Minutes of the meeting of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 14th January 2016 at 7 pm

Present :  Cllr Gwenllian Head               Cllr Lionel White

               Cllr Vanessa Thomas             Cllr John Brock MBE

               Cllr Pat Gibby                       Cllr Trevor Goodman

Apologies for absence:  Cllr Marina Griffiths   Cllr Mike Bosley

   County Councillor David Neale

The Chairman (Cllr Head) welcomed all back to the first meeting of 2016.

Minutes of the last meeting:

Cllr Thomas proposed and Cllr Goodman seconded that the minutes of a last record be passed as a true record and they were duly signed.


Fence at Recreation Park:    Mr Miles from West Wales Fencing had been contacted and although he had the panels in storage since October the weather has been too bad to safely take down and replace the fence with new panels.  As soon as the weather improves work will commence.  Mr Miles has the contact number for Derek Lloyd for when the work is due to start in order to coordinate work around football fixtures.

Derelict caravan at layby on detrunked road in  Carew.  This caravan has been reported to the Abandoned Vehicles unit at PCC who will arrange disposal.  However, Clerk will chase up its removal.

Carew Newton sign:  It was noted that PCC plan to erect a new sign at the Junction of Whitehill and also at Carew Bridge.

Hayes Lane:  Despite numerous efforts there is still no response from the Planning Enforcement Department and it was agreed that County Councillor Neale be asked to try and obtain further information.   It is noted that the properties are now not secure and continue to be an eyesore in the Parish.

Water Quality report Carew River:   technical printout obtained from Dwr Cymru and it was agreed to seek further clarification in plain English.

Milton Flora -  Information to be obtained by next meeting on the different flora and plants that are now evident on Milton Marsh and whether these new species are due to the outflow pipe in the estuary.

DRAFT CHARTER;  The previously circulated Draft Charter for Town and Community Councils with PCC was discussed.   The observations on the information provided by PALC  relating to the inadequate time frame for consultation (2 months) and a proposed period of 15-18 months is more appropriate.   Councillors noted that PALC will review with PCC  and revisit the document with a thorough and detailed analysis with a view to producing a workable purposeful document that is fit for its intended purpose.  This will then go out for a further informed consultation  with an explanatory executive summary on how this could be achieved.  Councillors made the following observations which will be forwarded to PALC:     

1.  No differentiation between Town and Community Councils and there is a very big difference between the two bodies.

2. Turn around time of 21 days is rarely achievable, particularly with regard to Planning consultations as invariably these fall outside the next Community Council meeting dates.

3. The claim that PCC  aim to work with Town and Community Councils falls down when , in particular, planning observations are reported and recommendations for refusal are submitted and not logged.   Also with particular regard to Carew Community Council’s own experience with the Planning Enforcement Department, no information has been obtained and without any explanation or acknowledgement .  PCC do not work as closely as they should in some departments.

4. With regard to Town and Community Councils taking over running/responsibility of certain local amenities,  this may not be such a big problem for Town Councils but would create a huge problem and burden for smaller community Councils e.g. play areas and public toilets.  Pembrokeshire is a tourist area and these particular matters should be the responsibility of PCC .

5.  Training in planning issues and the Law -  Community Councillors should not feel they  have to undertake training in planning matters and the Law as there are two bodies (PCC and PCNPA) with staff working full time to meet these needs and therefore their expertise could be accessed that way. The community Council provide a working every day local knowledge of the area to these bodies  that they would otherwise not have access to .

6. Councillors agreed that simplicity and relevant language in the Charter be provided and plain English .

7. Transparency  in all matters is a key issue.  


Cllr White had kindly provided a draft budget for approval of the Community Council.    Detailed discussion on the various headings and budget allocation  ensued.  Included were acceptable reserves against risk analysis.   Of note for further development in 2016/17 is the provision of noticeboards in the villages in the Parish.   A budget figure was added to the list and a feasibility study would be undertaken.      It was proposed by Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr Thomas that the precept for 2016/17 remain at £8000 and no  increase be made.


The following applications have been granted by PCC :

--   15/0703/PA:  1&2 storey side and rear extensions  at 5 Steps Road, Sageston.

--   15/0776/DC – Discharge of conditions 8 and 10  of planning consent 14/0427/PA at Coachlands Farm, Sageston  This relates to the variation of the construction method for the wind turbine and  more detailed archeological survey work.     Noted.

The following application was considered from PCC:

15/0900/TF  Tree surgery at Land north of The old Barns, Redberth.  This relates to one sycamore tree and the work is to re-pollard the tree, cut back to previous pruning points at a height of approximately 8 metres.  It was noted that the tree has a preservation order .    There were no objections to this work being carried out.

The following application was considered from PCNPA:

NP/15/0643/FUL Proposed works for the creation of a wildlife pond to improve conservation and the environment on a wet area of agricultural field.  Carew Newton Farm, Butts Lane, Carew Newton.    Councillors perused this application and the accompanying plans and the following points made will be sent to PCNPA:  The proposed pond is not at Carew Newton but at land at Lawrenny Road and there are three different grid references.   Councillors believe that residents at adjoining properties have been contacted.   

--Letter from Cllr Peter Stock with  regard to “Save Pembrokeshire Campaign”. Cllr Stock stated that as part of the Drat Local Government Bill one of the proposals is to re-create the former Dyfed local authority area.  He states that the former Dyfed was hugely unpopular until it was abolished in 1996. He states in his letter that if Dyfed was reformed there would be a loss of local accountability and decision making.  Pembrokeshire has a brand and the tourist economy is huge  and food producers are also using the Pembrokeshire brand to their advantage.  This would be lost under Dyfed.    There is no clear financial argument to proceed to  re-create the former Dyfed local authority area.    Cllrs signed the petition enclosed.  

--Letter from Carew Senior Citizens Committee thanking the Community Council for the donation of £300 towards the provision of the Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner.

--Planed Events guide.  

--Planed Action Plan:   Letter  regarding action-planning workshops around the county.   Planed are in the process of drawing up a list of communities that have already had work carried out by Planed  to update the existing action plan or develop a new one.     Councillors agreed that this would be a good idea with new businesses and residents and groups in the area.

