgery.  Discussion ensued regarding police advising that as this was a dogs “first offence” it would not necessarily be “put down”.   Councillors were very concerned regarding this and County Councillors help with the PACT and Dog Warden service at PCC be requested.    Concern also expressed that due to broken glass on Saunders Road the car needed to take the child/parents to Morriston was unable to go directly as the glass had to be cleared up first.    

--Date and Time of Community Council Dinner Wednesday 9th December 2015 ay 7 pm, Carew Inn

--  Date for the Sub Committee meeting for the Precept  - Thursday 7th January 2016 7 pm at the Clerk’s home.

--Date and time of next meeting -  Thursday 14th January 2016 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

-  The Chairman declared the meeting closed.






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