--On the noticeboard --Simon Hart Surgeries, Age Friendly Committee and Friends of PCNPA  meeting 11st February at Uzmaston Hall.

--Beacons for the Queens 90th Birthday.   This information will be put on the website.


-  Dwr Cymru update on the start date for works at the old Water Works to be obtained.

- Picnic area car park opposite Carew Castle, the paving blocks are waterlogged and sunken and Site Manager to be contacted regarding this.

- Signs for Milton Bridge on the Nature walk given to Cllr Goodman.

- GP surgeries -  the unavailability of appointments in local GP surgeries was noted.  Hywel Dda Health Board to be contacted regarding their plans with this regard.

- Carew Newton Cemetery .  It was agreed that letter regarding  reserving  a place(next in line)   in the Cemetery  be communicated to the resident requesting this.

- Church in Wales Fees are awaited.

- Street/Road  closure notices after the work on the dual purpose footpath be removed.

- 30 mph sign has been turned around at the junction to Whitehill on Carew Lane..

- Sunken drain on the road near Lowlands Farm – PCC to be contacted.

- Path flooded to Sageston School and part of the  path is covered with gravel  washed down during the recent bad weather and needs sweeping.   

- Dog mess from Sageston school to Kesteven Court continues to be a problem

- Speed ramps at Sageston school are still too high and there is evidence of scuff marks indicating this.

- Ponding of water at Carew Roundabout exit by the Hot Food outlet again.

- Large  road erosion at the Old Telephone exchange on the detrunked road on the way to Control Tower causing a problem for cars and lorries.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING;  Thursday 11th February 2016 at 7 pm.  Apologies in advance from Cllr Gibby.

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 11th February 2016 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:          Cllr Gwenllian Head          Cllr John Brock MBE

            Cllr Trevor Goodman        Cllr Marina Griffiths

            Cllr Vanessa Thomas        Cllr Mike Bosley

                       County Councillor David Neale – arrived later in the meeting         

Apologies:     Cllr Lionel White               Cllr Pat Gibby


It was Proposed by Cllr Goodman and seconded by Cllr Thomas that the minutes of the January meeting be passed as a true record and they were duly signed.


--Data information on water quality in Carew River:  It was agreed the following:

How long have the readings at Carew River been higher than average?,  

What are the acceptable levels?

What effect will this have on the plant life and fish in the river, particularly the grey mullet as they spawn in the Millpond and the rare worms, the presence of which has afforded the River and Millpond a SSSI?  

Carew Community Councillors also wish to receive regular updates every time the river and Millpond are tested with a report.

Hayes Lane:   Reply received from Planning Enforcement Department stating that PCC have no planning powers to force it’s completion. PCC do have powers to force landowners to improve the appearance of sites under Section 215 of Town and Country Planning Act 1990.  Councillors wish Planning Enforcement Department to secure the site as it is a Health and Safety Risk with fences down which are a hazard to pedestrians.

Milton Water Works.   Email received stating that as soon as there is dry weather work will commence on the refurbishment and general enhancement of the Milton Water Works building.    Councillors wish to know what exactly is planned.

Footpath to Sageston School – County Councillor David Neale to liaise with PCC regarding a site meeting.

Carding Mill, Milton -  Groundsman has asked if he can commence work as per the previously agreed quote (£150) to clear away and spray weedkiller at the Carding Mill.   All present agreed that the Groundsman to commence when convenient.

Items awaiting reply:   GP surgeries appointment system from HDHB;  Planed Workshops  on Action Plan.


The following application has been granted by PCNPA -  NP/15/0643/FUL  Carew Newton Farm Wildlife Pond.

The Following application has been granted by PCC – 15/0900/TF - Tree surgery to Old Barns at Redberth.

The following planning applications were discussed:

PCNPA -  NP/16/0038/FUL  -  Construction of sun room extension to kitchen  Avondale, Cresselly, Kilgetty.  Following perusal of the detailed plans and accompanying documentation there were no adverse comments, items of concern  nor obvious grounds for refusal identified.

PCNPA – NP/15/0692/FUL – Demolition of existing single storey garage/store and part workshop and replace with two storey extension to provide additional accommodation and two bedroom holiday let.  Also external works to increase parking and amenity areas – Little Freestone, Cresselly, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire.   Following perusal of the detailed plans and accompanying documentation there were no adverse comments, matters of concern  nor obvious grounds for refusal identified.

Planning Aid Wales – Community Engagement in Planning events in 2016 .   Poster noted.


Cllr White had prepared a Briefing Note on the Church in Wales burial fees and PCC burial fees.   It was agreed to bring along the Burial guidelines and regulations and fees to the next meeting.   Agenda Item for next meeting.

Confirmation from PCC of Precept of £8000 for 2016/17.  

Section 137 expenditure limit for 2016/17 is £7.42 per elector.

Clerk to find out from PCC the population of Carew.

Bank Statements -   Current £10,638.40   Business account £1696.92.

Invoice for payment – Hall fees from  end of March 2015 up to and including end of January 2016 -   £350.   Cllr Thomas proposed, Cllr Brock seconded and all present agreed that this invoice be paid.

Convergence funding brochure – contents noted.


Water arising from a BT manhole at the lower part of Birds Lane near the Bartletts Well.  County Councillor Neale informed that the Street Care Department are aware of this and BT local supervisor will also investigate.   The water continually runs down the lane and will cause problems if frozen over.  

Toilets at Carew  -  Roof tile missing (ladies side closest to the play area) and toilet rolls thrown around the play area.  Toilets not locked at night and  the windows are open.  PCC to be informed.


Carew Castle Car Park – Group of around 6 mopeds wheel spinning in the car park.  Dyfed Powys Police and PCSO Jim Moffatt to be informed.   Incident happened on Thursday 4th February.

County councillor Neale reported that PCSO is aware of the problem at Carew Park and will visit a couple more times.

Dog Fouling -  Detailed discussion ensued on the perennial problem of dog fouling.   It had been noticed that there are new dogs and puppies on Carew Park estate.  It was agreed to draft a letter to deliver to everyone in Carew Park Estate and Kesteven Court who walk dogs along Birds Lane to be vigilant of dog foulers and to report to Environmental Health Department.

Pothole outside number 6 Bartletts Well Road, Carew Park is causing difficulty navigating around.   PCC Area Maintenance Team to be informed.

Cllr Brock informed of a meeting with Natural Resources Wales representative will take place on Friday 19th February at 10 am at the Old Bridge in Milton to look at the changing fauna.    Cllr Griffiths and Cllr Goodman also expressed an interest to attend.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING-  Thursday 10th March 2016 at 7 pm.  

Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 10th Mach 2016 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:    Cllr Gwenllian Head (Chair)   Cllr Lionel White

                Cllr John Brock MBE            Cllr Vanessa Thomas

               Cllr Trevor Goodman

Apologies:   County Councillor David Neale Cllr Marina Griffiths Cllr Pat Gibby

Not in attendance:  Cllr M Bosley  Cllr D Mumford

Out of meeting payment:   £150 to Groundsman for work on the Carding Mill.  Minutes of the last meeting were passed as a true record.  Proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Goodman


--Data from water quality sampling at Carew River noted.

--Meeting with Chris Lawrence from Natural Resources Wales  with Cllrs Brock and Goodman took place recently.  It was felt that the rainfall coming off the land and washing fertilizer into the rivers , slurry pit overflow and sewerage outfall  may be responsible for the change in the natural flora on Milton Marshes.  Matter requiring clarification is whether the flap at the outfall pipe is working properly as back washing may be transporting sewerage back through to the Marsh.  Clerk to ask for the observations of  National Resources Wales  on the meeting.  Also, clarification if single outflow from Milton  occurs or whether outflow from Carew Sewerage works also takes place.    Another factor for the change in flora on the Marches was the second arch is clogged up and proper drainage does not occur.

--Hayes Lane.   It was agreed that a meeting take place to discuss the safety of the site.  The site is not advertised for sale.   Councillors also reiterated that PCC did not initially heed the Community Council’s observations and concerns on  the planning permission for the site.

--Milton Water Pumping Station -  It was noted and welcomed that work is due to start on the refurbishment and enhancement of the Pumping Station shortly.

--Dog Fouling on the Road to Sageston School.  Draft letter to residents along Birds Lane agreed.  Site meeting to be requested  and for the pothole near Bartletts Engineering to be attended to promptly.

County Councillor David Neale to be asked if he would facilitate a site meeting with PCC.

--Doctors surgeries appointments.   Letter from Primary Care Team noted but it does not answer the queries raised.  

--Toilets at Carew.   Danfo Ltd have been asked by PCC to investigate the broken window, displaced roof tile and toilets being left open all night.

--Footbridge at Milton Marsh Walk-  Pathways office has been supplied with the dimensions of the bridge and has given details of the anti-slip materials used by PCC.  However, 28.2²metres of netflon is required.

--Population of Carew is 1532 residents.

--Quiz night at Carew Club – poster on the website.

--Burial Fees -  Following detailed discussion it was agreed to put up the burial fees at Carew Newton Cemetery to £375.   This was proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Brock.

--Risk Assessment 2016  -   Following perusal and discussion on the Risk Assessment schedule it was proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Brock that the Risk Assessment for 2016 is adequate and that this should be signed.


NP/16/0072 – Garage at Poplars Farm, Bog Lane, Carew Newton:   Following discussion and perusal of the plans and accompanying documentation, no obvious grounds for refusal were identified and no adverse comments received.  

NP/16/0070  Extension to existing dwelling to provide home office with roof terrace at Rock Cottage, West Williamston.  Following discussion and perusal of the plans and accompanying documentation, no obvious grounds for refusal were identified and no adverse comments received.

PCC  15/1101/PA   Demolition of existing garage and proposed two storey domestic extension ,Sunnybank Redberth.   Following discussion and perusal of the plans and accompanying documentation, no obvious grounds for refusal were identified and no adverse comments received.


Invoices for payment:  Carew Castle Estate – Half year rent of Recreation field  £575

Clerk’s Salary for January, February and March 2016 -  £391.50 less £78.20 HMRC = £313.30

It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Goodman and all present agreed that these invoices be paid.

Request for donation:   Letter received from Pisgah Baptist Chapel requesting donation toward the cost of upkeep of the graveyard.   Cllr Thomas declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.

It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Goodman that £275 be donated to Pisgah Baptist Chapel.

--Queens 90th Birthday .   Information received containing a sample medal for schools.  Noted.  Councillors agreed to send a birthday card to Her Royal Highness.

--Court Services in Wales.   Detailed document.  Briefly,  Haverfordwest Crown Court work is to be moved to Swansea Crown Court and Magistrates Court and Judges sessions in Chambers are to be retailed at Haverfordwest.

--Letter from One Voice Wales on Membership.  Noted.

--Elly’s Ward 10 Flag Appeal.  Letter of support to be send from Carew Community Council.

--Information from the Citizens Advice Bureau on the advantages and disadvantages of   taking out pensions early.  CAB provide a service and guide  though do not provide regulated financial advice but help individuals understand the different options in accessing pension pots, the tax and benefit implications etc.   Information very informative and noted.

--Introductory Letter from Clare Jones the new Monitoring Officer.  Noted.

-- Communication from Simon Hart MP -  Meeting Wednesday 6th April at 6 pm at Whitland Memorial Hall on superfast broadband across the county.

--Planning Aid Wales -  Clerk agreed to attend a meeting on Thursday 21st April 4 pm to 6.30 pm at Albany Hall, ST Thomas’ Green Haverfordwest.


--Councillors were informed that the Jubilee Tree in Carew Cheriton is missing.  It was agreed to try and obtain local information as to what happened to the Tree.

--It was noted the hedges have been cut back by adjoining farmer(s) at Carew Newton Cemetery.

-  Discussion on a new seat (s) for Milton Marsh Walk,  prices to be obtained.

--Councillors discussed the social media  and press speculation on the housing of asylum seekers/refugees in Penally Camp.  It was agreed to await further developments and explanations in the press.

-- Cosheston and Carew Boundary changes.  It was felt that the changes relate to the County Councillors and not the uniting of Community Councils.

--Cleddau Bridge closure notices between Carew and Sageston roundabouts -  report from councillors that this sign was difficult to read when the sign is deployed reporting bridge closure  with the setting sun in the West towards Pembroke Dock.

--Ratford Farm Lane,  the Walk is blocked off and overgrown.  Pathways office to be asked to clear it.

--Litter problem along Birds Lane is being dealt with by PCC.

--Containers , machinery, goods vehicles etc at Redberth towards Kilgetty.   Although not in Carew Parish this area is an eyesore and it was agreed to contact East Williamston Community Council to ask for their views.

--It was agreed that the Groundsman commence work on cutting grass in the Parish at Milton Marsh Walk, Carew Memorial Hall and Carew Newton Cemetery in the first week of April.

--Letter to the Landscaping Department at PCC on the wonderful display that is beginning to  appear at the roundabouts in Carew and Sageston.

--Clerk meeting with local carpenter with regard to noticeboards on Friday 11thMarch 2016.

--PCC to be asked to remove road closure signs on telegraph poles within the Parish.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING -   Thursday 14th April 2016 at 7 pm.  Apologies in advance from Cllr Thomas.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 14th April 2016 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:  Cllr Gwenllian Head  Cllr Lionel White Cllr Pat Gibby

  Cllr Marina Griffiths  Cllr John Brock  

Apologies: Cllr M Bosley   Cllr Vanessa Thomas Cllr Trevor Goodman

Minutes of the last meeting

Cllr Brock proposed and Cllr White seconded that the minutes of the meeting held on 10th March were a true record and these were duly signed by the Chairman Cllr Head.

Matters Arising

Communication from Natural Resources Wales regarding Milton Marshes was discussed.  Dwr Cymru to be chased up regarding inspection of the outflow pipe.

Area Maintenance Team contacted regarding the patch of sunken road at Llandigwynett.

Telephone kiosk in Carew – the panes of glass have been replaced but there is another pane now broken.

Resurfacing Schedule – Road from Sageston to Redberth has not been included and it is understood that this would be undertaken this year.  Clerk to contact Highways Dept to get this road included in the schedule.

Jubilee Tree -  It has been established that despite the best efforts of a resident in Carew Cheriton this tree died and was removed.

Black refuse bags – PCC supply and deliver orange recycling bags and food waste bags but no longer supply and deliver black refuse bags.   An explanation was sought from PCC and Councillors noted the following points from the communication received:

“The sacks used by householders when presenting their rubbish for collection do not necessarily have to be black but should be approximately the same size as previously supplied,  i.e. standard black dustbin liners. Sacks of other sizes e.g. carrier bags, dumpy sacks, etc are not acceptable.

 Householders are under a legal Duty of Care to ensure their waste is securely contained and prevented from escaping or being attacked by gulls etc. up until the point at which it is picked by the Council.  Accordingly bags should be securely tied to prevent the waste from escaping and be strong enough to hold the waste that is carried from their property and thrown into the collection vehicle.  Consideration also needs to be given as to whether any measures are necessary to protect their waste, such as covering with an old blanket, to prevent the bags being attacked and ripped open.  Where a householder secures waste in a bin at the kerbside for collection, the waste inside must also be bagged so that it can be lifted out by the collector.  Sacks that are too heavy to be readily lifted by a collector will be left.  “

The Style at Radford Lane to the foreshore, bridge closure notice problems, old road notice closure signs on telegraph poles etc – all communicated to the relevant departments at PCC and PCNPA and confirmation received.

Angela Burns AM has confirmed that she will take up the matter of speeding along the A477 through Milton and also the safe passage to Sageston School.


Granted by PCNPA  - NP/15/0692/FUL – Little Freestone and NP/16/0038/FUL  - Avondale, Cresselly.

The following  was receiving :   15/1203/CL Lawful Development Certificate for siting of residential chalet at Sweet Nothings, Redberth .  There were no adverse comments.

Planning Updates received from PCNPA on applications within the National Park were noted.  None are in the Parish of Carew.


-Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue -  12 point plan

- Notification of abnormal indivisible load from Pembroke Dock to Cardigan 29th April.

- Booking online at Argyle Medical Group Pembroke Dock – poster on the Website.

-Information on Community Health Network meeting on Frailty and heart failure and Minor Ailment pilot scheme on Tuesday 3rd May  at New Hedges noted.

Internal Auditor -  It was proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Gibby that Mr T R Edwards be asked to undertake the internal audit of Carew Community council’s accounts for 2015-16.

Parish Matters

- Road at Whitehill – collapsed into the verge between Little Meadow and Rosemount.

- Sunken road at Carew Methodist Chapel towards the Bridge.

- Directional sign at Carew Newton has been replaced.

- Water Works at Milton -  To find out when the start date will be for repair and painting.

- Noticeboard signs – price awaited

- Road to Pembroke Dock at Slade Cross in poor state of repair.  Clerk to contact Highways and SW Trunk Roads Agency.

- Chevron sign on the Sageston roundabout has fallen down.  PCC to be asked to repair and reinstate

- Toilets at Carew – window not yet repaired .

- Information received on damage to cars and antisocial behaviour at Carew Park.  Clerk to contact County Councillor Neale  for the matter to be taken to the next PACT meeting and Community PCSO.

- Memorial Hall Car Park inspection took place.   It was deemed to be in a fair state of repair.

- Cllr Griffiths informed that it is the 50th Anniversary of the Memorial Hall this year.

Date and time of next meeting -  Thursday 12th May 2016 at 7 pm.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of  Carew Community Council held on Thursday 12th May 2016 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:   Cllr Gwenllian Head      Cllr Lionel White

               Cllr Vanessa Thomas    Cllr Marina Griffiths

               Cllr John Brock MBE   Cllr Pat Gibby

   County Councillor David Neale


Apologies: Cllr Mike Bosley  Cllr Trevor Goodman

Cllr Head welcomed all to the Annual General meeting.   Cllr Brock thanked the Chair and stated on behalf of the Council how her chairmanship had been enjoyed.  Also thanked the Clerk.  Chairman thanked all for their support then stood down.

A period of reflection and silence followed in honour of former Community Councillor Melvyn Hicks and Gareth and Daniel Willington.

Election of Officers

Following due process and procedure the Clerk asked for nominations for Chairman and Vice Chairman.   

Proposed by Cllr Brock and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that Cllr Head remain as Chairman for a further year.

Proposed by Cllr  Brock and seconded by Cllr Thomas that Cllr White remain as Vice Chairman for a further year.

Minutes of the last meeting:

Proposed by Cllr Griffiths, seconded by Cllr Gibby that the minutes of the last meeting be passed as a true record subject to amendment as follows:

Date of next meeting date should be 12th May not 9th June.

Matters Arising:

--Milton Marshes – Further verbal response from Natural Resources Wales.  They have agreed to go back and look at the vegetation.   NRW have noticed enriched vegetation  due to increasing nutrient levels in the lower Haven i.e. Pill, Angle, Llangwm, this is thought to be due to increased agricultural use and not thought to be due to pollution changes.    NRA will liaise with Dwr Cymru regarding water quality issue in this area.     

Bridges Engineer at PCC has also informed that the main arch at Milton Bridge takes the stream water and is clear.  The relief arch is fairly clear but doesn’t take water.   The channel next to the arch is silted up but the Engineer does not think that this will make a great deal of difference when the tide floods.  

Cllr Brock informed that the  flooding goes back to Carew Cheriton and that the release of the Lych gate in Milton may play a part in helping to alleviate the problem.    Clerk to contact Dwr Cymru, NRA, and Land Drainage office at PCC regarding this    Also,  when Planed review of Local Action Plans takes place this matter will be highlighted.

-Old Water Works, Milton-  Work underway with refurbishment of the building.  Clerk to arrange site visit for Councillors when works completed.

-Redberth to Kilgetty Road -   Following communication from East Williamston Community Council it was agreed to write to PCC regarding the problem of water running onto the carriageway.

-Speeding through Milton -  Communication received from  Sergeant Vaughan at Dyfed Powys Police regarding  this matter.   Information also sent to Mr Allen at Quantock in Milton.   To await  the result of the Pembrokeshire Road Policing survey as to whether  Milton is adopted as a “Speed Site” by Go-Safe.

-Sageston to Redberth Road -  Head of Highways has agreed to look at the resurfacing works along this road in the current road programme.

-Public Toilets in Carew .  Communication received from Danfo who are replacing the broken window with toughened polycarbonate material very shortly.

-New Fence at Carew .  The new fence at the playing fields at Carew has now been erected.    Councillors note that the latch is very stiff.   Contractor to be asked to remove the concrete debris from the bank.  Clerk to order a “Please Close the Gate” sign.

County Councillors Report -   County Councillor Neale confirmed that he has taken up the dog fouling issue  with PCC.    He attended the Police and Community Together (PACT) meeting recently and highlighted the problem with antisocial behaviour and vandalism at Carew Park.   PCSO Jim Moffatt and County Councillor Neale to visit  the site to assess the situation.   

Community Charter Consultation -  Meeting with PALC and One Voice Wales along with community Councils in Pembrokeshire on Tuesday 24th May .    PALC have suggested four main areas of the Charter.   Clerk to try and attend this meeting.

-Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Authority Strategic Plan document with the 12 improvement objectives .  This document was noted.

-Quote for noticeboard in Carew received.   In view of the financial constraints in this financial year it was agreed to leave this in abeyance for 6 months.


The following application for planning has been granted by PCC :

15/1101/PA – Demolition of existing garage and proposed two storey domestic extension -  Sunnybank, Redberth.

The following applications for planning have been granted by PCNPA :

NP/16/0072/FUL – Proposed garage – Popplars Farm, Bog Lane, Carew Newton.

NP16/0070/FUL – Extension fo existing dwelling to form home office with roof terrace – Rock Cottage, West Williamston.

The following planning applications were considered:

16/0080LB/16/0056/PA -  Sub-division of existing dwelling to form a single dwelling together with the creation of two bed and breakfast rooms used in conjunction with adjacent Carew Inn – 1 & 2 Picton Cottages, Carew.    Detailed perusal and discussion ensued.    The following points were made:

1. No future development beyond the parking bay.

2. Concerns regarding the access  on top of a brow of a hill which is a dangerous road.

3. The impact on traffic and parking is considerable.

4. Concerns regarding safety and visibility of access.

5. Sufficient parking opportunities exist without creating additional.

16/0022/PA - Two storey rear extension to 2 Branders Park, Cresselly.  -  Following detailed perusal of the accompanying documentation, there were no adverse comments or obvious grounds for refusal identified.


9 requests from national organisations for donations were considered.  Due to financial constraints this financial year it was agreed not to donate at this time.


- Final year accounts.   Clerk presented a bank reconciliation statement and a receipts and payments breakdown.  It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr White that the acconts be passed to tine Internal Auditor.

- Invoices for payment:    

1. ½ cost of the fence – invoice from West Wales Fencing £7005 (includes £1167.50 VAT)

2. PALC Annual subscription £79

3. Viking (printer cartridges) £73.76  -  It was proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Brock that these three invoices be paid.

-  VAT repayment received £49.10, Precept for quarter £2667 received.  Payment for reservation of plot at Carew Newton Cemetery received from Mrs Parcell.

Poster for Healing Stones exhibition at Carew Castle 7th to 31st July .  Noted

Lets Talk Transport Event on Wednesday 25th May  .  Noted

Shelter Poster and Leaflets – Noticeboard

Marie Curie Tea Party Get Together  - 20-29 June . Noticeboard.

Parish Matters:

-  Recent visit to the Carding Mill by Youth Club.  Compliments to be presented to the Groundsman on the excellent work in clearing away the overgrowth.    Suggested that a Bench Seat be obtained.  Clerk to contact Mervyn Roberts.

- Dog fouling in Redberth.  Mail drop in Redberth to be undertaken by Cllr Griffiths.

- Pothole at Whitehill junction has reoccurred.

- Potholes also inside the gate at the Control Tower.   

- Flemish Chimney requires clean through and planter .


Date and time of next meeting   Thursday 9th June 2016 at 7 pm.

Minutes of the Carew Community Council meeting held on Thursday 9th June

2016 at 7 pm in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.

Present:   Cllr Gwenllian Head   Cllr Lionel White

               Cllr Marina Griffiths   Cllr Vanessa Thomas

               Cllr Pat Gibby   

Apologies: Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Trevor Goodman

In Attendance:    Mr Paul Rapi

It was proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr White that the minutes of the May meeting  be passed as a true record and duly signed.

Matters Arising:

--Pot hole at Whitehill junction has been repaired.

--Communication received from SWTRA regarding the condition of the road surface along the A477 from Milton to Pembroke Dock.  SWTRA state they have no plans for resurfacing at present.    Councillors suggest they inspect particularly between Slade Cross and Nash and arrange patch repair.

--Communication from National Resources Wales regarding the ongoing concern of the change of fauna at Milton Marsh to Radford Point.  Feedback provided on the liaison meeting  between  Dwr Cymru, PCC and NRW.  It is reported from that meeting on 17th May   that Dwr Cymru didn’t believe there were any specific issues in the Milton Area.    The new flap valve has been installed on the Milton outfall pipe.

--Quote for £110 received for the provision of two replacement plank seats on the Milton Marsh walk.  It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Gibby that Mr Roberts be asked to proceed and to site one of the benches on the left side at the entrance to Carding Mill and the other half way  down the walk on the left.


The following planning application has been approved by PCC:

16/0022/PA – Two storey rear extension 2 Branders Park, Cresselly.

Received and noted from PCC - Discharge of condition 3 (off street parking requirement)

15/1101/PA – Sunnybank , Redberth, Tenby SA70 8RY

The following planning applications were received from PCNPA : -

NP/16/0301/FUL – Erection of flagpole & flat at the Gatehouse Tower, Carew Castle.      No adverse comments nor obvious grounds for refusal identified.  

NP/16/0269/FUL  -  Amendment to Condition 2 of approved design – proposal to make a variation of a design originally approved under NP/14/0138

Poplars Farm, Bog Lane, Carew.  

Following perusal of the plans and noting the response date in the application, there were no adverse comments nor obvious grounds for refusal identified.

The following planning applications were received from PCC:

16/0134/PA -  Erection of single dwelling.

29 Sageston Fields, Sageston, Tenby SA70 8TQ.

No adverse comments.

16/0182/PA  -  New Access route to be taken to the west, SW of the turbine and a new point of access and egress to be created.

Milton Manor, Milton, Tenby SA8 70 8PG.

No adverse comments.

Councillors agreed to contact Planning Department regarding how the  Affordable Housing SPG  monies from Sageston Fields have been used in the Parish.

It was noted that the Development Site at Hayes Lane has now been sold and Councillors look forward to improvement in the appearance and safety of the site.


Bank Balances -  Current  £11689.20     Deposit  £1697.13.  

Invoices for payment:  

--Clerks Salary April, May, June 2016 – £313.50 + £78.20 PAYE

--Gardener – grass cutting April to May inclusive  £225.

--Insurance renewal  (2nd year of 3 year fixed rate)  -  £429.06.

It was proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that these three invoices be paid.

--Statement from Head of Highways & Construction PCC regarding  proposed alternative school and college transport arrangements.  Noted.

--Received from PCNPA  draft Replacement LDP.    PCNPA are preparing a review of its LDP with update planning policies and proposals to guide development in the National Park up to 2031 and once adopted will replace the current LDP.    Councillors to be provided with a copy and for the item to be put on the agenda for next meeting.  

--Centenary Fields Programme.  The Royal British Legion and Fields in Trust have formed this  programme with the objective to secure recreational spaces in perpetuity, in honour of the memory of lives lost in conflict.  Invitation to nominate a recreational space to be dedicated as a Centenary Field to create a tangible living legacy.    Councillors discussed this and it was agreed to put this on agenda for next meeting for further discussion.   


-- One Voice Wales  Quarterly Area Committee meeting date .  Noted.

Parish Matters:

--To obtain quote for the cutting back of the trees around the car park of Carew Memorial Hall.

-- Roundabouts, Carew and Sageston – It was noted that there would be weeding taking place on the roundabouts shortly.  

--It was unanimously agreed to donate £50 towards the memorial fund for Gareth and Daniel Willington.

--Grass verges on the detrunked road need cutting back.

--It was noted that workmen from Western Power Distribution are in the area cutting down trees around overhead power cables.

--Toilet block at Carew.  Danflo to be asked to ensure the windows are locked and not left open at night.  To ascertain whether timelock is still operational.

The Chairman thanked all for coming and declared the meeting closed.

Date and Time of next meeting:

Thursday 14th July 2016 at 7 pm.

Minutes Of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on Thursday 14th July 2016 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall

PRESENT:    Cllr Gwenllian Head      Cllr Lionel White

                      Cllr John Brock MBE  Cllr Marina Griffiths

                     Cllr Trevor Goodman    Cllr Pat Gibby

                     Cllr Vanessa Thomas    County Councillor David Neal

APOLOGIES:     Cllr Daniel Mumford

Minutes of the last meeting -   It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Councillor Thomas that the minutes of the June meeting be signed as a true record.


--Toilets at Carew – Difference in closing times from what displayed on website.  Danflo (Management Agency for the maintenance of the toilets) to be informed of this.

--Western Power in the area cutting back trees around power lines.

--Pot  holes  at the Control Tower.  Council to be asked to repair potholes inside the gate to the Control Tower at Carew Cheriton as the damage occurred when a traffic diversion used the entrance through to Sageston Roundabout.  County Councillor David Neale to be copied into the communication who will then take up the matter with Pembrokeshire Council Council.

--Cutting back of trees at Carew Memorial Hall Car Park .  Quote received from groundsman of £200.  All present agreed that the work to proceed and an out of meeting payment to be made on completion.

--Site meeting at Sageston School  regarding the  potholes and uneven road and foot path – 9.30 on 27th July.    Cllr White and Cllr Head to attend.

--There is a gap in the hedge adjacent to the shed in Memorial Hall Car Park  and tree debris has been deposited by the shed.   Owner of the house at 2 Kesteven Court to be asked to reinstate the hedge boundary and removal of the foliage.

-- Centenary Fields Programme.   Following discussion it was agreed to contact  Carew Castle Estates for their views on  putting forward the playing field as a Memorial Field.

--Draft Candidate Site Methodology PCNPA  - Revised LDP assessment .  All Councillors happy with  the proposed format.


16/0269/AG -  Upgrade of existing tracks at Cresselly, Pembrokeshire.    Relates to the coppicing of the wood at Cresselly.   No objections.   This application is just outside the Carew Community Council Boundary.

NP/16/0301/FU:  Erection of flagpole and flat at the Gatehouse Tower, Carew Castle.    -  To be the subject of a Development Management Committee meeting on 20th July at 10 am in the National Park Offices, Llanion, Pembroke Dock.    

16/0056/PA -  Sub division of existing dwelling to form a single dwelling together with the creation of two bed and breakfast rooms used in conjunction with Carew Inn – Picton Cottages, PIcton Terrace, Carew -  Permission granted by PCC.

16/0182/PA -  Use of a new access route to be taken to the west, south west of the turbine and a new post of access and egress to be created – Milton Manor, Milton, Tenby -  Permission granted by PCC.

16/0134/PA -    Erection of a single dwelling – 29 Sageston Fields, Sageston, Tenby -  permission has been refused by PCC -  Councillors noted  in the 4 point list of refusal that PCC considers that this application “represents piecemeal development that would circumvent the requirement to provide onsite affordable housing”.

11/0485/PA – Residential Development (Outline) National Park Caravan Site, Sageston, Tenby.  Councillors were of the opinion that this was an extension the outline planning permission . See footnote. *

16/0279/LB -  Convert existing agricultural outbuilding into a 2 bedroom residential unit – Sageston Hall, Sageston.

16/0267/PA -  Internal alterations with a one storey rear extension – Sageston Hall, Sageston.

Both the above applications were viewed together by Councillors -  There were no adverse comments by Councillors who were pleased that this historic building will be renovated .


Bank balances  current - £11352.64,  deposit account £1,697.34.    Councillors noted that the cheque to West Wales Fencing had yet to be presented.

- Letter from the Carew Control Tower inviting Councillors to the Wings over Carew event on the 6th 7th July.    

- Invoice -  £7 to Cllr Head for the plants at the Flemish Chimney.

- --Invoice -  Request for donation to St Marys Church Carew towards the costs of maintaining the two burial grounds at Carew Cheriton.   All Councillors agreed to donate the same as last year i.e. £275.

- --Invoice for £50 to Mr T R Edwards for completing the internal Audit of account for the financial year 2015/16.  Proposed by Cllr Thomas and seconded by Cllr Gibby that this be paid.

- -  Communication from Age Concern .    Noted

- -Go Safe Wales -  Communication regarding road safety figures.   During the Wales Road Casualty Reduction  Partnerships’ latest “20 mph rule outside schools” campaign  which lasted for two weeks and involved members of the GoSafe staff enforcing 20 mph speed limits outside schools across Wales,  there were 176 visits to schools across the country, resulting in 1141 offences being recorded.  Councillors received this information and it was noted .

- -- Pembrokeshire Funding Portal -  Online Fund search tool -  This information has been put on the website.  

- PCNPA  to be asked if the water could be retained in the millpond at Carew Castle  and also for the debris and rubbish to be cleared.   Councillors felt that a completely different perception of the area is gained when the millpond is empty.


- Councillors attendance at meetings was discussed.  

- Visit to the Old Water Works building at Milton to be arranged when the remedial and renovation works are complete.   Clerk to arrange.

- Use of the Milton to Lamphey  road up Stephens Green -  Councillors were informed of the increase in heavy goods traffic along this road which has increased by around 50% over the last 2 years.   Passing places are not adequate for the size of goods vehicles using this road and the road itself is very narrow in parts, and without adequate signage.  PCC to be contacted for their observations.

- Saunders Road -  Delivery lorries have caused sinking of the kerb  at the junction with Bartletts Well Road

- --Good reports of the work to date undertaken by the Groundsman.   Clerk to pass on this information.    

- Carew Newton Cemetery.  – Groundsman to be asked to ensure the Lych gate at the Cemetery is kept open.

- Japanese knotweed at the PCNPA  boundary on the Milton Marsh Walk – PCNPA to be informed.

- Hedge cutting  around the narrow lanes in the Parish , in particular Carew Newton.   To be monitored.

- Cllr Goodman has sprayed the weeds at the garden adjacent to the Memorial Hall.  Grateful thanks extended to Cllr Goodman.

- Various forthcoming  events by non-profit making organisations  noted and put on the  website.

- Concern expressed at some of  the cyclists at the Long Course Wales weekend who were inconsiderate and rode around in groups and not in single file.  .  Noted.

- Date and Time of next meeting -  Thursday 8th September at 7 pm.

Minutes of the meeting of Carew Community Council held on 8th September 2016 in the Meetings Room of Carew Memorial Hall.


Cllr Gwenllian Head       Cllr Lionel White

Cllr John Brock MBE    Cllr Pat Gibby

Cllr Vanessa Thomas     Cllr Trevor Goodman

                        County Councillor David Neale

Apologies for absence:                       Cllr Marina Griffiths

Minutes of the meeting held in July - It was brought to the Council's attention that there was no proposer or seconder for the 3 payments made, merely that all present agreed that the payments be made. Cllr Thomas and Cllr Gibby agreed in retrospect- The minutes were then duly signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

-Communication from Head of Highways regarding the potholes at the entrance to the Airfield by the Control Tower entrance. He suggested that Trunk Roads Agency be contacted regarding the repair of the road due to traffic being diverted on to the detrunked road and through the Control Tower gate, exiting at the Carew Airfield entrance on the Sageston Roundabout due to road traffic accidents. These diversions were instigated by the Police and PCC.

-It was noted that Carew Toilets are open 24 hours and this will be altered on the PCC website by Danflo the Maintenance company.

- Communication from Head of Highways regarding the traffic flow up Stephens Green. More information at the next meeting

-Old Water Works at Milton. Suggest meeting 13th October at 4 pm before next meeting.

-2 Kesteven Court - To ensure that the gap in the hedge boundary adjacent to Carew Memorial Hall Car Park has been reinstated and the trees/branches removed from the side of the shed in the carpark.

-SPG Affordable Housing Levy – f1O,2O8.O2 from two developments received thus far, lt was noted by Councillors that the authority has up to five years to spend the contribution, the deadline being 2019 in Carew and adjoining community council areas. Information noted.


The following planning applications have been approved by PCC:

16/O267/LB & 16/0267/PA - Internal alternations with one storey rear extension i Sageston Halt, Sageston, Tenby.

16/0367/PA- Extension and internal alterations - Greenfield Garage, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock.

The following planning applications have been granted by PCNPA -

NP/16/0269/FUL-Variation of a design originally approved under NP/14/0138- Poplars Farm, Bog Lane, Carew Newton, Kllgetty, Pembrokeshire

NP16/0301/FUL - Erection of flagpole and flag at the Gatehouse Tower, Carew Castle.

The following applications were considered by Councillors

15/O277/PA- Conversion of existing agricultural outbuildings into a 2 bedroom residential unit, Sageston Hall, Sageston, Tenby. Councillors had no adverse comments nor were there any obvious grounds for refusal identified.


I External Auditor 's Report from Grant Thornton - Councillors received the audit report and note the matter to be addressed by the Community Council for the current financial year and subsequent years is the effective monitoring of the financial position and review the actual income and expenditure incurred against the agreed budget as part of quarterly budget monitoring. The Community Council will be invoiced for £186.75 + VAT . This matter was noted

Current Account balance:- £3015.08 + £2667 precept

Invoices for payment: Clerk's Salary for June, July, August f 391.50 less f78.20 PAYE

Groundsman's invoice for grass cutting for 13th June to 22nd August 2016 6 cuts at f45 each= f270.

Carew Castle Estate - Recreations Ground Carew ½year rent £575. This ½ to be paid by Carew Sports Club and will be invoiced but paid by Carew Community Council in the meantime.

Mr M Roberts for the benches at Milton Marsh Walk - £110.

It was proposed by Cllr White and seconded by Cllr Goodman that the above four invoices be paid,

It was decided to add the upkeep-of the Lych gate at Carew Newton Cemetery to the Grass-cutting contract.

Carew Newton Cemetery – To reactivate the Sub Committee and work to be done at the cemetery i.e. access gate .

Information received about from PCC of a Walking Group Directory in Pembrokeshire.

Information required by PCC on the Running Club in Carew. This directory to be forwarded to Secretary , Mr Kerry Waters to respond.

Website Archive. Letter from Assistant Librarian of National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth inviting the Community Council to participate in the UK Web Archive by archiving the web site - carewparish.Com. The letter states that some of the benefits to having the website archived is to keep publication accessible as hardware and software changes occur over time and also to catalogue information through the websites of National Library of Wales and the UK Web Archive thereby increasing awareness. Following discussion it was felt that permission from any third parties on the website would need to be obtained and that this task could be extensive, bearing in mind the information contained therein. lt was agreed not to accept the Invitation proposed by Cllr Gibby and seconded by Cllr Goodman.

Information received regarding Marshalls for the Saundersfoot Triathlon on 17tr September. Noted.

Airfields Conservation Trust - Lengthy communication received from this organisation regarding a proposal to erect a memorial for the airfield on the Control Tower Site. Councillors were informed that this request for erection of a memorial had been turned down by the Carew Cheriton Control Tower Group as the information was not accurate. Information noted.

Hywel Dda University Health Board and Hywel Dda Community Health Council are holding a series of "Big Conversation" workshops in communities across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigionand Pembrokeshire, the nearest being Pembroke Tower Hall on 12th September. Information noted and poster put on the noticeboard.

Caring Communities Innovation Grant - information received from Funding Development Officer at PAVS on grants up to €£5000 for projects working with older people and people with learning disabilities. This information was passed to cllr Gibby.

Information received from Pembrokeshire Coastal News Forum on Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Pilot initiative noted. Also, Wildlife Sightings Event on 21st October in the Torch Theatre Milford Haven.

Information received on 1916 Ireland and Wales Conference at Aberystwyth University on 14th September. Noted.

Pembrokeshire Housing Annual Report 2015/16 received and noted.

Parish Matters:

- Tree branches overhanging the path on the Milton Marsh Walk. Cllr Goodman kindly agreed to cut these back.

- Water in the river from the Old Welsh Water reservoir tank to the Milton River. The area is completely overgrown. Natural Resources Wales to be asked to look into the problem. The river is completely overgrown from the Paddock Walk to the Marsh Walk.

- County Councillor David Neale reported that a site meeting took place at Sageston School with the Engineers to look at the pavements and road surface and level at the school and that work would commence in the near future. Tarmac had been applied to the area near Bartletts Engineering but ponding and pooling of water persists. Gully clearance work is also


- Bartletts Well - The Well has been completely obscured by overgrowth and Cadw and PCC to be asked to look at whether the structure has been compromised by recent work on house rear entrance adjacent to the Well

- lt was agreed to look into putting Listed Buildings in Carew on the website.

- Verges at Whitehill. Following the tutting back of hedgerows in Whitehill the collapsed road into the verge is now more evident and as such represents a hazard to road users. This is between Rosemount and Little Meadow and PCC to be asked again to attend to this:




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